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Wake in a sentence

1. I wake up around 11.
2. He did not wake up.
3. I will wake him now.
4. You have to wake up.
5. He could wake up at.
6. Then I would wake up.
7. He would wake up soon.

8. Will the wake, less of.
9. The wake was right now.
10. I wonder he don't wake.
11. I could hardly wake up.
12. We have to wake her up.
13. He would wake from one.
14. You go wake those maids.
15. The latter did not wake.
16. You have to wake up now.
17. He wanted to wake up now.
18. I need to wake him up.
19. Wake this time next year.
20. And why should she wake?
21. I wake up on a cold floor.
22. I want you to wake up.
23. Then wake up early again.
24. Wake up, dude; there has.
25. I wake up and turn my head.
26. I WAKE JUST before the sun.
27. I wake, grinding my teeth.
28. This, at last, did wake her.
29. I don’t want to wake him.
30. It was a relief to wake up.
31. He deserved to wake up now.
32. I couldn’t even wake him.
33. It was enough to wake Sati.
34. But he'll wake the guest's.
35. Sleep well and wake rested.
36. KC, wake up, I said.
37. I have to wake the mom to.
38. See you when you wake up.
39. Oswald fol owed in his wake.
40. I wake in the night with a.
41. Wake up and smell the shit.
42. In the mornings we wake up.
43. Go and wake Captain Chervil.
44. I didn’t want to wake her.
45. I froze but he did not wake.
46. Why did you wake me?
47. Maria trailed in their wake.
48. She stirred but did not wake.
49. Wake up early in the morning.
50. I did not bother to wake Mrs.
51. She had no desire to wake up.
52. Penn was the first to wake up.
53. Did I wake you? he asked.
54. I wake up, somewhat confused.
55. Wake up and start over again.
56. Why didn’t you all wake me.
57. You wake me whether you are.
58. The yacht dipped in its wake.
59. She wouldn’t wake for hours.
60. Time to wake up my twin again.
61. Wake up, you have to wake up.
62. In the wake of destroyed love.
63. Her first thought is: Wake up.
64. We the people need to wake up.
65. Randy comes to wake me up at 8.
66. Sorry to wake you, I have.
67. Silly man, wake up! Wake up!.
68. I was the first one to wake up.
69. The neighbors began to wake up.
70. Look at the wake of a powerboat.
71. This chapter is a wake up call.
72. Old Phoebe didn't even wake up.
73. In the morning I wake the birds.
74. At the Table: Sin Eater's Wake.
75. They tried to wake the ships up.
76. Hopefully, he will wake up soon.
77. I’ve started to wake up later.
78. I WAKE WITH his name in my mouth.
79. Would you have me wake them?
80. Meo quickly fol owed in his wake.
81. Frodo! Wake up! ' Had the voice.
82. Couldn’ seem to wake her up.
83. He decides again not to wake her.
84. If they're beaten they wil wake.
85. Do wake up, and collect yourself.
86. But with a lot more fuel and wake.
87. I tried, but I could not wake him.
88. This time she wake with not much.
89. If not, then he may never wake up.
90. In its wake, flames flare to life.
91. I’ll have to wake up Philemon.
92. Tempted to wake Nole to unburden.
93. Wake up to the divinity within!.
94. He fired his pistol to wake us up.
95. Wake up to your leads and hunches.
96. I wake with my head full of him.
97. He’s deck marshal of wake shift.
98. Brigit had been the first to wake.
99. The Renault followed in their wake.
100. Charles coming in did not wake them.
1. The jungle was waking up.
2. He stirs, but not waking.
3. Waking as a beached whale.
4. Thanks for waking me up.
5. M: Nor can the waking state.
6. Waking Up On The Third Day.
7. She was waking up to blood.
8. But not in the waking world.
9. Waking up that morning and.
10. You left without waking me.
11. O what it is to be waking up.
12. M: Echoes of the waking state.
13. A man waking up with an idea.
14. Waking too early in morning.
15. In the waking state the world.
16. There is a chance of waking up.
17. Waking the Witch – Kate Bush.
18. Waking, I never lost that fear.
19. Waking entangled in one another.
20. Waking E driven conscious brain.
21. The neighborhood just waking up.
22. Every waking moment is spent in.
23. He had formed a habit of waking.
24. Waking up in the Company Town USA.
25. Buck went off 'thout waking me up.
26. As the conscious waking reasoning.
27. Even this! Waking up or whatever.
