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Addict in a sentence

1. I USED to be an addict.
2. I’m an addict for both.
3. Marilyn was a drug addict.
4. He was an information addict!.
5. The addict ever wanted to sink.
6. Drug addict spoils money & power.
7. He was a sex addict, she said.
8. I might end up as an addict, but at.
9. I have no sympathy for a drug addict.
10. Her sponsor? She was an addict?
11. There’s no question he’s an addict.
12. A caffeine addict notices these things.
13. Drug addict spoils his life deliberately.
14. An addict already knew how to play the game.
15. They are like any other addict, she had said.
16. And you become an addict of death—your own.
17. That idiot’s since turned into a coke addict.
18. A drug addict is the most selfish person alive.
19. She was an addict, a sugar fiend, an Oreo junky.
20. Then he wondered if the girl really was an addict.
21. The word was out that she was sick, a drug addict.
22. She was sick, like an addict is sick, Inspector.
23. Sex addict, huh? How’d you react to that?
24. Never knew I was an addict till this story came along.
25. She was a boost addict at the time, I knew about that.
26. Would you kill me? she beseeched the drug addict.
27. Millionaire whose son was a Gambler, Heroin Addict and.
28. Her movements were the slow movements of a drug addict.
29. In addition, her husband (a drug addict) was a control.
30. He just happened to be a sex addict who got in the way.
31. The psychopathic sexual addict, Don Juan, has found his.
32. Energy Addict was one of the best books I had read in years.
33. Which of the three people described above is a war addict?
34. The addict, then, has formed a special relationship with the.
35. Like the addict, the enablers don’t want to hear the truth.
36. You are an addict: a lover of money first and a father second.
37. He was experienced beyond his years when it came to the addict.
38. Twenty-five years old, in bad shape even for a meth addict.
39. I became a homeless drug addict, and then got pregnant with my.
40. It takes a special breed of thrill seeker or excitement addict.
41. I have said this before but, I LOVE FACEBOOK! I am such an addict.
42. He spoke with a drunken slur, but with the speed of a meth addict.
43. For to addict a desire is to ensure allegiance for a lifetime.
44. There is an adverse effect on the health and life of a drug addict.
45. Her father had to reach his bottom as an addict to grow and change.
46. You are or you are not an addict Behavior is more or less addicted.
47. She’s a violent addict, I don’t know how DeeMc put up with her.
48. Maybe I’m a reading addict, but you can learn so much from books.
49. Like an addict always needing that next fix, it was the same for me.
50. Missing our weekly meeting was like a drug addict not getting his fix.
51. In this way, the addict has given himself over to a path of spiritual.
52. His only way around this piece of evidence was to discredit the addict.
53. It is at this point that an addict usually seeks help for his addiction.
54. Yes, she used meth too, but she was careful and certainly not an addict.
55. You won’t miss a thing and you may no longer be an addict of one kind.
56. Another kind of addict closely related to news is that of a trivia addict.
57. Lucy, by this time, was well known to the local police as a heroin addict.
58. I can’t live with a reputation of being a depressed, stressed-out addict.
59. From that moment on, I became a trapped addict of Rita, for the rest of my.
60. Yes, me, because I handle all special drug and alcohol cases when the addict.
61. So with the trepidation of a recovering addict, I lined up at the San Soucci.
62. A number of factors are known to contribute to the formation of a drug addict.
63. You can see that the Harry Potter child may even have been an education addict.
64. I would say that by this time she was, I’m sorry to say it, a drug addict.
65. Her mother may have been old and an addict but fighting use to be her specialty.
66. I was an addict strung out on violence and Smiler’s dealing in opiate thuggery.
67. His mother was a whore and a heroin addict and his father could have been anybody.
68. Besides the fact that he was a whoremonger, he was a drug addict and an alcoholic.
69. When have you ever not had a choice, Mercer? Okay, the man you love is an addict.
70. He himself was a recovering drug addict, my father let slip a few weeks later.
