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Informer in a sentence

What about the informer?
He had his own informer killed, too.
Perhaps tonight he would catch the informer.
Their informer inside of Valle said that this.
Old enough to be an informer for Caveira, anyway.
There was another item of significance: a mystery informer.
I hope that this doesn’t mean that our informer was arrested.

If suspected to be an informer his tongue would also be cut out.
The genetic code is the informer of structural thins related to the body.
If the informer were out in the jungle now, Max would see him returning.
This Blessington or Sutton, who was the worst of the gang, turned informer.
And now cheat and play the informer if you can; I ask no quarter at your hands.
Are you afraid of informers? Can there possibly be an informer among us here?
Did your informer have any other intelligence, such as the progress that this.
How did Deuce connect to whoever sent that text? Maybe they used him as an informer too.
It was of little comfort that the informer had joined Section 11 before his time, moving from the Cabinet Office.
The Italian police eventually managed to turn the tables on the Red Brigade, mainly by persuading members to turn informer.
He also warned Colling that the tavern-keeper was involved in the black market and was probably an informer for the Russians as well.
Once that is done, then find that bastard of an informer that doubled-crossed us and terminate him with extreme prejudice as soon as practical.
It was implacable duty; the police understood, as the Spartans understood Sparta, a pitiless lying in wait, a ferocious honesty, a marble informer, Brutus in Vidocq.
James was impressed with the competent way that she had coped with Wong shi-Teng and was relieved and happy to know that she had not been the informer within the group.
If the store bases its detention of a suspected shoplifter on information from a non-employee informer, that informer must have a reasonable basis for suspecting shoplifting.
There appeared to be reason for supposing that the drowned informer had hoped for a reward out of this forfeiture, and had obtained some accurate knowledge of Magwitch's affairs.
Yet Mohammed, the informer of God’s Words and the Messenger of humanity for all worlds, had never uttered a word or done an action out of himself, it was but by Godly Revelation.
When her fickle Mate, Jim Bonny, turn’d Informer ’gainst the Pyrates o’ New Providence, she ran off with Jack Rackham, the Pyrate King, an’ sail’d the Seas with him instead.
I consider that the question as regards me has been settled, and I am not obliged to give any further account of myself, not because I am an informer, but because I could not help acting as I did.
Petersburg before he had finished his studies, after a quarrel with his parents, whom his life of debauchery had terrified, he had not shrunk for the sake of money from doing the work of an informer.
They all headed for the site of the healthy, untouched orchard, led by the informer; and there our officer saw for himself the green trees and the ripe, juicy fruits exactly as they had been described to him.
When I told you of my suspicions about a possible informer, you managed eventually to blame it on a junior clerk of some sort in the Cabinet Office, who very soon afterwards had a fatal road accident before he could be questioned.
Bowled by her sensitivity (I hadn’t become insensitive yet), I pressed my suit to the hilt but finding her unyielding, I even begged her not to disappoint me, but with a charming firmness, she asked me to update my informer about the change in her posture.
Daifen has been told by an informer that the raid on the armory was lead by Ackerly Celdior, one of Daifen’s council and a White-Ship spy, so a prompt departure from the lord’s service is strongly recommended for Celdior, Mordan said at the top of his voice.

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