28. You’re with me every waking.
29. The lion within me was waking up!.
30. It was like waking up from a dream.
31. Both sleep and waking are misnomers.
32. The only thing I remember is waking.
33. Q: What brings in the waking state?
34. Waking up this morning, I was excited.
35. Derrick Harrington was just waking up.
36. Waking up Rodney was like trying to.
37. She cried a lot and kept waking me up.
38. He was dreaming of his waking world!.
39. Perhaps those were her waking moments.
40. Let us consider the waking hours only.
41. Found myself waking up in the morning.
42. Instead of waking up with the sun and.
43. Than reason will allow in waking hours.
44. You are beside him, sleeping and waking.
45. Maimoune could have prevented his waking.
46. But waking up, he had no idea where he.
47. My charges will be waking momentarily.
48. He wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon.
49. Malengin haunted her every waking moment.
50. Tell him as he sleeps, so that on waking.
51. As we’re waking in the morning, it is.
52. It was there her waking hours were spent.
53. Neme is waking up with a dopey expression.
54. Waking her little two year old daughter.
55. The waking of the hunter closes the trap.
56. Waking with the bare reality of pale skin.
57. But waking up, he had no idea where he was.
58. It looks as if I live my physical, waking.
59. I love waking up with a splitting headache.
60. I can't believe you are just now waking up.
61. Most move gradually from a waking state to.
62. He is waking up and his eyes are fluttering.
63. Drifting and dark, the waking house conceals.
64. On waking up, Cosette had run to get her shoe.
65. Now, she was waking Ashat into the new world.
66. On waking I lay long in bed yielding to sloth.
67. A waking vision that began with the mind-cane.
68. Not that I mind waking up to see your face.
69. The porter contented himself with waking Basque.
70. Alex, forgive me, my love, for waking you up.
71. He had not found a better way of waking her up.
72. Karla snorted, waking herself from a deep sleep.
73. He shook his head, as if waking from a nightmare.
74. Dreaming and waking are both complete illusions.
75. People were waking up when breakfast was served.
76. As I contemplated waking him, I heard a sniffle.
77. The brain’s waking state registers beta waves.
78. In the waking and dream states it is the person.
79. The tent flapped all night and kept waking me up.
80. We don’t want him waking and trashing around.
81. They somehow managed to avoid waking anyone else.
82. The waking state differs from deep sleep in the.
83. Grover kept snoring and bleating and waking me up.
84. Then I pretended again that I was waking up early.
85. He was spending every waking moment reading the.
86. It was strange waking up with dish pan hands again.
87. It was not a drowsy water-fowl nor a waking beast.
88. There! There! in the sky, we think, waking at morn.
89. The three states of waking, dreaming and sleeping.
90. Did Gabriel say why he left without waking me?
91. If it did, it was perfectly capable of waking them.
92. On the undulating coastline, as I’m slowly waking.
93. During the waking hours when the accounts were bad.
94. My waking thought is that Berndt will be here today.
95. Was there a reason for waking me? asked Shoop.
96. He blinked as if waking up and looked down at Faris.
97. That was enough to shock Chris into waking up fully.
98. You are under tremendous stress in your waking life.
99. That was pleasant waking to your song, he said.
100. Who in God’s name is that? Ellen said waking.
1. She waked with a sneeze and.
2. I waked up late in the morning.
3. And she waked up in a cold sweat.
4. It was dreadfully late when he waked.
5. An hour or two later he waked again.
6. I waked up late, when it was daylight.
7. It was quite dark when Shatov waked up.
8. I went to the dining room and waked him.
9. She was frightened and waked her husband.
10. I slept a long time and waked up very late.
11. She knew how Nicholas disliked being waked.
12. Michael waked over to television set and hooked.
13. Wait, I'll peep in and see whether he has waked up.
14. It was dusk when he was waked up by a fearful scream.
15. She has waked up and has sent to ask me where he is.
16. True it is, that had he waked and caught me in the.
