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    1. Henry was going to have to assert himself a bit more; he was going to have to open the door and go in boldly

    2. From these texts, I actually assert there is no rapture in the sense of escaping

    3. Hindu does not assert himself

    4. was time to assert his authority

    5. To deny the reality of things is to miss their reality; to assert the emptiness of things is to miss their reality

    6. When the patrons of this system assert, that the consumption of artificers, manufacturer's, and merchants, is equal to the value of what they produce, they probably mean no more than that their revenue, or the fund destined for their consumption, is equal to it

    7. thing to assert that his money and his cleverness provides for me

    8. Connoisseurs will assert that without Darjeeling, Tea would be like Wine without the

    9. It may be correctly argued that although unusual circumstances often give vent to (our) latent tendencies, Reason must necessarily assert itself as the final authority that correctly informs our (potential) actions

    10. Vengeful white supremacists, including President Andrew Johnson himself, were happy to see terrorism during Reconstruction against Blacks trying to assert civil rights and anti racist whites allied with them

    11. He proved to be a very strong leader and the Tenocha had begun to assert themselves during his reign

    12. To assert dominance over you or guests

    13. George Gilder and Richard Vigilante assert in a joint article that to justify their continued agitation, and to maintain their status as heroes of the earth, the environmental Greens have enlisted tribes of trial lawyers in their cause

    14. The goodness of human nature must therefore assert itself against the constraints of an oppressive culture

    15. real to assert itself

    16. M: Assert your independence in thought and action

    17. It will assert itself

    18. does not assert itself, it is in the seeing of the false as false and

    19. It is only when your humanity is questioned that you assert it

    20. son of a teacher who is the owner of a motor-ski company and of Dolley’s Museum, does not hesitate to assert in very strong terms that he likes Ketchikan in winter because he can ski and … study

    21. an illusion’…all of these assert that illusion is a legitimate, objective concept from where we can

    22. began to assert that religions were human inventions

    23. relaxed enough in class to assert herself socially, but

    24. By his father’s blood, the man has died and been brought to life again for the sake of the Lammas Lands, and Ralph has only argued with him and tried to assert his own authority when the words he meant to speak should have been those of gratitude and thanks

    25. Too often, however, the Republicans compromise their goals to achieve the passage of bills that they assert are the ‘best’ they can expect

    26. continued, gaining the confidence to assert his authority

    27. father to assert it

    28. If, for example, I were to assert that the Earth was flat, and when pressed about the basis of my beliefs, I were to blandly state: “I just know it to be so, my intuition tells me

    29. When the brain de-hypnotizes, sensations will be the way for you to assert what is true

    30. I assert it is irrelevant since one can awaken by experiencing only this reality

    31. More annoyed than he would admit at having to visit the elderly landlords, Robert needed to assert his independence

    32. “But… he’s under investigation himself,” said the Director, clearly a little out of the loop and trying to assert some authority

    33. Ian was no exception and learned to assert himself, achieve promotion and become a Head of Department, even though he was still living at home, sleeping in his mother’s bed and relying on her to give his life meaning

    34. the God within that man; I call upon the ego to assert himself, to conquer the

    35. of its own, which assert themselves when the more active part of the

    36. Man' s evolution in its earlier stages consists in the opening up of this line of communication, so that the ego may be increasingly able to assert himself

    37. Why not assert your mastery of evil by virtue of the power of goodness and thus become the master of all relations between the two of you? I predict that the good in you could overcome the evil in him if you gave it a fair and living chance

    38. He fully believed in, and did not hesitate to assert, the ascendancy of his divine nature over his human nature

    39. He really entertained the notion that Jesus was timid and somewhat afraid to assert his own power and authority

    40. They assert that the religion of the heathen is superior to our teaching because it inspires to the acquirement of a strong, robust, and aggressive character

    41. They assert that your religion is not for this world; that men cannot live as you teach

    42. 2 This mighty shout enthused Peter and those of the apostles who still retained the hope of seeing Jesus assert his right to rule

    43. He likewise knew that many of his disciples were slowly but certainly passing through that training of mind and that discipline of soul which would enable them to triumph over doubt and courageously to assert their full-fledged faith in the gospel of the kingdom

