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Inflate in a sentence

1. Don’t inflate your current salary.
2. Inflate the dinghy fully and sit high.
3. Her chest and face seemed to inflate gently.
4. The throat sac can inflate to the size of the.
5. Skunk, I have to inflate the price a bit, sorry.
6. And, at this movement, I can not afford to inflate.
7. Old Ted, however, was not inclined to inflate his own ego.
8. Such a bias will inflate the importance of long-term debt.
9. Now, then, imagine what happens when you inflate the balloon.
10. If they do not inflate automatically, there is a pump provided.
11. Bubbles as a rule inflate far beyond any reasonable expectation.
12. To inflate the chest, to roll the thunder of the voice out from the.
13. If it is not you will need to inflate it with your own breath or a pump.
14. I stand tall, inflate my lungs to their fullest, and gauge the release by.
15. Stillwell started to set up the rig that would hold the harness and inflate the.
16. So, if you think the government is being cheated, inflate all the employees’.
17. We inflate a balloon through blowing air into it and when it is over-inflated it gets exploded.
18. Whatever you do, don't fully inflate it when you're down there, just when you're at the surface.
19. The Spiney Porcupine Puffer Fish is an odd looking fish that has the obvious ability to inflate.
20. The amount of residue is proportionate to the impurities added as bulk to help inflate the price.
21. Combining these two facts, I guessed that the bubble would continue to inflate until roughly October 2000.
22. Compressed air hoses were next through the hatches, helping to inflate the rubber boats in less than one minute.
23. She even enlisted a civilian militia to inflate the numbers of the regular defense force in case they were needed.
24. He was in cahoots with the real estate broker to inflate these properties to get a bigger loan on these properties.
25. Tammas gave the Vulcan two breaths of air, using CPR techniques, and noticed the lungs did inflate with each breath.
26. This would have been my last one but Arnav told me that if I will not pack my joys and my pains in you, I’ll inflate.
27. Sports Authority had one, so, $119 later, I was in my living room, foot pumping away to inflate my abdominal sculptor.
28. That money alone would have been enough to get carried away with, but another force was working to help inflate my ego.
29. And because the supplies of gold and other precious metals are finite, central bankers can’t inflate away their value.
30. But it is equally important to remember that bubbles can inflate much further than can be imagined by reasonable people.
31. True growth companies with outstanding new products or improved management do not have to inflate their current results.
32. Helium 2He (24%): Serves as a coolant for nuclear reactors and to pressurize liquid-fuel rockets; used to inflate balloons.
33. He liked how easy it was to inflate mans greed, even in religious cultures, turning one against another and both away from God.
34. The air inside the chamber was then pumped out gradually, making her spacesuit’s flexible parts inflate and become more rigid.
35. From their vantage point, the hose started to slightly inflate before making its final sinister journey, into the Ryman household.
36. Inspector, you understand what I just said? We had to inflate the kid’s lungs, transfuse him, and remove a chunk of his liver.
37. The entire forest seemed to shake and I groaned inwardly at how this was going to overly inflate the horse’s already overblown ego.
38. It took nearly an hour to inflate with helium, which at jump altitude expanded to completely fill the capacity of nearly 850,000 m3 (30 million ft3).
39. A third is unrealistic assumptions of return on the company’s pension funds, which can artificially inflate earnings in good years and depress them in bad.
40. But the contrarian is always acutely aware that stock market bubbles can inflate far beyond what is suggested by any historically based statistical projection.
41. The fewer chances a fiscally stretched government has to inflate, or devalue its debt through a depreciating currency, the greater is its temptation to default.
42. It seems as if they already control the major drug producers and will continue to inflate prices to keep the market up, and here's some information on illegal drugs.
43. The rather strange teenage residents of Westchester County could only get more bored and have their ego's inflate even more when another year at Briarwood High began again.
44. Every airman was given a Mae West life vest,* but because some men stole the vests’ carbon dioxide cartridges for use in carbonating drinks, some vests didn’t inflate.
45. It could: enter a prolonged period of austerity, default on the debts, inflate away the debts, or experience a period of rapid growth where it is able to outgrow its debt burden.
46. The only possible comfort was in knowing that if all control was lost airbags should inflate all around the chassis, and in a worse case scenario the interior would fill with foam.
47. This demonstrates that companies can inflate earnings for a few quarters by reducing costs or spending less on advertising, research and development, and other constructive activities.
48. Bank lending on personal real estate will be set for long term growth as will appraisals so that the market cannot inflate too quickly to endanger another collapse in the housing industry.
49. When we exit, the pressure system of your suits will inflate your suits slightly in order to keep the air pressure higher inside the suit than outside, just in case of a leak,' the UPS continued.
50. His next move was to inflate her flotation vest, his hands already starting to feel cold despite of his neoprene gloves: Angie was not going to survive more than ten minutes maximum in that icy water.
