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Bluster in a sentence | bluster example sentences

  1. He started to bluster.
  2. All bluster and no guts and no work.
  3. Noah had none of his father’s bluster.
  4. His head bowed as he lost his bluster to the weariness and grief.
  5. I was about to tell you, said she, when you began to bluster.

  6. His bluster, his temper, his noisy hilarity, had always antagonized her.
  7. This time the entrance was exactly the opposite to the bluster of Murtha.
  8. Despite my own experience and bluster, I still felt awed in her presence.
  9. What would Richard say? Would he bluster? Would he accuse Godwyn of lying?
  10. He normally only exchanged hot words and bluster, but this time he drew blood.
  11. For all of his bluster, Mercer Frey was not immune to the pangs of grievous injury.
  12. He’ll bluster, bitch, and stamp his feet, but he’ll go along for at least awhile.
  13. No, his strategy was a combination of bluster and reproach about Anderson’s secrecy.
  14. He withdrew quietly, with an almost feline tread, quite in contrast with the bluster of Murtha.
  15. Feeling that he had the upper hand, You jerk! came out of his mouth with bluster and bravado.

  16. More bluster and sarcasm were exchanged, Trask finally stating he let his lawyer handle all punk problems.
  17. It won’t do you any good to bluff and bluster, she said, I have a pretty near eye-witness account.
  18. Karyl had just secured his audience’s undivided attention in a way no bluster or braggadocio could have approached.
  19. My business was to declare myself a scoundrel, and whether I did it with a bow or a bluster was of little importance.
  20. I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that, she said, meaning she had no way of knowing if it was just bluster.
  21. I tell you I placed my notebooks there, I repeated, purposely trying to bluster, in the hope of intimidating him.
  22. But when I gave him every particular that had occurred, he tried to bluster and took down a life-preserver from the wall.
  23. John Smith, or by whatever alias you choose to be called, it is useless for you to hector or bluster — we know you, let that suffice.
  24. She hated the editor’s bluster and uncouth manners, but she was used to them and knew he would relent after he had vented his spleen.
  25. He knows that most of it is bluster, done for effect, but he carries it well, a seasoned campaigner with scrambled egg on his shoulders.

