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    1. "But I'm for the beach, not the water," she said and began backing out

    2. Afternoonday began delightfully warm, as warm as any week in mid summer

    3. Abraham began his

    4. He began to think it was a long time that Venna had been gone

    5. This book began as a form of catharsis but was never intended to be

    6. Luke: 7:38: And stood at his feet behind him weeping, and began to wash his feet with tears, and did wipe them with

    7. Luke: 7:49: And they that sat at meat with him began to say within themselves, who is this that forgive sins also?

    8. Before she could open her mouth with a good excuse, the old man began rambling again

    9. 2Chl: 31:21: And in every work that he began in the service of the house of God, and in the law, and in the

    10. She had used that knowledge to approach him very gradually when their affair began

    11. But then James's body began changing again

    12. The pain in her leg began to surface as sharp needles escaping from her leg

    13. Ackers started typing on the keyboard and maps began appearing on the screen

    14. She sat at the table, he sat at the counter and began frying some eggs

    15. His glasses began fogging up and he had to wipe them several times so he could see

    16. Herndon frowned and began to look around more of the house

    17. He began to wonder about these fragile girls in the window

    18. began with an A

    19. he even began to talk about plans for the future

    20. “No…” the slow one began, eyes wide with revelation

    21. He began to think that maybe he wasn't as charming and fun as he once believed and that maybe it was just the alcohol that made him happy

    22. The insects spread tiny wings and began to bite Haques on the arms

    23. She remembered Alan telling Glenelle how close to nature he felt when he lit a fire, that was when he began to hope that he could survive on this planet

    24. The entire mob began to weep violently, adding saltwater tears to the beach

    25. That is, until the rifle began to drip

    26. He spun around and began to interrogate her angel sister

    27. In his head, Topher began counting in multiples of sixes, as he always did to calm himself down

    28. The mother land has known the secrets of the ocean since time itself began

    29. the truth, and with that admission the last of his strength began to drip away

    30. After a mile or so, David began to lose all feeling in his feet and hands

    31. through the soft snow, and David began to doubt whether he had the strength to make

    32. with eyes locked in their own soul-deep and soundless embrace, the couple began to

    33. importantly, they began to wonder about love

    34. That, and the much more productive Elven agriculture allowed them to over-run the Trolls by weight of numbers even before modern times began

    35. union, until, just as they began the last violent thrusts of fire rimmed ardour, just as

    36. Churchill if memory serves, but for me that was the year that my life began

    37. Travis began to extricate himself from his mother

    38. many ways, and that is how the nightmares began

    39. He could watch her face as she began to really understand

    40. Travis began to came out of his daze on floor

    41. The big man began to shuffle around the counter and squeeze through the small entrance into the reception area

    42. She began to laugh, quietly at first but with every tremor, with every rib

    43. We were spending time in these prayers, and unbelievable things began

    44. A different life began in their family

    45. ning, was baptized by the Holy Spirit, began speaking in tongues

    46. But instead Tahlmute began with, "You know what I've always wondered?"

    47. He began speeding along the hard shoulder to the left of the tailed back traffic, oblivious to the angry stares of other motorists

    48. In a moment the glow began to abate

    49. When I recovered, I began looking for those to whom I could be a

    50. And suddenly she began to snore

    1. begin to describe His moral attributes which are

    2. introduction to begin our journey with Him

    3. You will begin to do the things that you need to do because your thoughts, based on these two words, will solidify a belief system of confidence within you

    4. Use the MindTrax tool so that you begin

    5. Re-word the statement in a positive way and you’ll begin to create a new habit of being optimistic

    6. Menopause usually occurs between 45 and 55 years of age, although it may begin earlier in women who have had a hysterectomy

    7. You are going to begin to

    8. You have to begin to recognize who, what, and where you are associating to know what is

    9. You can have the people in your life that you want to have in your life and begin to associate with other people who are moving more in the direction that you want to go in

    10. When you focus on you, everything around you will begin to

    11. tune you become to your intuition, based on what you want, the faster you will begin to see positive life changes happen

    12. When they begin to ask and wonder

    13. foundation where we build our relationship and begin

    14. begin to build your relationship through spending time

    15. However, when stress levels increase and become prolonged, feelings of exhaustion, debilitation and inadequacy begin to set in along with various physical side effects

    16. You begin to glow or have

    17. Lord… The elders and angels bow, they begin to worship

    18. By providing them a food source, we can begin to retrain them to come for food here and to stop looking for food in the kitchen, or on the roses, etc

    19. She finds his lips, they begin to kiss

    20. Having found the time and the place, we shall sit down in a comfortable chair and begin to meditate

    21. Therefore, we will do no more than see that our breathing is quiet and regular, and will then withdraw our thoughts from the body altogether and begin the work of concentration

