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Vomit in a sentence

out in his vomit.
on his own vomit.
I found the vomit.
I wanted to vomit.
He wanted to vomit.
(Spue means to vomit.
run outside to vomit.

vomit and human waste.
It was wet with vomit.
smell of vomit in the air.
ready to vomit any second.
I literally wanted to vomit.
and vomit permeated the air.
she was about to vomit again.
She thought she would vomit.
I heard several of them vomit.
I bent, trying not to vomit.
I fought back the urge, to vomit.
Vomit came, as she knew it would.
A little vomit won’t shock him.
you some relief, JUST VOMIT IT OUT.
began to vomit, then you convulsed.
Not vomit that’s nine years old.
Johnny had a strong urge to vomit.
her own blood once and didn't vomit.
disgusting that everyone would vomit.
Robert thought he was going to vomit.
All I could do was vomit my brains.
vomiting my brains out.
I woke up vomiting all.
Relief, but also vomiting.
Vomiting inside a French.
confusion and severe vomiting.
hernia, nausea, vomiting, etc.
Upstairs, Louie began vomiting.
He felt like vomiting and he.
This process of vomiting from.
The police officer was vomiting.
I was still vomiting on and off.
Vomiting profusely is exhausting.
breath, fighting to avoid vomiting.
Use ipecac syrup to stop vomiting.
Vomiting in the A and Dub washroom.
ing, vomiting, defecation and others.
Severe headache, often with vomiting.
He quickly stood to stop from vomiting.
We can’t stop vomiting; use a condom.
The very next night I started vomiting.
chemotherapy related nausea and vomiting.
and vomiting, and had trouble standing up.
either by vomiting or by taking laxatives.
Inside the helicopter I was vomiting blood.
stricken with violent retching and vomiting.
Seconds later she was hunched over vomiting.
It made her gag, and she felt like vomiting.
His spasms of vomiting came in little gasps.
Her tonsils stil hurt from all the vomiting.
passing gas, nausea, and occasionally vomiting.
He vomited his.
I collapsed and vomited.
I vomited all over myself.
I vomited in my mouth as Mr.
They vomited uncontrollably.
He had vomited a foul bloody.
Then, he vomited his brains out.
Vomited twice more this morning.
Before long, one of them vomited.
He vomited and went momentarily.
changed and he vomited out blood!.
I about vomited but held it down.
hours to get there, and I vomited.
apparently enjoyed being vomited on.
vomited the sea water out his lungs.
blood, vomited blood and pissed blood.
He was trembling and he vomited blood.
Rachel ducked into a corner and vomited.
David Reece walked a few steps and vomited.
about 4 hours to get there, and I vomited.
Evan wandered off, bent over, and vomited.
I vomited on myself inside the sleeping bag.
Kurt leaned over and vomited onto his carpet.
Lucy vomited for the third time that day and.
on March 26, 2008: I vomited and had diarrhea.
Talaric had pulled my hair back, as I vomited.
I have vomited you out, O peoples of the earth!.
vomited copiously in the back yard of the house.
I admitted I had vomited suddenly once or twice.
John vomits sea water as he surfaces.
Jerry suddenly falls to the ground and vomits violently.
He vomits, adding his own foul odour to the already putrid air.
clouds, like vomits of yellow smoke, rolled overhead; there was.
When he stands on the platform, he leans and vomits over the side.
Turning, he vomits onto the ground, stomach heaving with the effort.
She staggers around and vomits once—there’s no escaping the gas.
Three times a day it vomits it up and three more it drinks it again in a terrible way.
As Jim and Bex call out Leona's name she vomits and Jim's shirt and jeans are covered in projectile alco-pop bile.
His question, however, was rewarded with a new batch of telepathic signal, after which Jerry chokes and vomits again.
25 And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof on it, and the land itself vomits out her inhabitants.
Her alien boyfriend swallows her up with a view to reshaping her; a little later, when he vomits her, she becomes an ethereal fairy.
Innumerable shops, millions sleeping in beds around them, and yet where are they all? As they reach Frederick’s block, a woman in a dress, leaning against a building, bends over and vomits on the sidewalk.
"Holy Mary!" cried Sancho, "what is this that has happened me? Clearly this sinner is mortally wounded, as he vomits blood from the mouth;" but considering the matter a little more closely he perceived by the colour, taste, and smell, that it was not blood but the balsam from the flask which he had seen him drink; and he was taken with such a loathing that his stomach turned, and he vomited up his inside over his very master, and both were left in a precious state.
Though the consciences of such men are awakened, yet their minds are not changed; therefore, when the power of guilt weareth away, that which provoked them to be religious ceaseth, wherefore they naturally turn to their own course again, even as we see the dog that is sick of what he has eaten, so long as his sickness prevails he vomits and casts up all; not that he doth this of a free mind (if we may say a dog has a mind), but because it troubleth his stomach; but now, when his sickness is over, and so his stomach eased, his desire being not at all alienate from his vomit, he turns him about and licks up all, and so it is true which is written, The dog is turned to his own vomit again.