71. God really choose a mother who would abandon me to a woman who was a drug addict?
72. The former drug addict sat beside his bed, his eyes red and his mouth open, grinning.
73. I know I sound like a sex addict with all this procreation talk, but when a guy gives.
74. Apparently at the time of his horrific injury he was a full blown heroin addict and a.
75. When it comes to detoxing a heroin addict the price increases and the success rate drops.
76. He can hug the drug addict, hug the homeless, He can love people, not ashamed of people.
77. He suffered many trials and tribulations such as being an alcoholic or being a sex addict.
78. The addict is eventually screwed because they now lacked what little they had to start with.
79. But Donovan could say that she was an addict and had found her drug of choice somewhere else.
80. Randy was a meth addict and dealer, also a drunk who’d been beating her for a year and a half.
81. The man with multiple women seems to be a sex addict, as do the men and women who seek out affairs.
82. A child growing up having a drug abuser and addict parent adapts the values the parent's exhibits.
83. As this happens, the addict is driven to seek more heroin before he goes into complete withdrawal.
84. He said these things with the faded blue-jean tone of a reformed addict, that vibe of broken-in peace.
85. To complicate the situation, his wife was also a problem drinker; plus, she was a drug addict to boot.
86. He said the meetings did not help but by the grace of God he came off drugs and being a sexual addict.
87. About 3 to 8 hours after the addict injects himself with heroin, the effect of the drug begins to fade.
88. A detective colonel once said to me that you know that a drug addict is lying when they opens his mouth.
89. It can make the addict feel good and secured by the feeling of being at a rush and active body movement.
90. During one of our few conversations, she had informed me that she was a vegetarian and a health food addict.
91. Donovan, on the other hand, would graciously look the other way, and the addict population all knew him well.
92. The topic was the incident of an alleged drug addict and thief gunned down in the streets by unknown assailants.
93. Marianne Williamson in a Course in Weight loss I was never a food addict, but for years I was a compulsive eater.
94. He had decided she was an addict, but had never seen fit to give her any real information about what she was taking.
95. I was about to head back to where I had left the rifle, when I smelled the familiar stench of a blood addict vampire.
96. I do, however, feel for the parents or relatives who suffer more than the addict, who inhabits his own self-centred world.
97. In his present state hed have jumped at the first friendly overture like an addict to a fix, so I pretended not to notice.
98. However he tried to put on airs, he could never entirely rid himself of the appearance of the petty thief and speed addict.
99. Tambourine Man was secret code for a drug addict getting his fix and that was what William represented in his variation.
100. He had been, in fact, a Heroin addict with the usual record of petty, and not so petty, crime associated with that sad condition.
1. It is delicious and addicting.
2. Be forewarned, it is extremely addicting.
3. There is nothing more addicting than that feeling of.
4. I tried to tell him that the power could be addicting.
5. He still couldn't get the addicting sweetness out of his thoughts.
6. He knows what he's doing and his confidence is addicting, reassuring.
7. It was a type of addiction, where the addicting substance did not become the quest.
8. It is responsible for addicting modern humans to a diet of meat instead of vegetables.
9. As long as any addicting substance enjoys a majority market: it is usually not demonized.
10. A complete re-play of the Roman culture of addicting the masses to free bread and circuses.
11. She had a very gracious demeanor about her that I found addicting the more I was exposed to her.
12. His physician secretly added meth-amphetamines into this deadly brew of daily injections… addicting Hitler without him being aware that he was becoming a meth-junkie.
13. Staring into the eyes of a Lascorii is more addicting than any drug devised or refined---Even with the greater part of their atmosphere dampened down, their eyes can scramble your brains and before you realize it: you're a hopeless slave to their merest glance.