    22. When the planet’s forests deplete the soils of nutrients, they begin to die off, releasing their stored carbon into the atmosphere

    23. To begin with this living being is totally free of all constraints

    24. To begin with, the meaning of a word varies according to what part of speech it is

    25. can’t even begin to imagine is that

    26. Bush snaps his fingers and the waves begin again, a gentle breeze blows

    27. Travis closed his eyes and waited for the pain to begin

    28. low and hazy to begin with but building slowly and surely to the point where Cat

    29. They begin to look around

    30. The teachers begin to stir, look about

    31. They begin checking the undercarriages of the trucks with mirrors on long poles

    32. One jumps inside, begin shouting almost immediately in Arabic

    33. We begin to believe

    34. Faith does not begin with what we can see or feel

    35. She felt the magic in the air begin to waver

    36. Not all tales of creation begin with the action or thought of some vaguely

    37. You begin to hear the voice of God from within you

    38. A minute or so later she received the data and forwarded it to Kandhi's You, with commands to begin the sweep and report on contact

    39. The effects of bell shaped flower begin to cease, the mind of

    40. Since all souls personifications had to be evaluated to supply the eyestream of the first, Bahkmar was forced to drop the eye-stream by another clock, and when it gets two clocks behind, souls begin to notice that the universe they see and the universe they feel are out of phase

    41. He walks home with me after most rehearsals after this, and, as we work on Act 1 of the play, I begin to look forward to seeing him

    42. to please encourage our young men (even teens) to begin early to prepare for their role in the leadership of the church

    43. Some kind of lecture is about to begin in there

    44. Have your say in the business meeting but do it in love When emotions begin to take precedent over reason and (God's truth) then the business meeting can turn into a

    45. "The seedship part of the mission does not begin until the anti-aging virus is avenged, that is in the Haad License and I will call the council to witness it

    46. As I begin to write this chapter, I owe to Tom Thomas for the patience he had in me to

    47. " It is too late! They had waited too long to begin the cure

    48. If as it happens so many times, he/they own the property, begin a new congregation

    49. At that point I begin to quit on Themis

    50. “Why do you begin with negativity?” he exclaimed at once happily

    1. those things in the beginning, to introduce Himself to

    2. the Lord now was beginning to manifest in His life

    3. Have you noticed that those two part dramas beginning on Sunday

    4. beginning He gave a man the power to rule over the

    5. · Your investment in health insurance is finally beginning to pay off

    6. Women face unique health issues beginning at age 50 and throughout the rest of their lives

    7. Remember, I said in the beginning that if you just read this book, you will gain knowledge, but if you do the work, you can transform your life! This book is designed to help you in the most efficient way possible

    8. Yorthops' relatives, who's house she was watching, had already returned and she was beginning to feel like a freeloader there

    9. He hadn’t checked what kind of plane it was, but it didn’t look like anything beginning and ending with a seven

    10. The way I see it, every stranger we meet could potentially be the beginning of a relationship

    11. through fasting and praying one time in the beginning of

    12. John: 2:11: This is the beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his

    13. · It is the beginning of a new phase in life rather than a stage preparatory to death

    14. So right from the beginning we are providing them with the wrong inputs

    15. After a moment, the same nurse we saw at the beginning enters the room

    16. At the beginning fifteen minutes is ample time

    17. If this becomes a habit, we shall soon find our reactions to the affairs of life changing and that we are beginning to think the thoughts that the soul thinks

    18. from the very beginning of the

    19. ‘Oh?’ I exclaimed beginning to see where this is going

    20. The farmer of today is beginning to understand the delicate balance of nature for which he is directly responsible

    21. Travis' breath shortened; the beginning of hyperventilation

    22. Remember, this was the mid-fifties and we were just beginning to see the

    23. From the very beginning it has

    24. An electric bell rings signaling the beginning of class

    25. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and

    26. If the Word was in the beginning, let us look at that beginning? Let us

    27. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

    28. He was beginning to put this together now, 'lab equipment' had been too touchy for Tahlmute

    29. ’ She said with that clear gaze I am beginning to think is characteristic of her

    30. For his part, Johnny was beginning to

    31. live…Everything was so good in the beginning

    32. I was only beginning to realize just how badly I had let him down

    33. She was beginning to feel that it had been a century and a half and a lot had changed in the Biology Base

    34. If we believe in the Bible, then we know that in the beginning was the

    35. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and

    36. He was in the beginning with God

    37. Somehow, after my experiences of the previous day, this sort of behavior was almost beginning to feel normal

    38. Is he beginning to recover?"

    39. If what you heard from the beginning abides in you, you also

    40. the absolute void and the essential necessity of beginning, and forgetting for a