    44. He even dares to assert that he and the Father are one

    45. But that you may be certain of what I proclaim, let me again assert that the Father is in me and I in the Father, and that, as the Father dwells in me, so will I dwell in every one who believes this gospel

    46. 7 "And again I assert that no man can serve two masters; either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to one while he despises the other

    47. They had reached the conclusion that Jesus might, in an emergency, assert his divine power and put to shame his enemies

    48. While the dramatic cleansing of the temple during the early morning had aroused their hopes of seeing the Master assert himself and manifest his mighty powers, the events of the entire afternoon only operated as an anticlimax in that they all pointed to the certain rejection of Jesus' teaching by the Jewish authorities

    49. Jesus does not hesitate to assert that he and the Father are one; and on the basis of the fact and truth of that supreme and supernal experience, he admonishes every kingdom believer to become one with him even as he and his Father are one

    50. 5 Jesus had acquired that type of human character which could preserve its composure and assert its dignity in the face of continued and gratuitous insult

    1. “Then you are the Army men,” she asserted firmly, “I have a

    2. I have heard it asserted, that the trade of the city of Glasgow doubled in about fifteen years after the first erection of the banks there; and that the trade of Scotland has more than quadrupled since the first erection of the two public banks at Edinburgh; of which the one, called the Bank of Scotland, was established by act of parliament in 1695, and the other, called the Royal Bank, by royal charter in 1727

    3. “Yes, Biobull,” I asserted again, “Biobull, the future of

    4. They were solid, so far as they asserted that the exportation of gold and silver in trade might frequently be advantageous to the country

    5. Our woollen manufacturers, in order to justify their demand of such extraordinary restrictions and regulations, confidently asserted, that English wool was of a peculiar quality, superior to that of any other country; that the wool of other countries could not, without some mixture of it, be wrought up into any tolerable manufacture; that fine cloth could not be made without it ; that England, therefore, if the exportation of it could be totally prevented, could monopolize to herself almost the whole woollen trade of the world; and thus, having no rivals, could sell at what price she pleased, and in a short time acquire the most incredible degree of wealth by the most advantageous balance of trade

    6. This doctrine, like most other doctrines which are confidently asserted by any considerable number of people, was, and still continues to be, most implicitly believed by a much greater number: by almost all those who are either unacquainted with the woollen trade, or who have not made particular inquiries

    7. But if they had expressed themselves more accurately, and only asserted, that the revenue of this class was equal to the value of what they produced, it might readily have occurred to the reader, that what would naturally be saved out of this revenue, must necessarily increase more or less the real wealth of the society

    8. There is nothing so absurd, says Cicero, which has not sometimes been asserted by some philosophers

    9. apostles of Christ we might have asserted our

    10. Dearling’s finances,” she asserted, and added for emphasis: “I hardly knew him, remember?”

    11. “No problem,” he asserted with a wry smile, “watch this

    12. You can’t miss it,” he asserted, noting Truman’s skeptical expression

    13. upset Shri Maharaj who asserted that he would shun his very sight

    14. “It would appear,” he tentatively asserted, “that an asteroid might have been involved in the disappearance of the dinosaurs!”

    15. One of the most publicized Executive Orders was 13083 which asserted that federal agencies shall

    16. Then we have the generation that fell away, before the God of secular necessity, the emperors who had insisted on recognition of their own asserted divinity

    17. But of course there was little indication how far down the asserted line of progression that this sharing might have taken place

    18. No! I needed to do something that asserted living

    19. "That is true," asserted Susan

    20. One law professor asserted that the case could only be described as “a revolution in constitutional law

    21. In the nation’s academic enclaves, and in its laboratories of advanced science, such ideas as these are asserted seriously and tenaciously

    22. Spiritual Practice is Will Asserted and Re-asserted

    23. “No way” I asserted

    24. On that day Tea Parties asserted themselves on a national scale and they have never stopped



    27. Spiritual practice is will asserted and re-asserted


    29. This did not change until he asserted to himself that he should be

    30. Judaism’s Torah and Christianity’s Old Testament asserted Elijah would reappear before

    31. Victor asserted Corliss would recognize him because the baby

    32. his mother if she did not recognize him, and then asserted he was the re-born spirit of Victor

