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Wash in a sentence | wash example sentences

  1. I want to wash off.
  2. I wash my hands of.
  3. She began to wash his.
  4. I’ll just go wash up.
  5. I want a rain to wash.

  6. Do you always wash out.
  7. I need to wash my hands.
  8. Wash your crime of doubt.
  9. Wash, cut of ends, slice.
  10. Wash rice and roasted dal.
  11. The children went to wash.
  12. She could do with a wash.
  13. She lets him wash her hair.
  14. He did not even wash his.
  15. It should have been a wash.

  16. Both hands wash the other.
  17. I felt relief wash over me.
  18. You should wash your hands.
  19. METHOD: Wash ash with water.
  20. Wash, dry, and chop livers.
  21. All comes out in the wash!.
  22. We need to wash those first.
  23. She would wash her kitchen.
  24. Just had a wash and brushup.
  25. Let me just wash these down.

  26. Credit pointed down the wash.
  27. I want to wash your clothes.
  28. I saw my own body wash ashore.
  29. Wash wel and remove bad bits.
  30. Wash and chop up the spinach.
  31. Why can't this man wash them.
  32. What is it? Wash yelled.
  33. Rick felt shame wash over him.
  34. Fuck your mother raw, Wash.
  35. Wait till I wash my hands.
  36. She’ll have to wash them.
  37. I clapped Wash on the shoulder.
  38. Those old boots will wash out.
  39. Even Wash can do that math.
  40. I’ll wash it again tomorrow.
  41. Wash, but do not peel or core.
  42. I just need a wash and brush.
  43. Billy needs a wash and a shave.
  44. Wash, peel and chop the onions.
  45. You can wash out the bowls.
  46. I wanted her to wash my whole.
  47. Give me a moment to wash up.
  48. I bet he didn't wash his hands.
  49. Here, I tossed it to Wash.
  50. Also wash your linens regularly.
  51. Give the asparagus a quick wash.
  52. Could you please wash them.
  53. Afterwards, I help Nick wash up.
  54. I wash my hands of this matter.
  55. I took a shower to wash it off.
  56. Wash your wading boots as well.
  57. I get up, wash, shave and dress.
  58. Wash peel and slice the carrots.
  59. Not only can they wash the eyes.
  60. I used to wash him in his tub.
  61. He then wanted me to wash myself.
  62. She started to wash my eyebrows.
  63. The basic wash goes like this:.
  64. I took your clothes to the wash.
  65. Though he hates to wash his face.
  66. He let the temptation wash away.
  67. There is no need to wash it off.
  68. I muse over that while I wash up.
  69. He sent me to change and wash up.
  70. We wash here every day, you know.
  71. Wash grapes, and remove the skins.
  72. How to Wash Different Hair Types.
  73. I can now cook, wash and serve me.
  74. Wash your feet, have food to eat.
  75. Then I don’t eat, don’t wash.
  76. Baby body wash that is unscented.
  77. That not even death can wash away.
  78. Over there if you wish to wash up.
  79. Then they went to wash for dinner.
  80. Then he decided to wash his hands.
  81. Wash the potatoes and quarter each.
  82. Wash and cut tops off strawberries.
  83. Do not wash your head in hot water.
  84. Wash scanned the crowd impassively.
  85. Wash and peel the apples, remove.
  86. To cleanse and wash away the hurt.
  87. He hopped up out of the wash and.
  88. After breakfast it was time to wash.
  89. Turn them inside out and wash them.
  90. Statistically, it’s a total wash.
  91. Wash the kale and remove the stalks.
  92. Carla had a wash and went to sleep.
  93. Your turn to wash up tonight, Sally.
  94. U, and we have wash trading enabled.
  95. I’d wash your mouth out with.
  96. The Wash is a myriad of bog-holes.
  97. Thomas felt a wash of disappointment.
  98. Toilets and showers and wash tubs.
  99. Leave on for 20 minutes and wash up.
  100. Wash the sago and soak it for 1 hour.
  1. To a washing machine tap.
  2. Laver: A basin for washing.
  3. Tony was still washing up.
  4. I saw washing powder was.
  5. Now go finish your washing.
  6. I was busy with the washing.
  7. It's a foot washing kingdom.
  8. Dana stops washing her hands.
  9. It was the dish washing area.
  10. This picture of the washing.
  11. Washing the seaweed to shore.
  12. He missed out the washing bit.
  13. Imagine God washing your feet.
  14. Then the washing machine went.
  15. Washing is where it all begins.
  16. You get the odd tweak washing.
  17. He did not bother with washing.
  18. She heard him washing his teeth.
  19. I hated washing clothes by hand.
  20. Use grey water from washing.
  21. Padfield was hanging out washing.
