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Bewitch in a sentence | bewitch example sentences

  1. I had a power of bewitch.
  2. He managed to bewitch the girl and she started to transform.
  3. When magicians bewitch, all their energy is held rigidly in check.
  4. Magicians first have to bewitch themselves to be madly in love – they go first.
  5. And they said, No matter what sign you bring us, to bewitch us with, we will not believe in you.

  6. Thus they don’t try to bewitch famous movie stars to fall in love with them, or to win the lottery.
  7. There may even be wicked girls in this church now who have made use of Mattie’s powers to bewitch a man.
  8. They could both bewitch you and freeze you out, make children and adults alike feel special one day and rejected the next.
  9. Each little village will bewitch you with tales of it's past - while entertaining you richly with its beers, whiskies and food.
  10. This spitting on knots is a type of magic used by the magicians, whereby they tie knots in a piece of string or rope, and spit on them in order to bewitch people.
  11. To work his or her magic, the magician takes some rope or string or a piece of thread from the clothes of the person they intend to bewitch, and then breathe upon this material.
  12. Indeed, the example just given is quite applicable to Satan and his spiritual travel, for as soon as he reaches and touches his victim, he gives them false impressions that bewitch their sight so that they suppose that the stabbing with skewers that the magician displays is a real action.
  13. But how can they affect any person so that they see whatever deceptions and fancies they want to show them?! Is there anyone they cannot bewitch or inflict with the least of harm, or make see false fancies?! Or is it possible that there exist those who witness the reality of these matters!!?
  14. Did the magicians prosper and bewitch him as they bewitched the people’s eyes? Here is what happened with the magicians: When the magicians came, Moses said to them ‘cast down what you want to cast down’ and when they had thrown down (their cords and staffs), Moses said ‘magic is what you have done’, and Al’lah will surely confound it.
  15. She thought she could bewitch Grushenka if she liked, and she believed it herself: she plays a part to herself, and whose fault is it? Do you think she kissed Grushenka's hand first, on purpose, with a motive? No, she really was fascinated by Grushenka, that's to say, not by Grushenka, but by her own dream, her own delusion—because it was her dream, her delusion! Alyosha, darling, how did you escape from them, those women? Did you pick up your cassock and run? Ha ha ha!.

  1. It never stopped bewitching Robbie.
  2. I am accused of bewitching Merthin.
  3. The most bewitching milkmaid ever seen.
  4. He had never known anyone as bewitching.
  5. She moved with the bewitching grace of a dancer as she spoke.
  6. Bewitching is really no different than Creative Visualization.
  7. She for all her odd exotic appearance was utterly bewitching.
  8. They brought her to court accusing her of bewitching the king.
  9. The head on his shoulder gave a sudden gay, bewitching little nod.
  10. My aunt used to tell me that she did not know a more bewitching man.
  11. That voice and ‘those eyes’, eh? He sounds like a bewitching one.
  12. Her abandon in lovemaking was bewitching, her deliriums mesmeric and her orgasms breathtaking.
  13. You should not daydream or have romantic or sexual fantasies about someone whom you are bewitching.
  14. Desire is inflamed by visualization, which is why magic is basically a matter of bewitching oneself.
  15. One massive, powerful voice filled the club—only overwhelming, bewitching soprano vocals, no music.
  16. Au revoir, my boy, au revoir—but, I say, it was a bewitching dream, a most be—witching dream!.
  17. The tiny silver tear appearing at the corner of her bewitching black eyes, told him it was already too late.
  18. I was still gazing, with all the powers of my sight, on this bewitching object, when, in an instant, down he went.
  19. Creative Visualization, true bewitching, usually doesn’t have a context of sexual or romantic excitation at all.
  20. The most bewitching? and belonging to this place? Who can it be? cried the ladies, interchanging looks and signs.
  21. The workers can still stock the shelves during those bewitching hours, because from my experience, they’re not decent.
