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    1. He was pleased to have it … we need guns sometimes and artificial ones don’t look realistic enough …

    2. That missile struck in 2359, in the form of instructions to produce an artificial virus that would modify human genetics to prevent mortals from aging as long as they had frequent promiscuous sex

    3. It resisted, and he held on to the bulkhead straps and kicked at it with one heel until Chief Horcheese thumped it once with her artificial fist and a few hundred kilograms of force

    4. "We have to strip off the Chief’s artificial limbs, access her neural interface processors and splice her into Tipperary so she can act as the CDCS to control the discharge

    5. From the four places on her torso where the artificial, machine limbs would have attached had they been represented, what looked like endless colored veins extended out from the neural interface ports, representing the connections between the breaching ship’s systems and the neural processors set in Chief Horcheese’s torso

    6. The places on her torso where the artificial limbs attached were pink ovals, lumpy with contracted fibers and at the center of it all was the titanium bone and the expected set of ports for the neural interface processors that did the fantastically complicated and nuanced task of translating between machine language and the language of the human neurological system

    7. He looked away, but Horcheese stared right up into it with her milky artificial eyes wide open

    8. Her artificial limbs would still work and the palsic shakes that came on would go away once she adjusted to them, but she wouldn't have the same fine control as before, not until the damaged interfaces were replaced back at Sagan

    9. But that was only because of the native virus, he could still imagine the tortures he would have inflicted on them to get it out of them if it wasn't for that artificial Instinct

    10. Clones, Synthetics, Artificial People, Androids; all of these terms were used and rejected, and, as ever in human history, when faced with something new or misunderstood, the hopes of creation and discovery soon drifted into the shorthand slang of exploitation

    11. Pickles, preserves, sweets and over-salted foods should be avoided, as should anything containing artificial ingredients

    12. That artificial sugars must be broken down by the digestive tract into simple sugars before they can be utilized by the body, and thus they put an undue strain upon the system

    13. The only mortal reality he had faced was in an artificial environment in the bowels of a starship, tended with androids and totally alone

    14. Sometimes hat makers used artificial fragrance

    15. She compressed her lips but replied, "Some alien artificial life form in the information domain

    16. Even an artificial life form will expand in numbers to fill its niche

    17. that powder was an artificial sweetener

    18. was holding the artificial sweetener

    19. than an artificial sweetener, but the fact that the

    20. She tried to give him a long science lesson about how thought was nerve impulses and by using enough of their electric crystals the Yingolian’s could make an artificial mind that lived inside the silicon

    21. Age showed on some for the artificial limestone had already eroded and formed stalactites in the three or more centuries it had stood here

    22. As he reaches the end of each line of the song Billy fights back tears, fights back images of artificial ventilation and a hand hovering over an electrical switch

    23. Still, an artificial intelligence representing the leader of the Acheronian Star showing up here of all places is way too weird to be a coincidence

    24. “Maybe this is that teleporter or whatever it was that the artificial

    25. As you know by now, Napies are bred in artificial life tubes and they don’t have any sex organs so they can’t breed normally; what a shame! I hear you say, the poor Napies can’t breed and have only robots for mothers, yes, but I remember my life as Napie was very good

    26. The tree became artificial, the eggnog imitation, and the romance of the season was swept out with extra hours, to pay the bills

    27. Otto waited with an artificial pause

    28. Among his inventions and creations were the wooden cow he constructed for the queen of Knossos, the Labyrinth of the Minotaur, artificial wings for himself and his son Icarus, and he was even said to have invented images

    29. pass the artificial boundary of a parish, than an arm of the sea, or a ridge of high mountains,

    30. The use of the artificial grasses, of turnips, carrots, cabbages, and the other expedients which have been fallen upon to make an equal quantity of land feed a greater number of cattle than when in natural grass, should somewhat reduce, it might be expected, the superiority which, in an improved country, the price of butcher's meat naturally has over that of bread

    31. "Do you think the purpose of my life is to support your social position among other small currents of electrons in an artificial asteroid somewhere in outer space?"

    32. Wasn’t this a rather artificial approach to

    33. Could an artificial creature channel these unconscious forces as well? The Dr

    34. I have never used and read a script, as it sounds too artificial

    35. The letters have little ‘feet’ on their letters, which create an artificial

    36. ” The artificial smile she presented wore thinner with each passing moment and bit of brusque commentary by Mercer

    37. At least as an artificial sentient intelligence there were distinct advantages: the utility of logic – decisions made that were unquestionably right, borne from a multitude of processing units, a network of connected intelligences

    38. ? Perhaps they didn’t trust him as an artificial entity

    39. The resulting temperature in the chamber felt chilly, but they were glad to have some natural light after being in artificial light for so long

    40. “No, that was definitely artificial

    41. If it wasn’t for the artificial gravity Scott would be nauseous rather than just this strange insecure feeling that no more half a metre separated him from the cold suffocation and desiccation of space

    42. It was to draw back such causes to themselves, that the courts of law are said to have invented the artificial and fictitious writ of ejectment, the most effectual remedy for an unjust outer or dispossession of land

    43. It was a gap not much more than a metre square, clearly looking quite artificial, cutting down into the rock at about 45 degrees and apparently dropping down some four to five metres into the ground

    44. The underground chamber was clearly just as artificial as the tunnel leading to it, an unnaturally regular oval, about four metres wide and five or so metres long

    45. Looking below at the passing continents was beginning to imbue him with a sense of imperiousness he hadn’t felt since the time he’d been master of an artificial reality network – although that could be thought of as a totally different life, a different person

    46. ‘You are currently connected to an artificial one

    47. As soon as writing came into fashion, wise men, or those who fancied themselves such, would naturally endeavour to increase the number of those established and respected maxims, and to express their own sense of what was either proper or improper conduct, sometimes in the more artificial form of apologues, like what are called the fables of Aesop; and sometimes in the more simple one of apophthegms or wise sayings, like the proverbs of Solmnon, the verses of Theognis and Phocyllides, and some part of the works of Hesiod

    48. His head, a burnished silver oval with holes for his artificial eyes but just a slit for a mouth, he guessed also had the same ergonomic efficiency

    49. Torbin, with the benefit if his artificial body, felt the juddering as a mild discomfort

    50. to state what she'd doubtless already knew, although he guessed that most scanning technology could not examine his artificial form

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    artificial contrived hokey stilted unreal affected mannered unnatural plastic fake insincere false counterfeit inorganic