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Cant in a sentence

I cant.
I cant be.
We cant have.
I cant stand.
I cant wait!.
cant event in it.
I cant see.

I cant wait to.
That cant be.
I cant stand it.
We cant go there.
Why can?t he say,.
I cant accept it.
You cant stop me.
You cant miss it.
I cant see it now.
I cant please him.
) school cant read.
You cant refuse it.
Sometimes we cant.
But I cant do that.
I cant be more sorry.
He cant kill her now.
I cant tell you how.
You cant seek her out.
We cant live to the.
I cant, Death, I wont.
I cant believe this.
I cant deal with any.
since they cant arise.
and you cant resist it.
my head down on the edge of it, and, with the other canting up my.
favoured, he effected at once, by canting up my thighs over his naked.
stern of the boat – canting the deck violently to port, then starboard.
Dost envy Darby Dullman there with his Joan? A canting jay and a rheumeyed curdog is all their progeny.
Considering that statistics had not yet embraced a calculation as to the number of ignorant or canting doctors which absolutely must exist in the teeth of all changes, it seemed to Lydgate that a change in the units was the most direct mode of changing the numbers.
As to Christian or unchristian, I repudiate your canting palavering Christianity; and as to the way in which I spend my income, it is not my principle to maintain thieves and cheat offspring of their due inheritance in order to support religion and set myself up as a saintly Killjoy.
Straining me then close to his bosom, as he stood up foreright against me, and applying to the obvious niche its peculiar idol, he aimed at inserting it, which, as I forwardly favoured, he effected at once, by canting up my thighs over his naked hips, and made me receive every inch, and close home;.
I straddled, I humoured my posture, and did my best in short to buckle to it; I took part of it in, but still things did not go to his thorough liking; changing them in a trice his system of battery, he leads me to the table and with a master-hand lays my head down on the edge of it, and, with the other canting up my petticoats and shift, bares my naked posteriors to his blind and furious guide; it forces its way between them, and I feeling pretty sensibly that it was not going by the right door, and knocking desperately at the wrong one, I told him of it:—"Pooh!" says he, "my dear, any port in a storm.
could be canted in too far.
He canted his head to the.
meaning they need to canted one way or the other.
He had a knife raised high in one hand, canted in my direction.
canted upward at a crazy angle, and seemed to be off its carriage.
have the upper boots canted out a hair too much rather than canted.
could be canted out to far; if you keep doing the splits, your legs.
thing, if you have them canted wrong at all, it is probably better to.
Some had canted against their neighbours; others had fallen and lay flat.
a Colonial farmer, but his neck was canted at a funny angle, as if he’d been.
The man Rob believed—hoped, anyway—to be Karyl Bogomirskiy canted his head right.
As you most likely have already seen, Moshe—his canted head directed Moshe's eyes.
I screamed as the bath canted over and I was left suspended by the most delicate part of my anatomy.
I picked out a spot midway between the old fireplace and a towering oak tree that canted toward the farmhouse.
At first Fairchild thought the napalm can had somehow hung up on the ejector rack, and was making his F-100 fly canted.
I followed Captain Nemo, who, via one of the doors cut into the lounge's canted corners, led me back down the ship's gangways.
Crossing through the lounge, I arrived at the door, contrived in one of the canted corners, that opened into the captain's stateroom.
She spins around again to run out the back door but he’s already standing there, his head canted forward, a scowl between his brow.
A very loud, very ominous crack suddenly rent the air as the gable end of the house disintegrated, causing a large section of the roof to slip forward, where it canted over, then broke away.
She was a minute speck in a cold blue sky as she passed between the towering triplet of alps, and once through she canted her wings to begin a soaring descent, her heavy respiration gradually calming back to normal.
By the time she got home from work, the last sun would be bleeding off the horizon beyond the World Trade Center, and just before she pulled the blinds, the canted bowl of the harbor would appear to her as a sheet of lead, broken only by the lights of a slow-moving ferry.

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