51. In 2002, during the depths of the bear market that followed the bubble collapse, most of the bullish analysts who helped inflate the bubble and many of the corporate leaders of collapsed enterprises were pilloried in the media.
52. The interesting thing about the housing bubble is that it was widely recognized as a bubble by many commentators at the time it was inflating, but as with all bubbles this offered no clue about how high home prices would rise and how long the bubble would inflate.
53. As the financial puzzle continued to clear, the company charged that Eddie had falsified inventory and profit reports, created phantom inventory, and destroyed the records in a coverup in order "to artificially inflate the net worth of the company" and the value of the stock.
54. Another particularity unique to the KOSTROMA was its extensive hydroponic gardens, fish farms and animal farms, which made it mostly self-sufficient in food and even produced sizeable surplus of produces highly sought by Spacer communities, surplus whose sale helped inflate the business profits of the ship.
55. The reason for this is that it is impossible to guess just how far a stock market bubble might inflate, and it is usually best for even the aggressive contrarian trader not to implement a bear market strategy until he sees the S&P drop 5 percent below its 200-day moving average, an event that did not occur until October of that year.
56. And while these types of downside move will generally inflate the values of the puts, we have seen rare circumstances where a sharp move downward can create enough fear and unpredictability in the market that it increases the IV in all options in that market to the point where call options can actually increase on value on the price collapse!.
57. It burns billion of organizational resources to produce thousands of products that stay idle or stored awaiting customers, it executes production under intention that generates expenses and they inflate its prices for later to place at the market with intensive propagandas, promotions or prizes to attract customers for the inflexibility of the retrograde economic system that obligates it to have fixed cost.
58. How about on individual shares though? Think of it this way – what sort of philanthropy could it be that persuades some nice people to make you rich instead of themselves? If journalists really knew which share to buy and when, would they still be hacking away at the computer instead of lolling on some Caribbean beach? How can the authors of books like Make a Killing on the Stock Exchange, How to Pick the Winners, Selecting the Soaring Shares and so on afford to spend all those hours writing when they should be too busy becoming billionaires by trading? Indeed if they were good, why would they share the secret when your buying might inflate the shares they would have wanted to buy?
59. Then, as specimens of other genera, blowfish resembling a dark brown egg, furrowed with white bands, and lacking tails; globefish, genuine porcupines of the sea, armed with stings and able to inflate themselves until they look like a pin cushion bristling with needles; seahorses common to every ocean; flying dragonfish with long snouts and highly distended pectoral fins shaped like wings, which enable them, if not to fly, at least to spring into the air; spatula–shaped paddlefish whose tails are covered with many scaly rings; snipefish with long jaws, excellent animals twenty–five centimeters long and gleaming with the most cheerful colors; bluish gray dragonets with wrinkled heads; myriads of leaping blennies with black stripes and long pectoral fins, gliding over the surface of the water with prodigious speed; delicious sailfish that can hoist their fins in a favorable current like so many unfurled sails; splendid nurseryfish on which nature has lavished yellow, azure, silver, and gold; yellow mackerel with wings made of filaments; bullheads forever spattered with mud, which make distinct hissing sounds; sea robins whose livers are thought to be poisonous; ladyfish that can flutter their eyelids; finally, archerfish with long, tubular snouts, real oceangoing flycatchers, armed with a rifle unforeseen by either Remington or Chassepot: it slays insects by shooting them with a simple drop of water.
1. I have paus'd to hear him near at hand inflating his throat and.
2. Democracy! near at hand to you a throat is now inflating itself and.
3. People were buying during the boom because prices were inflating rapidly.
4. As one inflates an air-cushion, I am now with my person inflating the crocodile.
5. Since we had packed all the beds, it meant pulling out and inflating our airbed.
6. Bubbles are always recognized as such by wise observers at the time the bubble is inflating.
7. It is not the hole forming the puncture and preventing inflating being as such the obstacle that is of.
8. So many purple banners waved in the heat of the lamps that it felt to Ito like being inside an inflating hot-air balloon.
9. The paper-bag came out again, and he spent a few minutes furiously inflating and deflating it before he was able to reply.
10. Suddenly a terrific breeze blew through the cave and all the sails unfurled on each ship, inflating as they filled with air.
11. So if I am going to buy Calls, I should check to see whether there is any upcoming news that might be inflating the premiums.
12. Managers would charge certain losses directly to shareholders’ equity, bypassing (and inflating) net income in the process.
13. It looked like their easy accounting system for expensing costs was inflating the balance sheet with all manner of capitalized costs.
14. A friend of mine was recently very angry at the foreigners, especially the Angolans who are inflating the purchase prices of our house.
15. As I expected, the Herald has little to say on the matter, other than reporting the extent of the damage—and probably inflating the estimates.