  26. A combination of ego, stubbornness, a determination not to appear weak, macho bluster, and simple refusal to face reality trapped both presidents.
  27. There had been none of his usual bluster and vitality, but at least he had told a combined shock of the coming of the Yankees and her death had stunned him.
  28. He might be inclined to say: How dare you burst into a room without knocking? However, he was so badly in the wrong that he probably could not summon up the nerve to bluster.
  29. He had blustered and complained about Ulbrickson right along with Shorty and Roger, but now that he was alone the bluster faded and the old weight of anxiety and self-doubt settled on him again.
  30. The proprietor was at first alarmed that the crocodile would burst, but as soon as he was sure that it was all right, he began to bluster and was delighted to think that he could double the charge for entry.
  31. This is a foreign land, a street on which other boys, bigger, harder boys, rule, and for all of his natural bluster, Billy is suddenly aware that he is lost, lost in a world that doesn't fit the soundtrack in his head.
  32. Seeing the howling, whooping Hordes come to fetch him, he’d train’d his Pistol upon Lancelot, and, as if still the Master of his Ship, he cried: Welcome! Win her and wear her! ’Twas a brave Stand for a Captain, but more Bluster than Ferocity, for Whitehead lurch’d upon his Feet and his Voice quaver’d like an old Man’s.
  1. She was expecting another blustering denial.
  2. I idly inspected my manicure and waited for his blustering to subside.
  3. Two Rivers could not help but be amused by this youngsters blustering.
  4. Boyd bolted off the bed, angry, blustering, chest out, hands curled into fists.
  5. But he was not the kind of blustering bully whom she could have overpowered with ease.
  6. With the wind blustering all around him, he slit open the plastic where it met the house.
  7. Yet the blustering asses in France and England still insisted on declaring war on Germany.
  8. Treetops, still sporting as yet unbroken red buds, waved and swayed in the blustering winds.
  9. You think I am afraid of you? he sneered, bluffing and blustering like the school bully.
  10. A good deal of his blustering spirit seemed to have evaporated with the removal of his fine panoply.
  11. His face had lost all of its coloring and he was now fidgeting in his chair---his blustering was over.
  12. Outside Kathleen’s window, the air shifted in the aftermath of the previous night’s blustering storm.
  13. He pressed the red button above the doors, ignoring its blustering threats of dire consequences for wrongful use.
  14. She remembered how, as a child, he had seemed the most wonderful man in the world, this blustering father who carried her.
  15. Traitor may be debatable but he did teach me that the Cavalli's talk of brotherhood and family is nothing but a lot of blustering wind.
  16. When I heard of you and your blustering up and down the ocean, I thought of you, somehow, as the one realist on an earth of vacillation.
  17. Talk wasn't possible because of the narrow path and the blustering wind, but every now and then Wemyss looked down over his shoulder at her.
  18. He said, in his most blustering manner, See here, my good man, my wife and I and our children are touring Poland at the behest of the new government.
  19. He behaved as a blustering gangster who would be a British Mussolini given the chance; which was exactly what he was setting out to do and was exactly what happened.
  20. IF I were able to maintain that new found wakefulness and peace until she was satisfied I wouldn't relapse into the blustering baboon of bravado I knew had always been.
  21. Ellen was the audience before which the blustering drama of Gerald dimmed and the audience suddenly vanished, while the stunned old actor remained on O’Hara had been played.
  22. There are squinched-up mean walks and blustering walks, shy creeping walks, but this was a gay walk, as though the walker were going happily to a meeting with someone she loved.
  23. As I walked over the long causeway made for the railroad through the meadows, I encountered many a blustering and nipping wind, for nowhere has it freer play; and when the frost had smitten me on one cheek, heathen as I was, I turned to it the other also.
  24. During the day the young man went off to commit his musical crimes in shopping malls and bus stations, only to find that he had to hand over most of his meagre gains to blustering brokers and flustered financial advisers because Cyberia had scorched their whites.
  25. Hyenas: close social networking… re-establishing social contacts daily, female hierarchy of the clan-group… There you have a perfect explanation of all the ‘macho cultures with big armies and blustering males in public… going home to be henpecked by their wives and mothers.
  26. When anger comes on you or harshness know that he is in you; and you will know this to be the case also when you are attacked by a longing after many transactions and the richest delicacies and drunken revels and divers luxuries and things improper and by a hankering after women and by overreaching and pride and blustering and by whatever is like to these.
  27. Vincy, blustering as he was, had as little of his own way as if he had been a prime minister: the force of circumstances was easily too much for him, as it is for most pleasure-loving florid men; and the circumstance called Rosamond was particularly forcible by means of that mild persistencewhich, as we know, enables a white soft living substance to make its way in spite of opposing rock.
