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Washbasin in a sentence

1. He gripped the sides of the washbasin to steady himself.
2. They’ve also blocked the drain of the washbasin in here.
3. Ethan touched the washbasin causing water to pour from one edge.
4. A burly figure in the shadows across the room stood over a washbasin.
5. Then there was a hole in the floorboards right next to the washbasin.
6. The pile tottered as Jasper made his way to the washbasin but nothing fell.
7. I don’t suppose anyone thought to bring a washbasin, he said, then shook his head.

8. There was also a low table in a corner with a washbasin, a jar of water and a pile of towels.
9. It was not large, but there was room for a bed, a table and chair, a washbasin, and a storage bin.
10. It was a small room with very little in it apart from a bed, table, cupboard, and washbasin and that was pretty much it.
11. He laid them out and was selecting suitable attire when a servant arrived with a bucket of hot water and filled his washbasin.
12. Only a simple washbasin filled with water, scented with lavender, a brass ewer, and a side table on which a set of clothes had been placed.
13. Pushing the locking bolt of her room’s door in place, she shed her dusty clothes and poured some water in the washbasin sitting on the table.
14. I stepped into the room and found it furnished simply with bed, trunk, washbasin, table and chair as usual, but all the wood was highly polished.
15. She asked permission to use the bathroom to shower, which, of course, I granted, because in the flat she shared they did not have one, just a squat toilet with a tap and washbasin.
16. While small, it was swept clean of dirt and dust and was furnished with a straw mattress on a wooden bed frame, a stool, a chamber pot and a small table supporting a clay washbasin and a water jar.

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