1. That u r addicted to?
2. We are addicted to it.
3. He was addicted to it.
4. Im already addicted to it.
5. She was addicted to drugs.
6. Darlene was addicted to men.
7. Thomas was addicted to girls.
8. She was addicted to romance.
9. We can be addicted to anything.
10. Truth be told, I was addicted.
11. And they are addicted to the.
12. I can’t be addicted to a drug.
13. One could get addicted to such.
14. She was addicted to drugs, and.
15. They became addicted of my body.
16. My dad is addicted to video games.
17. However, he becomes addicted to.
18. He was becoming addicted to her.
19. In humans addicted to alcohol or.
20. Be addicted to our product with an.
21. I was growing addicted to his touch.
22. Other folks are addicted to the news.
23. Men were more and more addicted to.
24. If he’s addicted drugs, this will.
25. He was heavily addicted, I said.
26. They don’t want you to get addicted.
27. He was becoming addicted to the stuff.
28. George’s, was much addicted to opium.
29. They have become addicted to this fruit.
30. The Wizard had become addicted to alcohol.
31. He was addicted to the feeling, actually.
32. They became addicted to eating dead meat.
33. Seek help and admit that you are addicted.
34. Addicted so and so:' and there put on him.
35. They became addicted to eating dead flesh.
36. They are addicted to money and cigarettes.
37. Instead we have become addicted to energy.
38. She was heavily addicted to trashy romance.
39. Could my pet become addicted to the herbs?
40. We are sick because we’re addicted to it.
41. Even though they have become addicted to it.
42. Until all of them become addicted to fantasy.
43. Until you get comfort addicted to your spoon.
44. You’re addicted to that fucking machine.
45. He was addicted to being worshipped as a God.
46. Lucy knew she was physically addicted to speed.
47. No one gets addicted to skim milk, for example.
48. You know what? I think I’m addicted to you.
49. She was already addicted to boost and knew it.
50. Face it: Your parents had you addicted to drugs.
51. After two nights, she was addicted to his touch.
52. They had become addicted to looting and stealing.
53. Now, you need to know the signs of being addicted.
54. They have become addicted to lying to themselves.
56. You get addicted to it before you even realize it.
57. Why? He was addicted to that feeling, he liked it.
58. They are addicted to rituals and abstract symbols.
59. Bear was even addicted to picnic baskets so….
60. You can get addicted to them Ivan said to him.
61. Being addicted to nothing else but skiing hits you.
62. An addicted mother may become extremely neglectful.
63. After her ascension, she became addicted to her power.
64. Meditation can help anyone who is addicted to anything.
65. The only trouble is that you are addicted to experi-.
66. A typical story is that of Ayesha, 28 and addicted to.
67. They discovered new drugs that they became addicted to.
68. She had grown addicted to the machine much too quickly.
69. Those who became addicted to it were called leafeaters.
70. I’m heavily addicted to gaming, Tammas admitted.
71. All people are addicted to things in one way or another.
72. This means that every single day several drug addicted.
73. But Doer who was now addicted to heroin was five months.
74. It is a law: God gives you everything you are addicted to.
75. I'm addicted to making love to you, I'm addicted to you.
76. Furthermore, the unborn child may become addicted to the.
77. In 2007 there were 1,970 women who were addicted to drugs.
78. Eartheart is as allergic to money as we are addicted to it.
79. They are addicted to their ways of oppression and cruelty.
80. Of the 1970 addicted women, 1211 babies were born addicted.
81. She got him addicted to vampire venom and then disappeared.
83. They had become addicted to raping people, and killing them.
84. Abdomen Blocked, always wanting a new conquest, addicted to.
85. Women shouldn’t believe that only men can become addicted.
86. M: Some are addicted to trances, with their consciousness in.
87. Civilization is addicted to accumulating useless information.
88. Then you get an overactive outer mind addicted to distraction.
89. By not learning the sin of becoming addicted to money or power.
90. Tobacco companies, where customers are addicted to the product.
91. The universe is a habit; we are addicted to our perceptions of it.
92. They had become addicted to their own homosexual military culture.
93. Besides, if I were really addicted, could I have quit that fast?
94. If you are addicted to a drug, you will need help staying off of it.
95. I guess if you get addicted to something it can end up ruining you.
96. PRI-YA: A human who is sexually addicted to and enslaved by the Fae.
97. You are or you are not an addict Behavior is more or less addicted.
98. Of the individuals who become addicted, most would be expected to.
99. As one author termed it, many Americans are Addicted to Militarism.
100. Sam was addicted to her youthful, refreshing outlook on life and a.
1. War addicts don’t have it easy.