    33. Romy asserted Joe had lived in a red brick house, and provided

    34. also asserted he lived in Phargana, a nearby village

    35. The Japanese woman asserted she

    36. ” This document asserted that news reports should be free from opinion or bias of any kind

    37. Besides he asserted with authority that there was “a huge rock-slide in 1965 and that is what tourists observe today

    38. “Of course, I will,” he asserted

    39. with Engels, asserted that all known history is essentially the history of social classes locked in conflict

    40. He asserted he wanted illegal aliens to “pay all outstanding tax liabilities” and “allow the IRS to devise a system”

    41. Every count in which these claims were asserted

    42. For 6 months DOC pigheadedly, and wrongly asserted that Mike’s sentence of 4 years suspended after 18 months did not start running until after his 2/9/11 sentencing on the two misdemeanors from June 2010

    43. Ulan asserted that in order to go to Bishkek to start this new venture,

    44. man asserted that the land did not know breaks and pauses; the grass

    45. ” The Eldest asserted

    46. “Youssaf speaks wisely!” Moses asserted with the finality of command, “He will go with you!”

    47. “I'll go in with you!” Moshe asserted, leaving no room to question his need to lead from a

    48. For he who is come from above is higher than everything; and he who is of the Earth of the Earth he is and of the Earth he speaks; and he who came down from heaven is higher than all; And he bears witness of what he has seen and heard and no man receives his witness; And he who has received his witness has asserted that he is truly God; And he whom God has sent speaks the words of God: God gave not the Spirit by measure

    49. Captain Waters chronicled the courage and skillful aviation techniques of amphibious helicopter pilots in countless missions, endorsed the seaworthiness of the successful aircraft, regretted the termination of their use, and insisted that the amphibious choppers increased the safety of crews and rescue swimmers, and asserted that with the amphibious vehicles, and the potential failure of the contemporary hoist mechanism, recovery success rates would be enhanced (Waters, pp

    50. Fanning asserted the Coast Guard response was

    1. They were solid, too, in asserting that no prohibition could prevent their exportation, when private people found any advantage in exporting them

    2. They were sophistical, too, perhaps, in asserting that the high price of exchange necessarily increased what they called the

    3. Martin wrote the majority opinion, asserting that Congress has the authority under the Commerce Clause to regulate the non-commerce (My comment: How can the Constitution support the Congress in regulating non-commerce behavior?) of someone who chooses not to buy health insurance

    4. Then we have Marx, whose main claim to fame was to dictate the end of history by asserting that man is the product of his machines and not vice versa, conveniently forgetting that any system that purports to explain everything, in reality explains nothing

    5. started asserting herself more in her life and at work!

    6. We can literal y save their life by asserting ourselves

    7. Yes, my cynicism had grown to the point that I could no longer think of anything other than he was deliberately calling at this time to get a rise out of me, or more probably, in some perverted sense best known to himself, he was asserting his perceived power over me

    8. The ruler of Milano, Ludovico Sforza, called Il Moro because of his dark complexion, had urged Carlos to make his move on the Kingdom of Napoles, asserting some claim Carlos had to that throne

    9. While correspondence theory says that it is about truth, asserting

    10. And they come close to asserting that the SPECT scan proves the existence of God, or, in the authors’ cross-cultural term, ‘absolute unitary being

    11. virtue has the potential be trumped by anyone else asserting that their judgment is in some

    12. ‘A spokeswoman for KOCS, [Keep Our Children Safe] Ms Irma Medlar, a respected secondary teacher, congratulated the councillors for their brave stance, saying it was intolerable that men should still be asserting their domination over women by wearing clothes that revealed the shape of their sexual organs

    13. Sport, like purely intellectual pursuits, should not be a tool for asserting dominance or superiority

    14. “No, I want him to sit in on this,” said Jane, asserting her authority over both men

    15. Do you not recall how the Scriptures begin by asserting that "In the beginning the Gods created the heavens and the earth"? This indicates that when that record was made the Trinity concept of three Gods in one had found lodgment in the religion of our forebears

    16. They had stanched the flow of blood, and the innate vitality of the barbarian was asserting itself

    17. But it was obvious they were asserting the last bit of freedom they had left — the one thing the guards couldn't take away

    18. Why would she put herself here of all places? Maybe it was her unconscious drive for self-preservation, asserting itself in the dream

