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Blow in a sentence | blow example sentences

  1. I will blow it cool.
  2. Blow me to the skies.
  3. And I will blow your.
  4. The blow was too much.
  5. We have to blow it up.

  6. The force of the blow.
  7. But it's time to blow.
  8. It was a knockout blow.
  9. It was a stunning blow.
  10. He tensed for the blow.
  11. Help me blow my wad.
  12. Breathe in and then blow.
  13. There is nothing to blow.
  14. The blow is a fatal one.
  15. Blow this place to hell.

  16. This will all blow over.
  17. What came next was a blow.
  18. He strikes a second blow.
  19. Make me blow all over.
  20. And blow out his candle.
  21. Blow where the wind will.
  22. Just blow up the doors.
  23. That was too great a blow.
  24. That this would blow over.
  25. And blow away on the wind.

  26. The blow comes from behind.
  27. She would blow her stack.
  28. He ran as the car blow up.
  29. I will blow his coat off.
  30. I needed to blow off steam.
  31. My wig is about to blow.
  32. I’ll blow her out for ya.
  33. To blow in a rapid instant.
  34. The blow was so hard that.
  35. This blow puts an end to it.
  36. Want to blow your nose?’.
  37. Only the winds blow by over.
  38. That made the breeze to blow.
  39. They blow a whole bunch of.
  40. Did he blow it? Who was the.
  41. That car is about to blow up.
  42. You delivered the death blow.
  43. The Customs boat would blow.
  44. Does the wind blow you out?
  45. You might blow your heart up.
  46. Kill with a blow to the head.
  47. Don't blow smoke in his face.
  48. It was a huge blow to my dad.
  49. She couldn’t blow this now.
  50. Isin ducked an imaginary blow.
  51. Knut leaned into another blow.
  52. Culturally, you blow me away.
  53. The poppy and the pansy blow.
  54. Her face turned with the blow.
  55. That made the breeze to blow!.
  56. It would blow the whole of Op.
  57. The sun struck his eyes a blow.
  58. She was not expecting the blow.
  59. You’ll blow up the house.
  60. She didn’t register the blow.
  61. Don’t blow smoke in his face.
  62. Something big was about to blow.
  63. That was a crushing blow to me.
  64. It was her father's final blow.
  65. It will he a great blow to him.
  66. There came a blow with a stick.
  67. It’s such a blow to her!’.
  68. It will blow over, I said.
  69. And this ship is about to blow.
  70. Elise fainted at the first blow.
  71. Well shit, blow the place up.
  72. But stun myself too in the blow.
  73. They have begun to blow already.
  74. Such a sad blow has befallen us.
  75. In the middle of this Joe Blow.
  76. But the worst blow was to follow.
  77. That was quite a blow to us all.
  78. Yeah, and things will blow over.
  79. Reality came as a stunning blow.
  80. I’ll blow up if I have anymore.
  81. It is really a heavy blow for me.
  82. It’s a massive blow to the U.
  83. They’ll blow whatever they find.
  84. A heavy blow on the back of his.
  85. Exercise helps to blow our steam.
  86. Frederick withstands a third blow.
  87. As who pursued with yell and blow.
  88. It had been a crushing blow to Mrs.
  89. I said drop it or I’ll blow.
  90. It must have been a terrible blow.
  91. A small blow, but I stayed anyway.
  92. Yet the next blow split it in two.
  93. Viella would have received a blow.
  94. It won't blow up, will it?
  95. I’ll blow your fucking head off.
  96. Steal, buy, blow; steal, buy, blow.
  97. When the fierce winds begin to blow.
  98. So the wind could never blow it in.
  99. Four buglers on foot blow a sennet.
  100. With one blow full in the chest, M.
  1. A strong wind was blowing.
  2. The wind is always blowing.
  3. The wind is blowing tonight.
  4. The wind is blowing so hard.
  5. Today the wind is blowing.
  6. There's a storm blowing up.
  7. I heard her blowing her nose.
  8. The wind was still blowing.
  9. The wind was blowing outside.
  10. It was blowing my head apart.
  11. The snow was blowing heavily.
  12. Gave me mind blowing oral sex.
  13. A khamsin was blowing that day.
  14. The breeze was blowing harder.
  15. I was free as the blowing wind.
  16. This wind is blowing strange.
  17. Sure, we have dust blowing in.
