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Bloodline in a sentence | bloodline example sentences

  1. The spirals are our bloodline.
  2. The bison was their bloodline.
  3. Depends on the bloodline though.
  4. Aside from his sanity, his bloodline.
  5. A Bloodline, nothing less than Royalty.

  6. He’s trying to destroy the bloodline.
  7. It’s done to protect the noble bloodline.
  8. Eiess is not of the Aesira bloodline, is she?
  9. Ultimately, the bloodline marked them for better things.
  10. Harlan might be arrogant, but his bloodline was still royal.
  11. Israel wasn’t destroyed and the bloodline wasn’t polluted.
  12. Descendants of the bloodline of Jesus Christ are the same as the.
  13. His hair was black and straight, the trait of the royal bloodline.
  14. They contained the genealogy of the Aesira bloodline and a lot more.
  15. I watched his tattoos, markings of his bloodline, shift over his body.

  16. With him, I would continue the bloodline of the MacRaes with this baby.
  17. He truly feels that he is the rightful ruler of Aura, by right of bloodline.
  18. When his hand came away with the black ink signature of our bloodline, he.
  19. She could restore the bloodline, turn the Order into Gatekeepers once more.
  20. When in reality, Holden was trying to kill me to end the Dahlquist bloodline.
  21. To be a Sun Queen, you have to be a direct descendant of the Aesira bloodline.
  22. However, know that we tend to choose our leaders through merit, not bloodline.
  23. Only a king or queen of the Aesira bloodline has the power to engage the jewel.
  24. Flavius didn’t want to get an unwanted surprise of low bloodline in a few months.
  25. After all, the magical bloodline was too precious to get wasted in capital punishments.

  26. The profit motive runs like a bloodline of inner corruption throughout civilized history.
  27. This is especially true of those lucky enough to be gestated within an ancient bloodline.
  28. Family tradition and the continuation of the bloodline is what it is, Richard mused.
  29. The Henandez bloodline going back centuries is known to have special powers and abilities.
  30. Notice what the doctor said about her bloodline, Naria, Tarak pointed out without delay.
  31. Stacks of bloodline, breeding, and sales records rose like proud towers around his small bunk.
  32. To a white man no less! To think the granddaughter of a chief would cheapen her bloodline so!.
  33. He was killed for not being Royal enough, for not having a wife who was from a Royal bloodline.
  34. In ten years, they built a business and a winning bloodline that Bing Torbold would have admired.
  35. True, all records indicate that you are not of the bloodline, but your blood is however different.
  36. I looked at him astounded; this personality next to me was component of royal bloodline of Rajasthan.
  37. It is in reality presenting another gospel, for them, race and "bloodline" is the determining factor.
  38. Since his bloodline is pure and his elder brother Alex a member of council, what Angel wants Angel gets.
  39. On that note my dad told all of us about a head vamp that's been trying for centuries to eliminate our bloodline.
  40. He was so infatuated with the continuation of his bloodline that he has donated sperm to every sperm bank known.
  41. Our bloodline has been around for a long, long time, and every Waldron ancestor has been involved in vampire slaying.
  42. Boras’ family bloodline flowed from the Original Ones, and his family had spent generations keeping the line ‘pure’.
  43. And I believe that about as much as I believed my mother’s claims that she was descended from the same bloodline as Isis.
  44. Ownership would be passed down through the bloodline of the original rebels, the Parking Lot Lords, until the end of existence.
  45. He always took that opportunity to lecture her on history of the Izanami bloodline or something relating to her administration.
  46. This arranged marriage was done so that all of the bloodline of the four states of Barsoon were blended into a single generation.
  47. But even if that didn’t happen, he hoped Israel would intermingle with the people and pollute the bloodline Jesus would come through.
  48. I agree, it does have to be stopped, but Reno will play an integral part in stopping it, as he's the last living one of the old bloodline.
  49. To release the Aesira Jewel’s powers, the jewel’s key and the jewel needed to be used by Iluxia and the Sun Queen of the Aesira bloodline.
  50. Their leaders are selected through a vote by their whole adult population and are promoted on the basis of merit alone, and not through bloodline.
  51. The tragedy happened when I left to ask for my parents’ blessing and to communicate them of our new alliance to such a powerful magical bloodline.
  52. Why Donna? Why did it have to be her? True, she was beautiful, and she was talented, but her bloodline was about as pure as the Mississippi ran clear.
  53. While the Emissary told her nothing of great detail about the source of this child, he did assure her that the baby was of noble lineage and bloodline.
  54. What could cause such a physical change, within the same bloodline? Not to mention the glowing eyes and hair, the sharp teeth, and the hard taloned fingernails.
  55. Though Torin did not consider himself as a lord as his bloodline was divided so far from that House that he no longer had the right to claim himself a noblemen.
  56. With your powers as the Sun Queen of the Aesira bloodline and my powers as a Sentinor, we would be as powerful, or even more powerful, than Ailia and Soren combined.
  57. But… I am a… She felt the need to explain that she was extremely old, and from a royal bloodline, and that there had always been certain things expected of her.
  58. The city was a formidable fortress, but greater than this last holdout had already fallen prey to the will of the men, still pure in their bloodline, that charged at my back.
  59. Without the legendary Torbold horses to breed new champions, the property and buildings were worth less than they might have been had the bloodline been still an asset of the ranch.
  60. It is the pure bloodline from the beginning of Midgard and the only bloodline directly tied to Iluxia, but that is a whole other story I do not know much about, Silya admitted.
  61. There’s also the matter of a certain handsome young merchant, is there not? But of course he has no lineage, and father would never allow marriage into a family of base bloodline.
  62. The SAP had a special breeding program since the 1930s and firmly believed in their bloodline and to keep it clear of mongrels (anything which is not from the SAP bloodline is a mongrel).
  63. Wind- S the cunning snake- dor (d’or is gold in French) This alone; allowing a Jewish family bloodline to mix with the upper elite, when all of England and Europe was anti-Semitic was unheard of.
  64. For some of us, the surface merely stirs, while others, such as those of the Magi bloodline, they generate disruptions that travel deep within the waters and are often capable of altering the streams course altogether.
  65. When the king realized the Book had become sentient, he created a prison for it, and made the sidhe-seers—some say by tampering with their bloodline, lending a bit of his own—to guard it and keep it from ever escaping.
  66. We can therefore conclude that the breeding quality and magic of your mother’s bloodline was so powerful that it was able to blend completely with your father’s Longstrider blood, producing something new that is an improvement on both lines.
  67. Maybe his father could even try to solidify his alliance with Lady Shelton’s people by making him marry one of the women from the future? He was not sure however that this would work, since Lady Shelton herself had said that nobility and bloodline counted for nothing in her society.
  68. Standard were a shining example of what their culture had defined as being moral, hardworking individuals who had formed a respectable legal and holy matrimony that resulted in the much valued and desired undertaking of procreation and thus the continuation of their bloodline and species.

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