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    1. "Whatever papers there are in that lock box, I've looked at them a dozen times and never noticed

    2. She hands me a box of booze wrapped up with twine

    3. autoresponder, one ad tracker, one pop up box, and a really cheap associate program

    4. • Guardian Gopher Trap is a box type trap with a spring trap that kills them

    5. They're still up north in a lock box in the house I sold to Jorma and Venna

    6. She didn't dare rifle thru everything on that first trip, but she took a quick look in the box while on the toilet and found the maps but nothing that stood out as a cargo receipt

    7. This folder was little wider than a clip and things could have easily fallen out into the box at large

    8. The computer he was using was connected to a transparent plastic box beside him

    9. The box was filled with computer components and wires

    10. The Super Chip rested on the top of the box, plugged in and boosting the technological power that The Operator was using

    11. Now that they were up, they were sitting at the indoor table with the box open

    12. Herndon was taking a second pass thru it, but they'd already made sure they'd examined every piece of paper in that box, a second time

    13. The Operator reached out a trembling, sweat-soaked hand and unplugged the Chip from the plastic box

    14. Question: Last year we had moths growing in a cereal box in the pantry and they literally took over

    15. He then pushed a button on his box and the computer’s screen and keyboard disappeared

    16. Yet again Stephen comes to my rescue, grabbing a handful of tissues from the box I keep in here and holding them out for me

    17. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a square box that had its own keypad on the front of it

    18. He placed the box over the alarm keypad, completely covering it, and then started entering random number combinations on his own keypad

    19. Ackers detached his keypad box and threw both it and his lock picking gadget into his backpack

    20. The easiest way to do this is the volcano method (see box)

    21. Box 170, Willoughby 2068, NSW Australia

    22. doubt that the safety deposit box

    23. finished and I’ll put the box back

    24. The lid of the box snaps open

    25. You do whatever you want but don't blame me when they got your heart in a box beside your kidneys

    26. ‘Whoever it was, poured some paraffin through the letter box and then chucked a lighted match on top of it

    27. Whilst not always the sharpest knife in the box, Stu’s libidinous sense of what

    28. A while later, somewhat breathless from manoeuvring the heavy box down the ladder but gratified that I have managed it on my own, I sit on the bed and start going through my history

    29. ‘It was there in the box … your gun

    30. Now it’s Al Snafu’s turn in the witness box

    31. ’ I said, waving a finger in the direction of the open jewellery box at the back of the dressing table

    32. He bunted it beautifully down the third base line and just stood there in the batter’s box admiring his handy work

    33. Even the little black box that was nested against her belly seemed to hum with its own sense of vigor again

    34. A box of matches

    35. Also, we had a suggestion box set up in the foyer where

    36. This suggestion box was opened in our

    37. Together with the suited American, the two guards lifted and carried me, trussed like a roasting bird, and carefully laid my body in a metal box underneath the flat bed back of the lorry

    38. Beside me, to my right, I could hear the whine of the transmission shaft as it ground away through the everyday time and space of the world beyond the metal box in which I was slowly suffocating

    39. They speak with Aphrodite too, and when she hangs up she comes to me with a box of cupcakes in her hands

    40. Unlike my previous trip in the trunk of the car, where I had some space in which to flex, this box was only just big enough to hold me

    41. After each halt the truck then began its ponderous attempts at acceleration, jerking through the gears, sliding me slowly towards the rear of the box where my head would hit hard metal

    42. Nick comes over mid-morning by which time I have washed up the glasses and stowed the empty bottles in the recycling box

    43. My life is balanced on the tip of a pin and she just runs the box past her scanner as though it was a bag of onions … it is almost funny

    44. Back in the house, I calmly unpack the shopping and put it all away, the blue box sitting on the table drawing my eyes as I put tins away in the cupboard and packets on the shelf where they belong

    45. A part of me, the lingering essence of the creature in the box, wanted to lash out at him, but I kept my calm, breathing slowly, not wanting to antagonise the beast

    46. No doubt whoever had him in this box saw what he was going to do, because after he had climbed another hour and worked his way up another fifteen feet, he dropped the rope

    47. Jarome certainly had the skills to create this reality box and stuff him in it, who else could do that, he wasn't sure

    48. " Yes, Bakmar said to himself, living forevermore in a 3D reality box

    49. He would rather that eternity than the box he was in

    50. In fact he could see his hand in a box in the shelves above her dressing area

    1. Theo Petrakis was at the Sunnyvale crime scene when two burly figures ran up and boxed him in on either side

    2. I was boxed in the head and got knocked out for how long exactly I don't know

    3. You have boxed up the coinage of gratitude,

    4. 'Yeah, but,' Ish boxed his left palm with his right, 'imagine what would happen

