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    1. fruquently, too, by cultivating all those arts which best deserve, and which are therefore most likely to gain them, the esteem of people of rank and fortune; by their knowledge in all the different branches of useful and ornamental learning, by the decent liberality of their manners, by the social good humour of their conversation, and by their avowed contempt of those absurd and hypocritical austerities which fanatics inculcate and pretend to practise, in order to draw upon themselves the veneration, and upon the greater part of men of rank and fortune, who avow that they do not practise them, the abhorrence of the common people

    2. Uybvahk responded, "Should I, upon return to Frogfoot, learn my true father has entered into concourse with the ancestral spirits I shall avow myself to this one

    3. I must avow that I am deeply in love with you

    4. And lovers hesitated to avow

    5. themselves avow, from traditions which they received

    6. "As to the great service," said Carton, "I am bound to avow to you, when you speak of it in that way, that it was mere professional claptrap, I don't know that I cared what became of you, when I rendered it

    7. I had resolved to assume my own name immediately, and openly to avow my determination,

    8. usefulness, she wished to avow her affection to Darnford, by becoming his wife

    9. "This paper, my friend," said Faria, "I may now avow to you, since I have the proof of your

    10. But on young Malachi they waited for that he promised to have come and such as intended to no goodness said how he had broke his avow

    11. Will any member of the committee aver that he would have entertained the idea of displacing the gentleman who has always discharged the function of chaplain here, if it had not been suggested to him by parties whose disposition it is to regard every institution of this town as a machinery for carrying out their own views? I tax no man's motives: let them lie between himself and a higher Power; but I do say, that there are influences at work here which are incompatible with genuine independence, and that a crawling servility is usually dictated by circumstances which gentlemen so conducting themselves could not afford either morally or financially to avow

    12. Who can be more sympathetick towards the Trials and Tribulations of Love than a loyal Horse (unless it be a loyal Dog)? And who can listen with more Affection to one’s Woes than a Member of either of those noble Races of Creatures which we, in our o’erweening Hubris, dare to term sub-human? I avow that we, rather, are sub-equine and sub-canine!

    13. These will avail ye nought! Nor will a Golden Ball within the Privy Place (tho’ some Italian Libertines avow ’twill serve), nor is it true, as the Spaniards believe, that passionate Coitus prevents Fruitfulness an’ Excess of Voluptuousness so punishes the Womb that ’twill not bear

    14. But, let us avow it, this idea, which seemed natural at the first blush, appeared to him after a moment's reflection, as strange, impossible, and almost repulsive

    15. On abandoning his grandfather's opinions for the opinions of his father, he had supposed himself fixed; he now suspected, with uneasiness, and without daring to avow it to himself, that he was not

    16. Cosette, with her hair in the sunlight, her soul absorbed in chimeras, illuminated by love within and by the dawn without, bent over mechanically, and almost without daring to avow to herself that she was thinking at the same time of Marius, began to gaze at these birds, at this family, at that male and female, that mother and her little ones, with the profound trouble which a nest produces on a virgin

    17. Do you wonder that I avow this to you? Know, that in the course of your future life you will often find yourself elected the involuntary confidant of your acquaintances’ secrets: people will instinctively find out, as I have done, that it is not your forte to tell of yourself, but to listen while others talk of themselves; they will feel, too, that you listen with no malevolent scorn of their indiscretion, but with a kind of innate sympathy; not the less comforting and encouraging because it is very unobtrusive in its manifestations

    18. For some time I was lost in conjecture as to the cause of this, but yesterday an idea struck me, and if it is well founded, I conjure you to avow it

    19. If it were not so, indeed, why should Ivan Fyodorovitch have kept silence till now? And so, if he has confessed, then why, I ask again, did he not avow the whole truth in the last letter he left behind, knowing that the innocent prisoner had to face this terrible ordeal the next day?

    20. And all this comes about on the basis of that false conception of the division of labor, which is defined not by reason and conscience, but by observation, which men of science avow with such unanimity

    21. If this be the national principle, avow it; tell your merchants you will not protect them; but, for Heaven's sake, do not deny them the power of relieving their own and the nation's burdens, by the exercise of their own ingenuity

    22. If gentlemen adhere to their system, as a means of coercion, let the Administration avow it as such, and support the system, by arguments, such as their friends use every day on this floor

    23. Let them avow, as those friends do, that this is our mode of hostility against Great Britain

    24. I have thought proper to state these opinions of mine, and to avow myself in favor of reimbursing the sufferers

    25. Erskine's arrangement—in avoiding to avow the real motives for it—and in the uncandid attempt to convert the bad faith of the British Government into a reproach upon our own; and this was to be done by an ingenious mental device, prettily conceived by Mr

