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Captivate in a sentence | captivate example sentences

  1. To captivate her how devoted!.
  2. My heart of old would captivate.
  3. The moon was full and seemed to captivate the two men.
  4. I recorded all that and my films should captivate you, Jan.
  5. Nothing else will satisfy and nothing else will captivate them.

  6. A story needs a plot, or a hook to captivate your target audience.
  7. Just the kind of girl I should suppose likely to captivate poor Edward.
  8. It was a monumental union of the flesh; threatening to captivate the soul.
  9. Also, at that small size, it still needs to captivate and create interest.
  10. And they can also leave if his house doesn’t completely captivate them.
  11. Somehow, with your entrancing smile and caustic tongue, you’ve managed to captivate me.
  12. He was using his charms to captivate her, not that he needed much effort, as she was more into him.
  13. This will positively captivate the imagination of the potential buyer and if the stars are aligned.
  14. Her powerful green eyes locked onto his with that mesmerising depth that never failed to captivate him.
  15. As predicted, the name once more demonstrated its power to captivate, to freeze a fast mover in his tracks.

  16. He can captivate you with his energetic presence and rapid-fire one-liners, but he doesn’t tug at your heart.
  17. Now you reproach me for having a weakness for that lady when you yourself incited her to captivate me! She told me so to my face.
  18. This is a lesson that I was taught early, and combinations of minerals continue not only to interest me but also to amaze and captivate me.
  19. It was one of those feature cases that captivate worldwide attention, but prejudice and corruption had excluded him from the team assigned to the case.
  20. Fanny Price was at this time just ten years old, and though there might not be much in her first appearance to captivate, there was, at least, nothing to disgust her relations.
  21. This new cult is spreading across our land like a plague and the people do not know how to withstand the dark power that it employs to captivate and subjugate them to its evil purposes.
  22. Wes began to captivate the crowd with a monster guitar thrashing while the look on Uncles face told me that he was giving it everything he had – his guitar solo was very Eddie Van Halen-esque.
  23. The children went to him like bees to a honeypot, and establishing themselves on each knee, proceeded to captivate him by rifling his pockets, pulling his beard, and investigating his watch, with juvenile audacity.
  24. Modest, amiable, and witty, a talented linguist, adorned with qualities calculated to captivate the least impressionable—she was reduced to begging for the slightest services almost upon her knees, and compelled to pay for every crust of bread at the price of her shame.
  25. The first to captivate and take his fancy were the pots, out of which he would have very gladly helped himself to a moderate pipkinful; then the wine skins secured his affections; and lastly, the produce of the frying-pans, if, indeed, such imposing cauldrons may be called.

  26. At that moment, the aide of the virtuous Arab officer was coming upstairs; he was a Turkish officer and it so happened that he was related to the sultan: surely a man to be wary of! He soon saw her… she was, after all, a beautiful young woman who could quickly turn a man’s head and captivate his heart!.
  27. About thirty years ago Miss Maria Ward, of Huntingdon, with only seven thousand pounds, had the good luck to captivate Sir Thomas Bertram, of Mansfield Park, in the county of Northampton, and to be thereby raised to the rank of a baronet’s lady, with all the comforts and consequences of a handsome house and large income.
  28. Their lodgings were in a cottage a little further along the lane, but they came and assisted Tess in her departure, and argued that she should dress up in her very prettiest guise to captivate the hearts of her parents-in-law; though she, knowing of the austere and Calvinistic tenets of old Mr Clare, was indifferent, and even doubtful.
  29. A fountain was located in the middle of the courtyard, surrounded by many beds of green plants and colourful flowers and roses which spread their fragrant perfume to captivate the heart and heal the spirit: it presented a delightful picture when one observed their bright beauty which the Godly Hand had produced and formed in all its excellence.
