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Exploit in a sentence

Exploit their poor ability to.
We see that as weakness to exploit.
So exploit the greatness within you.
Destroy and/or exploit Her Creations.
And he was swift to exploit his new.
You can exploit this to your advantage.
And then all I had to do was exploit it.

This she could exploit to her advantage.
When you steal and exploit others, you.
Camilla learned early on to exploit that.
But they do have a weakness we can exploit.
The next step is, to exploit what they have.
Have you heard of Raévski’s exploit?
In the meantime, Locke would exploit Hamilton.
We then will just have new patterns to exploit.
I wonder what her talent is, if they exploit it.
No one was going to exploit him or ill-treat him.
The world tends to exploit all of this, of course.
Maybe I don’t want to exploit my looks anymore.
His brave and unique exploit was relatively unknown.
She has a major vulnerability that they can exploit.
In this exploit, a shoe-black divided his £200,000.
ANY weakness they find: they exploit: systematically.
Cole, to whom this adventurous exploit had more and.
Lope felt she could enter and exploit to her advantage.
We need consequences for those who exploit the system.
His government would later exploit this position to its.
A weakness, he decided, one that he should exploit somehow.
You can aways count on the homeless to exploit the system.
Cole, to whom this adventurous exploit had more and more.
Even Neverofsky’s exploit is described in Bulletin XVII.
Perhaps soon, when they had found some weakness to exploit.
Creating the strategic value for the buyer to exploit is not.
Factors Complicating Efforts to Exploit General Market Swings.
To them you would appear as naïve, an open scroll to exploit.
Hinder and his desire to exploit the child to assess the adult.
Proper planning pays if you can exploit the four Ms of success and.
It is simply just another method by which people exploit the system.
Both groups had conspired to use religion to exploit their citizens.
This is one of your biggest advantages, so exploit it to the fullest.
But who is exploiting what…?
They make excuses by exploiting the bible.
I would never accuse you of exploiting your followers.
Rate of failure is only 1% and you are exploiting this 1%.
Exploiting the townspeople, summoning devils and monsters.
Dispelling it by exploiting the structure of the spell is easier.
They did all the dirty work of exploiting Indians for the British.
Remember, it is not the investee which will execute on exploiting.
Classical charting is about exploiting small edges over many trades.
Australia is a slut for exploiting and it's too late to change her now.
Exploiting the situation, Ravan carried Sita away and Sita had to stay in.
They serve the greedy that have been oppressing, enslaving and exploiting.
You see, there is a difference between learning and exploiting the knowledge.
How alluring it was for man to profit by exploiting that which is innnocent.
The inhibitors to growth often prevent them from exploiting their underlying.
Perhaps Arbitan and Larocka were not the only ones exploiting illegal slaves.
Although preventing the directory listing does not stop them from exploiting those.
For the buyer, risks in the deal are anything that will cause delays in exploiting.
Knowing people’ s weaknesses, and exploiting them shamelessly, was his speciality.
Bolour has been exploiting this correlation with a scalping strategy for over one month.
While the appeal of exploiting trends is compelling, risk should be kept in mind as well.
Exploiting that correlation can be another profit avenue for more advanced option sellers.
The Koran showed thistles for his own purpose exploiting men and women in abuse and mass marry.
Youth, it’s said, is wasted on the young; they’re incapable of exploiting their vigor and energy.
We could have MacDonald’s piped up another girl, exploiting the situation for all it was worth.
By exploiting new food resources with better tools: humans could get more food, and raise more babies, faster.
With whom were we dealing? Surely with some new breed of pirates, exploiting the sea after their own fashion.
And the exploiting of the mere sensation on the other side is not pretty in its wealth of heartless inventions.
Except the ones he had planted in other databases before he went to prison, and was now exploiting to the fullest.
Again, the short put strategy was a superior choice compared to the long call strategy in exploiting positive PEAD.
Here are some specific suggestions for exploiting the long investment horizon:• harvesting illiquidity premia (e.
The evidence strongly suggests that investors can profit with options by exploiting post-earnings-announcement drift.
The B'tari, with human assistance, were taking full advantage of the disarray, using investments and exploiting the markets.
Survey forecasts are often influenced by some compelling fundamental story that argues against exploiting the carry advantage.
Thus, in risk-adjusted terms, diversification across signals is somewhat more beneficial than exploiting the strongest signal.
Yes, its practitioners wore the clothes of doctors and deceived people by exploiting the revered position that was harbored for doctors.
Kill the landlords: Landowners were hauled before special People’s Courts and charged with exploiting the peasants for their own gain.
To determine which countries are exploiting these reserves adequately, I recommend looking at another important metric: actual production.