  22. So I ended up washing them myself.
  23. He was washing all the blood off.
  24. I need washing, too, he murmurs.
  25. They proceeded to do the washing up.
  26. M: It is like washing printed cloth.
  27. That could be used for other washing.
  28. The diving boats were washing down.
  29. She’s still washing the window.
  30. It's not about literal foot washing.
  31. The most basic technique is washing.
  32. Margaret would see to her own washing.
  34. And the washing up? added Freddy.
  35. Yup! I'm washing dishes at 'The Only'.
  36. I have substituted true washing for a.
  37. Radford was washing up in the scullery.
  38. Washing it off afterwards is important.
  39. She said she heard them washing you up.
  40. There was no washing that away so the.
  41. I had the vision in mind of feet washing.
  42. Well the washing machine had a bad leak.
  43. A vampire is very good at brain washing.
  44. Humans washing their hands before eating.
  45. It was David and Jenny with the washing.
  46. You wait till the women get to washing.
  47. Marge was washing glasses behind the bar.
  48. This time he used an old washing machine.
  49. That’s what washing machines are for.
  50. Boy, my hair could use washing, I thought.
  51. Foot washing is part of the nature of God.
  52. Washing the streets, sweeping the streets.
  53. Maybe they went though the washing machine.
  54. Then Sue started washing me off in pretty.
  55. She looked forward to washing her hair in.
  56. It’s just the one hand washing the other.
  57. He had intended washing the blood out of it.
  58. After brushing, flossing, and washing, she.
  59. They both thought that she too was washing.
  60. After washing the green peppers, remove the.
  61. The doctors are washing their hands in wine.
  62. He was washing it all down with a Budweiser.
  63. He uses a sink in the office for washing up.
  64. Nora nodded and then began washing her hands.
  65. The balloon swam a washing circle up around.
  66. The washing of feet is symbolic of how the.
  67. Even washing and cleaning my body I got hurt.
  68. Doing what? Washing the windows again?
  69. Washing: A saints duty to brothers and sisters.
  70. Streetlights washing out the colors of spring.
  71. Then locate the center of the washing machine.
  72. All my washing gone for nothing if you don't.
  73. You shouldn't be doing the foot washing stuff.
  74. Hey guys, I was washing my hair, I said.
  75. Tears are God’s way of washing away the pain.
  76. If you prefer you can also place these washing.
  77. Study the history of humans washing themselves.
  78. As she was crying and washing Jesus feet with.
  79. That meant potentially washing out of the class.
  80. Mother Bougon is off washing dishes in the city.
  81. She dropped the dish she was washing in the sink.
  82. And the windows need washing, Marilyn says.
  83. Krodus finished washing and turned off the water.
  84. Then he is washing hands and going home to new.
  85. See, it's not just about Jesus washing your feet.
  86. Grady in Delphi’s bedroom, washing the window.
  87. No washing was spread across the narrow streets.
  88. They had not done any washing since they had met.
  89. Lines of washing hung between the leaning gables.
  90. If it’s only the washing lines you’re in luck.
  91. After washing up I was in the mood for some booze.
  92. It was an ecstasy and a fire washing through him.
  93. His principal duty consisted in washing my linen.
  94. The rest of the women were away, washing clothes.
  95. After washing up I drank as much water as I could.
  96. Washing: A saint’s duty to brothers and sisters.
  97. Washing the body frees the worshipper from Demons.
  98. The women who were washing looked up with interest.
  99. Listen, you're not on any promises for your washing.
  100. The largest part was the size of a washing machine.
  1. The oil is washed out.
  2. A chill washed over me.
  3. The wind washed my eyes.
  4. Now he washed his face.
  5. He washed my sins away.
  6. My place got washed out.
  7. We then washed our hair.
  8. I washed out a pasta pot.
  9. Git up an’ git washed.
  10. The rain washed over her.
  11. More shame washed over me.
  12. He washed his sore body.
  13. He washed his face with.
  14. And with it washed me.
  15. My sins have been washed.
  16. All his fears washed away.
  17. Washed on to white gloss.
  18. The tide washed over them.
  19. Two he washed his hands of.
  20. Yet Jesus washed his feet.
  21. The floor has been washed.
  22. A hurricane washed it away.