  1. That captivating woman that he.
  2. Her singing voice is captivating.
  3. It should prove a captivating film.
  4. As for the captivating laughs of Mei.
  5. So captivating, nothing else mattered.
  6. He is utterly captivating, so perfect.
  7. God is more captivating than fun songs.
  8. Nothing like captivating ropes, though.
  9. She savors his captivating arms and words.
  10. This affinity is endearing and captivating.
  11. Pierce smiled and it was entirely captivating.
  12. The first impression certainly was captivating.
  13. Rayne smiled at the Healer, totally captivating him.
  14. There was something captivating, enchanting about it.
  15. Mei Yinxue captivating laughed as she danced in mid-air.
  16. He gazed into her captivating eyes and studied her face.
  17. Glancing toward him, she sent him a shy, captivating smile.
  18. You have such a captivating, sexy ass, Anastasia Steele.
  19. Mustn’t have been a very captivating movie last night.
  20. The woman was captivating and beautiful with beautiful eyes.
  21. Kathy Meadows was a complete and captivating mystery to him.
  22. The woman was extremely captivating like a vixen, her beauty.
  23. Heck no! It just makes the mystery of you more captivating.
  24. TopTip #62 – Devise captivating videos that compel watchers.
  25. She was too beautiful and captivating for him to think clearly.
  26. Her eyes were captivating to Alex; he could get lost in them just.
  27. Without stopping, she continued along, her sweet scent captivating.
  28. Mei Yinxue was once again filled with a beautiful captivating smile.
  29. Captivating, even the expanded shape of her head was not unattractive.
  30. Mei Yinxue rolled her watery eyes and suddenly smiled most captivating.
  31. Favoritism can never release the captivating potential of individuals.
  32. This startled loud cry, this captivating cry from Mei Yinxue seemed to.
  33. Although she was talking, laughing at the same time and her captivating.
  34. Mei Yinxue looked at him and smiled captivating but she did not ask him.
  35. When Mei Yinxue saw their expressions, the captivating smile that was on.
  36. You are as captivating as I was warned you would be, he says to her.
  37. He was, she had to admit, one of the most captivating men she had ever met.
  38. As I started to watch, it turned out to be very informative and captivating.
  39. Mei Yinxue secretly sighed in her heart but still she retained a captivating.
  40. He radiated warmth and his smile and perfect teeth had a captivating sweetness.
  41. Then, a cute little girl emerged from the car, captivating Sophia’s attention.
  42. Reeas said, ‘You are very handsome, John, and the uniform is totally captivating.
  43. Karit looked away from her captivating eyes, a feat that required all of his might.
  44. They towered over Darek; Darek was rooted in place, gaping at their captivating beauty.
  45. She may not be captivating, but she exceeds charm and confidence that magnetizes her being.
  46. He did not know that a pair of beautiful captivating eyes was now looking at him in silence.
  47. He avoided staring at her captivating blue eyes if he wanted the argument to fall in his favor.
  48. Eldredge, John & Stasi, Captivating, Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul Thomas Nelson, Inc.
  49. Slim Jim had this style of pulsating poppin’ that was as mesmerizing and captivating as lightning.
  50. I dont have anything to share, I said, and turned my head to look at more captivating activity.
  51. Cass’ attention changes, as they are allured toward the captivating sensation entering his nostrils.
  52. In tilting his light head upward, Mitchell gazed at the silvery clouds that blocked a captivating moon.
  53. Although silenced with his finger, she remained in charge, baby-face pout and doe-eyed gaze captivating him.
  54. The man took a long draught from his tankard and answered, that captivating voice nearly enticing the Nord to sleep.
  55. I knew it was only a matter of time before I would surrender to Aidan's smooth demeanor, and captivating personality.
  56. Suddenly, the music stopped but its memory lingered, controlling the spirit and captivating the hearts of all present.
  57. The great attractor of Zomburbia is the captivating triviality of dream abodes, fashion hates, and entertainment wars.
  58. They had begun to fail him before he entered the house, and they were quite overcome by the captivating manners of Mrs.
  59. Without a doubt, Horrifying Hippo was a magnificent, captivating sight to be seen when all groomed up from head to toe!.
  60. Eva found Zoe captivating, and had they been in another time and place, she wondered if they could or would have been friends.
  61. Her ruby-red lips parted and her fine white teeth were revealed in a captivating smile that Brett never tired of trying to provoke.
  62. True, home is where the heart is…that’s until you fall madly in love with a dark, captivating and beautiful city, and its king.
  63. He could not take his eyes from the raven black hair strewn about her, the milky white of her skin, and her eternally captivating eyes.
  64. Her memoir is a captivating narrative that will stand in history as testament to the power of women, faith and the spirit of our great country.
  65. In situations where small but captivating growth companies have revolutionary new products, what seems like a high P/E ratio can actually be low.
  66. It was enough to secure his good opinion; for to be unaffected was all that a pretty girl could want to make her mind as captivating as her person.