    41. that we as conscious beings experience everything through a beginning and an end

    42. The Word is the beginning

    43. beginning, but this beginning is the right one

    44. My eyes were beginning to sting

    45. war would be the beginning of "The flash of a thousand

    46. One of the common mistakes many preachers make in beginning with a

    47. The preacher, who is Jesus Christ, begins his speech by announcing his Second Coming at the beginning of the New Age

    48. I was beginning to wonder, when they called me to their room

    49. For some reason he ignored the blanching expression of their faces and the mouths now beginning to gape open

    50. The “Top Spot” is reserved for Jesus! “And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence” (Colossians 1:18)

    1. When you do that, those two things happen; your brain begins to say, “Okay, got it, calculating and

    2. An undercurrent of blood begins to fill the house

    3. Simon begins to slander her within himself

    4. Moreover, Jesus begins to illustrate the parable he told

    5. to pray in the morning and begins His ministry in that

    6. As soon as her husband throws off his shirt and tie upon returning home, she snatches the strips of clothing and begins to iron

    7. Afternoonday can be quite warm, even as winter begins in the north, so for one day of the week lowland clothing can be worn

    8. Clarisse begins to cry

    9. She begins kissing him over and over on the chest, working her way up his neck

    10. He stops by the pond, casts his line, begins to fish again, pays no more attention to John

    11. He opens a lancet, begins to prick the end of John’s fingers

    12. He reaches over and pushes the call button for the nurse, begins to make a notation on a file

    13. He breaks one stone free and begins on another

    14. Bush strips off his jacket, tosses it in the corner, walks over to a refrigerator against the wall, opens it up, takes out a can of beer, pops the top and begins to chug-a-lug

    15. It begins however with the form or "object

    16. Weakly, John shakes his head from side to side, begins to cry

    17. She begins to cry

    18. It begins to crush her as John watches

    19. He claws uselessly at the arms of the beast as bright red blood oozes from her lips and the monster begins to retreat over the side of the balustrade with its prey

    20. He picks it up slowly and begins to examine it, carefully turning it around and around in his hands while he looks at it

    21. After a minute, a second full moon begins to appear above the horizon

    22. He thrashes feebly in the water, begins to sink

    23. He swallows water, chokes, tries to reach the surface, but he finally gives up, begins to sink rapidly

    24. Slowly, he begins to doze off

    25. including Russ, John and Bolt, pile off the bus as one of the doors of the building begins to creak open

    26. Russ reaches over and takes a newspaper John has tucked under his arm, begins to leaf through it

    27. Ricci begins to sing, a bit over-the-top, eying Ahmed as he phrases each word

    28. Ricci begins to stroke his head

    29. Ahmed begins to cry again, but this time it’s tears of joy

    30. His face begins to twitch slightly

    31. A silly grin spreads across his bloodied face and he begins to mumble

    32. Bolt begins to search frantically about for his Koran

    33. He reaches inside, begins feeling his way down her leg to her foot

    34. begins to work, the certainty that the healing belongs to me at this very

    35. And then my body begins to obey that certainty

    36. Ricci ignores the remark, tuns on his CD player and then begins to sing softly along with the Carpenters (V

    37. Ahmed is so moved at the thought that his lower lip begins to quiver and a teardrop trickles down his cheek

    38. The customs official looks at Russ askance, shakes his head, begins to stamp the passports

    39. CLERIC 3, leaving the mosque, spies him, begins waving his hands frantically and shouting angrily in Arabic to Bolt

    40. Russ looks back over his shoulder at the truck, which quickly begins to blaze

    41. And then it begins to speak to us

    42. Faith begins with what we cannot see

    43. Russ shrugs, takes out his Redman, pulls out a chaw, sticks it in his jaw and calmly begins to chew

    44. Russ smiles, yanks Khalid around so that his back is to him, puts one of the parachutes on him, yanks him around to face him, begins to strap it into place

    45. Russ stands, grabs John by the collar, yanks him to his feet, begins to help him put on the remaining parachute

    46. He sets Khalid down on a sandy patch of ground, begins to bind his leg as Khalid drifts in and out of consciousness, moans

    47. Bolt opens them, begins to thumb through

    48. When we are baptized in the Holy Spirit, He begins to lead us through

    49. guidance when He begins to uproot this wrong mentality

    50. Bolt smiles, faces begins to twitch

    1. If we mentally stagnate, aging has begun

    2. If you know that your faith is still growing, and you have just begun

    3. In accordance with the theory of life that I too had begun to adopt while in solitary confinement, I tried to develop a similar Zen-like acceptance of the here-and-now

    4. The show it seemed had begun

    5. The assembly begun with a

    6. She had begun to look forward to his visits

    7. Jake, we have begun this day what may prove to be the salvation of the world

    8. Kate went to Daniels side and he took her hand grinning, “My love, I fear that we have begun the battle of our lives!”