  18. The wind’s blowing towards us.
  19. It starts blowing out of control.
  20. With the wind blowing in my hair.
  21. Though the wind was blowing fast.
  22. The Universe was blowing apart!.
  23. This blowing sand stings my skin.
  24. It feels the dusty blowing of wind.
  25. I can feel the air blowing upon me.
  26. Do you like blowing things up?
  27. The Blowing Winds of the New Birth.
  28. The blowing sand, the biting flies.
  29. Joe was blowing off in her mouth.
  30. The air was hazy with blowing smoke.
  31. With a ceaseless blowing and honking.
  32. Shot to the mouth: blowing her brains.
  33. It was a piece of white paper blowing.
  34. This Arctic-smelling wind was blowing.
  35. A cold wind was blowing from the plain.
  36. The flags, the blowing of the trumpet.
  37. Ah…now I see where the wind is blowing.
  38. The wind shifted, blowing from the north.
  39. It was my way of blowing my own trumpet.
  40. And stop blowing smoke over the food.
  41. A cold wind was blowing in from the sea.
  42. A fresh, sweet-scented wind was blowing.
  43. I heard only the sounds of blowing wind.
  44. The wind began blowing and howling, and.
  45. Jevan blowing a hole in Trevast’s head.
  46. To faraway China: I hear the wind blowing.
  47. It was glass blowing on a critical scale.
  48. Do you think he’s just blowing off.
  49. A cool breeze was blowing in off the sea.
  50. The howling gusts of wind blowing in his.
  51. Today the wind was blowing from the south.
  52. But she wasn’t blowing him a kiss at all.
  53. Running his route, the wind blowing on his.
  54. The sea was tossed by a great wind blowing.
  55. Out of the east the biting wind was blowing.
  56. Why, yes! And that wet spot from a blowing.
  57. A keen wind was blowing from the North again.
  58. The wind was blowing and stirring up the dust.
  59. Dust blowing high, and a red workmen’s flag.
  60. This is not about you blowing up the starship.
  61. As the wind kept blowing it pushed the water.
  62. His face was red; he was blowing with exertion.
  63. The wind was blowing steadily out of the south.
  64. A brisk wind is blowing leaves through the air.
  65. Into the cold, blowing on his hands, to fix him.
  66. The cold breeze was blowing at that early hour.
  67. The rain was blowing in horizontally off the sea.
  68. Although his vision was blurred by the blowing.
  69. Sure as a flood, smooth as a vast wind blowing;.
  70. I hope she is not blowing that pipe you gave her.
  71. You’re really blowing this out of proportion.
  72. The serpent-player was blowing with all his might.
  73. The view is unbelievable and mind blowing to him.
  74. My hair blowing in my face making it hard to see.
  75. There were tendrils of blowing dust ahead of them.
  76. He woke, thinking that he had heard horns blowing.
  77. The wind is blowing, and the white foam is flying.
  78. We’re blowing the ship up and that’s final.
  79. Not to mention, the risk of blowing his cover.
  80. Everything was like a fine wind, blowing dreamily.
  81. I imagined him blowing smoke into my covered face.
  82. Nah, she said, blowing smoke from her mouth.
  83. As she was blowing on it she walked over to Brale.
  84. David: You’re blowing this way out of proportion.
  85. LaFarge called up through the wind that was blowing.
  86. It ran by Calvary, throwing dust, blowing its horn.
  87. She said sure and left the room, blowing me a kiss.
  88. It prevented dirt and sand from blowing in my face.
  89. It's cold, the wind is blowing, and the air is damp.
  90. Cars and trucks are blowing their horns behind them.
  91. In autumn the leaves come blowing, yellow and brown.
  92. Wham and again wham, far off but blowing in the wind.
  93. It was mind blowing to see how email actually works.
  94. The wind was blowing her long red hair into her eyes.
  95. It was almost four, and a chilly breeze was blowing.
  96. Without suffering, I was a leaf blowing in the wind.
  97. It was only an old hairball blowing by in the night.
  98. The news showed constant replays of the boat blowing.
  99. How depressing and totally mind blowing is that? It.
  100. And there I could see Shreya, with her hair blowing.
  1. I almost got blown up.
