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Assembly in a sentence

1. The assembly begun with a.
2. The AMY is an assembly of.
3. Crowned King In The Assembly.
4. The assembly was easy enough.
5. Cheers from all the assembly.
6. To the assembly her they bear.
7. The assembly rose into cheers.

8. During the assembly held in.
9. John had attended the Assembly.
10. The small assembly seemed 241.
11. And thus the assembly dispersed.
12. In the Prayer Assembly I would.
13. It was a grim and shaken assembly.
14. WCC Assembly in Amsterdam in 1948.
15. You guys have assembly in five.
16. I was busy considering the assembly.
17. His stern gaze circled the assembly.
18. She turned and addressed the assembly.
19. He bent his wise brows on the assembly.
20. May the assembly of stainless Dakinis.
21. The assembly answered; We are agreed.
22. One hundred units on the assembly line.
23. Of this the assembly should have no doubt.
24. The whole columnator assembly is missing.
25. Beings created the factory assembly lines.
26. Fang quickly studied the gathered assembly.
27. While I'm stuck here on this assembly line.
28. The school Assembly Hall was one such place.
29. The rest of the assembly cried, Amon!.
30. The early church (the called out assembly).
32. Presbytery: An assembly of elders in a church.
33. You may think that the assembly line was the.
34. She finished her prayer and the assembly all.
35. He turned from Somonik to address the assembly.
36. It was Agatha, head of the dress assembly room.
37. He stared past the assembly out into the night.
38. One morning, he bunked the school assembly and.
39. It seemed like every week there was an assembly.
40. Now the delegation from the Assembly was silent.
41. The Heruka body mandala is the assembly of the.
42. The delegation from the Assembly was leaving now.
43. Perry drove Celeste back home after the assembly.
44. The governing comes from the assembly as a whole.
45. Tibet in the Chinese People’s National Assembly.
46. They had their solemn assembly – this is yours.
47. This meeting was the grand assembly of the Haadij.
48. When she was done, the assembly rose in applause.
49. For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the.
50. I'll text you where to meet me after the assembly.
51. I was asked to play in Assembly and also for the.
52. Amos has cal ed a general assembly in the Hal of.
53. Anyway, at the end of the assembly Ms Courtney was.
54. Aaron had brought the entire assembly out into the.
55. Relocation of assembly benches in the new Assembly.
56. Assembly of God member, Detective Schenk was present.
57. The assembly filed out of the room without answering.
58. Tim himself got the first one off the assembly line.
59. Next day, in the morning assembly, one of the senior.
60. The elders have other duties during the assembly but.
61. This favoritism in the assembly may reveal a lack of.
62. Many of these home assembly offers charge you a fee.
63. This declaration he read aloud to the whole assembly.
64. I offer to please the assembly of oath-bound guardians.
65. The Chairwoman thanked Siri and addressed the assembly.
66. The church down the hill was an Assembly of God church.
67. A34 Moving assembly tables into the new assembly shop.
68. Yazadril appeared before him and bowed to the Assembly.
69. Do not forsake the assembly of the Saints as some are.
70. Herne halted and they both turned to face the assembly.
71. Some texts limit the number of teachers in an assembly.
72. This exact question had never come before the Assembly.
73. Long enough for the Assembly to relieve him of command.
74. GDC HQ is the same General Assembly locked away in the.
75. I offer to please the assembly of Three Precious Jewels.
76. The new large presses will require assembly in position.
77. A35 Demolition of the wall between the old assembly and.
78. I offer to please the assembly of mother sentient beings.
79. If we continually meditate in this way on this assembly.
80. GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! The assembly chanted in a.
81. The same General Assembly that line the exterior of the.
82. General Assembly have given up and are now watching the.
83. The LORD said to Moses, 2 Speak to the entire assembly.
84. Aircraft still came off the assembly line under the trees.
85. I saw you yesterday in the assembly hall, he stated.
86. Pringle introduced Sam Staunton to the school at assembly.
87. A24 Installation of plinths for machines and assembly ta-.
88. While meditating on the assembly of sixty-two enlightened.
89. I offer to please the divine assembly of Yidams and their.
90. Robert hunched on the edge of his seat in the assembly hall.
91. I have no knowledge of the Highest Assembly as they dispute.
92. Witnessing to unbelievers took on many forms at the Assembly.
93. An hour later, she was called back into the assembly chambers.
94. We were in assembly trenches waiting for the dread zero hour.
95. In line! called Redleigh, from the head of the assembly.
96. He called the few friends he still had from Comstock Assembly.
97. In this meditation we can focus, for example, on the assembly.
98. The collective assembly of the Heads of Department within the.
99. He gazed out at the very large assembly of friends old and new.
100. That’s when we learned of the assembly of the Great Alliance.

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