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Vernacular in a sentence

1. Vernacular Press Act and the Arms Act of 1878.
2. Didn’t know, even, that there was a PCT hiker vernacular.
3. Their brogue betrays that it is not their vernacular tongue.
4. Speaking in a vernacular will actually assist in creating the best translation.
5. Only when forced to do so, will they speak in other than their vernacular tongue.
6. He translated the Bible and many other religious works into the vernacular dialect of his day.
7. I couldn’t help but smile at his comparison of olden times with the vernacular of the present.

8. He was what’s referred to in PCT hiker vernacular as a trail angel, but I didn’t know that then.
9. In the Omjadda vernacular the blood slave is associated to the clan that spawned it to define ownership.
10. Catholic Church, Protestants were not only allowed to read the Bible (in the vernacular), but were expected to read the Bible.
11. To use the vernacular, she's been on a pretty bad trip, but with time and care there's no reason why she shouldn't make a full recovery.
12. Liturgy in the vernacular would probably be the most obvious change, followed by a wide variety of ministries which opened up to laypeople.
13. Emboldened by the observation that more risk equals more profits, let’s say you decide to, as we kindly say in the vernacular, go nuts.
14. The history of the past few months, and the famous order with regard to the use of the vernacular, ought to arouse the church to new efforts.
15. His descriptions of war and the things of war were cast in the vernacular of his present or the past, as if the future would not change appreciably.
16. This helped me to understand the concept of ghosts when I became aware of that rather frightening possibility, as the common vernacular presented it.
17. It's a patent absurdity on the face of it to hate people because they live round the corner and speak another vernacular, in the next house so to speak.
18. I could still hear Coughman and Blacklung cackling in the quiet hallways as I walked away, along with Cassandra and Anna’s ghetto fabulous vernacular.
19. In a vernacular that was even more profanity-laced than usual, Cory conveyed that he left the hospital because he was angry and wanted to get even with the sons of bitches that laid him out.
20. Working women, Yoo Hoo Girls in the local vernacular, hung out the upstairs windows of cheap hotels and dance halls and even the fire department, calling out to the men on the street below.
21. On the rare occasions that he might come into direct contact with it, this blinding visionary experience leaves him unprepared to describe it in any way but the vernacular of his tunneling techniques.
22. Little old Broadway, as it is affectionately toasted in the vernacular of its habitués, wherever rye whisky is drunk, and faithful homesick hearts recall its lights, its pleasures and its crowds.
23. Paul speaks of famines, danger and swords! Shall a sword separate us from the love of Christ? Or, using modern vernacular, shall a gun pointed at our head separate us from the love of Christ? The answer of course is, No.
24. Man’s use of elaboration in his attempt to clarify what was almost impossible to translate into his human vernacular have many times so smothered any original revelation as to have hidden what was meant to have been opened.
25. These consisted of the Arzamass, or French school, to which Pushkin himself together with his uncle Vassili Pushkin the "Nestor of the Arzamass" belonged, and their opponents who devoted themselves to the cultivation of the vernacular.
26. When Gladys refers to giving Marilyn Christian Science treatments, she’s likely not suggesting that she was praying with her daughter (because that had never been the case) but rather praying—or to use Christian Science vernacular, treating—for Marilyn.

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