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Washbowl in a sentence

1. There were two articles in the outer court of the tent of Moses; they were the bronze altar, and the bronze washbowl.
2. Wood paneled walls, leather chairs, a single stainless steel table with washbowl ran the length of the room, pushed up against the wall.
3. The room was scantily furnished with a dilapidated bureau in one corner and a rickety washstand equipped with a dirty washbowl and pitcher.
4. Next to the fireplace were a washbowl and a kettle of tepid water that Elizabeth had apparently heated in the kitchen and brought upstairs to their room.
5. That night at Cohen House he lay in the soft bed with its fresh sheets and woollen blankets and stared at the Edwardian ladies painted on the table lamp shade, the neat floral wallpaper, the old fashioned water jug and china washbowl on the dresser, time stood still.

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