17. Then, looking at me with open eyes, as of one waked.
18. I waked up my old granny and told her of my happiness.
19. He stretched out his hands, uttered a cry and waked up.
20. She waked in the morning, with a queer, doubtful feeling.
21. The old prince waked up about an hour after her departure.
22. At that very moment Grigory waked up on his bed of sickness.
23. Merry Christmas! he called out to Nora and Tot when they waked.
24. But I waked up next morning feeling fresher and in better heart.
25. The opiate worked itself off towards dusk, and she waked naturally.
26. Ma waked up and looked at the streets as they went through the city.
27. He was thoroughly waked up at last by a violent knocking at his door.
28. Razumihin waked up next morning at eight o'clock, troubled and serious.
29. She had waked in darkness and called for him and he had not been there.
30. It was asleep till the fairy prince came through the wood, and waked it up.
31. Yunker Vlang, whom he had waked up on the preceding evening, was also there.
32. He was waked up by his head aching so unbearably that he could have screamed.
33. Jonathan coming in had not waked me, for he lay by my side when next I remember.
34. He waked up in the dark, trembling with horror, and made haste to light a candle.
35. I went to bed and slept for about three hours; when I waked up the day was breaking.
36. On seeing her husband, Anna raised her head and smiled, as though she had just waked up.
37. He could drink, and no mistake, again whispered the merchant, who had just waked up.
38. He waked up, gasping for breath, his hair soaked with perspiration, and stood up in terror.
39. Tatyana Pavlovna waked her up, alarmed her and insisted that I should be at once released.
40. And the angel that talked with me came again, and waked me, as a man that is wakened out of.
41. At seven o’clock he was waked by the touch of her hand on his shoulder, and a gentle whisper.
42. Darya Alexandrovna dozed and waked up only on reaching the inn where the horses were to be changed.
43. A kind of waked sleep: on the one part the need to be awake, on the other part the need to be ready.
44. Then his own walks through the Hay Market came back to his mind, and for a moment he waked up to reality.
45. She waked up, opened her eyes, and looked at me ; I was sitting on the box, and I was looking at her too.
46. In the morning she was waked by a horrible nightmare, which had recurred several times in her dreams, even.
47. He waked up for five minutes, sent his blessing to the brothers, and begged their prayers for him at night.
48. If any one is asleep and hears a groan he wakes up, annoyed at being waked, but instantly falls asleep again.
49. Alyosha told Ivan that their father had waked up, was conscious, and had let him go back to sleep at the monastery.
50. Helpless as a child which has sobbed and sought too long, she fell into a late morning sleep, and when she waked Mr.
51. Little Nicholas, who had just waked up in a cold perspiration, sat up in bed and gazed before him with wide-open eyes.
52. She ran to the house-porter, who had already waked up and gone out to the gate, and began imploring him not to open it.
53. She waked them up gaily, asked Marie some necessary questions, examined the baby, and again forbade Shatov to leave her.
54. But early this morning Lise waked up and flew into a passion with Yulia and, would you believe it, slapped her in the face.
55. And he did fall asleep at once, and slept soundly without dreams, but waked early, at seven o'clock, when it was broad daylight.
56. She suddenly waked up, as though she were conscious of his eyes fixed upon her; she opened her eyes, and quickly drew herself up.
57. Towards morning Anna sank into a doze, sitting in her place, and when she waked it was daylight and the train was near Petersburg.
58. Both mother and daughter were asleep, but they waked up at Marfa's desperate and persistent screaming and knocking at the shutter.
59. If we don't restrain him he will be knocking up all the doctors of the town before the morning; he waked all the dogs in my street.
60. Yes, it's you who have waked me, Pyotr Stepanovitch; and I've been asleep for the last four years with a storm-cloud hanging over me.
