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Betrayer in a sentence

Jesus regarded the betrayer only with pity.
Conan wasted no more breath on his dusky betrayer.
The best betrayer, the sneakiest, oiliest rapist.
The betrayer of Jesus with a kiss, for thirty pieces of silver.
And with that I was revealed and thrown down to my unknown fate, just as my betrayer had.
But when the Master greeted him as a betrayer, he was so confused that he made no attempt to flee.

He led me away from the Message after it had come to me; for Satan has always been a betrayer of man.
It is Ogatu Law concerning a Lord Holder; he must be proved to be a betrayer to the Queen and Aura.
In his mind, you were the cause of the loss of his son and now I was to bear the child of his betrayer.
The betrayer, Judas Iscariot, was shortly to reveal himself but a moment of anxiety was experienced by all.
Tell me, Ursempyre, have you heard of Shan the Traitor? The terrible Betrayer? And the Day of Redemption?
The Master and the eleven left the home of Elijah Mark fully fifteen minutes before the betrayer and the guards arrived.
Judas Iscariot - The ultimate betrayer of Jesus who kept the money for the group and committed suicide from his wrong doing.
In his quality of betrayer of Don Carlos' confidence, he would have ultimately to indicate the hiding-place of the treasure.
Nobody labels Roosevelt as a filthy traitor of the American Nation and a betrayer of American cultural values and American Principles.
The betrayer then went on to state that more than threescore devoted followers were encamped with him, and that they were all well armed.
And he was also beginning to become somewhat disillusioned regarding the reward he was to receive as payment for his services as Jesus' betrayer.
The strikingly handsome betrayer leant in sullen and gloomy silence against the mantel-piece, ready to treat all advances with stern and defiant obduracy.
The betrayer was well-nigh breathless and highly distraught, but he managed to stammer out these words: I have sinned in that I have betrayed innocent blood.
The trap of black identity politics is squeezed tight by maligning any black who dares to reject identity requirements, and succeed on his own, as a betrayer of his people.
Judas the betrayer answered and said Can it be I my 9 Mastere Jesus said to him You have said; And Judas took the bread straightway and went outside and it was still night.
That was the telltale message light on the hotel phone that chills the heart of the traveling betrayer, coming home at dawn to realize that his absence has been discovered.
Judas had even thought to pose as having hastened out to warn them of the coming of the apprehenders, but this plan was thwarted by Jesus' blighting greeting of the betrayer.
Now did Judas deserve what he got? He got God Himself in the flesh came and knelt at the foot of a betrayer, and washed his feet, knelt at the foot of a thief and washed his feet.
Now did Judas deserve what he got? He got God Himself, in the flesh, came and knelt at the foot of a betrayer, and washed his feet; knelt at the foot of a thief, and washed his feet.
But Judas was painfully conscious of the meaning of the Master's words associated with his act, and he became fearful lest his brethren were likewise now aware that he was the betrayer.
The betrayer feared that, if he waited for them to return to their camp, more than threescore of devoted disciples would be encountered, and he also knew that Simon Zelotes had an ample store of arms in his possession.
Then she began to weep and moan, and, overwhelmed with grief, she fell into a swoon, of which her betrayer availed himself—not to escape a trying farewell, but to fly from the Russians whose cries were drawing nearer and nearer.
Why did you turn from the path in the way that you have? How did you come to settle for the half-life you live? If you had stayed on the road you were destined for, you would not now be a liege-lord’s pet dog and a betrayer of men.
The complete OPPOSITE of the Aryan ideal he espoused: Not blonde, tall and blue-eyed: but lazy, unhealthy, fat, unathletic, ignorant, undisciplined, and cunning: a liar and betrayer of the new clean ethnic populations of the earth which had begun to demand their own ethnic identity be recognized as autonomous nations.
As to the statement made in defence of Maslova, that she was the victim of an imaginary (he laid a particularly venomous stress on the word imaginary) betrayer, he could only say that from the evidence before them it was much more likely that she had played the part of temptress to many and many a victim who had fallen into her hands.
Once released by the turtle to dig for the eyes in the sand, the rabbit shook the water from his coat, and winking at his clumsy betrayer said,.

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