  23. Thank God I just washed it.
  24. She washed up after dinner.
  25. A wave washed over the deck.
  26. Scented, I Washed Away The.
  27. Her laughter washed over him.
  28. Tears washed down my cheeks.
  29. You washed your hands of us.
  30. Danny must have washed the.
  31. And see it has washed you by.
  32. With it he washed clean the.
  33. I washed it off, and held it.
  34. She washed her guilt with it.
  35. We’re washed white as snow.
  36. I washed up as she finished.
  37. Again, Yakov washed his face.
  38. The Law Yet Washed In My Eyes.
  39. My mother had washed her face.
  40. He knew that I was washed up.
  41. Washed by the warm waters of.
  42. She washed her face carefully.
  43. He washed the feet of everyone.
  44. Waves of relief washed over Avi.
  45. He has washed the upper moiety.
  46. Pure terror washed over Joshua.
  47. Most of it washed away at once.
  48. I put on some more and washed.
  49. She washed it, but he kissed it.
  50. The tide washed him into a cave.
  51. An uneasy chill washed over Mike.
  52. He washed and dressed for dinner.
  53. His bloated body was washed up.
  54. The kit would need to be washed.
  55. He washed his face, and came out.
  56. Beathan’s blood washed over me.
  57. He also washed up in the morning.
  58. A sense of despair washed over me.
  59. A wave of tingling agony washed.
  60. A sense of peace washed over her.
  61. Probably washed it off by mistake.
  62. We have had our sins washed away.
  63. Ralph’s homily washed over them.
  64. The laughter washed away his fear.
  65. Years of rings washed by the tide.
  66. A wave of sympathy washed over her.
  67. A wave of calmness washed over her.
  68. A twinge of guilt washed over Mitch.
  69. In the end he washed his hands of.
  70. A wave of shame washed over her.
  71. Her body, too, seemed to be washed.
  72. Lifetimes washed in with the tides.
  73. Ma piled the washed dishes on a box.
  74. A red tide of agony washed over him.
  75. While shepherds washed their socks.
  76. The ocean washed empty on the shore.
  77. Hesper must have washed it recently.
  78. And the truck newly washed, I'll bet.
  79. Once they washed the blood off the S.
  80. They fed her and washed her clothes.
  81. A huge wave of relief washed over me.
  82. Lovern shivered as I washed his body.
  83. His friends had all been washed away.
  84. She is washed with murderous clarity.
  85. Strange, new feelings washed over me.
  86. We washed it down with coconut juice.
  87. The stubbornness washed out of Thomas.
  88. Afterwards, I washed the dishes and.
  89. He washed his face and ate breakfast.
  90. Everything else has been washed away.
  91. He found a pool and washed his hands.
  92. The ridge behind was washed by light.
  93. The pains and aches were washed away.
  94. She washed thoroughly and went to bed.
  95. Rebecca quickly washed the face clean.
  96. You have washed us in Thy blood:.
  97. They both drank and washed their faces.
  98. Millions of fishes also washed up on.
  99. A flood of tears washed her words away.
  100. You washed your clothes, bathed, and.
  1. A wave of panic washes over me.
  2. My daughter, she washes for Mr.
  3. A shimmer of relief washes over.
  4. It washes away the weariness of a.
  5. His blood cleanses us, washes away.
  6. The washes would be short so there.
  7. Rain washes away the dirt and grime.
  8. She washes Katherine's hair with them.
  9. It washes out, Morgan turned to me.
  10. Embarrassment and shame washes over me.
  11. I stand with the towel as Susan washes up.
  12. He walks to the bathroom and washes his.
  13. Diarrhea washes out the bacteria from the gut.
  14. Through His grace, He forgives us and washes.
  15. Below them the wind washes frost from the trees.
  16. A couple of washes later, the data appeared as.
  17. His pain washes through It in waves, to be savored.
  18. The taste washes through It in waves, to be savored.
  19. Water splashes on my ankles when she washes her hair.
  20. A draft of cold air washes over my face when I go inside.
  21. Christians believe that the blood of Jesus washes away sin.
  22. Change it after six washes or wash it in Mosquito repellent.
  23. Flat washes are easy another type of wash is the graded wash.
  24. And, then, the scarlet phosphorescence washes over Anup and me.
  25. The nurse shows Billy to the gentleman's toilet where he washes.
  26. He washes his hands too and stares at me after turning the tap off.
  27. The moment he pulls the trigger, a wave of dread washes over Ciere.