  22. Then you need a little break, she said, giving him a bewitching smile, filled with longing or some sort of promise.
  23. But despite those bewitching first rites, she was still burdened by the belief that the loss of virginity was a bloody sacrifice.
  24. Anatole asked Natasha for a valse and as they danced he pressed her waist and hand and told her she was bewitching and that he loved her.
  25. Anatole asked Natásha for a valse and as they danced he pressed her waist and hand and told her she was bewitching and that he loved her.
  26. Blanche another glance which was full of meaning; whereupon she advanced towards me with a bewitching smile, and seized and pressed my hands.
  27. The topics covered include: Spirits; Intent; Death; God; Money; Demons; Science; Sex; Bewitching; Spells, Charms, and Rituals; Black Magicians & Vampires.
  28. He shrugged her off, and gazed transfixed over the side of the vessel, straining to catch sight of the women who were singing this bewitching song to him.
  29. Li Hongzhi deliberately exaggerated some limitations of science and certain crises of modern society just for the purpose of fooling and bewitching people.
  30. Sometimes she was friendly, but generally her every look, every word, and every movement expressed equanimity—not contemptuous, but crushing and bewitching.
  31. South American Indians with sombreros and wide, colorful scarves on one shoulder trailing to the ground, playing bewitching melodies on their flutes and banjos.
  32. She was pointed out to me; a beautiful and bewitching woman, truly, but with an expression of confidence and self-sufficiency which impressed me unpleasantly, and I said so.
  33. Sonya, as she listened, thought of the immense difference there was between herself and her friend, and how impossible it was for her to be anything like as bewitching as her cousin.
  34. Sónya, as she listened, thought of the immense difference there was between herself and her friend, and how impossible it was for her to be anything like as bewitching as her cousin.
  35. From the first casting of the parts to the epilogue it was all bewitching, and there were few who did not wish to have been a party concerned, or would have hesitated to try their skill.
  36. And the smallest, Lily, was bewitching in her naive astonishment at everything, and it was difficult not to smile when, after taking the sacrament, she said in English, Please, some more.
  37. And the smallest, Lily, was bewitching in her naive astonishment at everything, and it was difficult not to smile when, after taking the sacrament, she said in English, ‘Please, some more.
  38. But suddenly Helene, who was getting bored, said with one of her bewitching smiles: ‘But I think that having espoused the true religion I cannot be bound by what a false religion laid upon me.
  39. But suddenly Hélène, who was getting bored, said with one of her bewitching smiles: But I think that having espoused the true religion I cannot be bound by what a false religion laid upon me.
  40. It is generally said that women (the women of Paris, especially those who are childless) have become so bewitching, using all the means of civilization, that they have mastered man by their charms.
  41. Thus the captain touchingly recounted the story of his love for a fascinating marquise of thirty-five and at the same time for a charming, innocent child of seventeen, daughter of the bewitching marquise.
  42. In the country, they have often a bewitching simplicity of character; but, in the cities, they have all the airs and ignorance of the ladies who give the tone to the circles of the large trading towns in England.
  43. But she was made to swear to an oath, drank the water used in birthing the corpse of her husband and worst of all, ridiculed by the community on account of an unfounded accusation of bewitching her husband to death.
  44. The dinner was very good: the mistress of the house kept the company alive with most bewitching airs and manners,—at least so it should have been, but all excepting herself and the prince were terribly dull on this occasion.
  45. Such claims about bewitching him (cpth) were mentioned in the books Al-Bukhari and Al-Jalalein Interpretation that were written by Lubaid the Jew, and through other books of explanation that were filled with interpolated sayings.
  46. It is generally stated that woman (the woman of Paris in particular is childless) has become so bewitching, through making use of all the means of civilization, that she has gained the upper hand over man by this fascination of hers.
  47. She had a few tender reveries now and then, which he could sometimes take advantage of to look in her face without detection; and the result of these looks was, that though as bewitching as ever, her face was less blooming than it ought to be.
