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    1. "Yeah, but do you think I am forcing her dead body to twitch using electrical impulses? Do you think if you cut me open you would find some crystal implanted in Tdesi's head?"

    2. to be in order to have what you want? Would you have to be more open

    3. Would you be listening to what they are telling you from their perspective on life? Would you be being open minded and accepting that your point of view is just that, it’s your point of view

    4. The more open and honest you can be with yourself and with others, in the moments of your life, will make a major difference in how your life goes

    5. You need to be open and honest with the people in your life

    6. Be open and

    7. They jabbed their fingers and teeth into his ribs, pulling him apart, cracking him open like a lobster

    8. " She was at the front door, she turned toward him in the open door

    9. He was led up a seemingly endless flight of open backed stairs to a small office

    10. who think about God as soon as we open our eyes, we

    11. 2Kings: 6:17: And Elisha prayed, and said, LORD, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see

    12. The third hardest thing to be is open

    13. You have to be open in your mind

    14. Having an open mind about what is possible in your life is incredibly

    15. You have to be open to opportunities that arise in your life

    16. open with the people in your life

    17. You need to be open to conversation

    18. When you have an open mind then you allow new thoughts to

    19. When you have an open heart you allow love to come in

    20. open to conversation, open to change

    21. Sarah jumped a little as the door hinges squeaked open

    22. Before she could open her mouth with a good excuse, the old man began rambling again

    23. He decided to open up the copy of Stranger in a Strange Land he had brought for the flight

    24. The public door was open and Athnu was talking with someone

    25. Henry was going to have to assert himself a bit more; he was going to have to open the door and go in boldly

    26. The door creaked open and Henry started tiptoeing into the room

    27. That I was so open with her made it all the harder when she smiled and shot me down

    28. This will not only bring peace and solace to one’s mind but also open up one more avenue for social interaction

    29. He left all his drawers open and all over the walls were fliers, notebook doodles, and movie ticket stubs

    30. On the other side, Raj had to crouch down to open the window, and he was already short for a sixth-grader

    31. He raised his arm to his mouth and suckled on the open scab

    32. I pray that as you read, it will open your eyes, and be

    33. Ask Holy Spirit to open your spiritual ear and train your

    34. No doubt Herndon would want to push on today, if she could keep him from cruising wide open she would be content

    35. There were a few parked cars but none of the surrounding stores were open and there wasn’t a person to be seen in any direction

    36. There was an open end and an end that had a mattress in it

    37. A towel fluttered from a peg on the open post of the kitchen roof in the light breeze

    38. ’ He went on, holding open a door for me

    39. Now that they were up, they were sitting at the indoor table with the box open

    40. I think that the reason that grandchildren are great is because they come to you with their open arms and open hearts, unspoiled and innocent

    41. They took on two hundred bags of fuel, so many that one had to crawl over them to get to the one bed that was still open

    42. It was only a little more than an hour till they were out on the open lake where he opened the throttle full and pounded over the water in the last gloom of dusk

    43. None of the nearby stores were open yet and there was a soft morning mist that added to the eerie calm that contrasted strongly with all the fighting and explosions they had just left behind

    44. It was a couple miles to open water from this harbor

    45. She could use this opportunity to set out across the lake and get back to Kulai, it was less than ten hours across to Dromedia wide open, he might stay out that long

    46. I can't see them wanting to keep her job open while the police investigate her innocence

    47. It was lunch time before they finally moved off, but they ate fruit and bread as they moved out into open country

    48. Before they were done with their lunch, they were traversing open range spotted with scattered small holds with small herdsmen on open range

    49. “Now, I should have applied just enough that the liquid will bypass the lock’s structural integrity for a matter of moments, allowing me to bend it like rubber and open the door before the lock returns to a solid state,” Ackers thought out loud

    50. Ackers slowly turned around to see a paper delivery boy standing on the porch with his mouth hanging open in surprise

    1. opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and,

    2. Pick a bird house that allows enough room for the snails to enter, and one that has a lid that can be opened and closed

    3. The doors of the elevator opened to show Agent Ackers standing before them

    4. Isa: 50:5: The Lord GOD hath opened mine ear, and I was not rebellious, neither turned away back

    5. He stammered and opened his mouth, but then shut it again and turned away

    6. It was only a little more than an hour till they were out on the open lake where he opened the throttle full and pounded over the water in the last gloom of dusk

    7. She opened her mouth like she was about to scream and it was all blackness inside her mouth

    8. He ran over and quickly opened his closet, revealing piles of clothes heaped on top of each other in the middle of the floor