  67. The combinations of colors and lights from sky, earth, and water were so captivating he forgot that he was on a Starship traveling faster than light.
  68. She had almost feline eyes; perfectly shaped, astonishingly green in colour and as angular and beautifully formed as the rest of her captivating face.
  69. Adults would politely look the other way, of course, but he was at the age where sex was a captivating mystery, and he obviously could not tear his gaze away.
  70. On the hills of Damascus, a town has been established that the Hand of Godly Potency has endowed with fascinating beauty and all the captivating charms of nature.
  71. People thought Alice was the prettier sister, and it was true that she had more regular features, but she lacked Caris’ s captivating ways, and Merthin found her dull.
  72. It seemed as if, with the termination of the roar of artillery and the plunging of shot, nature had also seized the moment to assume her mildest and most captivating form.
  73. Rintzeva was a plain-looking young woman, with a clever and mild expression of face, which, when she smiled, had a way of suddenly becoming merry, animated and captivating.
  74. He was standing in front of the basin mirror, his shirt on the floor, his too perfect body was half naked and there was a captivating smel of aftershave blended with his usual fragrance.
  75. Noble Caribbean Cruises present a 11 night cruise as of Sydney along with Australia captivating in Hamilton Island, Port Douglas as well as Cairns to give a name and a few of the targets while traveling.
  76. This captivating book provides us with other musical families, many of whom we weren’t aware, as well as short histories of the producers, performers and the hits that filled our radios a few decades ago.
  77. In a subsequent book he wrote with his wife entitled Captivating, subtitled, Unveiling the Mystery of the Woman’s Soul, they explain the man’s heart to the female audience of Captivating this way:.
  78. Easily these were the most captivating creatures Joey had seen so far, but based on Lezura’s testimony, his mere human eyes, though better than a nycarmans, had yet to see the magnificence this planet had to offer.
  79. Nancy chuckled at first while reading what was supposed to have been her story: the passage of time and the resulting deformation of the information made for a captivating but also wildly inaccurate picture of herself.
  80. Rosamond, for her part, had never enjoyed the days so much in her life before: she was sure of being admired by some one worth captivating, and she did not distinguish flirtation from love, either in herself or in another.
  81. Did he even know how good-looking he was? Or how simply being in his presence, scared her half to death that her come-to-life fantasy is destined to end soon? The man managed to look sexy and captivating without even trying.
  82. She asked his opinion on all subjects, she was interested in everything he did, made charming little presents for him, and sent him two letters a week, full of lively gossip, sisterly confidences, and captivating sketches of the lovely scenes about her.
  83. Captivating for Truman was the spread of the business district to formerly residential streets, modern stores in place of open-air vendor’s stands, repaved streets, large numbers of cars and the absence of certain landmarks, all of which went unnoticed to Beth.
  84. He was exactly formed to engage Marianne’s heart, for with all this, he joined not only a captivating person, but a natural ardour of mind which was now roused and increased by the example of her own, and which recommended him to her affection beyond every thing else.
  85. I should also point out that Brody (is it possible to say “Brody” these days and not think of the captivating Homeland character?) was always front and center during review sessions, where I would eventually hear “Hey, Bella, what do you think of this position?” before the session was over.
  86. However captivating new theories and abstract propositions were a few years since, I believe the thinking men of all parties in the nation are perfectly convinced that one ounce of experience and common matter-of-fact sense is worth more for the purposes of legislation than a ship-load of theory and speculation.
  87. I could not unlove him, because I felt sure he would soon marry this very lady—because I read daily in her a proud security in his intentions respecting her—because I witnessed hourly in him a style of courtship which, if careless and choosing rather to be sought than to seek, was yet, in its very carelessness, captivating, and in its very pride, irresistible.
  88. He could envisage the devout and captivating sermons of the enigmatic reverend appealing to the secretive social organization that the KKK represented; whether or not he was actually a member was questionable, though the knights of the KKK would undoubtedly be willing to make contributions to this humble man in exchange for his spreading the word of their crusade.
  89. As Monte Cristo approached, she leaned upon the elbow of the arm that held the narghile, and extending to him her other hand, said, with a smile of captivating sweetness, in the sonorous language spoken by the women of Athens and Sparta, "Why demand permission ere you enter? Are you no longer my master, or have I ceased to be your slave?" Monte Cristo returned her smile.
