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Blabber in a sentence

1. Are what pollies blabber when they receive awards.

1. I could be spotted blabbering to myself.
2. Its better than an empty house with a blabbering TV.
3. Now…about that honoi thing you were blabbering about….
4. What are you blabbering about? He wiped sweat off his face.
5. He started blabbering excuses, borderline lies about what they were doing.
6. And he continued charming them, blabbering, and smiling like a Hollywood actor.
7. Stymie covers his smile to stop his blabbering mouth after saying, Your welc.
8. Bitch what the hell’re you blabbering about? Joey said, his face getting red.
9. One might have mistaken you for a blabbering fool of little use beyond shoveling dung in the heat-pipes.
10. Kadda looked over at Apuna to see if he was not going to put an end to the meaningless blabbering taking place.
11. The dracoid looked at his partner with and confused face, gestured to Lezura and said, What the hell’s she blabbering about?
12. It was conversational approach was odd, blabbering something about a dream from god changing his biology and that he was suddenly, and strangely, attracted to humans.
13. Sparky had hooked an IV up to him and for all general purposes he appeared to simply be resting and recharging from a harrowing experience, if anything Eleanor was blabbering about was true.
14. The pirate never got a chance to finish the sentence, since Cheeryup took that moment to throw the handful of dirt and gravel she’d been hiding in her fist into his open, blabbering mouth, making him gag, sputter, and cough.
1. He blabbered something in his.
2. But having lost her senses in the ecstasy of their mutual attraction, she kept mum while her friend blabbered.
3. Merseft blabbered on about how the spell was going to wear off, and that they would be stuck in this scary place forever.

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