    9. Ackers crept over to the door and opened it a crack, trying to look out into the hallway for any signs of the intruders

    10. He opened the door and walked as quietly as he could to the banister

    11. He opened his fist and looked down at the simple looking thing

    12. He opened his mouth wide and swallowed the Super Chip

    13. Frank laughed as he swiped his card to check out and, just like magic, the doors opened for him

    14. ‘Then I opened the wine … that’s all

    15. A better method and one that I prefer, is to get a small clay drain pipe (opened at both ends, about 3 inches wide, 12 inches long (smaller for roses, larger for trees) and bury that at the base of the rose bush or plant, level with the ground

    16. If your tree is leaking sap, this is usually an indication that the tree is under some type of stress and is opened to attack

    17. The crate is not to be opened, there's a ceramic security layer inside that must be broken to open it

    18. Someone has opened the windows in the room and a gentle breeze is stirring

    19. driver climbed out and walked round the rear of the car, where he opened one of the

    20. opened them and turned them so that they could see the contents

    21. I haven't opened the third bale yet

    22. Just then the back door opened

    23. If you are reading this book, you have already opened

    24. with seemingly nothing left to fume about Cat opened the door, pulled the collar of

    25. They could just sit up and enjoy the ride, EndsWaving knew the back way to Taktor's since he opened the place in the 54th

    26. The taller one took out his wallet, opened it and handed it to Theo

    27. The officer opened his eyes wide in exaggerated surprise and gave a broad friendly smile

    28. She opened the door, showed him where everything was,

    29. The door opened slowly, swinging on silent hinges to reveal a blackness so

    30. "So that's what I am?" Glenelle asked, "A backup?" An empty hole opened in her gut over that

    31. hunter in her soul, she opened the curtains, stepped out onto the balcony and gazed

    32. He walks forward in the cabin to Khalid, who has opened an overhead

    33. opened his door, climbed out of the car, and stretched himself out to his full height

    34. Tetbury road and started to walk up hill towards the underpass that opened out onto

    35. The girl's eyes opened wide, she threw her head back and gave a long, loud laugh

    36. When she opened her eyes the girl was on top of her, the stain of her bloodied crotch pressing into Melinda's gagging mouth

    37. Taking a deep breath, she got up from the couch as silently as she could, tip-toed to the front door, slowly opened it with a sense of relief when it didn't squeak, and then hurried outside and up the street

    38. I watched as the door opened and I guess it was me that turned the latch although I don't remember doing it

    39. She had opened a special secret channel into it and could now monitor and control its activity directly

    40. Puzzled, Leonora went over and opened it to see a puffy, pasty, pink-haired, nose- and ear- and lip-pierced woman standing on the landing

    41. He opened a gate into a field in which there was nothing but a hill of grass with a path leading down to it

    42. The prisoner opened his eyes and felt

    43. He opened his mouth ready to shout her down and just as the words found his lips, the bus gave a great jerk forward, whiplashing Keogh in his seat and aborting his outburst

    44. “You opened our eyes and once you did

    45. manhandled out of the cell MacKenzie turned to look at Danton and opened his

    46. Phipps opened it all the way and revealed the loading mechanism for the turret

    47. His opening ‘How are things with you?’ opened the flood gates, with me listing all the things I’d convinced myself I’d got wrong

    48. When the door to my cell opened and he squatted down in front of me I had assumed that he was as nonchalant about all of this as he looked

    49. Bahkmar noticed most people in this meeting opened new notebooks for it

    50. The carpenter's workshop he opened last year had enough clients, yet he hardly earned anything because he used to grab the money paid in advance and disappear, without even setting foot in the workshop

    1. The opening section of Medical Matters hits hard and fast – like an unintentional [?] simulation of the actual diagnosis and treatment

    2. “What the hell is wrong with you?” I scream, opening the chamber and emptying it

    3. Not finding what it was he was looking for, Henry dumped the massive pile back onto his desk and started opening his desk drawers, banging his elbow on the cubicle wall behind him

    4. “Hey! Check these out!” He whispered, opening a red bin

    5. Larorlie couldn't root in this sandy soil but the rails were hung with a summer's growth of blue noonbloom that was just opening

    6. The door of the car opening rouses me

    7. As they pulled closer they could see that the opening of the tunnel was decorated with flowing curves, giving the impression of continuous bodies intertwined

    8. A good rule of thumb for crawl space ventilation is about two square feet of opening for every 25 lineal feet of wall

    9. There is really no proper way of teaching and how you LEER at your students is up to you, but I guarantee that opening up communications with students will make your class a better place, free of profanity and with everyone wearing their trousers on their bottoms