16. And yet everything radiates tension, as if the city has been built upon the skin of a balloon and someone is inflating it toward the breaking point.
17. Still, motionless except for the dull throbbing of blood inflating the veins on his hands; his thin skeletal fingers encased the blood red tip of his staff.
18. It is very important that you make sure the store isn’t inflating the prices on their items though because if they do you won’t save much with the coupons.
19. An extraordinary amount of trust must be placed in the census system, because any state could gain unfair advantages by inflating the number of its population.
20. Artificially inflating demand was not considered an acceptable business practice in this culture, and people did not patronize merchants who engaged in 'push' advertising.
21. Many years ago, my economics professor endowed me with the theory that steady growth and good performance earnings were the leading factors in inflating the value of a corporation stock.
22. Those words could just as easily have been penned any time in the last decade, as some of the compensation schemes recently adopted at certain corporations have been shortchanging shareholders by masking the dilutive impact and inflating the income statement.
23. The interesting thing about the housing bubble is that it was widely recognized as a bubble by many commentators at the time it was inflating, but as with all bubbles this offered no clue about how high home prices would rise and how long the bubble would inflate.
24. The practice of inflating the book value of the fixed property is giving way to the opposite artifice of cutting it down to nothing in order to avoid depreciation charges, but both have the same consequence of depriving the book-value figures of any real significance.