  48. Chauncey is an American widow and a beauty, with a most agreeable manner and lively intelligence; she presides in a bewitching bijou of a little house in Hertford Street, and drives one of the smartest miniature victorias that appear in the park.
  49. But if any of them are in contradiction with It – such as the report about the bewitching of the prophet, and the statement that one should learn magic but not practice it – they must be neglected completely and Muslims should be warned against such reports and their like.
  50. The fact that he could, without any sense of restraint, rather with a feeling of intimacy that sent delirious thrills along his veins, be with Jacqueline as one sharing her mood and interest so surely that he turned to silence in preference to words, placed, as it were, a bewitching perspective to his love.
  51. Not the white bull Jupiter swimming away with ravished Europa clinging to his graceful horns; his lovely, leering eyes sideways intent upon the maid; with smooth bewitching fleetness, rippling straight for the nuptial bower in Crete; not Jove, not that great majesty Supreme! did surpass the glorified White Whale as he so divinely swam.
  52. This shortly brought them to a bewitching spring, whose basin was incrusted with a frostwork of glittering crystals; it was in the midst of a cavern whose walls were supported by many fantastic pillars which had been formed by the joining of great stalactites and stalagmites together, the result of the ceaseless water-drip of centuries.
  53. How could a devil draw near to him?! Furthermore, since Satan enters into people’s spirits when bewitching them, controlling their affections, senses, thoughts and even their acts, then how could a weak devil, that can be easily burnt just by the slightest beam of Al’lah’s light, penetrate the focus of descending Godly revelations?!.
  54. I shall only here acquaint you, that as age had not subdued his tenderness for our sex, neither had it robbed him of the power of pleasing, since whatever he wanted in the bewitching charms of youth, he atoned for, or supplemented with the advantages of experience, the sweetness of his manners, and above all, his flattering address in touching the heart, by an application to the understanding.
  55. What matter tho’, for Blood we have aplenty in the bit of Sea-Sponge conceal’d within Love’s Temple; and presently his Hot Lust begins to discharge it (along with other Secretions of a paler Nature), and seeing the Bewitching Colours of bright red ’gainst white Linen, Theo is e’er more inflam’d and cries: ’o Blood, Blood, Blood,’ like some Bedlam Lunatick that, in his Madness, fancies himself Othello.
  56. On Sundays, Ralph and Betty would sometimes host a few expat Aussie thespians such as the great actor Leo McKern, who later became famous as Number Two in Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner and as Horace Rumple in Rumpole of the Bailey; Bill Kerr, who I knew as the innocent stooge to Sid James’s scheming spiv in Hancock’s Half Hour; and Shirley Abicair, who sang bewitching songs on the television, accompanied by the zither.
  57. I’ve a scrap of lace”—reverting to the burning question—“that I’m going to hunt up, that will freshen the red a lot, and some day, Marmee”—she took her mother’s face between her cool, slim hands, and laughed with a fine assumption of gayety—“we’ll have such closetfuls of dainty, bewitching ‘creations’ that we’ll quite forget we ever envied Mother Eve because she didn’t have to rack her brains about what to wear.
  58. Well, at last, as I need not tell you, you were forced on me; and what a sweet figure I cut!--what an evening of agony it was!-- Marianne, beautiful as an angel on one side, calling me Willoughby in such a tone!--Oh, God!--holding out her hand to me, asking me for an explanation, with those bewitching eyes fixed in such speaking solicitude on my face!--and Sophia, jealous as the devil on the other hand, looking all that was--Well, it does not signify; it is over now.
  59. Well, at last, as I need not tell you, you were forced on me; and what a sweet figure I cut!—what an evening of agony it was!— Marianne, beautiful as an angel on one side, calling me Willoughby in such a tone!—Oh, God!—holding out her hand to me, asking me for an explanation, with those bewitching eyes fixed in such speaking solicitude on my face!—and Sophia, jealous as the devil on the other hand, looking all that was—Well, it does not signify; it is over now.