  2. Now that one has blown.
  3. That car was blown up.
  4. It had been blown apart.
  5. I am just so blown away.
  6. The match was blown out.
  7. So, his cover was blown.
  8. The tires had blown out.
  9. I was blown away, stunned.
  10. As the wind blown clouds.
  11. It was blown by the wind.
  12. When the Trumpet is blown.
  13. And clouds have blown away.
  14. And now it’s all blown.
  15. I knew that I’d blown it.
  16. I never want them blown off.
  17. I felt I had blown my cover.
  18. Everyone was too blown away.
  19. Besides, his cover was blown.
  20. That it had blown up in her.
  21. The whole thing has blown up.
  22. You say that you were blown up.
  23. He had already blown his cover.
  24. Mitch is blown away by Adriana.
  25. Cover of theirs not blown yet.
  26. And they could have blown up.
  27. Pro I was absolutely blown away.
  28. The wind has blown up the waves.
  29. The only thing that got blown.
  30. Perhaps the media has blown it.
  31. A score of years are blown away.
  32. And the mountains are blown away.
  33. They had blown up something else.
  34. Her hair was blown in a hundred.
  35. Alice would be blown off the rail.
  36. The whole side wall had blown out.
  37. I’d really blown it this time!.
  38. We’d have been blown away by now.
  39. He had blown his second opportunity.
  40. His precious life was blown out by.
  41. His father has blown his brains out.
  42. Once located, they will be blown up.
  43. They get killed, maimed, blown to bits.
  44. Half of the grille had been blown away.
  45. I know from whence the airs have blown.
  46. He had already blown a week, what was.
  47. The deal was blown and so was my cover.
  48. Hopes blown out like candles in a storm.
  49. He appeared stunned, totally blown away.
  50. Oh boy, I’d just blown it up for Trent.
  51. That night such certainty was blown away.
  52. The job had turned into a full blown mess.
  53. This thing is blown way out of proportion.
  54. The panic had grown into full blown terror.
  55. We were blown away when we learned that a.
  56. He had blown my mind, all right—about Mr.
  57. Blown out, so the explosive was in the tank.
  58. The cold breezes, still not fully blown out.
  59. Katherine was blown away—but also confused.
  60. It had been blown completely off its hinges.
  61. Within an hour the rain storm had blown over.
  62. The malformed babe was blown out of the.
  63. She knew that she had blown her chance with.
  64. The ship should have blown forty seconds ago.
  65. Having him blown to bits really pissed a few.
  66. If the player has counter blown at a speed of.
  67. The rest had been blown away by a roadside IED.
  68. What I don’t know is if he could have blown.
  69. He hadn’t blown me off, or forgotten about me.
  70. I called Walker and told him my cover was blown.
  71. Girls continue to be killed and schools blown up.
  72. In addition there was a huge air blown plastic.
  73. Mira rolls her eyes at him, but my mind is blown.
  74. A shoe had been blown off, along with some toes.
  75. He could have blown them away, but he didn’ t.
  76. I really didn’t care if I got blown up or not.
  77. The storm could have blown us far past Pictland.
  78. Grey? Having someone blown up might be his style.
  79. I was a little blown away in there by that clerk.
  80. The cold had blown in from the overground tracks.
  81. Now that one has blown – it won’t end un-.
  82. I’ve blown the whistle and I have rung the bell.
  83. With all his crimes broad blown, as flush as May;.
  84. But I’ll guarantee you those mines will be blown.
  85. That‘s all it would cost to replace a blown fuse.
  86. This matter is getting blown way out of proportion.
  87. He then fell on his primed grenade and was blown up.
  88. The edge of the sun had blown a haze of glare over.
  89. She said heatedly, I almost got my head blown off.
  90. These are full blown stores including the build out.
  91. His suit’s energy field had collapsed, cover blown.
  92. The curtain of the bed moved, as though blown by a.
  93. And the Trumpet is blown: This is the Promised Day.
  94. It seemed to have been blown to pieces in the blast.
  95. Stays here, and changes, breaks, grows old, is blown.
