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Single in a sentence

A single nod.
Not a single.
For a single.
A single sigh.
With a single.
Single one way.
In the single.

A single white.
single one of us.
Being a single.
You are single.
He was single,.
The single life.
Every single day.
A single dot in.
But a single,.
In my single span.
for the single bed.
Every single time.
does the single, 3.
win a single medal.
Not a single word.
The self is single.
single sign of life.
I ate every single.
As a single mother.
single piece of coal.
With the single word.
Every single staff.
on this single topic.
A single candle had.
Singling out the next victims to attack, kill, and gorge upon.
Singling out an older man, he waved the parcel while trying to.
A specifi c form of animism that involves singling out some imper-.
singling out the part of one’s psyche that would become resistant.
Soon, law enforcement became ineffective in singling out specific individuals.
singling me out for this great wealth, and having said a hearty farewell we turned.
Singling out the CSIS director, he remarked, Tony, youre looking as mean as ever.
If his object in singling out Drummle were to bring him out still more, it perfectly succeeded.
One approach could be singling out an individual such as Tom Jones and assigning the page name, gentomjones.
He would filibuster for hours, opposing any bill not compatible with his vision, and singling out other Senators for ridicule.
You use your “point of view” as an individual evaluation instrument for your mental-sensuous manipulations with the help of which you can investigate and observe your own sensations in those Directions which “now” interest you most, singling them out of the contexts of current events and creating your own subjective “reality” and your own outlook on Life.
But Amy, I singled out.
he was always singled out.
You were not singled out for.
He had already singled out Aziza.
Nervously, she singled out the.
He wasn’t being singled out.
Singled out, the Coralute scowled.
The night he singled her out, he only introduced.
and singled Lucy out before she was even in high.
So why is Dorje Shugden being singled out as the.
Now, I could enter the city and not be singled out.
Kubek was replaced and Dick Groat singled in a run.
be singled out, opposed and given the death penalty.
As he singled them out, they came into sharper focus.
He singled me out by name to do this impossible task.
Cassa was singled out because of his long blonde hair.
Angus singled out a bullock and stayed a few paces be-.
sionals can be singled out by their faded and sometimes.
Steve was a bit shocked that she singled him out for help.
These he singled out and hunted with inexhaustible hatred.
He doesn’t choose someone lightly, and you were singled out.
thor has singled out several types of religious mobility [225].
In this way, the Dalai Lama singled out practitioners of Dorje.
big enemy of unity and being singled out as the main object of.
"What news from you Ranger Oakmoss?" Giselle singled Ranger out.
He didn‘t want to be singled out in front of the others, again.
There in the crowds stood I, and singled you out with attachment;).
Belver was shocked that he'd been singled out and summoned by Bao.
In process of Indian culture development they have singled out sev-.
spending only the singles.
Singles have their choice.
in singles bars and here you go.
game, particularly singles tennis.
latest Beatles albums and singles.
Singles will meet good prospects.
three hit singles that hit the charts.
Singles have nice opportunities then.
Singles below 45 are around 51 million.
That's more than a third of all singles.
disabled singles for free now! Click here.
Meet real, honest singles in your area.
Have you been to that singles club yet?.
Singles are attracted by power and position.
is written mostly for singles, it has a lot of.
They were singles, they were couples, and they.
service, a way to be introduced to other singles.
Online profiles and photographs of Latin singles.
Eventually we will split up and operate as singles.
Current singles were mostly trivia to be dismissed.
The subject was women, by the singles and in the mobs.
Singles are likely to meet good prospects this period.
Singles will meet people that they can ‘look up to’.

Synonyms for single

single ace i one unity individual exclusive undivided unmarried