  90. Every one of us, perhaps unconsciously, carries in mind a simple, straight-forward conception of this subject, formed in early childhood—a time when the imagination rarely goes beyond an attempt to realize the unlooked for forgiveness of the once deserted parent, or the captivating visions of adventure suggested by the changing fortunes of the wanderer during his absence in a far country.
  91. It is as good an example of the peculiar fascination exercised by so-called detective stories as we know of; and besides this it contains—as most of these stories do not—a lot of people who command both our interest and sympathy, from the heroine to the self-confessed criminal, Harry Glenn, who is, in spite of his wickedness, a very captivating young man, as Miss Bramblestone found out, and as her lover, Captain McCracken, was finally forced to admit.
  92. Didn't they steal sips of tea, stuff gingerbread ab libitum, get a hot biscuit apiece, and as a crowning trespass, didn't they each whisk a captivating little tart into their tiny pockets, there to stick and crumble treacherously, teaching them that both human nature and a pastry are frail? Burdened with the guilty consciousness of the sequestered tarts, and fearing that Dodo's sharp eyes would pierce the thin disguise of cambric and merino which hid their booty, the little sinners attached themselves to 'Dranpa', who hadn't his spectacles on.
  1. I was captivated in my house.
  2. I was captivated by its beauty.
  3. It captivated me, it called to me.
  4. And are you captivated by what you.
  5. They were captivated to say the least.
  6. The Persian was equally captivated by.
  7. Captivated glimpse of reality causing.
  8. The one he sat next to had captivated him.
  9. He was absolutely captivated by the Stones.
  10. Brother Francis was captivated by the idea.
  11. I watched the rest of the ritual, captivated.
  12. He was conquered and captivated immediately.
  13. As he drove back to his office, the captivated.
  14. His audience was totally captivated by the tale.
  15. Evil is the roaches' captivated indulgence of.
  16. They are captivated by the things of the world.
  17. He stared at the image, captivated by her beauty.
  18. What? I asked completely captivated by her.
  19. Captivated and intrigued by those grey hazel eyes.
  20. Bea’s scene-steal captivated Sophia’s attention.
  21. I’m captivated by the skill they are showing on.
  22. She paused, looking around at her captivated audience.
  23. Those near Jesus were focused on Him, captivated by.
  24. Anderson was captivated and boiling over with jealousy.
  25. They quivered as if captivated by an essential tremor.
  26. Tyrone was upstairs sound asleep captivated in a dream.
  27. The enemy has them captivated by worldly pursuits and.
  28. Long and narrow, its gaunt head captivated him the most.
  29. When someone is truly captivated by the idea they have.
  30. His description captivated Elowen, his words, the joyful.
  31. Anna Blond was more reserved, but her smile captivated me.
  32. I remain captivated and amazed by him and his infinitely.
  33. Captivated by the moment, Tom questioned why he had mis-.
  34. The young man who had turned back the clock, captivated by.
  35. With the first few words, Larry captivated Sam’s attention.
  36. No-one in the room made a sound, they were captivated by Beck.
  37. Only one thing captivated him and gave him security: dwelling.
  38. Shock held me so sturdily that I was literaly captivated by it.
  39. I was instantly captivated by both her smile and her as a whole.
  40. The wanderer listened trance-like, captivated by the brilliance.
  41. The young man was entirely captivated by the beauty of the woman.
  42. Embarked as I was, and moreover captivated with the charms of my.
  43. D’ata sat listening, quietly captivated by the story Ravan told.
  44. They’re petrified by our tort system but also captivated by it.
  45. I was totally captivated by this and ignored all else in the room.
  46. I still remembered how this old box captivated me on a garage sale.
  47. None has ever so captivated my son, as you have, and I can see why.
  48. We’re expected to be an audience captivated by the visuals on our.
  49. A new male patient walked in and I was immediately captivated by him.
  50. They captivated her mind as she felt butterflies within her stomach.
  51. She is captivated by his heroics, and soothed by his endearing voice.
  52. Captivated by his sincerity and boldness, everyone nodded in agreement.
  53. She was a charming, stunning woman who captivated everyone who met her.
  54. She herself had seen such entertainers and been captivated by their craft.
  55. As Sam turned around, the sight of Molly so captivated him that he paused.
  56. This entire absence of coquetry surprised and completely captivated Maslova.
  57. Interested in their discussion and puzzled by their hostility, a captivated.
  58. Alex sat down in a big chair and curled up, captivated by the drama as well.