    9. It looked like the evening was over before it had begun but Aristethes took charge

    10. Slowly, and in a maddening whirl of confusion, recrimination and tears, Lucy begun to piece together the utter horror and enormity of what her mother was saying

    11. Even at Lucy’s tender age the seeds of cynicism had begun to take root, especially now that hope seemed so far away, and she mentally went “whatever” as the DJ waxed lyrically about the new voice on the block

    12. There in the distance, she spotted the Hausa; they had begun gathering for the evening

    13. discover that every rose bush and plant had begun to re-grow its thorns

    14. Sao Luis had begun its second voyage in 2361, well before the war started and before the Brazilians put the Kassikan’s virus into production

    15. of the room as this procedure was begun

    16. While onboard the Sword, Tyu had begun to teach Alexis the Scather language

    17. the two of us since I had begun testing

    18. they do they will have begun to presume to know

    19. He has already been informed of your request and has begun processing it

    20. 24And when he had begun to reckon, one was brought unto him, which owed him ten

    21. maddening whirl of confusion, recrimination and tears, Lucy begun

    22. the seeds of cynicism had begun to take root, especially now that

    23. This was actually a point for him, she had begun changing before she took the shonggot and she saw that now

    24. When Harry had begun to be highly proficient with the staff, White Feathers brought young Jameson to him for training in the techniques and purposes behind such an education

    25. Hipolyta and Titania had begun keeping the curtains over the workshop alcove closed all the time, but as they also made sure no one was usually around to notice when they went in and out, it didn't raise any suspicions

    26. “Therefore in a real sense you have been making serious contributions to our family's wealth for years, just as your sisters have begun to do

    27. The city had begun as a campsite at the end of that expedition, a place so far away at the time that they could never be bothered

    28. When Harry had brought the last of the stack from the storeroom, George bid him hold upright the fitted ribs he had begun to place

    29. He had begun to wonder if

    30. Her voice rang through the little hall in a triumphant appeal, then fell into echoing supplication, and gathered itself in the air into a crescendo of glorious beauty, and then, as quickly as it had begun, it trailed into silence

    31. He settled into a chair, selected a book, and had just begun to read when there came a fervent knocking upon the stateroom door

    32. Mackie that he was completely at their disposal, “Would you prefer that I wait here, or return shortly?” He asked, hoping to walk off the nervous butterflies which had begun flittering about in his stomach

    33. preference for French Cardinals - has begun to even things

    34. Outside it had begun raining,

    35. had begun smoking because of the green wood, burning his

    36. This event unmistakably signaled the birth pangs had truly begun for the humble beginning of a new era

    37. It had just begun to rain as Jean arrived home later that

    38. encouragement and had already begun threading his way

    39. They were now three together again, and the high spirits with which Harry and Kaitlyn had begun the day were now trebled as well

    40. He thought back to remember how he used to just have pleasant times with his friends, before all this horrible stuff had begun happening

    41. Lawrence Spelman had begun the arduous process of the disposition of properties no longer deemed useful to themselves, or which might be better employed in the use of others

    42. The host was most anxious to clarify the translation of all the talk of centers and brains into the more concrete schema of the octave's structure they had just recently begun to map

    43. stairs to Henri’s office and had already begun his tirade

    44. fight had already begun, cheers roared from the stands but you could still hear the

    45. “Would you care to help me stuff 'Guy'?” He offered promptly, and they were off to the back of the house where the project had already begun

    46. choir had begun what he presumed was a motet

    47. He apologized that he had not yet begun furnishing all the rooms, as he led them along a tour of the house and grounds

    48. reconsidering his strategy, and had begun picking at his

    49. begun the ride back along the secondary routes they had

    50. By now Benoit had begun to tire of the

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    Synonyms for "begin"

    begin menachem begin commence get get down set about set out start start out lead off originate occasion arise spring open create emanate initiate undertake embark enter upon institute

    "begin" definitions

    Israeli statesman (born in Russia) who (as prime minister of Israel) negotiated a peace treaty with Anwar Sadat (then the president of Egypt) (1913-1992)

    take the first step or steps in carrying out an action

    have a beginning, in a temporal, spatial, or evaluative sense

    set in motion, cause to start

    begin to speak or say

    be the first item or point, constitute the beginning or start, come first in a series

    have a beginning, of a temporal event

    have a beginning characterized in some specified way

    begin an event that is implied and limited by the nature or inherent function of the direct object

    achieve or accomplish in the least degree, usually used in the negative

    begin to speak, understand, read, and write a language