    26. He had seen her one day capturing our vessels under pretexts, which on the preceding day she would have been ashamed or afraid to avow

    27. It does not yet appear necessary that I should discover to any person the purpose of my visit to Boston; nor is it probable that I shall be compelled, for the sake of gaining more knowledge of the arrangements of the Federal party in these States, to avow myself as a regular authorized agent of the British Government, even to those individuals who would feel equally bound with myself to preserve, with the utmost inscrutability, so important a secret from the public eye

    28. The idea of this Republic following the footsteps of foreign ambitious nations, was so repugnant to the genius of the American people, and the constitution under which we live, that few, if any, of the warmest advocates of the war dare avow it

    29. War has been declared by a law of the land; and what would be thought of similar attempts to defeat any other law, however inconsiderable its object? Who would dare to avow an intention to defeat its operation? Can that, then, be true in relation to war which would be reprobated in every other case? Can that be true which, when the whole physical force of the country is needed, withdraws half of that force? Can that be true which gives the greatest violence to party animosity? What would have been thought of such conduct in the war of the Revolution? Many good citizens friendly to the liberty of our country were opposed to the declaration at the time; could they have been justified in such opposition as we now experience? To terminate the war through discord and weakness is a hazardous experiment

    1. Which he recognized and avowed at their every meeting

    2. Kaitlyn assisted the twins in each of their chores and after two weeks of the visit, Titania and Hipolyta were her avowed and devoted sisters

    3. The performance of this horrid office is even said to be the avowed business by which some people earn their subsistence

    4. To encourage tillage, by keeping up the price of corn, even in the most plentiful years, was the avowed end of the institution

    5. It was the avowed principle of this bank to advance upon any reasonable security, the whole capital which was to be employed in those improvements of which the returns are the most slow and distant, such as the improvements of land

    6. A rotation of this kind seems alone a sufficient security against any practices which cannot be avowed

    7. To do so was the avowed purpose of the institution

    8. But the Dutch government soon began to oppress the Portuguese colonists, who, instead of amusing themselves with complaints, took arms against their new masters, and by their own valour and resolution, with the connivance, indeed, but without any avowed assistance from the mother country, drove them out of Brazil

    9. To augment our share of the colony trade beyond what it otherwise would be, is the avowed purpose of the monopoly

    10. They will employ the whole authority of government, and pervert the administration of Justice, in order to harass and ruin those who interfere with them in any branch of commerce, which by means of agents, either concealed, or at least not publicly avowed, they may choose to carry on

    11. To depress the price of this commodity below what may be called its natural and proper price, was the avowed purpose of those regulations ; and there seems to be no doubt of their having produced the effect that was expected from them

    12. fruquently, too, by cultivating all those arts which best deserve, and which are therefore most likely to gain them, the esteem of people of rank and fortune; by their knowledge in all the different branches of useful and ornamental learning, by the decent liberality of their manners, by the social good humour of their conversation, and by their avowed contempt of those absurd and hypocritical austerities which fanatics inculcate and pretend to practise, in order to draw upon themselves the veneration, and upon the greater part of men of rank and fortune, who avow that they do not practise them, the abhorrence of the common people

    13. When it becomes necessary for a state to declare itself bankrupt, in the same manner as when it becomes necessary for an individual to do so, a fair, open, and avowed bankruptcy, is always the measure which is both least dishonourable to the debtor, and least hurtful to the creditor

    14. An augmentation, or a direct raising of the denomination of the coin, always is, and from its nature must be, an open and avowed operation

    15. Among its many reforms included an oath of celibacy taken by avowed homosexuals

    16. “That’s not true,” I avowed firmly

    17. He was also an avowed atheist

    18. In his reply, Roger indicated that those “thinkers” would be more credible in their opposition to war had they expressed equal aversion to Communist avowed expansionist aims as well as for “Yankee Imperialism” and Marines’ recruitment

    19. 3 million students receive their education free…” Roger had not yet finished pointing out that “students in Cuba are forced to work up to five months of the year…”, when the president of the host club interrupted him and announced to the audience that Roger was “an avowed supporter of Franco”

    20. Chaffee, who is an avowed socialist in Republican clothing was in a cliff-hanging reelection bid for the Senate and appeared to be losing to a conservative Republican

    21. Nonetheless, in order to gain wider support, they avowed publicly “to reject any association with communists or sympathizers with communists

    22. 2 Jesus comprehended that he faced the immediate declaration of avowed and open warfare by his increasing enemies, and he elected boldly to assume the offensive

    23. Even avowed pacifists like Amelia Earhart will practice with one, since it is a non-lethal weapon

    24. In addition, your state may have an avowed policy of attempting to promote “traditional family” relationships and use its power to craft intestacy laws to give assets to family members that the state deems more worthy