    5. There was some arithmetic, the number 431 was boxed in

    6. Large round timbers were sunk in the ground around a covered hole, and heavy boards attached to the house, boxed in the space above the ground, nearly as tall as himself

    7. We started at the far end of the room so we wouldn’t be boxed in if the

    8. After the previous experience, when he had literally become boxed in to something coffin sized, L-Seven-Six claimed it had been a residual effect of the blocking field, causing distortion to signal-feed updates

    9. They stopped at a table near a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking a courtyard where bare-chested men boxed and wrestled in rings

    10. And the wicked woman having boxed the ears of the poor little fellow,

    11. 'She boxed the Queen's ears--' the Rabbit began

    12. By now, Brendan was intent on doing up the straps, having boxed up the cat again

    13. He hurriedly boxed her up and strapped down in the back room near the engines

    14. Hartle disarmed his blaster and boxed it up for Clive

    15. He was completely boxed into his corner, and it didn’t look like they were leaving any time soon

    16. His only child, boxed in cell

    17. be boxed in as to the way he wil deliver anyone during their time of

    18. Our minds can only hold a certain amount of information before it is boxed all in so the information can be worked out

    19. Our last day in California, I humbled myself to take all our canned, frozen, and boxed goods back to the Safeway grocery store in Moraga (home of the might St

    20. Once the boxed off area where they’d

    21. She searched through their still boxed household goods and offered

    22. own BEAUTIFULLY PRODUCED boxed set of “Sangreal

    23. as the others were dead so Pete took the rabbit back to where they had boxed up other

    24. They have had me boxed in a corner for too long…be grateful that you got out of the game when you did

    25. boxed in by a glass cube

    26. Ballast would be their boxed equipment, including the coin coffers

    27. Remy boxed up Rochelle's purchases while Rochelle used the

    28. Guardon was familiar with this method of attack and boxed his father’s horned head aside, causing the spray of green fire to stream haphazardly into the violet clouds

    29. Ren throws something disc shaped into a boxed cluster of cars

    30. 105’s of years pass and you’ve just about got every planet in this central galaxy surveyed, analyzed, boxed, and sorted

    31. He opened the gate so that the other fishermen could carry small boxed crates of

    32. Boran, who knew his archaeology days were over for now, boxed and stored all the remains and artefacts that he and his team had collected, ‘Maybe one day we can continue were we left off’ he thought as he closed the lid on his last box of bones

    33. The sad news is that our children has been raised on boxed cereals

    34. As they reach the end of the line they are boxed and stacked with others - that reach to the ceiling

    35. All papers were collected together and then boxed and carried out to the waiting police van

    36. He may have had a slight push because of predetermined beliefs prior to his arrival in a human spirit but there will be much that people come to on their own, even while in the rigid confines and structure that this present society has boxed every single mind into

    37. I boxed them

    38. “Hey, cuz, Kim, how are you?” She punched him in the shoulder and they shadow boxed for a

    39. Jared’s ten-foot fence boxed in the whole area, and she knew she was safe with him

    40. “Residual memories and feelings that I’ve boxed away

    41. Later, the pipe was boxed in

    42. Seeing that he was boxed in regardless of his response that could be misconstrued either way, Preacher Cooper remained silent with his expression of outrage still intact as he stared hatefully at the man who now confronted him and dared to challenge him in the religious arena

    43. He was boxed in like a trapped

    44. Mosh was waiting in the Toyota bakkie, the back piled with boxed fruit and vegetables

    45. With a loud gasp, he doubled over with pain, which was intensified by burst eardrums, as Carla leapt up and boxed them

    46. The woman broke free and tried again, but Carla countered by raising her arms between those of the woman and boxed her ears

    47. planned a better way to flush him out of his shell and to have boxed

    48. I felt a little boxed in, especially by

    49. Nick will be permanently boxed” said Molly

    50. that we’re all about to be boxed in

    1. boxes, glue and crayons and Sarah was very proud of her castle

    2. as she judged her cereal boxes as the winner and she got pride of

    3. In fact he was still combing thru boxes of children's wear abandoned by someone who had owned this house before Ava did

    4. 'Of course, he didn't go through everything when it came back, he just oversaw Dan unloading the van and shoved the boxes in the store room

    5. Avoid plant boxes attached to the house unless it’s off the ground

    6. Soil nematodes can be added to the planter boxes to discourage termites

    7. " Crates, boxes and piles were stacked at least eight feet high on top of the crate he pointed to

    8. Several boxes of Kleenex, serving as dinner napkins, are spread about the table

    9. Boxes upon boxes of moonshine line the aisle behind them and the hooch is also stacked in the seats

    10. Russ reaches back, takes a bottle from one of the boxes, opens it and pours himself a drink

    11. ‘They’ll still be open now … we could pop down and see if they have any boxes

