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Blackleg in a sentence

He was caught in the act of "dealing a second" in the English Club, and driven from the club as a blackleg.
She smiles at him from behind a blackleg in Billy’s internalised theatre of dreams, clipboard in hand, but her eyes are closed.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

He imagined the boy he had known would be transformed into a rough, profane creature, with heartless laughter and obscene jest to catch the applause of the crowd—young in years, old in crime, a tool of gamblers and blacklegs.
He knew some anecdotes about the heroes of the turf, and various clever tricks of Marquesses and Viscounts which seemed to prove that blood asserted its pre-eminence even among blacklegs; but the minute retentiveness of his memory was chiefly shown about the horses he had himself bought and sold; the number of miles they would trot you in no time without turning a hair being, after the lapse of years, still a subject of passionate asseveration, in which he would assist the imagination of his hearers by solemnly swearing that they never saw anything like it.

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