    25. He had already avowed to take the beach road with the moon high and the tide low and he needed only a minute, maybe two, to be in then out of his home and on his way

    26. Having spoken to her before at length, Ingrid also knew that she was an avowed feminist, atheist and non-conformist with very liberal ideas and a strong character

    27. “You are not under contract from the Notre-Dame Society?” Asked Pierre Boucher, referring to the society that was sponsoring the settling of Ville-Marie with the avowed goal of evangelizing the Amerindians living in that area

    28. I am thankful for the avowed expression of a desire to call in the help of the laity, and make use of their opinion on Church matters

    29. And when you tell them that there is an avowed determination among many clergymen to unprotestantize the Established Church, to get behind the Reformation, and to bring back the Romish Mass and the Confessional, you are too often smiled at as an alarmist, and are not believed

    30. As Krishn has avowed, he will be the destroyer of all mankind

    31. the Supreme Spirit with an avowed resolve

    32. on the third index finger over from the thumb was a sign you were avowed to another, and therefore

    33. of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures, the stock answer of the avowed Christians was always of

    34. 'That was my avowed intention

    35. He avowed to all the heavens above,

    36. Nor can the avowed stance of Amelia Tse, this paper’s own political correspondent and intimate confidante of Wong

    37. This is a complete hypocrisy of their publicly avowed policies of non-intervention in other Nations affairs

    38. It was never openly avowed

    39. ties, whose avowed object is to disturb the peace and to

    40. For instance: Hitler’s avowed anti-Semitism… He wanted to deport all the Jews out of Europe: in fact the French govt agreed on a plan to deport 4 million of them to the island of madagascar

    41. Thousands, and as many as one million similar sympathizers, all American citizens of the Jewish faith, intend to descend on the nation’s capital for the avowed purpose of compelling the United States government and its President to take actions in support of the State of Israel that the President has already determined are not in the best interests of the United States

    42. It is certain that the English public greatly errs if it attributes the fewness of avowed conversions to the lack of ability, zeal, or holy character in the general body of modern missionaries

    43. But his avowed intention to imprison us forever on his ship justified our every effort

    44. Albert let himself be pressed just as long as friendship required, and then avowed to Franz that he would do him a great favor by allowing him to occupy the carriage alone the next day

    45. deviated from the principles he has so boldly avowed

    46. He himself, on the other hand, with characteristic humility, avowed his belief, that, if Providence should see fit to remove him, it would be because of his own unworthiness to perform its humblest mission here on earth

    47. But Arthur Dimmesdale! Were such a man once more to fall, what plea could be urged in extenuation of his crime? None; unless it avail him somewhat, that he was broken down by long and exquisite suffering; that his mind was darkened and confused by the very remorse which harrowed it; that, between fleeing as an avowed criminal, and remaining as a hypocrite, conscience might find it hard to strike the balance; that it was human to avoid the peril of death and infamy, and the inscrutable machinations of an enemy; that, finally, to this poor pilgrim, on his dreary and desert path, faint, sick, miserable, there appeared a glimpse of human affection and sympathy, a new life, and a true one, in exchange for the heavy doom which he was now expiating

    48. The door was very strong, the lock excellent; the carpenter avowed he would have great trouble and have to do much damage, if force were to be used; and the locksmith was near despair

    49. Why should he mind saying anything of that sort to her now? She knew that he had avowed his love for her

    50. But the objection to the present practice is that it fails to produce the stable dividend rate which is its avowed purpose and the justification for the sacrifice it imposes

    1. The entire room was thrown into consternation, with Big Ramona and Jasmine crying No no no, and Nash murmuring desperate confidential reassurance to Tommy, and Tommy glaring at Quinn, and one of the Shed Men laughing, and Cyndy the Nurse avowing that Quinn would never really do such a thing

    2. Did his conscience lead him to suicide and not to avowing his guilt?

    3. I believe the embargo was right; that it was right to pass laws to enforce it; and believing this, I feel no hesitation in avowing it

    4. We have been told, sir, that this will be a war for the support of the carrying trade; let me here remark, and I wish to be distinctly understood, as avowing my determination never to give a vote, so long as I have the honor of a seat on this floor, which will involve this country in a war, for the recovery or support of this extraneous species of commerce

    1. personal and selfish pride and to esthetic standards that he avows

    2. Without shame the man I like knows and avows the deliciousness of his sex, Without shame the woman I like knows and avows hers

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    avouch avow affirm assert aver swan swear verify admit disclose divulge hold confess declare

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    to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true

    admit openly and bluntly; make no bones about