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    1. In this chapter we meet the Swan and the Camel

    2. The Swan Posture (Swanasana) As its name indicates, it is a graceful exercise and will, therefore, especially appeal to women readers, although its benefits also to male sufferers from backache can hardly be over-estimated

    3. Like many other Yoga asanas the Swan Posture consists of two opposite movements which I have demonstrated in figures 15 and 16, page 61

    4. I stood awhile and saw the large male swan who had been up river gently float by

    5. Then the spaniel spotting the sitting swans and went for the female sitting next to me, well that was its first mistake as the male swan gave sharp hiss and drove the spaniel away

    6. Zeus did to Europa, in the guise of a white bull? Or when He’d ravished the Spartan Queen Leda after turning into a swan

    7. We moved from farm country to the woods at the base of the Swan Mountains in Montana, living on acres of dense pine and fir forest laced with snowberry and wild spirea, black hawthorn, birch, and aspen

    8. Lady Swan became Cross Cleave in a blurring of the blade that reflected the light, becoming Shadow Dancer followed by Night Hawk’s Wings

    9. meal and she would always play The Swan Princess while preparing

    10. have our Swan Princess” declared Miss Lovensky and called out the

    11. It was a place called The Singing Swan, and it was a gathering place for the contemplation of life

    12. Cygnus - The Swan

    13. She walked out to the specific boulder that is in the middle of the stream while snapping a photo of Tater chasing a swan

    14. Rather than dressing in a utilitarian style, they’ll swan about in elaborate national dress

    15. was going to land her into danger but, then the mother swan glided over her head and landed onto

    16. The father swan waited for the cygnets to walk up his back

    17. "Go in and he will follow," the father swan spoke

    18. The father swan looked at the ruffling hedges, flapped its wings towards the policeman’s arms

    19. "He couldn't have survived," the mother swan slid her head behind her right wing

    20. "I'm with Slinks and the Blind man, look, it’s only a baby swan," Daniel protested as he stroked Babsy

    21. "Quack," said the eldest swan

    22. He looked at the upset swan and its cygnets

    23. He walked up to the father swan and it widened his wings

    24. policeman peered over the bridge, he could see the swan out on his own, the young cygnets

    25. The swan looked

    26. "I need to return it to you," he shouted running after the flying swan

    27. neck, the mother swan swung her left wing out and battered them with one heavy blow

    28. The Hindu name for this stage is the Hamsa, which means a swan, but the word is also considered to be a form of the sentence So-ham,

    29. There is a tradition, too, that the swan is able to separate milk

    30. For you see, Clarice was formerly homely herself, and now looked as though she were a glorious swan or multifaceted peacock

    31. But a clean tanging wind bellied her silken sail, and as a wild swan cleaves the sky to her nest, she sped seaward, flames mounting higher and higher from her deck to lick at the mast and envelop the figure that lay lapped in scarlet on the shining pyre

    32. I clocked a packet of Marlboro cigarettes on the side table in the living room and picked it up along with the box of swan vestas sitting on top of it

    33. Captain Swan opened the communicator and pushed a button

    34. ” Captain Swan said

    35. ” Captain Swan said as he picked up a limb and went up the rope ladder

    36. Captain Swan taped the device on his chest and in a flash of light he was gone

    37. “Captain Swan, this is Tim

    38. Captain Swan and his crew appeared all around them

    39. “Where is the guy with the communicator?” Captain Swan asked

    40. “Captain Swan is here

    41. ” Captain Swan told him

    42. ” Captain Swan told the men holding him

    43. Captain Swan opened it and pushed the button to turn off the transmission

    44. ” Captain Swan told them

    45. ” Will told Captain Swan

    46. ” Then does a swan dive out

    47. The beautiful swan was very still and Jessica notice that the wing was at an unusually angle and she gasp when she saw blood coming from its beak

    48. So much for this swan being in a Christmas post card this year, a piece of the biosphere during the earth quake

    49. But it was too late, the swan was floating upside down

    50. The Angel went and walked on top of the water to where the dead swan was floating

    1. Swanned in here at seven o'clock, picked up a bottle of Grouse and said he had some business to do

    2. The clouds looked brighter although still foreboding, as they swanned across the rapidly lightening sky

    3. In particular they kept a lookout for pickpockets and swindlers, who simply swanned in the roulette salons, and reaped a rich harvest

    1. He would have loved to criticise her for not doing a better job and swanning off to London when she was needed there, but unfortunately couldn’t because he had authorised the trip, a decision he was now starting to regret

    2. He said to me, “What are you doing here swanning about?”

    3. Even before the letter he’d been divided: one part of him swanning with Jay Gatsby around an imaginary Gotham; the other part stolid and earthbound, nose to the deep fryer, in the stifling, sizzling South