    19. It stated the facts of the case in pseudo-legal terms, asserting that Duffy was Caleb’s natural child, as deposed in what it called a ‘deathbed statement’ by his mother, and was therefore entitled to consideration in the estate

    20. Asserting himself over all; it was a case of “Hitler uber alles”

    21. The figure stood firm and motionless as if it were asserting its authority over this empire of deceit and corruption

    22. But shortly after asserting control, the Chinese and British ceded their interest in Vietnam to France

    23. Since they had found out that he was here, they must have had some means of asserting his position

    24. and international public opinion by asserting that the disappeared

    25. There’s no way that what is really going on can be described by materialism except by lying, by asserting that e

    26. They are constantly asserting that modern missions at home or abroad do nothing, and that those who support them are little better than weak enthusiasts

    27. (c) Learn for another thing, the importance, let me rather say the necessity, of asserting boldly the supernatural element as an essential part of the Christian religion

    28. Not something like, ‘I want to be healed,’ but from the position of an already healthy person who can create by asserting this positive thought, well, let’s call it, ‘the matrix of one hundred percent health

    29. force asserting from the top of the chest

    30. But we yet persist in asserting that all the worldly business in which men are engaged is action

    31. But Krishn refutes this later by asserting that Self alone is the changeless and eternal Sanatan Dharm

    32. Because Allah gave him Surahs asserting Christ to be the Messiah but also a prophet equal to others under the name of “isa”; Adam the chosen of God; noah the prophet of God; Abraham the friend of God and Moses the one who spoke with God

    33. truth to Arjun in asserting that there is no death of what is true in all the three divisions of time- past, present, and future

    34. He extremely refused asserting that he was not our Master Jesus (cpth) and denied that strongly, yet they did not hear his utterance nay they killed and crucified him supposing him to be our Master Jesus (cpth)

    35. I inquired why this was inevitable, and they drew my attention to fashions in names, asserting that people's ages could generally be guessed by their Christian names

    36. When he parted the curtains, he witnessed Mother Nature asserting her authority

    37. Some are in fact rather passive and others have no problems asserting dominance

    38. And here she was asserting herself very much indeed, and positively asking him across a tea-table which was undoubtedly for the moment his, asking him straight out what, if anything, he did in the way of a trade, profession or occupation

    39. It's nature asserting itself

    40. I suppose he was fulfilling his role as master of the house by asserting his authority over her but, like most men, he didn't realize the best way to get answers was with kindness, not by frightening the poor girl

    41. moving and asserting themselves down the mountain

    42. so on, asserting the Real Self and not allowing the things on the lower plane of

    43. After asserting his love for democracy (!), Tamraz said he began what would become a long association with the CIA when they asked his help in freeing hostages taken around the time of the 1983 bombing of the US Marine barracks in Beirut that killed 241

    44. If you will stay in the middle of this struggle for true self-possession, not asserting your individuality but allowing it to flourish and to blossom -- bearing what you must bear by refusing to submit yourself to negative, self-betraying influences -- you will come to know the highest approval that Life can award

    45. The ones who managed to raise their own self-esteem, by asserting their own self-worth, and independence

    46. Simply asserting themselves over their larger neighbor; who had dominated them from birth

    47. Because this involves the implied use of the hand it symbolizes asserting or demonstrating superior

    48. prophecy, the symbolism is used poorly and is too well focused at asserting that rebuilding a

    49. lessons, without ever asserting that they are literally true

    50. Once again, asserting that any of this merely symbolized a

    1. Paul asserts, “We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed

    2. one who asserts today that the competitors

    3. Young Earth creationism is a form of creationism that asserts the Heavens, Earth, and all life was created by direct acts of God during a relatively short period, sometime between 5,700 and 10,000 years ago

    4. the New Testament that asserts we should obey elders

    5. These responses are ancient,” he asserts

    6. As to the supposed problem of overpopulation, Linkola asserts that “sacrificing billions might possibly save a million

    7. In his book The Revenge of Gaia he asserts that nine-tenths of humanity must be eliminated to save the planet from warming

    8. The alternative, critical theory asserts, is that will and not law should govern the acts of men and women

    9. What judges in America have wrought, following transnational principles, Judge Bork asserts, “is a coup d’etat—slow moving and genteel, but a coup d’etat nevertheless