  28. One of the muleteers in attendance, who could not have had much good nature in him, hearing the poor prostrate man blustering in this style, was unable to refrain from giving him an answer on his ribs; and coming up to him he seized his lance, and having broken it in pieces, with one of them he began so to belabour our Don Quixote that, notwithstanding and in spite of his armour, he milled him like a measure of wheat.
  29. But here one could not dream; here was life, vigorous, stinging, blustering life; and standing on the top of the dune holding my hat on with both hands, banged and battered by the salt wind, my clothes flapping and straining like a flag in a gale on a swaying flagstaff, the weight of a generation was blown off my shoulders, and I was seized by a craving as unsuitable as it was terrific to run and fetch a spade and a bucket, and dig and dig till it was too dark to dig any longer, and then go indoors tired and joyful and have periwinkles or shrimps for tea.
  1. The wind blustered suddenly.
  2. Maiorescu blustered but agreed.
  3. How can you say that? he blustered.
  4. Daksha turned to Athithigva and blustered.
  5. Ridiculous, he blustered, trying to cover his.
  6. Damn it, I won’t stand for this nonsense! he blustered.
  7. Of course I didn't! Percival blustered in frustration at the boy.
  8. Airavata blustered in agony while that bodiless Raksha gorged on tender innards.
  9. My mother despaired and my father blustered, but I hadn’t a care in the world.
  10. Edmund was just as sensitive as she to atmosphere, but he always blustered through.
  11. What is the meaning of bursting in here like this? Thaddeus blustered out tiredly.
  12. There isn’t a Thompson alive or dead who isn’t welcome in this house,’ he blustered.
  13. It was hung on a chair to warm before the fire, otherwise he would have bullied and blustered.
  14. Swansea! Professor Mendes blustered, and to my startled ears it sounded like a pistol crack.
  15. But that’s impossible! Metcalfe blustered, He is in j-…in Jersey in the Channel Islands.
  16. The night wind blustered and gave its own moaning whistle, rustling leaves and bushes under the evening sky.
  17. Most ungallant, I know, the Captain blustered into his greying moustache , but Simla waved them back to.
  18. Elfric blustered: There’s still no authority for saying a pile of loose stones would have solved the problem.
  19. John Parker blustered With all due respect, Sir, I think you have overstepped the bounds of your responsibility.
  20. Not at all! I never said that we would not give aid to them in our joint struggle to survive! Blustered the king.
  21. A strong and still-strengthening wind blustered around his tent, and Owl’s remotes promised at least thirty hours of fresh snowfall.
  22. Lydia had always blustered about how tough she was, but there was a reason she was already numbing herself with drugs at the age of sixteen.
  23. Seeing no help forthcoming from the crowd of silent onlookers the governor blustered about there being more than just one traitor in his midst.
  24. He had blustered at every student by the lake, not even bothering to roust them from the grassy hill and toward their classes, but just snatching the newspapers from them.
  25. Well, I just wanted you to know, he blustered on, that in spite of everything that’s going on, I can quite easily arrange for you to have a spot of leave, if that helps.
  26. He had blustered and complained about Ulbrickson right along with Shorty and Roger, but now that he was alone the bluster faded and the old weight of anxiety and self-doubt settled on him again.
  27. But she didn't really like the wind at all, she never had liked anything that blustered and was cold, and if she hadn't been nervous the last thing she would have done was to stand there letting it blow her to pieces.
  28. All his fucking life he had blustered and paraded around in his fucking military uniforms, and his military pomp and splendor: but when the crunch came, he suddenly became a timid little ineffectual mouse, and was brushed aside by his generals.
  29. We blustered across the tarmac to the arrivals hall which was more like someone's lounge and after about ten minutes, to my immense relief, I recognised my luggage on the carousel looking forlorn and winding its way towards me like a prisoner finally released.
  30. Both had blustered about sensationalist journalism and later in the afternoon the teleprinter had stuttered out a brief statement to the effect that the authorities had no evidence at this point in time to support the allegations made by the South China Morning Post.
  31. Around the throne on high not a single star quivered; but the deep intonations of the heavy thunder constantly vibrated upon the ear; whilst the terrific lightning revelled in angry mood through the cloudy chambers of heaven, seeming to scorn the power exerted over its terror by the illustrious Franklin! Even the boisterous winds unanimously came forth from their mystic homes, and blustered about as if to enhance by their aid the wildness of the scene.
  1. The blusterer is a self-confessed weakling - he blusters to disguise his weakness.
  2. Even still, he blusters as he struggles to lay his rather round, large-busted wife on the ground without falling himself.
  3. Cheesey's face turns almost white at Steve's anger towards him and he blusters in defence; �I wasn't sure what you meant, so thought it best to try and catch you up.

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