  1. Another woman had bewitched me.
  2. Bewitched was not too strong a word.
  3. They said, You are one of those bewitched.
  4. They said, You are surely one of the bewitched.
  5. Hello, he said, bewitched by her once more.
  6. Action/adventure? Spy movies? Horror? Bewitched?
  7. She spent a few days in Cairo and bewitched me anew.
  8. Bewitched… my inner goddess is staring open-mouthed.
  9. It’s kind of like realizing you married Bewitched.
  10. Somehow she had bewitched the beasts to do her bidding.
  11. Even as a child, I loved the fact that Samantha from BEWITCHED.
  12. So, the people were bewitched, and they feared what they had seen.
  13. Presence of this image has bewitched my soul with the rapture of I AM.
  14. I am not cut, said the fisherman, but… this weapon is bewitched.
  15. Whoever had written it took for granted that Fermina Daza had bewitched Dr.
  16. They say she's been bewitched by an evil eye! She's got pains in the stomach!.
  17. When he went to them, Pharaoh said to him, I think that you, Moses, are bewitched.
  18. Bloody hell, Ryodan says to Barrons, she watched too much Bewitched as a kid.
  19. The dairyman had not recognized the taste at that time, and thought the butter bewitched.
  20. So is it for the one who has been bewitched, who is affected by magic and his own imagination.
  21. The jades are very charming, their poison which bewitched me would intoxicate Monsieur Orfila.
  22. Besides, her ethereal beauty should’ve bewitched him, blinding his eyes to my charms forever.
  23. At that very moment her zestful words bewitched me when she mention about you and your better life.
  24. Thereupon (by means of the magician), the devil can show images to the one who has been bewitched.
  25. The earliest of the printed sheets, with songs such as Young at Heart and Bewitched (bothered and.
  26. They looked very seducing but it was also very obvious that they too had been bewitched by the music.
  27. God says: …they bewitched the people’s eyes and terrified them with a display of great wonders.
  28. Its flame bewitched and fascinated us with its mysterious living beauty and bright range of light play.
  29. The person is bewitched through what the magician says and does with the help of his companion, the devil.
  30. This area had thoroughly bewitched me, casting a spell that originated much further back than I could remember.
  31. Exhilarated, she half ran the last few metres along the path, stopping suddenly, bewitched by the sight below her.
  32. Whoever had bewitched her had more than likely been responsible for moving her north and possibly east of Morthal.
  33. This is completely different from what happened to the people, whose eyes were bewitched as the magic worked on them.
  34. Godwyn had written to Henri saying that Caris had bewitched the nuns into thinking she could save them from the plague.
  35. There are those who practice magic who emit some of their spittle onto the possessions of those who are to be bewitched.
  36. Had the bewitched one not committed extreme and forbidden actions, the magician would have not affected and bewitched them.
  37. And when they threw down (their staffs), they bewitched people’s eyes and terrified them by showing a great (feat of) magic.
  38. The passers-by thought that love bewitched had wedded, in our happy couple, the gentle month of April to the fair month of May.
  39. In their bewitched state of being, it was decreed that they’d be kept apart for many passing moons, bereft boy and lonely lass.
  40. It was only when the song drew to a close that he opened his eyes again and stared at something in the distance like a man bewitched.
  41. She’s got you so bewitched that one of these days I’m going to see you twisting around with colic and with a toad in your belly.
  42. We know well what they listen to, when they listen to you, as they conspire, when the wrongdoers say, You only follow a man bewitched.
  43. This lets the spirit of the bewitched one spread outwards with the ray of the magician’s own wicked spirit, spreading with it the devils.
  44. This type of magic depends on the magician seeking a controlling influence over the spirit of the bewitched one through what he says and does.
  45. A trapper doesn’t need to be in a place where the animals, bewitched or whatever, have lost their fear of man and are making a stand against him.
  46. Here we can give a simple example of the exercise of spiritual control over the bewitched person’s spirit by the magician and his close friend, the devil.