    12. ‘I don’t suppose you have any boxes you don’t want, do you? Only I’m moving house and …

    13. It takes us several journeys between the back of the shop and the car before we have loaded all the boxes into the vehicle and I have to say I am winded by the time we have finished

    14. ‘I’ll bring the boxes in, Molly

    15. As I’m filling the kettle, I hear the phone ringing and, seeing that Liz is still halfway to the house her hands full of boxes, I dash off to pick it up

    16. She looks across at me, then, dropping boxes on the floor, quickly comes over to where I am standing

    17. ’ I said with satisfaction as we survey the pile of boxes just before ten in the evening

    18. While we were packing boxes, we chatted about all sorts of things … she told me some stories about her childhood which were very similar to some of my own memories – not really surprising, we’re both country girls, after all

    19. All the stuff has been packed up in boxes now – thank you, off licence! The pots in the garden will have to wait for the man with the van

    20. Lined up in the cabin are stacks of boxes of commercial booze

    21. A few crates topple and John and Khalid end up on the floor, Russ tumbles behind some boxes

    22. A shattered airplane wheel lies nearby, aircraft parts are everywhere, as are broken bottles of moonshine and flaming boxes

    23. I really ought to get some of those plastic boxes with lids … smaller ones which I could store all this stuff in

    24. So, while Betty and I drag the boxes of decorations out of the cupboard where they live during the rest of the year, the men bring in the barrel used for the tree which is kept in Fred’s shed for some reason I cannot fathom, and the tree itself which has been lying in my drive for the last two days resulting in me having to park in the car park but that was a minor inconvenience, though I didn’t think so when I left my mobile in the car and only discovered it an hour later by which time the rain was pouring down

    25. I stand there for some time reading the instructions on the different boxes and comparing them

    26. She dabbed tentatively at a key on the plaque and watched as a series of ‘b’s appeared in one of the boxes on the screen in front of her

    27. boxes of toys and

    28. I am also frustrated by the knowledge that, even if I could present you with such tokens, you probably wouldn’t wear them … I have never met a woman who wears less jewellery or who is so difficult to buy presents for! This being the case, I am sustaining my ego by building up a little store of surprises for you – one day I shall dig them out of storage and watch as you open the various boxes

    29. Together they carried the books and selected boxes into the vestibule, Kara clutching them while the door into the Personal Items room was secured

    30. She took him into the pantry where the freezer was and she opened it up and took out several boxes of frozen cauliflower

    31. ’ Berndt said quietly, indicating a severe-looking, grizzle-haired man standing overseeing the loading of some boxes onto the boat

    32. ‘We can rig up some tarpaulins to keep the wind off and use those boxes for seating

    33. with boxes and loose dust covers,

    34. It was the same old lady but this time she was almost bent double, right in front of me like a bundle of washing, and still struggling with those boxes and bags

    35. whose boxes have scratches

    36. True to her husband’s word, a man arrived on the doorstep early the next morning and deposited a number of cardboard boxes in the hallway

    37. He told Cyberia that there were some instructions in an envelope in one of the boxes and that he would be back that evening to pick up the first three hundred cards

    38. “After all,” she said to herself as she unpacked the boxes and made neat piles of the cards and the packets of paper leaves, “I always enjoyed art classes at school and it can’t be that hard to make a few hundred of them”

    39. He was proud to show his lifetime souvenirs; they fell from books, wallets, tin boxes and jacket pockets

    40. To generalize people in boxes is to encapsulate their souls with this view

    41. His attention had been caught by a dazzling burst of light from one of the executive boxes in the opposite stand

    42. paper, gum bottles, maps of India, water bottles and tiffin boxes

    43. Throughout the land men, women and children reached for boxes and packets of tissues

    44. There was more treasure in those boxes than most had seen in their entire lives but to them it just brought menace, a threat to their existence on the mountain

    45. I’ve had a look into hiring a vehicle and found one which is reasonably cheap – it will seat all of us and still leave space for a lot of boxes and stuff

    46. started to fall, they set out for home laden with bags and boxes full

    47. While they do this, I go through the kitchen cupboards, selecting the few utensils going back with us and packing the rest into boxes to be sold

    48. 'Look at the Belrampur votes,' Mama pointed to the ballot boxes

    49. There was one crossroads where the traffic completely seized up for about ten minutes because everyone was sitting in their line of traffic right across the junction (no yellow boxes over here!) and not giving way to anything at all

    50. There is a sort of communal garden in the grounds but people seem to go for window boxes and stuff on the balconies more than anything

    1. Counseled by a memory he could not dismiss, “I don't have much use for kicking and boxing, I'm afraid

    2. “I said I didn't have much use for kicking and boxing; I didn't say I wasn't properly trained,” he answered calmly

