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Artificial in a sentence

1. He stared at the artificial.
2. She does have an artificial.
3. As in making artificial life.
4. They appeared to be artificial.
6. It was a very artificial character.
7. Otto waited with an artificial pause.

8. No, that was definitely artificial.
9. Cities are places of artificial ease.
10. Artificial Globules and the ‘Anu’.
11. That would make everything artificial.
12. Artificial confessing of sin, without.
13. Artificial Globules and the ‘Ganu’.
14. Artificial palms with plastic coconuts.
15. Clearly these are artificial conditions.
16. It made her less artificial and distant.
17. The largest artificial lake in the world.
18. Cynthia detested the artificial turf aspect.
20. Artificial lights have been widely used to.
21. The artificial barriers to action fade away.
22. They have artificial gravity, Mark said.
23. Elle stood still, not wanting an artificial.
24. Loaded with artificial fillers and additives.
25. Hey, stop with this artificial sweetness.
26. Wasn’t this a rather artificial approach to.
27. Wait, this must mean the monk has artificial.
28. Engraved on the shaft of the artificial bone.
29. Except for the artificial banana flavor thing.
30. Albert found a box full of artificial daisies.
31. The artificial hearty fake laugh of the killer.
32. Sometimes hat makers used artificial fragrance.
33. Even if it feels artificial, I suggest you try.
34. An artificial grin flashed across his dark face.
35. An artificial one then? he asked hopefully.
36. More automation and more artificial intelligence.
37. Whether it was an artificial accumulation or not.
38. He had to find a way to end his artificial existence.
39. His bio-tech artificial legs were being calibrated.
40. This artificial body looks like a waxed alien body.
41. The first artificial lures came out in the mid 1800's.
42. The artificial breathing pump hisses like Darth Vader.
43. It could be a male or female artificial intelligence.
44. No shadows, no blurs, thanks to our artificial light.
45. Other wise artificial insemination is the only choice.
46. The entire concept of artificial civilized cleanliness.
47. It‘s all biological—nothing artificial or chemical.
48. Why was corn eaten? Because of its artificial sweetness.
49. She doesn’t want to be kept alive by artificial means.
50. ICI is less expensive than other artificial insemination.
51. To pursue an artificial connection was simply too risky.
52. The artificial stimulant, caffeine, can never possibly.
53. Another artificial energy potential that is destructive.
54. Served the artificial clefts, vast, high, silent, on the.
55. They are an avoidance, they are an artificial directness.
56. Several years ago they had ducks in that artificial pond.
57. Agencies and activists that oppose artificial methods of.
58. I was situated near a drinking fountain and an artificial.
59. Napoleon’s face wore an unpleasant and artificial smile.
60. But the artificial whitewashing humans do is not two-sided.
61. The building was situated near a beautiful artificial pond.
62. That is because it is an artificial linear cyclic process.
63. In front of us was an artificial pond and nearby a couple.
64. Such artificial formations as "duty", "guilt", "shame", etc.
65. We are here asking for an artificial heart for Roopdetah.
66. The EIS has a portable artificial intelligent supercomputer.
67. Without the artificial lights in here, I wouldn’t be able.
68. Before use inspect both the patient’s and artificial airway.
69. Food is an artificial, unnatural replacement for love and fun.
70. Church is to ban the use of artificial birth control methods.
71. Service International (PiCAS) involves the use of artificial.
72. Ease is an artificial, drugged, condition of non-awareness….
73. All because of this dynamic: artificial one-sided accumulation.
74. On its back the Cyri had strapped on a set of artificial wings.
75. Artificial intelligence within humans and the other way around.
76. The child became the singularity as all artificial boundaries.
77. Because of the split artificial minds of Negative emotions and.
78. Hitler had just broken up their artificial alliance into shreds.
79. I am a robot, a machine animated by an artificial intelligence.
80. The artificial use of fire could be one of the causes for this.
81. Horrors, think of that artificial moonlight! Nancy shuddered.
82. I have never used and read a script, as it sounds too artificial.
83. She was a carefully groomed woman, as artificial as French heels.
84. He looked at the artificial horizon and saw that the wings were.
85. You'd have enough money for Roopdetah's artificial heart?
86. The government’s official (but artificial) value was set higher.
87. He stares at his artificial body in front of him and concentrates.
88. Artificial flowers of the type which are supposed to affect those.
89. We are fleeing the country and crowding into our artificial cities.
90. Today, however, manufacturers take their artificial grass seriously.
91. Amelia heard the scraping of the chair against the artificial floor.
92. There is no use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers at the farm.
93. We don't actually own the artificial hearts, our shareholders do.
94. Even an artificial life form will expand in numbers to fill its niche.
95. Once an artificial fire took over the living center of each community.
96. Jim Manzi is CEO of an applied artificial intelligence software company.
97. Maybe this is that teleporter or whatever it was that the artificial.
98. Elsie rushed into the room, as quickly as her artificial hip would allow.
99. Now, regarding opinions about mutations on the basis of artificial images.
100. I cannot give you an artificial heart, because it is not mine to give.

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