    10. He asserts that the universe is such as it seems to be because located at the center of it there exist “conscious and participant people who can see it, explore it, study it

    11. one projects feelings of love, or asserts that they deserve only pleasant experiences, then their

    12. Certain cards often repeat in the layouts and this often asserts the

    13. Cosmo-Art asserts that this specific task is the creation of secondary beauty, a type

    14. Mainstream physics currently asserts that there is only one other level

    15. matter-energy according to her, even ancient Hindu literature asserts that

    16. posed state until observed robert Monroe asserts that once he has been

    17. a wet blanket on scientific dogma which still asserts that the human body

    18. asserts that in certain complex cases, there is information that we can glean about the nature of these solutions

    19. Truby asserts that every story works through seven (or twenty-

    20. 6 Mathematics asserts that, if one person stands for a certain unit of intellectual and moral value, ten persons would stand for ten times this value

    21. The Montana Department of Livestock asserts that the

    22. The lawsuit asserts sexual harassment, wrongful termination (of work) in revenge for reporting health and safety violations, and not paying overtime or granting rest breaks

    23. The peace faction asserts that without the atomic bombings Japan would have continued fighting

    24. Rosen (1994) asserts that the use of low-cost electronic mail (e-mail) is the Internet service used most extensively by businesses

    25. has come into popularity that asserts that death

    26. demanding food as if he were a baby bird, he asserts his

    27. Only if, as Bahá'u'lláh asserts to be

    28. Jaynes further asserts that despite the overwhelming tenacity of our current

    29. As Canon Mozley says, "Scripture nowhere asserts, either explicitly or implicitly, the regeneration of infants in baptism" (Mozley's Baptismal Controversy, p

    30. She asserts that the body and blood of Christ are 'verily and indeed taken and received by the faithful in the Lord's Supper

    31. ' And she asserts equally that such presence, is not material or corporal, but that Christ's body' is given, taken, and eaten in the Supper, only after a heavenly and spiritual manner' (Art

    32. Harold Shurman asserts in his book, The New TNT – Miraculous Pow-

    33. ’ It is not plurality of people as your minister asserts

    34. He asserts that ‘Shugden is an evil spirit’, but

    35. were to sell away all their properties and asserts, we still could not raise enough silver

    36. It had a profound influence on Unitarianism the unorthodox protestant religion that asserts the personality of God

    37. Finally, he asserts adamantly that in order to save himself from the sin

    38. It asserts the class of prison equal to jihad

    39. birth? His answer to the question is an emphatic no, and he asserts that

    40. Tough luv not only asserts that the ends justify the means, but that love can be negative to be positive

    41. FIFTH: Humanism asserts that the nature of the universe depicted by

    42. Rather, it asserts that our freedom minimally does not adversely affect the good of the community and, hopefully, improves it

    43. Sophia-analysis asserts that while it is true that we learn to appreciate the beauty of life while still in the womb, during this time this beauty already comes under attack by numerous traumatic experiences and a huge amount of hatred

    44. Cosmo-Art asserts that one person alone cannot create secondary beauty; it is always the result of the action of a group

    45. It also asserts, as does Personalistic Anthropology, that if repressed hatred, and the need for revenge that goes along with it, is not dealt with and solved, no one can create any type of beauty that lasts

    46. Yet the Almighty asserts that Satan has no influence over the true believers when He says: “Surely, you shall have no power over my worshippers, except the sinners (tempted ones) who follow you

    47. The noble verse plainly asserts the aforementioned when God says within it: “Then, the devil whispered to him…”, whereas He never says that he whispered in Adam’s chest or spirit

    48. Lincoln is said to have begotten in all who came near him the feeling awakened when one approaches a mountain and this sense asserts itself most keenly when one comes to realize that he has laid hold upon things that are eternal, the power of Truth

    49. He only asserts what is!” The shaman’s words were carried on the wind to every ear

    50. that the divine is synonymous with the universe, and thus asserts that « all is God

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    assert insist affirm aver avow swan swear verify asseverate maintain put forward claim uphold advance defend pledge profess contend state declare allege emphasise emphasize charge impugn impute press indict

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    state categorically

    to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true

    insist on having one's opinions and rights recognized

    postulate positively and assertively