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Work in a sentence

Work on a.
The work is.
It will work.
for it to work.
It had to work.
A work of art.
us in the work.

This work of.
Work on your.
I work the room.
The work that.
work sent to me.
This work was.
If we work.
was out of work.
M: Do your work.
He did his work.
It should work.
Both work fine.
I have to work.
That would work.
It won’t work.
It did not work.
it will not work.
I work for Mrs.
new work out room.
I just work here.
Best get to work.
It didn’t work.
That made it work.
Working for S.
It was working.
god was working.
She was working.
When I was working.
that is not working.
had to stop working.
It’s working now.
It’s not working.
And I was working.
Working with your.
working in Bristol.
I was working at J.
They were working.
while he was working.
I was working as a.
Yes, it was working.
This is not working.
working on a project.
I'm working on it.
Means it working.
It wasn’t working.
working on for years.
working on it though.
It's working for me.
His plan was working.
He just kept working.
Keep working on this.
Working with Others.
He worked as.
And it worked.
It all worked.
It worked now.
He worked it.
It worked then.
I worked real.
Worked for her.
We worked out.
It has worked.
this law worked.
He worked as a.
But it worked,.
who worked in a.
him as he worked.
me and it worked.
I only worked a.
Yet, it worked,.
Banks worked, Mr.
I worked at the.
She even worked.
It worked and I.
'I worked for him.
as she worked me.
I think it worked.
And he works.
And it works.
It works FOR.
It works the.
but it works!.
He works there.
It never works.
Works for me!.
It works when.
It works on an.
He works for Dr.
the How it works.
No longer works.
It always works.
He works for Mr.
Unless it works.
This gun works.
I hope it works.
It works out to.
It usually works.
She works a room.
It works on all.
Works every time.
In the works of.
As He works His.
He works on the.
He works at the.
works of the Bard.
it works for them.
What works best.