    10. Someone was opening the window to Johnny’s room!

    11. Zitteraal as in the opening scene, dressed again in the pressed white lab coat, a dress shirt and a tie,

    12. ’ I said, trying to recall where I left the members’ handbook which gives all the details about opening hours and the like

    13. were rusted beyond hope of opening, fused together at hinge and at lock, clinging to

    14. I don’t suppose you heard anything in the night, did you?’ he asked, getting his keys out and opening the front door of the house

    15. They chink glasses as the opening drum licks to the ZZ TOP

    16. We hear the opening licks of the ZZ TOP song, "La Grange

    17. Glenelle tended to have a separate sun for each room in her universe anyway so this would just be the opening on one side of her home

    18. The opening hours of Darklow Cash for Gold were from 10

    19. The opening hours said 10

    20. opening of the prison to those who are bound;

    21. ’ He explained, opening the taxi door for me to get in

    22. Seems she hit the bridge slightly at an angle and it stoved in the roof of her car a bit, not enough to stop the door opening, thank God, but her head got coshed in the process

    23. Joshua looked at the opening hours printed clearly on the window and then at his watch

    24. the narrow opening in the arrow-slit high above him, its outline drawn in pitch

    25. "Been opening every five minutes or so for the last fifteen

    26. His opening ‘How are things with you?’ opened the flood gates, with me listing all the things I’d convinced myself I’d got wrong

    27. A brief opening revealed the mechs already spinning on their puffers and maneuvering to get what they’d come for

    28. That same dull light trickled into my cell, opening up a chequered world of dusk and shadow through the fibres of my hood

    29. It all looked very professional, though I did think that Andy Scott made rather a meal of the opening of Act 2

    30. With the junks and Tipperary and all the Lancers hurtling faster than light towards the Mizar system, it almost seemed for a moment as if they’d made it, as if they’d got away clean, but Jordo had been flying his fighter backwards for at least ten seconds now, staring at the transit’s opening onto the Algol system as it receded

    31. They tried to fly past without opening fire as the junk’s reactor cooked off like a low-yield bomb

    32. The three squadrons of alien aces vanished from sight, presumably lost somewhere in interstellar space or incinerated when some sizable portion of the energy that went into the transit's opening hurled itself out into the Mizar system in a fountain of high energy particles, microwaves, and infrared

    33. He takes us through to his lounge – a room which stretches across the back of the house with a large picture window opening out onto the back …

    34. We can not sit quietly through discussions, some heated without opening our

    35. I heard odd scufflings and the opening and closing of doors, assuming that it was my guards moving about my new and as yet undiscovered home

    36. Like hypnotized, I stood in front of the oblong opening that led to its interior; it gave the impression of an unguarded entrance

    37. As one comes into the harbor from the upper Lhar, the city is framed in the opening

    38. referred to as elevation, opening, receiving, or

    39. stone covering an opening in the wall

    40. heart out on opening it (that too on your request

    41. to know the way to the crematorium without opening books of maps

    42. barge in without opening the door

    43. There was an opening at the rear of the cave and I squeezed into it with all my might

    44. It didn’t, thank God! I squeezed thru the opening into another area and turned around to see where this had led me

    45. Then she took them out thru the large opening at the other end of the cavern

    46. Second try, I succeed in opening it and grope around inside for the stone

    47. “Would you mind opening the door, Daniel?” She looked at him sweetly, “the code is 4036 star; I’ll be there in a second

    48. Opening a present

    49. in the nut bake and sealed the opening

    50. She stretched, arched her back and rolled over opening her eyes and smiling up at him

    1. The door cautiously opens

    2. Daniel opens and closes its mouth against his father’s neck and cries a low, sad moan

    3. ‘Hmmmm …’ he said as the door opens again to admit the Inspector

    4. Her mouth opens up for the creamy brew

    5. The door opens and a woman comes in with a tray of sandwiches and coffee

    6. Dizzie opens the door

    7. The door opens, Dr

    8. The door opens, Zitteraal enters, clipboard in hand

    9. He opens a lancet, begins to prick the end of John’s fingers

    10. Zitteraal takes out his penlight, opens one of John’s eyes, watches as the pupil contracts immediately when he shines the light into John’s eye

    11. Bush strips off his jacket, tosses it in the corner, walks over to a refrigerator against the wall, opens it up, takes out a can of beer, pops the top and begins to chug-a-lug

    12. He opens the door of the state trooper’s car, takes out the shotgun, pumps a round into the chamber and fires it in the air

