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Barf in a sentence

1. He made sure his half-brother had a barf bag tucked under one leg.
2. Her pupils were dilated and her face looked as if she was going to barf.
3. It won’t help much, but there’s less chance you’ll choke on your own barf.
4. Sputtering and cursing, spitting into the barf bag, Court's half-brother said Those were civilians.
5. Urp! His hands shifted from his eyes to his mouth as he tried to hold back the urge to barf, feeling the effects of motion sickness.
6. He held one hand carefully over the area where he’d been bitten; the other clutched his stomach as if that would prevent what Thomas now felt was an inevitable barf.
7. Most of us had swollen tongues and lips and were hardly able to speak, but the company humorist, a Cockney, was able to mutter, "Don't it make you mad to fink of the times you left the barf tap running?"—H.

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