    3. seen it? Because if you had seen it, you would know that it’s not about boxing

    4. He was, truth be told, very much looking forward to his first English Christmas---with Boxing Day, Carols, Crackers, Father Christmas, and at Clive House, Hogmanay

    5. Turning, she striped the remaining portions of the house the same way, boxing everything

    6. Well can you think of others I might have tried, for instance boxing matches and other sporting events gave me great returns, all those bets made within the twelve hour period

    7. To dream that you are shadow boxing indicates an internal conflict

    8. spend quite a bit of time shadow boxing, learning their own movements

    9. result of shadow boxing, students will learn physical resistance as well as

    10. ” I looked at Anne now with a new kind of respect and also a certain amount of wariness as that right hand would have made the Battalion boxing champion proud

    11. If he had been in a boxing ring he would have hit the canvas, dazed and surprised

    12. tsunami as on the previous Boxing Day, she lived and breathed

    13. Boxing taught us to hate, and to be fearless in a punch-up

    14. They then gave us a wonderful exhibition of boxing, since the cadet turned out to be a good amateur boxer with a dislike for that particular PT Sergeant

    15. They eventually made peace with each other and the cadet became part of the boxing team where he attacked the Army conscripts to our great entertainment

    16. I never saw female cadets in the boxing ring and have no idea how they were taught self-defence, but I can tell you they could throw as good a round-house punch as any man when the occasion called for it

    17. He was once, or so I heard, chased into the Colonel's office by another warrant-officer who demanded a boxing match but because of the difference in age and size it was refused

    18. Boxing, I feel, has lost much of its mystique in recent years

    19. Boxing, bleeding, shivering, and blocking they survived this altercation

    20. This would make him a bit more cooperative in watching the boxing match, which Presque intended

    21. I closed my eyes and saw a boxing ring with people seated around the ring

    22. break down, boxing his hot stick

    23. Rocky moved in, boxing out the break

    24. ‘Here’s a running machine, and here’s a rowing machine; and over here are weights, a sparing ring, punch bag, and a cupboard full of training clothes and boxing equipment

    25. Thus there was also the need for Kru Muay or teacher of Thai boxing

    26. Various tactics for attack and defence were developed, called "boxing tactics"

    27. “A hot box is hot boxing,” I mumbled under my breath

    28. Anyway, that’s what “hot boxing” a cigarette is

    29. I love what I did next, check this out: I fabricated this deep baritone voice and yelled to the hot box and her buddy who were hot boxing their squares, “Hello girls!” I knew I was incognito since I was still covered from head to toe in surgical clothing, so I figured I would have some fun

    30. There was a five second delay until the short hot boxing blonde said, “They cannnn?” in an eye-rolling tone, “ … My grandma always said everything in moderation” and then she went back to gabbing away with her buddy

    31. But there are boxing matches

    32. Torhan was a former Ukrainian amateur boxing champion

    33. “He was an amateur boxing champion in the Ukraine and one match away from representing his country in the Olympics

    34. Boxing Analyst: "Sure there have been injuries, and even some deaths in boxing, but none of them really that serious

    35. “I told my father there was no way I could spend Boxing Day without Alexandra

    36. It has been compared to boxing without actual y hitting

    37. sion to three professional boxing matches

    38. experience there, and I think boxing and other

    39. Or place them in a boxing ring

    40. The old boxing ring

    41. the saloon sponsored a kick boxing match between the

    42. " Frederick stood back and rolled his shoulders as if warming up for a boxing match

    43. They found only black�ened pygmies slowly assuming boxing poses in the red flames

    44. Most of the jour�nalists, talking and laughing as if at a boxing match, had harassed unmercifully the military spokesmen who were obviously not cut out for their job of trying to bullshit the masses

    45. “My computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing

    46. About a dozen men aged from 18 to 40 went for a jog through the trees to the stream, dipped in the freezing water, raced back, lifted a few weights, then held boxing matches

    47. Boxing terrifies me

    48. Boxing limits our perception and as such it

    49. He was however, unknown to staff becoming proficient at boxing

    50. Boxing alas, he learned was not on the agenda

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    Synonyms for "box"

    box loge box seat boxwood boxful corner package pack crate confine carton case receptacle packet parcel combat with gloved fists fight spar punch

    "box" definitions

    a (usually rectangular) container; may have a lid

    private area in a theater or grandstand where a small group can watch the performance

    the quantity contained in a box

    a predicament from which a skillful or graceful escape is impossible

    a rectangular drawing

    evergreen shrubs or small trees

    any one of several designated areas on a ball field where the batter or catcher or coaches are positioned

    the driver's seat on a coach

    separate partitioned area in a public place for a few people

    a blow with the hand (usually on the ear)

    put into a box

    hit with the fist

    engage in a boxing match