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Patois in a sentence

[ Patois of the French Alps: chat de maraude, rascally marauder.
burly man"s input that he started speaking in a Jamaican Patois, his mother"s.
"The dan ong has fear," he said in a Chinese patois to the AK-laden Nungs as they opened the big wooden gate for him.
The young men from the Cougourde d'Aix were chatting merrily among themselves, as though eager to speak patois for the last time.
Amid the jargon of Indian dialects that he now plainly heard, it was easy to distinguish not only words, but sentences, in the patois of the Canadas.
Sister Perpetue was a robust nun from Marines near Pontoise, who chattered her patois, droned, grumbled, sugared the potion according to the bigotry or the hypocrisy of the invalid, treated her patients abruptly, roughly, was crabbed with the dying, almost flung God in their faces, stoned their death agony with prayers mumbled in a rage; was bold, honest, and ruddy.
In a jumble of Spanish and Curaçao patois, he explained to Florentino Ariza that the man in evening dress was the new plenipotentiary from England, on his way to the capital of the Republic; he reminded him of how that kingdom had provided us with decisive resources in our struggle for independence from Spanish rule, and that as a consequence no sacrifice was too great if it would allow a family of such distinction to feel more at home in our country than in their own.

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patois argot cant jargon lingo slang vernacular