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Basin in a sentence

1. Pink rags in a basin.
2. Do have a basin of soup.
3. Laver: A basin for washing.
4. The basin was at the other.
5. Please clear the basin floor.
6. The Klamath Basin is a real.
7. He ignored the basin full of milk.

8. He came to this basin with the ship.
9. Dos is a large and varied basin also.
10. He was baking a cake in the wash basin.
11. Forrester went to a makeshift wash basin.
12. Something like the Lumpral basin is here.
13. I know how you met and I know this basin.
14. On the wall above the basin was a cupboard.
15. He carried a basin, on which he spread the.
16. The great city in the middle of the basin.
17. Then we could have stayed right in the basin.
18. There wasn't too much water in the basin to.
19. Please clear the basin floor, the voice said.
20. Permian Basin oil patch producers and the oil-.
21. If the vanity basin has an overflow you either.
22. The rescue team is still approaching the basin.
23. Then he made the circuit of the basin once more.
24. The closest you can get to Trenst in this basin.
25. Chantelle was crouched down beside the tub basin.
26. You don't need to teach every child in the basin.
27. The Greatest Magnate and the Basin of the Tenure.
28. There should be some in that bin under the basin.
29. She walked over to the basin and washed her hands.
30. The red basin was mottled from deterioration and.
31. A big whoosh sound erupted from the basin and the.
32. Nerissa’s chain, he kicked the empty basin to her.
33. Put the currants and sultanas in a basin, just ba.
34. After her shower she found an open wash basin with.
35. Please clear the basin floor, said the voice again.
36. When I put my face into it in the basin at Clongowes.
37. Madame Bovary took the basin to put it under the table.
38. After this a lost basin would be sort of an anticlimax.
39. Bentley into the old mine basin, 200 meters to its death.
40. The group was glad to leave the basin that was Tempe Bay.
41. I nodded and he was off the bed and gone with the basin.
42. Ser Glendon held his wine cup out above the water basin.
43. I’ve filled this basin for the Master’s akratismos.
44. The Turpan basin is one of the lowest points on earth —.
45. A basin of water sat beside the cask where he was sitting.
46. Vinny took the towel and wiped dry the inside of the basin.
47. You could move out to a small village on the basin floor.
48. Soon the basin will be carpeted with grass and wildflowers.
49. It houses a small bed, an ancient dresser, and a wash basin.
50. Mix the corn flour with a very little cold water in a basin.
51. He unscrewed the cap then poured the alcohol into the basin.
52. Seated on the carpet, by the side of this basin, was seen Mr.
53. He emptied the basin, filled it with clean water and returned.
54. Yeah this whole basin is the caldera of a dormant volcano.
55. He left one end in the basin and pulled out the other end of.
56. That seems to be the basin where the Yingolians are settling.
57. And, taking the cake from his son, he flung it into the basin.
58. There's about fifty different kinds of 'em on the basin floor.
59. She shrugged and cupped her hands full of water from the basin.
60. It was clearly a different culture than the basin Alan was in.
61. Vinny emptied the entire bottle into the basin then threw the.
62. He told us the tale of two mice which fell into a basin of milk.
63. She took a basin of water and started to wash her face and body.
64. He went to the sink, pumping water from the spigot into a basin.
65. The basin was beginning to tremble in Justin's hands; his knees.
66. Then have the basin of Pontius Pilate brought and wash your claws.
67. So Bovary ordered a bandage and a basin, and asked Justin to hold.
68. He had turned south toward the city center once he left the basin.
69. I did and he brought me large basin and some slightly warmed water.
70. It was two more hours before Hesper returned with the chipped basin.
71. This is how we access the floor of the basin when the basin is dry.
72. A father alter, a bronze laver, (A large basin, used for the ritual.
73. Sam climbed up on the foot of the pedestal and leaned over the basin.
74. The Caloris Basin, one of the largest features on Mercury, is about.
75. So Bovary ordered a bandage and a basin, and asked Justin to hold it.
76. Charles noticed that at the bottom of the basin there was a sort of.
77. The water in the basin was a muddy black by the time he was finished.
78. She found the basin, filled it full of water, and went into the tent.
79. When the sea floods this basin again Nlara will still be my foreman.
80. Jim stepped to a water-barrel and dipped some water into a tin basin.
81. Fountains spurted from between the piles and splashed into the basin.
82. When she had finished, Herne handed her a small basin of water and a.
83. The basin is directly below, a muddy brown bowl with a snow-white rim.
84. She would then spray water in the basin, get the extra chunks off the.
85. Travis burned the letter in the wash basin and flushed the remains away.
86. Down in the lower basin where Gorunda is, there's a lot of swamp also.
87. Fuckers from al over the basin were offering to help me out if I help.
88. Have you dragged the basin of Trafalgar Square fountain? he asked.
89. I swoop and soar over the basin, familiarizing myself with the controls.
90. His brain felt like something shapeless lying in a basin of tepid water.
91. I smile at myself in the mirror above the hand basin, toothbrush in hand.
92. Herne meanwhile had gone across to the granite basin and filled another.
93. The basin was an old kitchen mixing bowl and the lid was a broken guitar.
94. At three o'clock he opened the canister and poured the fuel into the basin.
95. I think it's more likely they are making it up than there is a lost basin.
96. In a large basin, he added water to the powder RDX to form a white slurry.
97. She had to admit they had better paper treatment products in the Dos basin.
98. The tide of smells and pain rose and rose Meade about, a basin in her hand.
99. The swans were far away, in the centre of the basin, and busy with some prey.
100. John Dent had set up the portable stage at the high end of the natural basin.

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