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    1. mange tout, handling packs of avocados and

    2. 'A large brandy and two G and T's, tout suite, my good man

    3. If we truly believe the Bible is God's Word, we will not just tout about that we have it, but we will live by the words contained therein

    4. know what a person’s past experiences were, can we not predict how he will behave in a given set of conditions in the future? If everyone is merely a product of his particular circumstances, is anyone responsible for his actions? A French philosopher stated, “tout compris c’est tout pardonner” (everything understood is everything pardoned)

    5. principles under their need to tout the latest gadgets to attract patients and meet

    6. They tout this failure as

    7. Even those who tout economic

    8. Unfortunately, many commercials tout foods that can be best classified as unhealthy

    9. Favors from others, he’d have to tout

    10. Christian ethic (values) and canons which the three Faiths of Abraham jointly worship and tout as

    1. “Destruction of the Dark Brotherhood has been the touted objective, but they secretly have been funneling resources into rounding up the Manes

    2. Many have been led astray by less than a well-founded belief that has seemed to work for a while, only to betray the trust placed in it, as over the long haul it failed to deliver what was touted for it

    3. systems are often touted as strategic decision support tools as opposed to

    4. And the bad news is that mostly everything touted as

    5. I was in the process of trying to find a pair that touted extraneous noise reduction when Terry came home one day and said he heard that Delatorre Electronics put out a line that would do a great job

    6. When computer models failed to show the 20-foot calamity touted by Al Gore, “corrective factors” were inserted into the computers to reaffirm the theology of doom

    7. These sometimes stinky packages are marketed and touted by the media and other self serving groups, but guess what, we buy into it again and again

    8. In fact Social Security was touted as the security net for all workers

    9. To this day, the 2000 Presidential Election is being touted by Social Democrats as being stolen by George Bush

    10. The California Sun touted the story as the real truth about murderous American interference in Vietnam's civil war as told by their fearless reporter direct from the combat zone

    1. When he finally realised I wasn’t an Arab, had understood nothing, and my abbreviated swimwear didn't mean I was touting for business on his patch, he calmed down and in sexily accented English asked if I would like to be fucked for five dirhams, shaking his head in disbelief at my refusal

    2. Reginald had gone to check on an experiment in the science labs before assembly and Sebastian was crossing the quadrangle when several not-so-bright scions of wealthy parents wolf-whistled and yelled, ‗You touting for business Sebastian?‘

    3. millions of advert dollars touting the value of the classic ―buy and hold‖

    4. was give credit to the university in advertisements touting de-

    5. The business world is full of horror stories touting the rates of failure and

    6. is filled with commercials touting sugary cereals and candy bars

    7. ” Then he added, “If that same day each of those friends mailed a copy of a letter touting some bogus domestic underground resistance organization to the local media, then you have just created the appearance of well organized opposition to the status quo

    8. For example, in the 1990s, major consulting firms were touting reengineering as a means of excelling in business

    9. was still using 210s when everyone else was touting

    10. that act as and inspire by touting Babylonian inspired false gods and idols (nations, flags,

    1. she touts the health benefits of eating a flexitarian diet comprised primarily

    2. He touts out the $100 entry fee and waits several more minutes for a receipt

    3. he avoided the taxi touts and headed for the exit

    4. A short block away was Lock Road and Teller rounded the corner and strolled past the shop fronts taking no interest in the products displayed or the Indian touts who tried to tempt him inside with promises of unbeatable bargains

    5. the USA touts the superiority of its constitution and its so-called Judeo-Christian values while

    6. ” We know that the Vatican touts Roman Catholicism as the

    7. This is very interesting since the USA touts itself as a Christian

    8. He touts the success of his magic formula in his book The Little Book that Beats the Market, citing that it does in fact beat the market 96% of the time, and has averaged a 17-year annual return of 30

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    Synonyms for "tout"

    tipster tout touter ticket tout blow bluster boast brag gas gasconade shoot a line swash vaunt vigilance watch vigil look-out

    "tout" definitions

    someone who buys tickets to an event in order to resell them at a profit

    someone who advertises for customers in an especially brazen way

    one who sells advice about gambling or speculation (especially at the racetrack)

    advertize in strongly positive terms

    show off