2. The other recovering drug addicts.
3. This is ultimately what addicts.
4. We could treat addicts, he stated.
5. It just means we have a lot of addicts.
6. It’s lost on the druggies and addicts.
7. In this room, there are ninety addicts.
8. In response, he did what most addicts do:.
9. We’ll always have sports addicts with us.
10. All that matters now is that we are addicts.
11. They called themselves accidental addicts.
12. Here, we’re concerned with technology addicts.
13. The addicts in Sao Paulo were not left wanting.
14. I’ve made a fortune off of desperate addicts.
15. He knew that addicts could always find a reason.
16. Maybe we also need WAA – War Addicts Anonymous.
17. They were all addicts of course, and an inherent.
18. Her brother and sister were drug addicts and had.
19. The broken, the dismembered, and the chopa addicts.
20. Drug addicts have known that for hundreds of years.
21. That they are consumers slaves and consumer addicts.
22. I’m simply pointing out that addicts do relapse.
23. You thought that addicts only got involved with drugs.
24. But, Brice hadn't come to rid the world of chopa addicts.
25. An estimated 60 percent of the addicts belong to Khyber.
26. Remember: the drug addicts have been cut off cold turkey.
27. I remember living in a house filled with heroin addicts.
28. Carb Addicts plan, others may see only moderate weight loss.
29. Many addicts die without a trace of pills in their stomachs.
30. They would probably be regarded as lunatics or drug addicts.
31. Addicts employ the drug to sheild anger, anxiety and depression.
32. Listen to what these ex-news addicts were able to hear from the.
33. They’re called drug addicts jacked up on the latest mind bender.
34. England became a nation of tea drinkers, jam users, and sugar addicts.
35. War addicts are created by society, especially one filled with conflict.
36. For caffeine addicts who discover that their daily cuppa is a migraine.
37. There was a high turnover rate because addicts tend to die early in life.
38. In fact, many food addicts may only seek help after they have determined.
39. Sedative addicts see and feel no change, except the ability to sleep at night.
40. Eventually, all addicts reach a point in their lives where they hit rock bottom.
41. The key with Remoxy is that can’t be abused by recreational users and addicts.
42. We also have reviewed the research on intertemporal choice and data that addicts.
43. Food addicts often follow the tenets of the same kind of 12-step program used by.
44. He wondered if it was anything like the stories he had heard about heroin addicts.
45. Alcoholics and cocaine addicts can see the effect the substance is having on them.
46. There should be a special rehab for Jesse addicts such as myself she whispered.
47. Numerous private homes already exist like this for recovering addicts and alcoholics.
48. Clearly these victims of my "lady nicotine" have become "addicts" of tobacco, and are.
49. Those with lesser rank who have to peel potatoes – they march too – can be addicts.
50. Besides, drug addicts are weaklings and have very little physical strength to begin with.
51. Another important aspect of the Carb Addicts plan is that you are not permitted artificial.
52. This subliminal brainwashing bred the next generation of consumers who became porn addicts.
53. It is an anti-social machine that isolates people and addicts them to abstract distraction.
54. These privateers are profit addicts and are insane and are running this world into a ditch.
55. There are over 3 million heavy, constant drinkers, and over 750,000 alcoholics or addicts of.
56. The TV reporter, sniffing a story said, Are you discriminating against former addicts?
57. Society needs to acknowledge the laziness and stupidity of addicts, and leave them to sink or swim.
58. The out ones become promiscuous, prostitutes, porn addicts, child molesters, rapists, serial killers.
59. Here I’m talking about fossil fuel addicts and that collection includes oil, gas, coal and nuclear.
60. It has turned thousands of people into furniture addicts: spending thousands of dollars on this old stuff.
61. He knew full-well that Donovan’s patients were all street addicts, but had no way of proving that today.
62. They love it or they’re stuck like addicts, forced from compulsion within to do things they’d rather not.
63. Drug addicts aren’t victims of drugs; they’re just stupid people bringing intentional harm to themselves.
64. The story about the cannibal Alien was a stupid myth, and only nutty fringe drug addicts believed a word of it.
65. When health experts treat drug addicts, they understand that this condition does not just affect them physically.
66. There were other drug addicts, people with AIDS, with cerebral hemorrhages, people who sat expressionless and 131.
67. Benches of elderly people absorbing the warm moist air along with a few drunks and drug addicts looking for shelter.
68. That could actually be better, because nine out of ten addicts are stuck on alcohol, the worst drug for side effects.
