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Fink in a sentence

They've took root, I fink.
Didn’t fink the likes o’ her had friends.
How d'yer fink we'll 'ear Jerry if he comes acrorst?—C.
Leaving the Fink he had caught roasting on a spit, Kifter joined the others.
Fink, who was produced as evidence on the part of the Government to convict Mr.
Asked to describe his years with the Park organization, Fink, 52, said, I found it to be a very distasteful experience.
Ingrid Weiss and Johanna Fink immediately made a place between them for Michel Hoffmann to sit down, smiling invitingly at him.

When the visiting officer approached him and said, "Your rifle is dirty, gunner," he replied, "I don't fink so sir, 'cos I cleaned it.
I hadn't been there long when a face appeared at a gap in the boards, and a voice said: Do yer fink y're safe there, mate, cos we're chock full o' bombs in 'ere.
Asked if he was able to fully exploit his experience and imagination during his tenure on Terrace Hill, where Park maintains corporate offices, Fink flatly replied No.
Junod wrote: Fink left Park in 1980 and now divides his time between Athens, GA, where he teaches journalism at The University of Georgia, and his upstate New York farm.
Most of us had swollen tongues and lips and were hardly able to speak, but the company humorist, a Cockney, was able to mutter, "Don't it make you mad to fink of the times you left the barf tap running?"—H.
Durning, and John Fink, butcher, of the city of New York, declared they were authorized to enlist a number of men to go to New Orleans, to serve as guards to the United States mails, and a number of others as mechanics.
Junod reported that Conrad Fink spent three years with the Park firm as executive vice president of the newspaper divisions, pointing out that he joined Park in 1977 after twenty-one years with the Associated Press, the last ten as a vice president.
About nine o'clock he rallied a little, and apparently realised that the authorities had given him up as hopeless, for with a great effort he half-sat up and, with his eyes ablaze, cried: Wot? You fink I'm goin' ter die? Well, you're all wrong! I've bin in this war since it started, an' I intends to be in it at the finish.

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