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False in a sentence

I saw I was false.
It was a false alarm.
But this is a false.
Q: But what is false?
What is false is its.
Of the old false ideas.
This was a false signal.

All other love is false.
The false has no chance.
One false move and she.
Of false E driven only.
A false rumour that the.
A false prophet was the.
This is a false illusion.
All he said was so false.
Of false F flat (E) given.
When all the false self-.
Nothing can be more false.
If he's false, he's false.
And by true, I mean false.
Who knows not what is false.
The Zentsuji story was false.
But this is false reasoning.
Watch out for false prophets.
But we cannot hold a false.
This signature was not false.
Nothing could be more false.
False things never last long.
It is false if there is no.
You can know the false only.
The False Maps of Maskirovka.
This could not be more false.
Could be either TRUE or FALSE.
Since a false god is simply.
Holding on to promises false.
To feed me false information.
It will return FALSE if the.
He could not be false to the.
He saw his creations as false.
The hair ripped out was false.

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