61. The doctor was not yet up, and the footman said that ‘he had been up late, and had given orders not to be waked, but would get up soon.
62. And that having laid us down and slept, we have waked again; Thou hast lightened our eyes, so that we have not slept the sleep of death.
63. But, all of a sudden she waked up, no doubt roused by a fearful epileptic scream from Smerdyakov, who was lying in the next room unconscious.
64. She fell asleep but still kept his hand in hers; she waked up frequently, looked at him, as though afraid he would go away, and dropped asleep again.
65. He told him that Brian Boru; the famous High King of Ireland was waked there on route to Armagh following his death at the battle of Clontarf in 1014.
66. But Grigory waked up in the night, quite suddenly, and, after a moment's reflection, though he immediately felt a sharp pain in his back, he sat up in bed.
67. I was waked by the flapping at the window, which had begun after that sleep-walking on the cliff at Whitby when Mina saved me, and which now I know so well.
68. I had waked up very early in the morning although still under the blanket; my eyes were full of memories of past life; and every breath had emotional warmth.
69. She was silent all the evening, only at two o'clock in the night I waked up and heard Olya tossing in her bed : ' Are you awake, mamma ? ' ' Yes, I am awake.
70. The first time he had waked to feel the bed shaking with her sobbing, he had Sometimes he awoke at night and heard the soft sound of tears muffled in the pillow.
71. None were crying except the children, who had been waked out of their sleep, though the women who had dragged out their chattels were lamenting in sing-song voices.
72. What have I to do with you? was on the tip of his tongue, but to his profound astonishment he heard himself say, Is my father still asleep, or has he waked?
73. And the third time I waked up at dawn, and slid down, and she was there yet, and her candle was most out, and her old gray head was resting on her hand, and she was asleep.
74. When the rich man departed from this world, he waked up in Hades, and finding himself in torment, he lifted up his eyes and beheld Abraham afar off and Lazarus in his bosom.
75. Usually the red squirrel (Sciurus Hudsonius) waked me in the dawn, coursing over the roof and up and down the sides of the house, as if sent out of the woods for this purpose.
76. If Varvara Petrovna had remained another three minutes she could not have endured the stifling sensation that this motionless lethargy roused in her, and would have waked him.
77. And it is bound to seem so to him: the intervals of two hours of sleep he does not remember, he only remembers the moments of waking, so he feels he has been waked up all night.
78. Indeed, she was so sound asleep that for a few seconds she did not recognize me, but looked at me with a sort of blank terror, as one looks who has been waked out of a bad dream.
79. It was certainly odd that whenever she got into that lethargic state, with the stertorous breathing, she put the flowers from her, but that when she waked she clutched them close.
80. And it must have been a long time afterwards, a whole hour or more afterwards, that I waked up and called ' Olya, Olya ' ; all at once I felt something amiss, and called her name.
81. She waked the servant, left a message for her father, and then she and Stephen went out into the street, so gay with early sunlight and twittering birds, so bare of human traffic.
82. Then one of the funeral directors, a veteran, said, you know Ken, in Boston, you can have a wake in your home and since the shelter is your home, you can have him waked at the shelter.
83. To begin with, the luckless Marya Ignatyevna waked up before daybreak on the night of her husband's murder, missed him and flew into indescribable agitation, not seeing him beside her.
84. He was not three paces from our bed, and that although she was a sound sleeper she waked several times and heard him moaning, He was moaning the whole time, moaning continually.
85. She waked with a beating heart; wheels stopped in the street, her gate clicked, there were footsteps coming up her path—bold, hurried steps; they reached the veranda—the bell pealed.
86. The forester waked up at once, but hearing that the other room was full of fumes, to Mitya's surprise and annoyance, accepted the fact with strange unconcern, though he did go to see to it.
87. The only explanation he received was that his mother was Mammy had waked him abruptly, dressed him hurriedly and sent him with Ella to Aunt sick and the noise of his playing might upset her.