  28. Then he scrubs me down and washes my hair without copping one feel.
  29. The Blood of Jesus washes away all sin and destroys the memory of.
  30. Young women at Robo Car Washes wore eye-catching costumes when the.
  31. He washes through His people, so we need relationships, connections.
  32. The doctor says, You may dress, and washes his hands at a sink.
  33. Naw, it’s just another of those damn Robo car washes, said a.
  34. He searches through the mud, finds the unripe papaya, and washes it off.
  35. There is no blood stains in the bathroom sink as Tony washes his hands.
  36. I sit on the bed and lace up my boots while he washes up in the bathroom.
  37. The great blue water washes the shores of the place I go to in my dreams.
  38. She waits on us all, mends and washes, sweeps the floor, puts mamma to bed.
  39. Wind rushes over the lip of the hole and washes over me, and I close my eyes.
  40. Stef washes and scrubs his hands several times and the silicone still remains.
  41. A strong and mysterious ocean current washes east to west around the island of.
  42. Once you learn such techniques, you can do quick washes and spontaneous strokes.
  43. Instead of conventional prizes, give away $25 worth of car washes or dry cleaning.
  44. Beneath a hatch waits a square hole out of which washes a damp, frightening smell.
  45. He had not realised how long it had taken to lay the carpet and he washes quickly.
  46. Disappointment washes through Ciere, wiping away what’s left of her determination.
  47. Sometimes acne and adolescence happen even when the teen washes his face faithfully.
  48. He shed HIS blood on the cross for all, but He only washes those who have part in Him.
  49. Switching the kettle on she returns to the sink and washes her face in the cool water.
  50. I grew up raising money for charity by selling candy bars or participating in car washes.
  51. And so he needs a little wife at home who also cooks him nice meals and washes his underwear.
  52. Nature whitewashes the Earth every year with white snow, it washes the Earth regularly with rain.
  53. Washes of blue light drench the rendered stonework of the shops and banks on Bideford High Street.
  54. We didn’t operate the car washes, although we retained some control over them, as you’ll see.
  55. He washes my hair and then pulls my right arm up and bends it, placing my hand on the back of his neck.
  56. As you might know, oil does not easily mix with water, but it readily washes or floats away in a thin film.
  57. Quite honestly, the whole thing washes over me – which doesn’t seem to matter, as I still make money!.
  58. The welcome hiss of wind washes in, or maybe it’s the sea and the wind, her ears unable to unbraid the two.
  59. There is usually a bottle of shampoo lying around in the bathroom that he can nick a couple of washes out of.
  60. She turns back towards Dana and washes Dana's face with the soapy cloth as Dana closes her eyes from the soap.
  61. She turns back to Dana and washes Dana's chest area with the soapy cloth as Harold continues to complain to her.
  62. Christine continues to talk to Harold as she washes each side of Dana's neck and shoulders with the soapy cloth.
  63. I haven't used any sauce in a while, Christine says as she washes the front of Dana's neck with the soapy cloth.
  64. The smell of fresh vegetation washes over his nose receptors and he can feel the richness of the oxygen in the air.
  65. Who washes them? A woman, whatever her state may be, very often old enough to be his mother or grandmother, often unwell.
  66. It is hard, is it not? To control one's thoughts? He takes a bite of his bagel and washes it down with some more coffee.
  67. In the New Testament Jesus was the substitute for the scape goat to set the cleansing as blood washes another blood.
  68. The design was shattered like glass, riddled with little cracks and missing pieces that had come off over uncountable washes.
  69. As we head out onto 4th Avenue, I stare blankly out of the window, and the enormity of what I’ve done slowly washes over me.
  70. There were a few wagon ruts going this way, but at half the washes they had to have the kedas dig to make ramps for the wheels.
  71. When she hugs her mother, she takes in the familiar scent of coffee and hair spray as a mixture of happiness and fear washes over her.
  72. They soak water, they do; and of course get rheumatic, and have to be doctored (SNEEZES) with washes and lotions, just like live legs.