69. The reports of recovering addicts are subjective and based on each person’s memory of what normal used to be.
70. Identified addicts will be placed in separate groups of their kind, with similar facilities, plus recovery transitions.
71. Coddling drug addicts and enabling an excuse based society with taxpayer supported rehab programs is counterproductive.
72. The study concluded with the depressing statistic that eidos were twice as likely to become addicts or victims of suicide.
73. I kept trying to tell myself that my situation was different and that I wasn’t like those hard-core addicts I work with.
74. They were former addicts, freshly new to the city, not fully detoxed from the poisons that still pumped through their bodies.
75. Today it had become a challenge, requiring not only his attention, but that of a small gang of drug addicts, who he employed.
76. After they left, Annette described them as a couple of meth addicts who were obviously unstable and probably needed each other.
77. Addicts and beggars and others that have chosen to be burdens to society should have the old-tyme stigma of lepers about them.
78. Big Guy knew that he would never tap into the disease of addiction until and unless he introduced the addicts to their new god.
79. Mel and her husband are keen sci-fi addicts and frequently attend sci-fi conferences where they dress up in elaborate costumes.
80. I hated to admit it, but they were a bunch of weaklings, addicts or those that should never have been turned in the first place.
81. We may never rid the world of war addicts, but wouldn’t it be great to eliminate war in the near future? The solution is love.
82. Then consumers will become social pariahs, and be put into rehabilitation centers together with drug addicts and coffee drinkers.
83. Much like America today becoming a nation of coffee drinkers, pizza eaters, hamburger eaters, and processed-packaged food addicts.
84. Others were like drug addicts who would continue to fight because their brain had not been able to tell their body that they were dead.
85. Most addicts will deny that there is a problem with an addiction, despite being told by everyone that they know that they have a problem.
86. One of the biggest problems with addicts and those who are chronic sinners, I am sorry to say is that they are often selfish and self-centered.
87. Another concern is that many heroin addicts receive treatment only temporarily, and are often lured back to heroin, which produces a greater high.
88. She’s learned how they collect in the poorest and most G-dforsaken stretches of the inner city; how they end up as addicts, or prostitutes, or both.
89. Addiction treatment is often provided only in groups which appear to be too limited, and many addicts would like individual as well as group sessions.
90. The two boys partied with several new customers, and they had some fun with a couple of young, female addicts who paid more than money for their drugs.
91. At the same time it is a stinking pesthole where most are addicts, burn-outs lie in the gutters and grey slugs of human beings lurk in the under-cellars.
92. Every Thursday from 9 till midnight for the following two months she would sit inside the civic center classroom surrounded by the elderly addicts of the Blue Line.
93. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to all AOL addicts, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.
94. There was the Tribe of the Methadonians, and this tribe was comprised of former heroin addicts that had been weaned off of heroin and switched to the use of methadone.
95. Therefore, if there are ten thousand addicts at any given moment on five different drugs, and we introduce ten new drugs, there still will be only ten thousand addicts.
96. Rail-thin addicts queued on a nearby corner and trailed into the alley one after the other, but Herminia was not among them, nor was there one willing to be questioned.
97. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to all Viagra addicts, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.
98. What had he been thinking when he’d agreed to the stupid idea of treating addicts with vitamins? He had no choice now but to comply with the Medical Board’s request.
99. He had instructed the nurse at the Private Sanatorium (owned by Hu Lyang and used to ‘dry-out drug addicts) that held Marianne, to stop drugging her for the moment.
100. The addicts stand among their peers (Christians, lawyers, doctors, judges, fast food employees, and Federal Agents), and seek truth so they may discover their purpose in life.

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