  96. There are waters blown by changing winds to laughter.
  97. Her blond hair was all blown out, which I liked, too.
  98. Notice that the shofar ( trumpet) that was blown to.
  99. Your body blown upward, warmth under your new figure.
  100. The house was blown up and it’s engulfed in flames.
  1. Nick blows out a sigh.
  2. Like a wind that blows.
  3. He had used palm blows.
  4. And they came to blows.
  5. The wind blows it away.
  6. But that star blows up.
  7. A slight wind blows on.
  8. He weeps at the blows.
  9. Which Way the Wind Blows.
  10. This place blows lets go.
  12. They killed him with blows.
  13. Then she blows him a kiss.
  14. That blows in from the sea.
  15. When the black breath blows.
  16. Blows useless in the street.
  17. You know, blows to the head.
  18. Richard, gave two blows to M.
  19. It blows and then it sucks.
  20. Or the wind blows really hard.
  21. They exchange blows once more.
  22. Some of her blows were on the.
  23. Even the pool blows up in waves.
  24. What you cannot mend to blows;.
  25. David with fist blows and kicks.
  26. Well, what good wind blows you.
  27. His blows only fueled my resolve.
  28. And colder blows the wintry air!.
  29. Unkempt about those hedges blows.
  30. Every so often he blows warm air.
  31. Chapter 9 – The Cold Wind Blows.
  32. The record shows I took the blows.
  33. Nangong Freak for a thousand blows.
  34. The wind blows and the fire blazes.
  35. That is why Bheem blows the conch.
  36. The wind blows and they wither fast.
  37. What blows, what blood! He fainted.
  38. Water blows out the windows of the.
  39. It would just make the blows harder.
  40. The wind blows hard among the pines.
  41. The wind blows softly announcing a.
  42. Son runs off to the big city, blows.
  43. Flagging, his blows lessening, they.
  44. Or their faces, his blows would tile!.
  45. Someone blows out the sun; it's night.
  46. Wounds, or blows, or cuts to the soul.
  47. WIND [pneuma] blows wherever it pleases.
  48. I open the panel and cold air blows out.
  49. In the ghost night, when the wind blows.
  50. I know a bank where the wild thyme blows.
  51. Sahdev, the adherer to truth, blows on.
  52. A storm shows up and blows them easily.
  53. One or the other, blows would ‘lay’!.
  54. The wind blows constantly, never stopping.
  55. So saying he struck him several hard blows.
  56. A cold seawind blows from his druid mouth.
  57. You could have landed a few more blows.
  58. He missed a candle, so Jaden blows harder.
  59. The breeze blows me bone dry within minutes.
  60. The same year, Verdi suffered two more blows.
  61. He had received two blows in the same night.
  62. Neither pulled blows or strikes, the force.
  63. The dust blows down into the recessed cavern.
  64. There are other ways to kill than with blows.
  65. The wind [pneuma] blows wherever it pleases.
  66. She grabs a towel just as the door blows open.
  67. Plucks off my beard, and blows it in my face?
  68. The wind (pneuma) blows wherever it pleases.
  69. Or, conversely, a crash landing if he blows it.
  70. He broke their necks with blows from his hands.
  71. He felt blows and kicks, but they did not hurt.
  72. He licks, sucks, blows that warm air down there.
  73. He was bleeding from more than one of her blows.
  74. Any one of these blows would kill her on impact.
  75. Bottled bees (Blows a Raspberry) I am Raspberry.
  76. It was absolutely necessary to deaden the blows.
  77. A gust of wind blows through and mist sprays me.
  78. The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the.
  79. Svidrigailov's mockery of him and not his blows.
  80. BLOOM: (Blows) Providential you came on the scene.
  81. Instead the whole lot blows up! answered Gary.
  82. He dove in again, ignoring the pain of the blows.
  83. And the two of them exchanged another seven blows.
  84. Svidrigaïlov's mockery of him and not his blows.
  85. She blows up in your face at every checkpoint.
  86. Then he blows warm air from his mouth down there.
  87. He punched the second, two hard hitting blows to.
  88. Thar, thar on the horizon, thar she blows!.
  89. Don’t they understand that when the wind blows.