    1. over the heads of slowly spiralling swans

    2. who stand on the slipway talking to the winter grubby swans

    3. straining to see the swans as they merge into the melting air

    4. They were at a tranquil pond shaded by willows and populated with graceful swans

    5. grassy banks watching the swans

    6. I noticed two swans across the river Avon dipping their heads in the swift flowing river obviously combing the water weed for insects

    7. I sat awhile and then continued my walk in an anti clock direction until I came to a spot with a view of the lower river, and here concentrated, where a flock of young swans some loosing their grey plumage and a few others with a full set of the bright white plumage

    8. A couple of the younger swans had started to approach me and his appearance made them move back

    9. He looked me over, I had heard swans could be dangerous, so I moved away and carried on with my walk

    10. Every so often I would return with brown crusts in my pocket and always I would sit on the same bench and both the swans the female in the lead would come across the river from their island home and sit with me whilst I fed them

    11. I called to him to be aware of the swans and the put his spaniel on the lease

    12. Well he did not but kept on coming straight and shouting ' this be our path not for the likes of swans

    13. Then the spaniel spotting the sitting swans and went for the female sitting next to me, well that was its first mistake as the male swan gave sharp hiss and drove the spaniel away

    14. “Well I got her for ten minutes and then she padded back to the water, I went down where the young swans are and I see what you meant, he's very protective about his area

    15. "I DID hear you Seaboy, but something inside of me said TOUCH THE FLOWER", Flitter shrugged his shoulders, "Anyhow Old Harold's island is not the best place to visit, his swans get mad if we get too close

    16. The swans called out but did not approach

    17. The swans that brushed the evening tide

    18. swans, attract the hearers to listening, O voices of children calling on your mother in the midst of torments! 22 With what and what

    19. 21 Not so do siren melodies or songs of swans attract the hearers to listening O voices of children calling on your mother in the midst of torments! 22 With what and what manner of torments was the mother herself tortured as her sons were undergoing the wheel and the fires! 23 But religious reasoning having strengthened her courage in the midst of sufferings enabled her to forego for the time parental love

    20. even a smal lake with ducks and swans

    21. Several waterfalls descended from the rocks above to form ponds laden with fish and swans

    22. window where the swans and ducks were asleep

    23. "The swans belong to me, they are my spies," Krome shouted

    24. He watched the swans disperse into a line of five babies and two parents

    25. "He cannot walk, he will not be able to go far in this windy night, look, the swans and the rabbits are hiding behind that bush," Kimberley protested

    26. As the storm became persistent within Frith Le Firth, the swans, geese and ducks flew over to

    27. "Jezzabell must be in this storm," the policeman looked at the swans

    28. seagull’s are mean things, they enticed the swans to fight trespassers

    29. provided protection for the swans, ducks who wanted to shelter

    30. memories of fatty thighs of swans,

    31. But what I liked most were the beautiful swans in the pond

    32. Regarding this matter there was a warning sign to any person who molested any of the swans

    33. The Water Swans Ascended

    34. swans that inhabited the pond

    35. The swans makes its nests by the ponds edge every spring

    36. Elephants must have a bell around their necks to warn swans; hunting camels is prohibited; it’s illegal to eat grass from a place where cows or sheep graze

    37. “Enough for us and all the swans and ducks on the river, by the look of it!” said Frank as he peered into the basket while struggling with the cork

    38. swans and fearsome pirates with beautiful princesses

    39. Of the broken-winged swans in their struggle to fly

    40. Could they be happy as swans? It seems that the spirit of

    41. “They killed the swans, Mommy,” said Jasmine through her

    42. pair of swans, male and female that had lived on the island in

    43. The swans had been sort of mascots to the university,

    44. university cut off the heads of the two swans that

    45. I know the swans are trivial in the face of war and

    46. the urn to the lake where the swans had lived and sprinkled its

    47. the horizon, two swans swam in front of the island followed by

    48. She put her headphones on and sat alone on a bench next to the water, watching the ducks and swans

    49. They may at first seem to be ugly ducklings but they also have the potential of becoming mighty and beautiful swans

    50. The glass-paned doors in an old cornflower blue hutch revealed many fine collectables; gold-rimmed dishware, pitchers with red hearts, whimsical figurines (graceful ballerinas, magical magicians, and white as snow swans), and ceramic roses in various shades of red

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    Synonyms for "swan"

    swan affirm assert aver avow swear verify cast drift ramble range roam roll rove stray tramp vagabond wander

    "swan" definitions

    stately heavy-bodied aquatic bird with very long neck and usually white plumage as adult

    to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true

    move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment

    sweep majestically