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Scab in a sentence

She needed that scab to stay on.
Lydia felt the scab start to itch.
Chalmers scratched a scab on his nose.
We’ll teach you not to hit, scab.
I cut my knee; it’s only a small scab.
Given time, they will scab over and heal.
Though it had sealed, it left a crooked scab.

And they say every scab has tear-gas bombs in his pocket.
Still, should the scab of the sheep cause the shepherd to.
He raised his arm to his mouth and suckled on the open scab.
A dried scab ran in a thin line above his black and blue eyes.
She pictured her terror as a festering wound below a fresh scab.
Is this a union job or not, I’m not working with scab labour.
With the makeshift scab in place Lezura lifted Joey into her arms.
The flesh wounds are clean and are starting to scab over at the edges.
As the wounded hearts begin to scab over, it will become more and more.
The cold sore will develop into a crusty scab which may last for up to 2 weeks.
When the cut places started to scab, she put salt water on ’em so they wouldn’t scar.
His wounds had started to scab over making it hard to move his mouth without feeling pain.
Even his mouth was back to its old shape, with only a thin line of a scab on his bottom lip.
It was only after they were back on the road that she noticed the small scab that was starting to form on her neck.
The ground opened, swallowing the corpse and the wreckage it had caused, folding in on itself until a hill formed, a scab of earth.
As Thesa sank beneath the surface, the cold liquid washed the scab from the wound on his head and the water turned a translucent red.
BLOOM: (Enthusiastically) A noble work! I scolded that tramdriver on Harold's cross bridge for illusing the poor horse with his harness scab.
The worst of those was a gash that had cleaved his skull almost in half, and only a thick layer of scab covered his brain where it was exposed.
His wound of betrayal could never fully heal but at least it could be patched up and the only Band-Aid got enough to put on that scab was murder.
So Joe starts telling the citizen about the foot and mouth disease and the cattle traders and taking action in the matter and the citizen sending them all to the rightabout and Bloom coming out with his sheepdip for the scab and a hoose drench for coughing calves and the guaranteed remedy for timber tongue.
I had peeled back the scab,.
He saw there three fresh wounds, just scabbing over but still seeping little tears of blood onto the sheet.
Most faces were scabbed with frost-sores.
His pitted and scabbed nose ended in a point.
More time and the wound to his self-worth would be scabbed over.
Her lips were swollen to three times their normal size, and badly scabbed.
They had scabbed over completely, where the shackles had worn the skin off.
His knuckles are scabbed over, right where they would split if he punched something too hard.
The lobe was scabbed over where a small silver hoop had been, a birthday present from Jannie.
My probing fingers found a half-healed lesions, scabbed over on both the back of my head and neck.
The gash where the knife had sliced across her neck had scabbed over, but the doctors had warned her she would bear a scar.
The leaves are curled at the edges, frequently dotted with yellow or brown patches, the trunks scabbed with fungus suggesting rotten cores.
The patches on my hips and shoulders and tailbone that had repeatedly bled and scabbed over in the places where Monster’s straps rubbed my body had finally surrendered, becoming rough and pocked, my flesh morphing into what I can only describe as a cross between tree bark and a dead chicken after it’s been dipped in boiling water and plucked.
He wanted to scratch off the scabs.
To eat scabs the size of dinner plates.
She also had the scabs on her face from.
It was as if he was picking scabs, or acne.
You may have noticed the scabs on my face.
They can’t get in any scabs before tomorrow.
The other crowds brought in about thirty scabs.
We’ve got to whip a bunch of scabs in the morning.
In twelve hours a train-load of scabs comes rollin’ in.
He’ll have scabs on his knees before the night is done.
She gasped when she felt the rough scabs of twin punctures.
Underneath the coat, a navy turtleneck hid the scabs on her neck.
Her body covered with bruises, scabs, festering burns and wounds.
A man squirmed through the seated scabs and dropped to the ground.
White-forehead said, They say there are scabs coming in in trucks.
But now she was no child and her breasts had ugly scabs across them.
He gasped as it grated against the blood scabs and oozing back wounds.
The red-black scabs were cracked, and white pus oozed out from the hurt.
And mossy scabs of the worm fence, heap'd stones, elder, mullein and poke-weed.
Lean and cut with feminine muscle, her arms have thin threads of scabs all over them.
I’ll wash down the fried scabs of your flesh with the milk you produced for your baby.
Mangy ravenous brute sniffing and sneezing all round the place and scratching his scabs.
Mr Underhill saw the boy’s arms and legs and they were covered with scabs and scratches.
There were vicious red wealds and scabs had formed where the blood had congealed in ridges.
There’s little that I can do for them and its probably just best to leave the scabs be.
Though Lucia had dark circles under her eyes and a few scabs on her face, she was still gorgeous.
After the jokes came the razor slash, and we each comforted the other as the bruises and scabs healed.
Maybe we can hit hard enough tomorrow so we can rest up the next day, until they get in a new load of scabs.
Leprosy: A foul, easy to catch disease, appearing in dry, white, thin, scurvy scabs, attended with violent itching.
The upper half of the man's body was laced with severe lacerations which had bled and dried with grotesque black scabs.
She had scabs on the corners of her mouth, her hair was a mess, and under the dirty hoodie she looked to be stick thin.
He rotated his wrist, bending and straightening the joint in an effort to keep some of the flexibility regardless of his scabs.
Some of the guys say that scabs are coming in in trucks with guards on them, but you can’t believe anything in a camp like this.
You don’t want to spend the rest of your life pulling scabs the size of potato chips, off your dick, do you? Big Mel was shocked!.
Next he examined those that had scabs; and he took and hewed many of these and commanded the virgins to take them up and cast them into the building.
Her nose was misshapen, her bloodless lips chapped and split and crusted with scabs, and there was a century of bitter experience in those ten-year-old eyes as she looked up at them silently.
Choosing is its own reward? Miney instinctively stuck a business holo-card between his gnarled stubs, where her pixelating title strobed against his scabs – Monergic Spiritual Counselor.
Sunbeams light up the ceiling; she rubs her hands over her forearms as though to wipe away the stinging, reassured by the firmness of the flesh she can feel, fine lines of scabs all that remains of the wounds.
We scratched at the sand with half a heart while the boy ran about with his bucket, king of a newly built castle, happy to be playing with the earth, oblivious for a while to the scabs on his knees and to all that which lay up above.
When I baulked, she got impatient and said it was just to check I wasn"t covered in scabs and lice because she was organising an „Ancient Roman" theme party for some rich people, and needed a „slave" to hand round drinks and savouries.

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