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    1. She was informal, intelligent but a bit impatient

    2. Meanwhile Ava was impatient for the probe to arrive that would let her unravel the data layer of this planet

    3. Tom grew impatient with her dallying and, placing his soft lips upon her petals, he bit off her head and spat it out onto the grass

    4. Five weeks had passed since the fabrication of the parts and the captain and crew were impatient for answers

    5. I slam the car into gear and, muttering curses on the impatient man behind me, move off

    6. Tom grew impatient with her dallying and, placing his soft lips

    7. impatient carters waiting to cross

    8. ’ Hilary put in, ‘I’m sorry, Sarah, but he was always an impatient little boy

    9. The impatient arm is waving a single digit in the mirror

    10. From the direction of the barn, moving closer, impatient and caustic, comes the voice of the detective in charge at the scene

    11. Corrente was impatient to lay his hands on his quarry, so it

    12. agitated and impatient to conclude their transaction at

    13. protect her lodger, but he was tired and impatient to get

    14. "Didn't I just say so?" she’d grown impatient with his strange looks

    15. hours, and they became understandably impatient

    16. "We're going to have a tasty roasted boy today!" A little later, hungry and impatient, she went on: "Run and see if the oven is hot enough

    17. undertake their ablutions, impatient to begin his day

    18. but became impatient with their slow progress and went

    19. impatient, and harassed her friends as they sat listening

    20. passable by now, and he was impatient to see his wife

    21. If you are impatient, then it means that you are being too demanding or that your expectations are too high

    22. “Take your pants off,” she said, growing impatient with him

    23. Having said that, there is really no angry and impatient God waiting on the Other Side, to judge and condemn us to an eternity of burning flames, should we fumble in life

    24. She was relying on her impatient feelings, instead of leaning on God to

    25. This makes me very impatient with people who appear to be wasting my time

    26. He waited, impatient, fearful, trying not to imagine what might happen next

    27. He was engaged once on a very long chase after elephants, and his followers were becoming impatient, when at last they found the home of one of these spiders

    28. For safety reasons he should have had another person in the sub with him but he was far too impatient to wait until he could arrange that

    29. "And a train of cars," broke in the impatient Jimmy, "that goes like sixty when you wind her?"

    30. Princess Elizabeth could scarcely wait for the morrow, so impatient

    31. At the time Slikit could only suppose such a terrible thing was happening because the Custodians of Spinningbrock had forsaken the old ways when younger more impatient badgers had challenged their customs, thinking they knew better how to live life

    32. Finally growing impatient, Slikit pushed his way into the tunnel and grumbled his way down into the interior of the burrow

    33. Every now and then Soffen stopped to examine a plant before rejecting it with an impatient shake of her head

    34. Pushed from behind by one of the impatient guards, Soffen was forced forward again

    35. After several tantrums of head tossing, impatient snorts and anxious hoof stomps, he reluctantly submitted to her will, and they returned to La Hacienda in a walk that she brought up to a gentle trot

    36. Nibbles’ loud and impatient voice could be heard answering, as Bru’s befuddled mind tried to grasp it

    37. Fred was impatient this morning

    38. was getting impatient waiting for the word from Steve and Linda to name the suspect to be indicted for Laura Smith-Hughes's murder

    39. " Gareth was impatient and annoyed at the old man's ramblings

    40. The impatient clouds had crowded out the bright sunshine

    41. What should this attitude be? Should I be impatient with the troubles that I see in the world, or should I patiently let everything unfold in its own time? Can I improve myself or the world with prayer, or is every apparent good compensated for by a lessening of good somewhere else? How can I know what is best?

    42. However, I do get impatient with patronising people who jab at this text and tell me that the “Bible is quite clear

    43. Jalesow was obviously bored and impatient with the process, but Colling noticed when they reached a town where a gold and white sign with the word Poczta announced the place boasted a post office, Jalesow said he had to make a telephone call

    44. The hand thrust the gift out repeatedly as if impatient for Zoran to take it

    45. Behind her came Uruvian’s impatient whinnying as he was held back

    46. He had to be both really hungry and impatient after having been standing almost immovably on guard for several hours

    47. Calras placed his hand on Marian’s large stomach and felt the heartbeat of the little one and the almost impatient movements

    48. Luckily for me she didn’t even lock it so after eyeing Monique’s impatient ass still waiting, I used my thumb and entered the messaging area in her phone

    49. somewhat impatient for a solid answer that would settle everything

    50. She merely watched him waiting with an almost impatient air

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    Synonyms for "impatient"

    impatient raring abrupt brusque curt hasty sudden precipitate vehement uneasy unquiet irritable fretful testy choleric hot violent itching harsh demanding anxious ardent avid keen

    "impatient" definitions

    restless or short-tempered under delay or opposition

    (usually followed by `to') full of eagerness