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Rat in a sentence

The Box and the Rat.
A rug rat is a kid.
Leave the life of rat.
Once a lone rat was.
It was the Water Rat!.
It was a juvenile rat.
Domingo, I smell a rat.

The rat stole some food.
This isn’t a rat cage.
Then a giant white rat.
She caught the rat with.
Think of a rat in a maze.
In the rat world, I'm a.
Not me, said the rat.
I’ve got the rat here.
The lead rat then took up.
I was still a city rat at.
What of the rat, then?
We have a rat in our troops.
For using her as a lab rat.
The rat had eaten his poison.
Jeepers, the rat began to cry.
When a rat is born, he is 38.
By God, it is I who is the rat.
The rat was a two legged one.
A rat darted from under a cart.
There's Mr Rat and Mr Mole —.
Tell me, who’s the rat?
Then the rat exploded out front.
Herman say he had a rat problem.
Wonder where that rat is by now.
Trapped like a rat in its hole.
An unusually fat, big black rat.
The rat bolted down a small hole.
Kevin supposed it was a guard rat.
It’s a rat race at a snail pace.
Listen the rat empire is enormous.
A large rat stepped into the light.
Rat, and don't stand about idle!'.
Kevin beamed at the rat and entered.
This dog has a strong ratting.
No ratting on me or I'll fricassee her.
Must have felt guilty for ratting you out.
Vinny know that he was ratting him out? Jake The Snake.
I guess that ratting her out hadn’t really helped either.
Kara said, Lord knows I hate Graham, but ratting him out … I don’t know.
Most of all he commented adversely on the desertion of Stephen by all his pubhunting confreres but one, a most glaring piece of ratting on the part of his brother medicos under all the circs.
While I cannot deny these claims, nor deny that there were indeed witnesses all around me, I still suspect my team members of ratting me out for the sole reason of wishing to steal my invention of the Crammington Krish Fortini, a drink that in one monthhas become so popular it’s being quoted as ‘the New Water.
Barrons ratted him out.
She ratted us out to Robert.
I don’t feel I ratted you out.
He ratted me out, didn’t he?
Whoever said I ratted on the King is lying, lady.
An inmate who ratted out another inmate was sure to.
Now, all I had to do is wait and hope no one ratted me out.
I don’t follow you…who could have possibly ratted him out?
Later that day, my snitch informed me that someone had ratted me out.
I realized he probably blamed Callie for his downfall — she was the one who’d called Williams, and Williams was the one who’d found me, and I was the one who’d ratted him out.
After her paddling she didn’t want anything more to do with her mother’s journal, and so four days later, during the new moon, she slipped the Dravadha broach into my apron pocket and ratted on me for stealing.
However, even though she was terrified about the dire consequences of what would happen to her if her stepfather ever found out that she’d ratted on him, Maggie had to protect her friend and mentor, Kathy Meadows.
Kalie, Leo Casselli, or Leonardo, as he prefers to be called, made headlines in the United States nearly twenty years ago, when a member of the Mafia family he ran in New York ratted him out to a congressional committee.
And apropos of coffin of stones the analogy was not at all bad as it was in fact a stoning to death on the part of seventytwo out of eighty odd constituencies that ratted at the time of the split and chiefly the belauded peasant class, probably the selfsame evicted tenants he had put in their holdings.
More dogs, men and rats.
A meeting place of rats.
Keep your eye on the rats.
Rats, habits of, xlvi, 242.
The rats are gone as well.
Good Lord, rats don't cry.
Gosh, the rats were still.
Rats with the disease not.
Rats can also cause disease.
That was, if rats had minds.
Rats scurry across the floor.
Two rats scurried across on.
The rats beneath the streets.
I'll get even with those rats.
Rats bit babies in East Harlem.
I thought rats hated humans.
It sounded like one of the rats.
Mice nibbled at his toes, rats.
They had to feed the flying rats.
We won't have any rats in my car.
Rats don't owe humanity anything.
Prisoners ain't ever without rats.
Rats and roaches were there when.
The rats don't even hang out there.
The rats quickly surrounded the boys.
Indeed, rats can eat almost anything.
Is he saying I live with rats?
Rats, I thought, why can’t I just.
There was rubbish and there were rats.
Two more rats appeared in the doorway.
Rats are doing the jig in my stomach.
Sure, he is one of my old cave rats.
The rats died from something outside.
I am grateful to the Ulladulla Rats.
All but one of the rats approached me.
Swarms of rats were all over the place.
Why would rats need information?
The rats destroyed everything everywhere.
From the bodies of the rats came beetles.
Andrew avoided eye contact with the rats.

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