So we would expect to see such regularity showing more persistence instead of being destroyed by the few traders capable of exploiting it.
Statistical arbitrage strategies (pairs trading or exploiting short-term return reversals) may work even better in high-volatility regimes.
Th is ban was exploited.
She exploited him without pity.
She had exploited their emotions.
This discrepancy can be exploited.
It is a weak point to be exploited.
He felt exploited and misrepresented.
A trend can be exploited for as long.
Sabrina had exploited that vulnerability.
Jones saw an opening, and he exploited it.
You found his vulnerabilities and exploited them.
All his employees have a vice that can be exploited.
Was this also a weakness that could be exploited?
His inclination to curiosity had been exploited before.
The last words opened a subject Closse exploited at once.
They picked up arms to kill and enslaved, exploited and.
The people of the heart are crushed, exploited, oppressed.
They robbed; they cheated; they exploited Chinese coolies.
Missing & Exploited Children and its sister organization The.
These are the feelings that are often exploited, abused and.
I don’t want my actresses to be exploited by such crocodiles.
They have no access to education and are exploited by land-lords.
Where weakness-sponsorships are exploited through overbearing of.
Hmm, so you exploited the age old Rule One of the ho-to-win-a-.
Millions of Mexican workers have been exploited for cheap labor by.
But what if I knew exactly how the business could be exploited and.
A very definite them versus us mentality exists which can be exploited.
To the Kelvan, land animals were just biological tools to be exploited.
The SP and the BSP exploited them as a vote bank with no obvious reward.
The smart vendor works out how the business could best be exploited and.
Then you will be exploited by the priests because they sell that commodity.
By this means the law can be obeyed and the public exploited just the same.
Iron ore(?),it is called a mineral as it can’t be EXPLOITED to make IRON.
Women are nothing more than objects to be exploited in every way imaginable.
No one was more exploited than the downtrodden workers in Europe’s colonies.
With Marilyn, any scrap of her was valuable and would eventually be exploited.
On the other hand, the leaders of the Republican Party who exploited his per-.
They sell and buy women and children to be exploited as labor slaves or sexual.
The local street price skyrocketed, creating an attractive market to be exploited.
They are sensibly paranoid about penetration which is a weak point to be exploited.
Jesus spent his time with the oppressed, enslaved, exploited and the physically ill.
The exploits of the hyper-sexual.
Gary loved to talk about his exploits.
So, we read of your father's exploits.
The Elders said these exploits stemmed from.
His exploits were parsed to help create the New.
Well, now tell me about your exploits, said he.
We heard about your exploits with the invading ship.
Their student exploits are the subject of another tale.
Your exploits during the war are, no doubt, legendary.
These exploits had gained Luigi considerable reputation.
Those types can’t resist bragging about their exploits.
Karyl was a celebrated captain, his exploits widely sung.
I’ve been following your exploits in my morning e-mail.
His notes focused on their exploits with spears and machetes.
I fear my exploits have been exaggerated beyond recognition.
The clan that would learn about my exploits was thankfully much.
At dinner, I related some of Sniggy’s exploits with Perry and.
Of these exploits Padre Corbelan himself was never known to talk.
I turned the caravan around and retraced our exploits so we could.
Chapter 11 of the Book of Hebrews is a chapter about exploits of faith.
All websites on the Internet are vulnerable to hacking and other exploits.
But Arjun is yet far from that state and at present he exploits even the.
Peter and St, Paul are Roman creations based on the exploits of the Roman.
I will describe in three lines and without any details one of their exploits.
More complex is a second type of bogus ad click that exploits a second form.
His career is always full of exploits, any one of which would wither even the.
He bowed and said, Great Master! The fame of your exploits blazed widely abroad.
Not one of them bragged about their exploits in the air, least of all Major Dows.
The poet hopelessly confuses the exploits of the Huns, theGoths, and the Cossacks.
She had heard countless stories of his exploits, daring deeds and stunning triumphs.
We’ve heard all about you and your exploits from Nick Marsden, said Catherine.
The exhilaration of exploits like this came to an end when he was caught with stolen.
His mother's unexpected enthusiasm for his amorous exploits was starting to make sense.
And stabbing the sails into the mazarine, off onto more exploits on the flat blue marine -.
Then the hunt was on again, and once more would be marked by the exploits of Ned and Conseil.
Due to his exploits in the Kobayashi test, however, people’s expectations of him had risen.
LBJ"s amorous exploits even if they pale when compared to JFK"s were, nevertheless, considerable.
It was nice to hear about his mother’s youthful exploits from her first cousin who knew her well.
I asked her if her husband knew about her exploits and she shook her head, but there was fear there.
He came into Master's house and said, Great Master! The fame of your exploits blazed widely abroad.

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