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Backwash in a sentence | backwash example sentences

  1. The pilot reversed the engines and a backwash of black.
  2. Backwash: water thrown aft by turning of a ships propeller.
  3. The backwash from the 747 caused the C-130 to shake in its wake.
  4. Sim caught the terrific backwash of emotion from both their conflicting minds.
  5. With this backwash of wounded bearing conflicting reports and the increase of.

  6. There was a contest in every Baptist basement and Catholic backwash in the land.
  7. Dawn watched in confusion as the helicopter climbed fast, beating her body with its backwash.
  8. Anton Clegg had been the obvious target and victim, with his little friend Bates caught in the backwash.
  9. She was blinded by a backwash of water and it took a moment before she could see the results of her rescue efforts.
  10. And then he saw the tall figure of a man striding up out of the waves, out of the foamy backwash of the sea itself.
  11. The children fell flat in the backwash! "I have it, I have it! I'm free again! Fire in the flue! Feather on the wind! Brunilla!" Einar called to the house.
  12. Clean the drains to all the appliances with the drain cleaner, not just the bath, because they all run into the same system and there may be backwash in the pipes.
  13. Before you'd say Uncle Einar Has Green Wings he sailed low across his farmland, trailing the clothes in a vast fluttering loop through the pounding concussion and backwash of his wings!.
  14. Before you'd say Uncle Einar Has Green Wings he roared low across the farmland from his house, trailing the line of clothes in a vast fluttering loop behind, drying them in the pounding concussion and backwash from his wings!.

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