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Artificial in a sentence

He stared at the artificial.
She does have an artificial.
As in making artificial life.
They appeared to be artificial.
It was a very artificial character.
Otto waited with an artificial pause.

Cities are places of artificial ease.
No, that was definitely artificial.
That would make everything artificial.
Artificial Globules and the ‘Anu’.
Artificial confessing of sin, without.
Artificial Globules and the ‘Ganu’.
It made her less artificial and distant.
Artificial palms with plastic coconuts.
Clearly these are artificial conditions.
The largest artificial lake in the world.
Cynthia detested the artificial turf aspect.
Artificial lights have been widely used to.
The artificial barriers to action fade away.
Loaded with artificial fillers and additives.
Elle stood still, not wanting an artificial.
They have artificial gravity, Mark said.
Hey, stop with this artificial sweetness.
Wait, this must mean the monk has artificial.
Albert found a box full of artificial daisies.
Wasn’t this a rather artificial approach to.
Except for the artificial banana flavor thing.
Engraved on the shaft of the artificial bone.
The artificial hearty fake laugh of the killer.
Sometimes hat makers used artificial fragrance.
Even if it feels artificial, I suggest you try.
An artificial grin flashed across his dark face.
Whether it was an artificial accumulation or not.
More automation and more artificial intelligence.
An artificial one then? he asked hopefully.
His bio-tech artificial legs were being calibrated.
He had to find a way to end his artificial existence.
The artificial breathing pump hisses like Darth Vader.

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