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Consecrate in a sentence

I consecrate this house.
He must consecrate himself.
For consecrate to me he fell.
And consecrate their gold.
To whom we used to consecrate.
O Mary, my mother, I consecrate myself to your IMMACULTE HEART.
Consecrate: To regard as set apart; separated for holy purposes.

Consecrate this day and live through me, that all may sing Your praise.
Chase away your idle fears; to you alone do I consecrate my life and my endeavours for contentment.
Those who consecrate their lives self-sacrificingly to the service of humanity are regarded as the best men.
He must consecrate himself to the service of the highest that is within himself, obeying the voice of the soul.
We must consecrate that which we believe to be the most holy, and that 'which is the most holy will be the most useful.
We cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground … the kids were reciting in a pitch that was close to screaming.
Ironing: Difference in wrinkled matters; to consecrate; the correction of God through a pressing and heated trial; working out problem relationships;.
When was Hallow’s Eve first created? In the 7th century… when Pope Boniface took over the Pantheon of Rome: a temple built to house and consecrate all the Roman and Greek Gods.
Not only was he able to consecrate himself to God as a hermit in the Salesian family, he was able to pronounce his vows in the presence of one of the founders, and in a Visitation monastery chapel.
His purpose was to consecrate an already functioning group of Followers of the Way, which probably had been started by the Apostle Paul, although that interpretation has more recently come under challenge.
Few are those who purify their love for God up to a level where God responds their love and fewer are those who would take proper care of God’s response and consecrate themselves in total up to a level where God owns their love.
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, truly present in the Holy Eucharist, I consecrate my body and soul to be entirely one with your heart, being sanctified at every instant on all alters of the world and giving praise to the Father, pleading for the coming of his kingdom.
The background, you see, was perfectly satisfactory; exactly what a cottage background should be on an autumn night when outside a wet mist is hanging like a grey curtain across the window panes; and Tussie arriving at nine o'clock to help consecrate the new life with Shakespeare felt, as he opened the door and walked out of the darkness into the rosy, cosy little room, that he need not after all worry himself with doubts as to the divine girl's being comfortable.
Everything tends to show that his convelescence will be brief; and who knows even if at our next village festivity we shall not see our good Hippolyte figuring in the bacchic dance in the midst of a chorus of joyous boon-companions, and thus proving to all eyes by his verve and his capers his complete cure? Honour, then, to the generous savants! Honour to those indefatigable spirits who consecrate their vigils to the amelioration or to the alleviation of their kind! Honour, thrice honour! Is it not time to cry that the blind shall see, the deaf hear, the lame walk? But that which fanaticism formerly promised to its elect, science now accomplishes for all men.
That chosen heroes consecrate,.
With this field-dew consecrate,.
No,—I exaggerate; I never thought there was any consecrating.
A TEAM OF volunteers from the town had cleared an acre of rough woodland on the far side of the river, and Godwyn was in the process of consecrating the new land as a cemetery.
Human survival is in great measure dependent on consecrating the human will to the choosing of those values selected by this spirit-value sorter -- the indwelling interpreter and unifier.
In a twist of irony, these Lambs of Christ saved the Colosseum from complete ruin when Pope Benedict XIV AD 1740–58 stopped (any further) spoliation by consecrating the Colosseum to the Passion of Christ, in commemoration of the martyrs’ blood shed there.
But he had a chivalrous nature (was not the disinterested service of woman among the ideal glories of old chivalry?): his disregarded love had not turned to bitterness; its death had made sweet odors—floating memories that clung with a consecrating effect to Dorothea.
Grace being said,—for those people have their grace as well as we—though Queequeg told me that unlike us, who at such times look downwards to our platters, they, on the contrary, copying the ducks, glance upwards to the great Giver of all feasts—Grace, I say, being said, the High Priest opens the banquet by the immemorial ceremony of the island; that is, dipping his consecrated and consecrating fingers into the bowl before the blessed beverage circulates.
United, consecrated prayer will move.
Consecrated, sacred, and blessed, about to be.
Woman ancient and consecrated by use, draw near that I.
It is to their memory that the arts are thus consecrated.
One cannot desecrate that which has never been consecrated.
This statue had been consecrated by Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche (the.
Brother Powell was a consecrated man, and with this I shall close.
Make sure there is no objection to her burial on consecrated land.
Ryan never got a penny but he consecrated his pains to the Lord.
Impossible to profane a sacred and consecrated object like a bishop.
The last he had heard was that she had been consecrated by the bishop.
And the consecrated things were six hundred oxen and three thousand sheep.
It seemed as though there were no "consecrated things" for those young men.
Priests the sons of Aaron, that are consecrated to burn incense: go out of.
She has to be buried in consecrated ground, I don't care what anyone says.
Harlot: A woman consecrated or devoted to prostitution for abominable worship.
It now looked quite different than it did on the day it was first consecrated.
The early Romans were politically devoted and sublimely consecrated individuals.
The key word here is "consecrated," which means to make sacred, to set apart as.
They found the object beneath a triple linen cloth, like some consecrated paten.
The church was completed and consecrated under the abbacy of Ralph de Lamley, in 1233.
Do not speak a word of love unless five senses in you fully become consecrated to God.
He was a wholly consecrated mortal, unreservedly dedicated to doing his Father's will.
Caris realized that Merthin had remained single until she had been consecrated as a nun.
The garment was accursed, Joshua 7:15, but the silver and gold were consecrated to God.
Yet, he hid not fall into depression, or despair, but rather consecrated on playing self.
And the day and the strength were consecrated to labor, and that labor was its own reward.
That my love will cause holy vocations consecrated to God among its loved ones and friends.
Across the river, the gravediggers were already at work in another newly consecrated cemetery.
All hollow places are consecrated and regarded as sacred: because they live inside these places.
You can not be called a lover of God until five instincts in you fully become consecrated to God.
He had the air of a man who had consecrated himself to certain death for the sake of his country.
Ought the consecrated bread and wine in the Lord's Sapper to be elevated, adored, and worshipped?
But whoever is consecrated to eat any of these, not intending to sin or transgress, incurs no guilt.
Man, nevertheless, spread his snares, consecrated by intelligence, and finally conquered these monsters.
Shewbread: Consecrated unleavened bread ritually placed by the Jewish priests on a table in the sanctuary.
He would equally condemn the irreligious pauper and commend the consecrated and worshipful man of wealth.
The hospital was to be consecrated by the bishop on Whit Sunday, which was always seven weeks after Easter.
An eighty-year-old Italian laborer danced and spun his wife across the magnificent consecrated piazza of St.
He has forbidden you carrion, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and anything consecrated to other than God.
It is a torture which consecrates.
Is the minister who consecrates the bread and wine in the Lord's Supper a priest?
Does any change take place in the bread and wine when the minister consecrates them in the Lord's Supper?
The man who consecrates his life to sensual acts is ever performing acts that depend on temporary causes beyond his control.
Maurice, regard the papal sovereignty as a diabolic caricature of this divine monarchy, but think that the Kingdom of God is truly found wherever, as in England, the State acknowledges the Christ, and consecrates the Civil Power by the establishment of Christianity.
To have continually at one's side a woman, a daughter, a sister, a charming being, who is there because you need her and because she cannot do without you; to know that we are indispensable to a person who is necessary to us; to be able to incessantly measure one's affection by the amount of her presence which she bestows on us, and to say to ourselves, "Since she consecrates the whole of her time to me, it is because I possess the whole of her heart"; to behold her thought in lieu of her face; to be able to verify the fidelity of.

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