    13. John picks it up, opens it

    14. Finally, he opens the travel bag, takes out his Rolex, looks at it

    15. opens the back of the Rolex with a tool, a jeweler’s lens on one eye

    16. John opens the paper, reads it

    17. He slowly opens it

    18. John opens the door and walks inside

    19. Dave opens the frig, peeks in, shuts it quickly

    20. John opens one of the walk-in closets

    21. He takes out his wallet, opens it, passes a photo to John

    22. With a groan, he opens his eyes and sits up

    23. John, lying on one side of the bed, wakes, slowly opens his eyes

    24. John pulls on his shoes while Russ ambles over to the frig, pulls out, opens a non-alcohlic beer

    25. Emanating from the car as he opens the door is a

    26. She turns as her greying, distinguished servant, MOHAMMED, opens the door

    27. The dining hall door opens and Mohammed walks in with Abdullah and Akbar

    28. Teekra turns towards the door as it opens

    29. He goes over and opens it

    30. Russ reaches back, takes a bottle from one of the boxes, opens it and pours himself a drink

    31. The cockpit door opens and the PILOT enters, gesturing angrily at and apparently arguing with his co-pilot, who remains at the controls

    32. Mohammed opens the door for him and he gets out

    33. and impossible things”… He opens our eyes, the eyes of the spirit

    34. He stops at a door sporting Stephen’s name and opens it

    35. Halfway through my narrative, the door opens and a woman comes in with a tray of coffee

    36. She wakes up, throws on her robe, opens the door

    37. Bolt opens them, begins to thumb through

    38. A key rattles in the lock and the door opens

    39. He opens up the truth which makes us

    40. Moreover, she is always trying to sabotage me in various stupid ways: She steals my back up floppy discs and accuses me of losing them, yet I see them as soon as she opens her drawer; she refuses to show me some useful things on the computer; she gives me to type the wrong texts and then she says I am the one who doesn't work right; she drops hints I am illiterate and I don't know the computer program, and so on

    41. He opens the window and I hear the sound of the wind rustling in the trees … it’s a wonderful sound and very soothing

    42. Henry opens the door

    43. She usually opens her mouth only to belittle me with offensive remarks such as “I have all the ideas, I am clever, whereas you can't think of anything, you are brainless!”

    44.  Taking Inspired Massive Action that opens you up to

    45. There is one point where it opens out into a pond larger than the one in Yoonbarla, three different canals lead under ten floors of city out to the harbor, another goes back into the city and the ship canal

    46. and opens his eyes to watch me sleep

    47. When she sees someone is sad, it opens up her heart

    48. (opens a brief case and takes out a folder, puts on his reading glasses

    49. so she opens the face plate

    50. He opens it and sniffs the contents nodding approvingly

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    Synonyms for "open"

    open surface open air out-of-doors outdoors clear open up spread spread out unfold afford give candid heart-to-heart unfastened opened overt exposed receptive undecided undetermined unresolved loose capable subject assailable undefendable undefended admissible accessible permitted available allowable free public unrestricted uncovered unclosed denuded naked patent unoccupied unfulfilled emptied debatable controversial disputable questionable uncertain unsettled bare unguarded liable insecure unsafe honest above-board plain artless straightforward fair frank perforated airy filigree penetrable porous extended expanded generous bounteous bountiful liberal magnanimous munificent open-handed

    "open" definitions

    a clear or unobstructed space or expanse of land or water

    where the air is unconfined

    a tournament in which both professionals and amateurs may play

    information that has become public

    cause to open or to become open

    start to operate or function or cause to start operating or functioning

    become open

    begin or set in action, of meetings, speeches, recitals, etc.

    spread out or open from a closed or folded state

    make available

    become available

    have an opening or passage or outlet

    make the opening move

    afford access to

    display the contents of a file or start an application as on a computer

    affording unobstructed entrance and exit; not shut or closed

    affording free passage or access

    with no protection or shield

    open to or in view of all

    used of mouth or eyes

    not having been filled

    accessible to all

    not defended or capable of being defended

    (of textures) full of small openings or gaps

    having no protecting cover or enclosure

    (set theory) of an interval that contains neither of its endpoints

    not brought to a conclusion; subject to further thought

    not sealed or having been unsealed

    without undue constriction as from e.g. tenseness or inhibition

    ready or willing to receive favorably

    open and observable; not secret or hidden

    not requiring union membership

    possibly accepting or permitting

    affording free passage or view

    openly straightforward and direct without reserve or secretiveness

    ready for business