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Slang in a sentence

It is slang.
It's Zufa slang.
'Allerlei' is a slang.
Slang lives on the language.
The Internet, once a slang.
Honeypot was slang in.
Was that slang? Melody.

All choice of words is slang.
Almost like a universal slang.
She told me it was to explain slang.
for the Due de Modena, speaks slang.
"Wassup Keta," I said in by best slang.
PO was medical slang for by mouth.
The Dauntless have the weirdest slang.
Slang is the tongue of those who sit in.
[ The slang term for a painter's assistant.
I think that 'gravy' is slang for money in.
In English slang it refers to a young woman.
the English slang, "what we are cooking up".
There is correct English: that is not slang.
before his eyes,—these men conversed in slang.
Also slang referring to the use of plug tobacco.
"No slang," snapped Jo, slamming down the pillow.
Where are we at this moment? In the land of slang.
Echo was military slang for an interrogator.
Algebra, medicine, botany, have each their slang.
Researches in slang mean discoveries at every step.
And kindly refrain from using all that hippy slang.
And the strongest slang of all is the slang of poets.
In slang terms, sometimes referred to as a Jelly Roll.
He or she is mindful of slang and subtlety of meaning.
was better to not to get into a slanging match with McClure.
Hold onto your temper, Sally – don’t turn this into a slanging match!.
without the odd slanging match between me and him in the Legion, he and the boys.
I let the rest of the class fall into a slanging match about who was kissing whom.
Being evenly matched in the verbal stakes, our first slanging match was memorable - warming the insides and leaving us relaxed.
It was absurd that I should have ended up in a slanging match with the Stephen Stills tour party, as at seventeen, I had nothing but admiration for the man.
He had returned with Kim to the Royal Palace the previous afternoon and had a pointless discussion with his brother, Kim’s father, which had resulted in a slanging match.
Pressmen he could not have slanged them worse.
anarchist philosopher Gustav Landauer, the young dramatist Ernst Toller, the poet of Bohemian life, Erich Muhsam, whose chief political act was the writing of some verses called ‘Der Lampenputzer’ which slanged the Majority Socialists, and a demented.
top civilized nations, speak far more slangs than us and the quotient of brat sexuality and.
By this, which was nothing but French, Thenardier recognized Montparnasse, who made it a point in his elegance to understand all slangs and to speak none of them.

Synonyms for slang

argot cant jargon lingo patois slang vernacular befool cod dupe fool gull