  90. Limit the blows to their limbs, avoid their heads.
  91. The boy raises his arm, preparing for Cass’ blows.
  92. Meganthios dies under the blows of Euripylus' pike.
  93. Have you ever had severe blows to your head?
  94. Maximillion blows the top off his microbot canister.
  95. President David was having rain of blows helplessly.
  96. Svidrigaïlov’s mockery of him and not his blows.
  97. We need to put it to bed before it all blows up.
  98. Scientific research blows the whistle for the trade.
  99. Blows were placed with intent to damage and cripple.
  100. Though he was deflecting the blows themselves, the.
  1. I blew out a breath.
  2. I blew out the match.
  3. He blew on his hands.
  4. He blew his tiny horn.
  5. She blew out a breath.
  6. Jack blew out a breath.
  7. The winds of time blew.
  8. I blew him some kisses.
  9. The judge blew his nose.
  10. Guess I blew that away.
  11. Sue then blew me a kiss.
  12. A wind blew in the room.
  13. Then he blew out a sigh.
  14. I blew out a loud breath.
  15. Fred blew out some smoke.
  16. The guard blew a whistle.
  17. He blew out the candles.
  18. Then they blew stuff up.
  19. I blew out a long breath.
  20. I carefully blew up my.
  21. A cool breeze blew over.
  22. As the wind blew harder.
  23. Who blew his gas tank?
  24. The wind blew, and dead.
  25. Then the bomb really blew.
  26. Crying, she blew her nose.
  27. Rave blew out a big breath.
  28. Cold air blew on his face.
  29. What I found blew my mind.
  30. But I blew it with Bonnie.
  31. Molly, you blew me away.
  32. And then one blew a long.
  33. That totally blew my mind.
  34. Her hair blew in the wind.
  35. A soft wind blew over them.
  36. It blew away in the storm.
  37. You really blew it, bro.
  38. His scanner nearly blew up.
  39. The huntsman blew his horn.
  40. He then blew smoke in her.
  41. Maybe the breeze blew wrong.
  42. He blew sweat from his face.
  43. The wind blew cold ripples.
  44. Barker fairly blew his stack.
  45. Casey blew out a long breath.
  46. Monty blew a kiss at Alicia.
  47. The safety disc on top blew.
  48. A wind blew cool around them.
  49. A gust of wind suddenly blew.
  50. Then he blew his nose noisily.
  51. She blew out a sigh of relief.
  52. I blew back a kiss of my own.
  53. He smiled and blew her a kiss.
  54. When the wind blew her hair.
  55. The whole story blew Tina's.
  56. I blew it, she grumbled.
  57. January and it blew them away.
  58. I blew out a breath of relief.
  59. A wind blew up out of nothing.
  60. What did he mean, I blew it?
  61. Cassius blew a deep breath out.
  62. Obama blew it! He could have.
  63. A mild breeze blew from shore.
  64. Lit up another smoke and blew.
  65. Another cloud of smoke blew in.
  66. The storm blew us off course.
  67. A strong wind blew into the lab.
  68. Cheers nearly blew off the roof.
  69. He never forgot or blew me off.
  70. Our house blew apart around us.
  71. When out of the window she blew.
  72. Tyrese blew out a stream of air.
  73. A gust of wind blew into my back.
  74. I don't know why, but I blew it.
  75. Dust blew up from the ground in.
  76. The Force of the blast blew the.
  77. Anyway, I blew my nose and asked.
  78. The wind rose instantly, blew out.
  79. His lungs blew out polluted phlegm.
  80. And when the wind blew South, we.
  81. You had your shot and you blew it.
  82. Blew the wind but it did not bring.
  83. He nearly blew the cat’s head off.
  84. Then one blew a long call on a horn.
  85. Immediately, one of the tires blew.
  86. She waved back and blew him a kiss.
  87. He blew out air over his upper lip.
  88. Ingrid blew air out on seeing them.
  89. That’s when the door blew inwards.
  90. He blew his horn with a loud sound.
  91. She blew out air, fanning her face.
  92. The wind blew her hood to one side.
  93. The old store just blew wide open.
  94. The curtain to their tent blew open.
  95. The draft, however, blew northwest.
  96. I really blew it this time!.
  97. The wind blew in the broken window.
  98. Cold arctic air blew out round him.
  99. The Huntsman—he blew his horn.
  100. British blew up his brother, Declan.

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