25. My meaning is that I am a man, said Stryver, inflating himself at his friend as he made the punch,.
1. It was as big as an inflated.
2. In the inflated equity of our.
3. And the airbed stayed inflated.
4. Enough of the inflated windbag!.
6. Ensure that the dinghy is fully inflated.
7. The tabloid story inflated most details.
8. Once deployed, rafts inflated automatically.
9. Balloons inflated by the nose in one hour.
10. The sea grew towering, inflated by long swells.
11. Thus, the traders are benefited by the inflated.
12. Olaf leans over me, his eyes inflated with loathing.
13. The terrified girl panicked and inflated her buoyan-.
14. This is clearly an inflated sense of survival question.
15. It can have inflated or undervalued implied volatility.
16. It’s been inflated for several days with no problems.
17. Rachel inflated the high G support structures in her suit.
18. The raft had inflated itself and was drifting away rapidly.
19. Lance suffered from an inflated sense of his own importance.
20. God, his ego was as inflated as a balloon, Rochelle thought.
21. Although stocks were inflated and momentum was rampant in.
22. They inflated the high G support structures in their suits.
23. Helga’s foresight—the inflated inner tube was a live saver.
24. Restructuring charges are not inflated to lower future expenses.
25. Already, then, he used to talk of his brother in inflated terms.
26. Keep all tires inflated to the same pressure as recommended for.
27. Unwarranted and inflated stories of wolves attacking people were.
28. He had an inflated opinion of himself and underestimated the enemy.
29. The inflated membrane shot up with frightful velocity into the air.
30. Anyway, I had to collect all the inflated condoms and destroy them.
31. With the raft now reasonably inflated, the sharks stopped attacking.
32. The imitations of gold and money so inflated (excess and costliness).
33. Now be aware, others may offer you more, but only at inflated prices.
34. It was an inflated oval shaped tent with a tennis court in the middle.
35. A life raft has inflated in the tail and that’s what is keeping it up.
36. It inflated the sac on its forehead and showed the ghastly face pattern.
37. This inflated reputation may also have impaired the Admiralty's judgment.
38. Dena’s skeletal body lay on the bed inflated at the abdomen by the baby.
39. In the highly inflated market of the 1990s, companies would have desired.
40. The fear in the market allowed John to sell his put at an inflated premium.
41. He stood there with his arms at his side, chest inflated and glaring at me.
42. He sang as he walked, and he walked as he sang, and got more inflated every.
43. He burdened her with his inflated notions of how burdenless she ought to be.
44. The question though is more related to when that risk becomes grossly inflated.
45. A liferaft inflated automatically and provided enough buoyancy to float the boat.
46. Some of these seem to have been highly speculative and carried at inflated values.
47. He sang as he walked, and he walked as he sang, and got more inflated every minute.
48. Crazy Eddie rented the stores, so no underlying real estate inflated the valuation.
49. For example, the out-of-the-money calls are inflated far more than at-the-money calls.
50. The procedure involves inserting a balloon under the scalp that is gradually inflated.
51. Despite his dimensions, he was agile and bounced around the court like an inflated toy.
52. Short sales, the critics said, established an inflated supply and caused price declines.
53. Bill O’Neil used to tell us that nothing destroys a trader faster than an inflated ego.
54. I gave each one a condom; they all inflated them and was running all around bouncing them.
55. Why are drug costs grossly inflated? Why does a bottle of medication that costs less than.
56. Who knew what the long-range effects might be? Illnesses and suicides had already inflated.
57. Taxes get paid after the inflated costs of capital are depreciated on an accelerated basis.
58. The added buoyancy of the inflated raft swung the buoyancy equation toward the flotation side.
59. Mayank regretted that he worked at a place where even seniors had such inflated sense of ego.
60. Note: Ego is inflated in this life; it is deflated in context of the Universe and eternal life.
61. Levi and Reuben inflated the dinghy and rowed ashore, Harvey Schwartz/The Reluctant Terrorist.
62. In January 2000 it was obvious to me and to many others that a stock market bubble had inflated.
63. He inflated her lungs, felt for her heart and gave six fierce pumping movements with both hands.
64. Ignores data that conflict with his fantasy world, or with his inflated and grandiose self-image.
65. It’s a long winding indoor canal and the guests are given inflated inner tubes to sit on.
66. If the company buys its stock at inflated prices, sellers benefit and long-term holders lose out.
67. We even inflated our tyres to higher pressure than normal since that gave a few miles on top speed.
68. Wilson has a hypothesis that Henderson has faked his own disappearance in order to make inflated.
69. Selling has an open-ended risk, thus shorts can demand modestly inflated premiums to offset that risk.
70. The Nationalists got their inflated pensions in return for they knew well how to take care of number one.
71. When he swung about, the skirt of his soutane was inflated slightly by the brusqueness of his movements.
72. The more inflated the option premiums, the greater the expected volatility level in the underlying.
73. Regardless of the term structure, October options always seem to trade at an inflated implied volatility.
74. For a moment, Mitchell inflated his lungs with humid air, still feeling enveloped in his previous endeavor.
75. In most cases they consist of two or more hollow metal or inflated rubber floats which support a wooden deck.
76. Fine, he folded his arms over his purposefully inflated chest, then you will refer to me as The Omega.
77. That kind of optimism and inflated stock price will eventually come back to reality; the market will readjust.
78. It’s not surprising that when kids are offered hard drugs they assume the warnings are equally inflated lies.
79. Without considering Vega, you run the risk of paying overly inflated premiums during periods of high volatility.
80. There’s a lot of speculation for high-end real estate; high-end real estate is at an incredibly inflated level.
81. However, further investigation shows that in some options, option volatility rises to even more inflated levels.
82. Making sure that your tires are properly inflated can prolong its life and save you some money in the process.
83. Adrian began to notice the rather pecuiliar way Lucas was able to handle the vehicle, even at such inflated speeds.
84. If TOTE, in fact, changed their depreciation schedule, earnings could have been massively inflated in the quarter.
85. If the volatile price behavior is encompassed in that historical period, the historical volatility may be inflated.
86. But why does Gerald not want me to buy the whole car for that inflated price? Why? Because he knows something is up.
87. Psychological research shows, time and again, that people tend to have an inflated view of their abilities and skills.
88. On 7 August 2012, Ashrita Furman (USA) inflated 328 balloons using only his nose in one hour in New York City, USA.
89. They donned their night clothes, inflated their mattress by pulling the well marked tabs and crawled in to bed to spend.
90. On the beach at Kahuku, he and Phil inflated their mattress covers, made a go at the waves, and nearly drowned themselves.
91. Along with health insurance came the great shift in responsibility, that of who was to pay the inflated cost of healthcare.
92. Second, the lowest curve shows the profit in 14 days if implied volatilities remain where they are — at inflated levels.
93. Though they didn’t know it, they had passed what was almost certainly the record for survival adrift in an inflated raft.
94. Yet Michael Dell took back the CEO role in 2007 after Rollins mismanaged the business and inflated Dell’s cost structure.
95. When fed by the mother, their crops become gigantic inflated food reserves, almost equal to the rest of their bodies in size.
96. If we are forced to buy puts at inflated prices, especially if there is an increase in implied volatility, we may lose money.
97. One life raft had inflated within the plane, which may have prevented the survivors from getting another one and floating away.
98. Gone were the days of inflated salaries and over-inflated egos and heralded were the days of good sportsmanship and strong play.
99. For example, Telecom equipment company Riverstone Networks inflated its sales numbers in 2006 by improperly recognizing revenues.
100. When it is very hot let out some air from an inflated dinghy, for air expands with the heat—you will need to release the valves.
1. It inflates the ego of the company.
2. Ultimately, it’s the airlock that inflates it.
3. For no matter how much it inflates our ego, the truth is that there is no.
4. The feeling of power, or control; distorts awareness and inflates the ego.
5. As one inflates an air-cushion, I am now with my person inflating the crocodile.
6. The vest: think of it as a simple life preserver that inflates and deflates with these buttons.
7. They exist because the ruling party inflates the economy going into the presidential election every four years.
8. This jacket is fireproof and waterproof and it has two inside pockets the one on the left inflates the jacket so it can support up to 20 stone in weight in water.

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