88. I slept an exceptionally sound and dreamless sleep, as I remember with wonder, so that I waked up next morning feeling unusually confident again, as though nothing had happened the day before.
89. On hearing it, he had waked with a start, had crawled out of his "alcove," pushing apart the netting a little, and carefully drawing it together again, then he had opened the trap, and descended.
90. From the moment when he had waked up and understood what was going on, Levin had prepared his mind to bear resolutely what was before him, and without considering or anticipating anything, to avoid upsetting his.
91. She was vigorous enough to have borne that hard night without feeling ill in body, beyond some aching and fatigue; but she had waked to a new condition: she felt as if her soul had been liberated from its terrible.
92. True it is, that had he waked and caught me in the act, it would at least have covered me with shame and confusion; but them, that he did not, was, with the precautions I took, a risk of a thousand to one in my favour.
93. But she knew that if he waked up he would look at her with cold eyes, convinced that he was right, and that before telling him of her love, she would have to prove to him that he had been wrong in his treatment of her.
94. Hearing that everything was going well and that Rodya had not yet waked, Pulcheria Alexandrovna declared that she was glad to hear it, because she had something which it was very, very necessary to talk over beforehand.
95. Hearing that everything was going well and that Rodya had not yet waked, Pulcheria Alexandrovna declared that she was glad to hear it, because ‘she had something which it was very, very necessary to talk over beforehand.
96. At six o'clock, Raffles, having had only fitful perturbed snatches of sleep, from which he waked with fresh restlessness and perpetual cries that he was sinking away, Bulstrode began to administer the opium according to Lydgate's directions.
97. After blundering frantically in the gloom, falling over logs, bumping crash into trees, and shouting and calling till they must have waked everything in the forest for miles, at last they managed to gather themselves in a bundle and count themselves by touch.
98. Then they thrust open the Gate to make their escape with speed; but that Gate as it opened made such a creaking, that it waked Giant Despair, who hastily rising to pursue his Prisoners, felt his limbs to fail, for his Fits took him again, so that he could by no means go after them.
99. They thought they were friends of the woodmen, and were come to spy on them, and would take news of their plans down into the valleys, and then the goblins and the wolves would have to fight a terrible battle instead of capturing prisoners and devouring people waked suddenly from their sleep.
100. The memory of all that had happened after her illness: her reconciliation with her husband, its breakdown, the news of Vronsky’s wound, his visit, the preparations for divorce, the departure from her husband’s house, the parting from her son—all that seemed to her like a delirious dream, from which she had waked up alone with Vronsky abroad.
