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Single in a sentence

Not a single day more.
It pays only a single.
She was a single woman.
I am a single mom of two.
Fires off a single shot.
Do no rely on a single.
Not a single place was.

Not a single heart was.
No, not a single stutter.
Every single one of them.
Now, I’m a single mom.
Not making a single move.
There was a single chair.
Not a single one had died.
The single word a command.
As being each a single cel.
Taking a single pace, he.
A single stage could last.
Every single one of those.
For insomnia, a single 100.
And then another single tap.
He could feel every single.
Not a single guard in sight.
He listed himself as single.
Not a single shot was fired.
It was a single shot weapon.
I haven't told a single lie.
This is a single cell Table.
I was single and she knew it.
She was fortyish, single mom.
Not a single living thing.
They would see that a single.
With a single glance, it was.
She gave me a single word to.
They see a thirty-ish single.
They and you are of a single.
Every single moment in the.
In a single motion, he kicked.
The crowd parted and a single.
Mitch held up a single suitcase.
Singling out the next victims to attack, kill, and gorge upon.
Singling out an older man, he waved the parcel while trying to.
A specifi c form of animism that involves singling out some imper-.
Soon, law enforcement became ineffective in singling out specific individuals.
Singling out the CSIS director, he remarked, Tony, youre looking as mean as ever.
If his object in singling out Drummle were to bring him out still more, it perfectly succeeded.
One approach could be singling out an individual such as Tom Jones and assigning the page name, gentomjones.
He would filibuster for hours, opposing any bill not compatible with his vision, and singling out other Senators for ridicule.
But how should he go? As he was, his clothes of severe clerical cut singling him out for the sneers of the unrighteous? He would not deny his Master.
If our officers do their duty properly, they will receive the thanks of the nation; and where is the propriety of singling out for approbation or disapprobation this particular act? I see none.
You use your “point of view” as an individual evaluation instrument for your mental-sensuous manipulations with the help of which you can investigate and observe your own sensations in those Directions which “now” interest you most, singling them out of the contexts of current events and creating your own subjective “reality” and your own outlook on Life.
But Amy, I singled out.
You were not singled out for.
He had already singled out Aziza.
Nervously, she singled out the.
Singled out, the Coralute scowled.
The night he singled her out, he only introduced.
So why is Dorje Shugden being singled out as the.
Kubek was replaced and Dick Groat singled in a run.
Now, I could enter the city and not be singled out.
As he singled them out, they came into sharper focus.
Cassa was singled out because of his long blonde hair.
He singled me out by name to do this impossible task.
Angus singled out a bullock and stayed a few paces be-.
Steve was a bit shocked that she singled him out for help.
These he singled out and hunted with inexhaustible hatred.
He doesn’t choose someone lightly, and you were singled out.
In this way, the Dalai Lama singled out practitioners of Dorje.
He didn‘t want to be singled out in front of the others, again.
There in the crowds stood I, and singled you out with attachment;).
In process of Indian culture development they have singled out sev-.
It disturbed him to be singled out as he moved along with the others.
Only once have the Fachee singled out another species for annihilation.
He looked at the table on his left and singled out the man in the middle.
The particular characteristic that has been singled out to explain the simi-.
Original ideas stressess the existance of godly mental power singled out to a person.
When I joined the air force I was singled out straight away because of this knowledge.
He belonged to a nation singled out by God, to influence the world, influence the nations.
You may have to round up the entire herd to get your horse singled out in a smaller paddock.
Those engaged in negative behaviour will be singled out, pressurized, condemned, fined, jailed.
Whenever it was time for affection, she would come and lean against the person she had singled out.
I must have given some unconscious physical sign, because he had singled me out and was waving me over.
Not even with Mary? He particularly singled me out I thought, because he and my father were friends.
It seemed that those who made the list never suspected they had been singled out by the president himself.
He singled out the larcenous Jewish culture of greed and avarice as being evil and he was entirely correct.
It was the day after New Year’s and we were certain that the Akons had singled out which Emerson they needed.
Treitschke was referring to the small German states when he speaks of particularism, he later on singled out Jews.
A ruthless, though resourceful individual, he would have already singled out a place to temporarily hide this bag.
They too proclaimed themselves the chosen people, singled out by Allah, preferred by him (Sura 9:19 but also 3:110).
If you analyse carefully the mental functions or operations, no one process can be singled out and called attention to.
Naria looked about the large bay, singled out one of the crew, sashayed up to the Ensign, and had a few words with him.
Singles will meet good prospects.
Singles have nice opportunities then.
Singles below 45 are around 51 million.
That's more than a third of all singles.
Meet real, honest singles in your area.
Have you been to that singles club yet?
Singles are attracted by power and position.
They were singles, they were couples, and they.
Online profiles and photographs of Latin singles.
Eventually we will split up and operate as singles.
Current singles were mostly trivia to be dismissed.
The subject was women, by the singles and in the mobs.
Singles are likely to meet good prospects this period.
Singles will meet people that they can ‘look up to’.
This isn’t the life for everybody, especially singles.
Singles could have met a special someone late last month.
Kids were laughing, leaving the house in singles and pairs.
To date, 40 million American singles are into online dating.
She considered posting an online singles ad under an alias.
I had a twenty and three singles, which I placed in his hand.
So, out of 82 million singles in the United States, about 37.
Highest debut by a UK group on the US singles chart.
A message sent on the 3rd of December to a singles chat forum in.
The second was a Christian Singles outfit that had lots of socials.
For singles there will be marriage or marriage opportunities happening.
All his buddies from NYC lived in singles on the second and third floors.
Goode, of course -- as one of the most stunning debut singles in rock.
Another way for singles to meet people on the internet is to post personals.
Singles should pursue their intellectual interests and love will find them.
After his death, six of his singles were released, all top ten country hits.
Consistently hitting singles and doubles and of course the occasional triple.
Married couples will tend to stay married and singles will tend to stay single.
The singles were still living in tents, but the two couples moved to their cave.
They released fifty-seven singles, over eighty-five albums and thirty-seven videos.
That includes the money from the television advert, plus the singles and album sales.
For many, online dating has become a successful endeavor for uniting countless singles.
It is the world's first album issuing 4 hit singles, which topped the charts in the U.
So instead of going into a singles chat room, what you could do is, you could try the.
He could see that this was the pairing place for the randier of the neighborhood singles.

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