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Lavatory in a sentence | lavatory example sentences

  1. His screams echoed off the walls in the lavatory.
  2. Chepe walked to the lavatory and stepped into the pool of piss.
  3. Shivering chilled in the hot lavatory, she reached out for a towel.
  4. When I come out of the lavatory I find Aaron sitting at the trail.
  5. As with any high school lavatory stall, poets and writers have left.
  6. He made it to the lavatory, instead of being sick all over the floor.
  7. The three-foot by three-foot lavatory felt half its size, and shrinking.
  8. Deanna allowed Tammas access to her lavatory to wash his face before he.
  9. It was obscured by the thick trees and perfect for Zoe's makeshift lavatory.
  10. He liked using the common lavatory at the other end of the coach; it gave Mr.
  11. After showing him how to use the lavatory and toilet, they proceeded to the galley.
  12. In the lavatory was a large hole connecting the third floor with the basement floor.
  13. She didn’t want to put them on over her dress, so she used the lavatory to change.
  14. Looking at the lavatory I thought I could see a fine crack running down the pedestal.
  15. We don't have many alternatives, we can't start searching for a lavatory for your convenience.
  16. TWO GENTLEMEN who were in the lavatory at the time tried to lift him up: but he was quite helpless.
  17. He took it out, opened the door, and went out into the passage to the lavatory which was being built.
  18. Like his few minutes in the SST lavatory where horrific images rolled frame-by-frame, new ones appeared to him.
  19. Francis gave Rob a few minutes alone in the treatment room to rest while he left to wash his hands in the lavatory.
  20. Nothing much to report, just the usual backhanders in the gentlemen's lavatory, rounds of drinks and shouts and bravado.
  21. This is the lavatory, toilet, and bath, Natalia explained, looking for any signs he comprehended what she was telling him.
  22. After a couple minutes, he got himself under control, forced himself to breathe deep, and then went to the nearest lavatory to clean.
  23. The latter no doubt a result of the closure of every public lavatory within a 20 mile radius of the town, in an attempt to save money.
  24. Then he migrated by the command of God the Almighty Who says: ((Race by your leg, this is a cool lavatory and drink)) Fortress Saad, Verse 42.
  25. Dinner would be served around seven, so he had a bit of time before dressing for the event to duck down into the Gent's lavatory to freshen up a bit.
  26. Flushed with Pride: Story of Thomas Crapper professed to reveal the story of the life of Mr Crapper who was said to have invented the flushing lavatory.
  27. If you should require to use the lavatory during that time, one of my assistants will be here to escort you to the facilities and return you to this room.
  28. That he had had the experience of living in Bungalow Two, for several months before his Tahoe departure, gave him the familiarity of having a suite, also with his own lavatory.
  29. With his wardrobe for the evening prepared, he combed his hair, checked his reflection for any necessary grooming, then he crossed the hall to the lavatory to complete his activities.
  30. By virtue of the addition of a new hub, borrowed from his place of work, Danny could attach his laptop to his domestic network in any one of the bedrooms, in the kitchen and even in the downstairs lavatory.
  31. Singer’s novel, The Magician of Lublin, which he had loved with such a passion that for many years he had kept it next to the lavatory in case he felt like reading it at times when his stomach was playing up.
  32. The little lavatory kiosk is locked for the night, but the vending machine out front’s still lit, just waiting for someone with a disregard for property and a bad case of the munchies to come along and smash the glass.
  33. Urbino never saw her again, not even by accident, and God alone knows how much grief his heroic resolve cost him or how many bitter tears he had to shed behind the locked lavatory door in order to survive this private catastrophe.
  34. After having found the door of the lavatory he went back to the mortuary, stripped the sheet off the dead body which was as cold as ice (in taking off the sheet Vassily touched his hand), took the bags, tied them together to make a rope, and carried the rope to the lavatory.
  35. No rabbit passes hraka underground: and, like schoolchildren who know that they cannot very well be refused a request to go to the lavatory as long as it is not too soon after the last time, the Efrafan rabbits used to slip into the ditch for a breath of air and a change of scene.
  36. The prisoners gave them nicknames, including Hogjaw, Baby Dumpling, Bucktooth, Genghis Khan, and Roving Reporter; one unfortunate officer, wrote POW Lewis Bush, wore puffy pants and walked as though he was always bursting to go to the lavatory, prompting the men to call him Lieutenant Shit-in-Breeches.
  37. She told him the legends--told him who knew all legends, told him who had a headache and could only keep alive by going into the lavatory and plunging his head every few minutes into cold water, and she did not in the least mind when she craned out of the window to look at things that she should come back into the carriage again with her hair in every sort of direction and her face not only dusty but with smuts.

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