1. Greg wakes us all up at 6.
2. Let me know when he wakes.
3. Billy wakes in his armchair.
4. Cass wakes as the Sun rises.
5. What wakes you? Laeron asked.
6. One wakes when I have wakened.
7. I’ll call you when he wakes.
8. When he wakes, he will be well.
9. He wakes, you are that wakening.
10. When he wakes up, send him to me.
11. Have her call me when she wakes up.
12. As long as he wakes up and sees it.
13. What if she wakes up? Dave thought.
14. Hareton says he wakes and shrieks.
15. The noise of the intercom wakes me.
16. But then one wakes, and where am I?
17. He'll need some ice when he wakes up.
18. As soon Sara wakes up, we’ll leave.
19. Her friend wakes not from his repose!.
20. When she wakes she will be far from me.
21. When it wakes up it will be a butterfly.
22. All heaven sang out to) wakes the shame.
23. A loud bang wakes me up the next morning.
24. Anup wakes up and whimpers his distress.
25. But there is a worm that wakes up—.
26. If she wakes up, grab everything and run.
27. When he wakes he'll tell you all about it.
28. He wakes up sometime later in a cold sweat.
29. It is the story of Philip, who wakes –.
30. She will have the letter when she wakes up.
31. We have to leave before my dad wakes up.
32. Load him up in the ambulance once he wakes up.
33. I’ll tell her you called when she wakes up.
34. A stranger wakes Eugene up at the crack of dawn.
35. He needs to stay here in ICU until he wakes up.
36. The rumble of thunder wakes her, brings her to.
37. A bloodied Bolt wakes up, looks about him, dazed.
38. She wakes up, throws on her robe, opens the door.
39. When Leonid wakes up, Emily will have been gone.
40. He never wakes, just moans to me, breathing heavy.
41. He nuzzles my chest, inhaling deeply as he wakes.
42. My master wakes, Pjodarr announced in norovid.
43. It all starts when Crowley wakes up in the morning.
44. What do you think? She calls me when she wakes up.
45. Perhaps she will see more clearly when she wakes.
46. When he wakes, he is for the first time truly alone.
47. He wakes in pools of sweat, his shirt stiff with salt.
48. The following morning, he wakes to a silent apartment.
49. Is he asleep? Maybe I should wait until he wakes up.
50. Either start running tests, or wait until she wakes up.
51. Its serenity, as traffic wakes the city from its slumber.
52. Then consciousness begins to stir and wakes up the mind.
53. It is a moment that wakes you up, and tells you to take.
54. We’ll rest here for a while and see if Lucy wakes up.
55. I call out in my sleep so that Olya wakes me up at night.
56. The baby gets a bottle as soon as she wakes up after ten.
57. Something that wakes us up out of the doldrums.
58. Blondie wakes up about halfway back to Lord Wesley's manor.
59. I have no doubt she will be freaked out when she wakes up.
60. When she wakes up the following morning, her stash is gone.
61. She comes around with a frown as she wakes up her computer.
62. The baby gets a bottle as soon as he wakes up after ten or.
63. You know when he wakes you will have to tell him everything.
64. And she don’t feel shit in the morning when she wakes up.
65. Man sleepth; does he have to die before he wakes up?
66. I’ll come and get you myself when he wakes in recovery.
67. I jump up, through which Bass wakes with a growl and shakes.
68. This is something where the dreamer sort of wakes up while.
69. She wakes up hours later alone, with the gun back in the bed.
70. This is just great—more bad news! Let's see if he wakes up.
71. What will Houston think when he wakes up? Barron paused.
72. We’ll find out when and if he wakes up, the doctor said.
73. He’ll be cooking the meals for our wakes! Barron rebutted.
74. She wakes when they are on the edge of the border of New Canada.
75. John, lying on one side of the bed, wakes, slowly opens his eyes.
76. He wakes up later, seemingly the next morning, to utter surprise.
77. The young man that wakes deep at night, the hot hand seeking to.
78. Keep the house quiet, let her sleep, and when she wakes, give her.
79. It’s not until my voice just about gives out that Beth wakes up.
80. You are welcome to stay here with your husband until he wakes up.
81. It wakes in the discomfort of the unknown and heads for the known.
82. And what if Roddy wakes up and sees his Mum covered in chocolate?
83. If you can maybe you should have a word with him when he wakes up.
84. Ah, he stirs! You had better get down there before he wakes fully.
85. I better stay in here with him, in case he wakes up, she said.
86. You wakes up, put it on, focus on the memory of clean fresh air and.
87. Wakes of sonic booms move in directions behind the UFO and Blackbird.
88. Just before he wakes, he feels a splintering at the back of his skull.
89. Unless she wakes up and disagrees, Sir Richard wants us to treat her.
90. Have you decided what you want to say to her when she wakes up?
91. Jaden wakes up and is sitting up in his bed and looking in all directions.
92. God I’m hungry! Better go now before he wakes and get something to eat.
93. He wakes up in a panic, but completes the rest of his sleep uninterrupted.
94. Chelsea manages to nap halfway through, but wakes up for the dinner break.
95. Tiny said, When he wakes up, I’ll find out where the rest of them are.
96. When he wakes, he knows that he’s only been unconscious for a little while.
97. The murderer in me wakes, hates thieves of any space I’ve labored to clear.
98. We'll just have to keep her stable and make an assessment when she wakes up.
99. Yet he sleeps sound beside Calypso and when he wakes thinks only of Penelope.
100. They attend more funerals, wakes, memorial services and things of this nature.

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