  59. Hers was so natural and pure, it had captivated him since the very first day.
  60. At peace within your loving arms captivated by your divine and spiritual form.
  61. It’s about an opportunity to join with others, CAPTIVATED BY, AND YOU FEEL.
  62. Where shall I park then? asks Sharon captivated by this beautiful place.
  63. I was captivated by surprise when a whole city fel into lights in front of me.
  64. While entering, he is immediately captivated by the wonderful vision appearing.
  65. A Chinese family was captivated by the unique lifestyle of this Western hermit.
  66. Proudness but they could not help being captivated by her eyes that looked so.
  67. Even though I was his hands, I remain captivated and amazed by how amazingly he.
  68. She saw the strength in him, but it as his softness that captivated and held her.
  69. He continued to thrash around in the sand until the sound of the ocean captivated.
  70. He was utterly lost in her closeness, and completely captivated by her femininity.
  71. I was growing up, a teenager, and his good looks and pleasant manner captivated me.
  72. I was still standing next to the escalator that I got off, captivated by what I saw.
  73. It had captivated my heart long ago and held it prisoner longer than any woman could.
  74. She had captivated me as Jo March in George Cukor’s film adaptation of Little Women.
  75. Little shivers of contented amazement beset her as the revelation captivated her mind.
  76. The three men sat captivated as Yakov recounted the last conversation he had had with.
  77. Kate intended to take a very close look at the man who had captivated her granddaughter.
  78. We visited and explored the Bloomfield River and became quite captivated by the natural.
  79. Her mind, persona, attitude, gentle but forceful way, intrigued and then captivated him.
  80. We were a captivated audience, beholden to this creature, utterly smitten and charmed.
  81. Captivated as he was by things Eastern and spiritual, this was not a high point for him.
  82. Cass’ eyes are instantly captivated by other curves that flow through her blowing dress.
  83. I could still not believe I had captivated and transformed a woman of her age and caliber.
  85. Samantha was immediately captivated and would have given him any sum of money he asked for.
  86. Captivated by the view, she wished it was tattooed into her eyes and would never, ever fade.
  87. The music they played captivated the hearts which responded with their own beats of ecstasy.
  88. He had captivated her, occupied her thoughts, and had unexpectedly begun to enter her dreams.
  89. The floating reflection of the dingy water on the walls captivated Eilidh as she followed Shela.
  90. But Garret and Anne, caught in their trance, captivated by one another, were unpleasant company.
  91. She did not speak; he was silent, captivated by her silence, as he would have been by her speech.
  92. His sparkly happiness captivated me, bringing light to the darkness that had been present for so long.
  93. That night, in his house, when they had chatted, and Rosemary had relaxed, Frank was captivated by her.
  94. Rayne was laughing so hard that tears rolled down her face, much to the pleasure of a captivated Tevid.
  95. The newcomer captivated me, drawing me in so much that my fear became barely a shadow in the background.
  96. She smiles when she’s ready, looks up at the captivated throng, and launches eloquently into her speech.
  97. Adam made himself comfortable on the bed, totally captivated by Nancy’s beautifully sleek, half clad body.
  98. Dozens of goblins and orcs were captivated by the dense mist and struggled to move against their opponents.
  99. Clever minded individuals are oftentimes captivated by the perception of their (own) inestimable ―Wisdom‖.
  100. Hardly anybody got up to go to the washrooms during the two hour presentation, so captivated the audience was.
  1. And tells me that it is my mind that captivates him.
  2. Beholding love that captivates me with her many charms.
  3. The rhythm of the poem captivates me as it always did, and I feel like a child again, whole and good and loved.
  4. Nevertheless the simplicity of the view that each species was first produced within a single region captivates the mind.
  5. I would like to ride out there with you, to see what it is that captivates you up there, he commented in a low voice.
  6. I’ve seen mountain views that made me pause in wonder, sunrises and sunsets that could steal a breath, but nothing captivates me like you do.
  7. We too are inspired by that love of poetry which the education of noble States has implanted in us, and therefore we would have her appear at her best and truest; but so long as she is unable to make good her defence, this argument of ours shall be a charm to us, which we will repeat to ourselves while we listen to her strains; that we may not fall away into the childish love of her which captivates the many.

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