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Addict in a sentence

I USED to be an addict.
I’m an addict for both.
Marilyn was a drug addict.
He was an information addict!.
The addict ever wanted to sink.
Drug addict spoils money & power.
He was a sex addict, she said.
I might end up as an addict, but at.
I have no sympathy for a drug addict.
Her sponsor? She was an addict?
There’s no question he’s an addict.
A caffeine addict notices these things.
Drug addict spoils his life deliberately.
An addict already knew how to play the game.
And you become an addict of death—your own.
They are like any other addict, she had said.
A drug addict is the most selfish person alive.
That idiot’s since turned into a coke addict.
She was an addict, a sugar fiend, an Oreo junky.
Then he wondered if the girl really was an addict.
The word was out that she was sick, a drug addict.
She was sick, like an addict is sick, Inspector.
Sex addict, huh? How’d you react to that?
Never knew I was an addict till this story came along.
She was a boost addict at the time, I knew about that.
Would you kill me? she beseeched the drug addict.
In addition, her husband (a drug addict) was a control.
Her movements were the slow movements of a drug addict.
Millionaire whose son was a Gambler, Heroin Addict and.
He just happened to be a sex addict who got in the way.
The psychopathic sexual addict, Don Juan, has found his.
Energy Addict was one of the best books I had read in years.
Which of the three people described above is a war addict?
The addict, then, has formed a special relationship with the.
Like the addict, the enablers don’t want to hear the truth.
Twenty-five years old, in bad shape even for a meth addict.
He was experienced beyond his years when it came to the addict.
You are an addict: a lover of money first and a father second.
It takes a special breed of thrill seeker or excitement addict.
I became a homeless drug addict, and then got pregnant with my.

It is delicious and addicting.
Be forewarned, it is extremely addicting.
There is nothing more addicting than that feeling of.
I tried to tell him that the power could be addicting.
He still couldn't get the addicting sweetness out of his thoughts.
He knows what he's doing and his confidence is addicting, reassuring.
It was a type of addiction, where the addicting substance did not become the quest.
It is responsible for addicting modern humans to a diet of meat instead of vegetables.
As long as any addicting substance enjoys a majority market: it is usually not demonized.
A complete re-play of the Roman culture of addicting the masses to free bread and circuses.
She had a very gracious demeanor about her that I found addicting the more I was exposed to her.
His physician secretly added meth-amphetamines into this deadly brew of daily injections… addicting Hitler without him being aware that he was becoming a meth-junkie.
Staring into the eyes of a Lascorii is more addicting than any drug devised or refined---Even with the greater part of their atmosphere dampened down, their eyes can scramble your brains and before you realize it: you're a hopeless slave to their merest glance.
We are addicted to it.
He was addicted to it.
That u r addicted to?
She was addicted to drugs.
Im already addicted to it.
Darlene was addicted to men.
Thomas was addicted to girls.
She was addicted to romance.
Truth be told, I was addicted.
We can be addicted to anything.
And they are addicted to the.
One could get addicted to such.
She was addicted to drugs, and.
I can’t be addicted to a drug.
They became addicted of my body.
My dad is addicted to video games.
He was becoming addicted to her.
However, he becomes addicted to.
In humans addicted to alcohol or.
Be addicted to our product with an.
I was growing addicted to his touch.
Other folks are addicted to the news.
Men were more and more addicted to.
He was heavily addicted, I said.
If he’s addicted drugs, this will.
They don’t want you to get addicted.
He was becoming addicted to the stuff.
George’s, was much addicted to opium.
They have become addicted to this fruit.
He was addicted to the feeling, actually.
They became addicted to eating dead meat.
The Wizard had become addicted to alcohol.
They are addicted to money and cigarettes.
Instead we have become addicted to energy.
Seek help and admit that you are addicted.
They became addicted to eating dead flesh.
Addicted so and so:' and there put on him.
She was heavily addicted to trashy romance.
We are sick because we’re addicted to it.
Could my pet become addicted to the herbs?
War addicts don’t have it easy.
This is ultimately what addicts.
The other recovering drug addicts.
We could treat addicts, he stated.
It just means we have a lot of addicts.
It’s lost on the druggies and addicts.
In this room, there are ninety addicts.
In response, he did what most addicts do:.
We’ll always have sports addicts with us.
All that matters now is that we are addicts.
They called themselves accidental addicts.
I’ve made a fortune off of desperate addicts.
The addicts in Sao Paulo were not left wanting.
Here, we’re concerned with technology addicts.
He knew that addicts could always find a reason.
Maybe we also need WAA – War Addicts Anonymous.
They were all addicts of course, and an inherent.
Her brother and sister were drug addicts and had.
The broken, the dismembered, and the chopa addicts.
Drug addicts have known that for hundreds of years.
That they are consumers slaves and consumer addicts.
I’m simply pointing out that addicts do relapse.
You thought that addicts only got involved with drugs.
An estimated 60 percent of the addicts belong to Khyber.
Remember: the drug addicts have been cut off cold turkey.
But, Brice hadn't come to rid the world of chopa addicts.
I remember living in a house filled with heroin addicts.
Carb Addicts plan, others may see only moderate weight loss.
They would probably be regarded as lunatics or drug addicts.
Many addicts die without a trace of pills in their stomachs.
Addicts employ the drug to sheild anger, anxiety and depression.
They’re called drug addicts jacked up on the latest mind bender.
Listen to what these ex-news addicts were able to hear from the.
England became a nation of tea drinkers, jam users, and sugar addicts.
For caffeine addicts who discover that their daily cuppa is a migraine.
War addicts are created by society, especially one filled with conflict.
There was a high turnover rate because addicts tend to die early in life.
In fact, many food addicts may only seek help after they have determined.
Sedative addicts see and feel no change, except the ability to sleep at night.
Eventually, all addicts reach a point in their lives where they hit rock bottom.

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