  73. The water is starting to sweep across the deck, a surge of chilly water washes over the top of my boots, soaking my socks … urghhh!.
  74. A half hour later Stef washes his hands in the sink using the washing up liquid as the soap as his fingers have become covered in silicone.
  75. After all, one only needs to serve the needs of one’s own self and in doing so, like my father always said, ‘One hand washes the other.
  76. Ted zips and washes his hands, drying them on rapidly disintegrating toilet paper rather than using the roll of pull down towelling on the wall.
  77. I brushed my teeth and used everything in sight for a fragranced breath, pastes, mouth washes and an elaichi dying inside the pocket of my lowers.
  78. Dana annoyingly rolls her eyes as she washes her hands at the sink, saying, "I'm sorry Tony, but I had got sick! I went to the hospital emergency!".
  79. What you believe is five percent green washes away the bloody ninety-five percent stain that is your economy of privilege upon the life of this planet.
  80. The smell of her, the heat of her, the way she melts against his chest, it all washes over him and after a moment that tightness in his chest dissipates.
  81. Each and every state that washes over us is replaced with another state that washes over us in the form of a reaction or resistance to the initial state.
  82. Was there no further Report, no News at all but this? Alas, the Paper was far more prolix upon the Subjects of lost Dogs, erring Wives, and facial Washes.
  83. Not anything that washes up is a gift from the sun; the sun is unlikely to send them a coconut, for instance, since the sun knows the Shumi have plenty of those.
  84. Silver light washes over us, and the moment we pass through the opening, Glacia’s hair drops back around her shoulders and the lightness disappears from my body.
  85. He's the Lord, He's the master, He's the rabbi, He's the miracle worker, He's the one everyone comes to; yet He takes it all off, and just goes and washes their feet.
  86. Used consistently however, over the counter washes containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide will help remove the waxy build-up on the body that can provoke acne.
  87. He's the Lord, He's the master, He's the rabbi, He's the miracle worker, He's the one everyone comes to - yet He takes it all off, and just goes and washes their feet.
  88. Jesus is having His last meeting with His disciples, and He bows down and He washes their feet, and of course everyone's saying well You're the Lord, You're the big shot.
  89. Yet you can dimly see him hovering over the body; you watch him in a sort of fascination, as he washes the blood from his hands, and then furtively, in the silence, steals away.
  90. The consequence is, that the water, which has once obtained a perpendicular passage of a few inches through the first, washes away the second with such rapidity, that it is constantly undermining it.
  91. This formation prevails from the head of the Ohio to Aberdeen, which is opposite to Marysville in Kentucky, at least two-thirds of the distance which that river washes the southern shore of this state.
  92. But her eyes were shut and she was listening to what her hands were up to, moving in the strings like the fresh hands of a very young girl who has first known rain and washes her palms in its clear waterfalls.
  93. What happened to that boyfriend of yours? You seemed to really like him, he finishes your sandwich and stands from the table, brushes past you, he washes and dries his dish before taking a seat on the counter.
  94. Watching his chest rise and fall to the rhythm of the hissing ventilator, a curious numbness washes over me, the same numbness a man might feel seconds after he has swerved his car and barely avoided a head-on collision.
  95. I am fond of cleanliness; and I give money on condition that the washerwoman washes my shirts, which I change twice a day; and the washing of these shirts having taxed the utmost strength of the washerwoman, she has died.
  96. The messenger (cpth) talked explaining the effect of communication with God on man's spirit in a noble saying where he (cpth) says: Suppose a river flowing beside the doorway of one of you and he washes up therein five times a day.
  97. It’s there in her bone structure, in the way she carries herself, in the fiery hair she must flat-iron every time she washes it or gets rained on (which means she must be flat-ironing constantly, considering how much it rains in this city).
  98. I read lying down, too spiritless to sit up; and Johanna in the kitchen, who has dined on pig and beer, washes up with the clatter of exuberant energy, singing while she does so in a voice that shakes the house that once she _liebte ein Student.
  99. Alexis turned and pointed to the blackening sky in the west, breathless he screamed, 'Did you hear that boss? Did you hear the snorting of her holy horses? She washes the flecks of sweat from their mouths as they champ the bit and cleans the clotted foam.
  100. When a missing teenager washes up on shore during their first night at the cabin and there are whispers of vampires in Shore Lake, Nikki begins to realize that there are things roaming in the darkness that are far more sinister than what they left behind in the city.

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