  47. In this way, the devil keeps control of the bewitched man until disputes and hatred arise between him and his wife and a separation takes place between them.
  48. How can we accept their interpretation of the two Surats (An-Nas) and (Al-Falaq) were they mentioned that Labid, the Jew, had bewitched the messenger (cpth)?
  49. By this time, and in such a situation, the devil can extend himself, by means of his partner and close friend the magician, into the spirit of the poor bewitched one.
  50. They had been pre-adolescent, but nevertheless he had been bewitched by her quick wits, her daring, and the effortless way she had assumed command of the little group.
  51. This means that all that was said about the noble messenger (cpth) that suggests that he was once bewitched and that he remained affected by magic and its devils for months is false.
  52. It was you, wasn’t it…it was you who bewitched me out there in the marshes! Why?! And how did I not see you all that time?! The Guild Master chuckled, eyes narrowed incredulously.
  53. How could he know that this terrible figure out of the past was leading him to freedom? But he knew that, left to himself, he could never untangle this bewitched maze of corridors and tunnels.
  54. Afterwards, the magician’s voice becomes the only thing that has control over the feelings and the consciousness of the bewitched one, who goes asleep through a type of spiritual suggestion and control.
  55. The first prophecy was about a young man whose mother was a witch; and who, in collaboration with her witchcraft members, bewitched her only son to the extent that she donated him as an object of sacrifice.
  56. The magician and the devil work together to affect the nerves of the one who is bewitched, and who sees these fancies and deceptions after their spirit has been possessed by the devil by means of his ally, the magician.
  57. Then, in a state of silence and quiet, the bewitched one listens to the voice of the magician until the eyes close and all the muscles of the body relax, as they pay attention to the teachings that are being given to them.
  58. According to this account, Lubaid Ibn Al-A’sam bewitched the messenger of God (cpth) using a comb, hair combings, dried pollen husk, one male pollen and a tied string that contained eleven knots and had needles stuck into it.
  59. The devil then starts causing them to see false visions and imaginary things which aim to deepen the process of putting them to sleep, thus achieving the complete domination and mastery of the devil over the spirit of the bewitched one.
  60. But in her expression of restrained excitement, and of a sort of reserve, he could find nothing but the beauty that always bewitched him afresh though he was used to it, the consciousness of it, and the desire that it should affect him.
  61. For example, if the magician wants to stir up discord between a bewitched man and his wife by means of the object over which he spits, the devil will make this man disincline to his wife by sending deceptions and insinuations into his chest.
  62. Even the first enchantments had had catastrophic results, taking to death to some of the bewitched ones, but she was ready to use any kind of magic, white, black or whatever, to erase any well-known obstacle which might intervene between her and the magician.
  63. She wanted to find the truth, and she searched for it with an anguish almost as great as her terrible fear of finding it, and she was driven by an irresistible wind even stronger than her innate haughtiness, even stronger than her dignity: an agony that bewitched her.
  64. Using that fabricated story about how the prophet (cpth) was bewitched, and the other false statement (that we should learn magic but not practice it), evil spirits have crept into Muslims’ houses, for they believed these lies and convinced themselves that they were true.
  65. The noble verse denotes that watching the wonders avails man nothing so long as he does not seek the truth truthfully when God says: If We opened for the unbelievers a gate in heaven and they ascended through it higher and higher, still they would say: our eyes were dazzled; truly, we must have been bewitched.
  66. In examining whether or not he was bewitched: if this was indeed true, then after they had thrown down their cords and staffs he would not say to them: …God will certainly confound it…, because one who is bewitched cannot attack, and with that saying, he was challenging them and mocking what they were doing.
  67. When his ravenous hunger was somewhat appeased he raised his head to thank his benefactress, but he had no sooner looked at her than he gave a prolonged "Oh-h!" of astonishment and continued staring at her with wide open eyes, his fork in the air, and his mouth full of bread and cauliflower, as if he had been bewitched.
  68. When someone resorts to their enemy, what can the latter do to them? What proves this spiritual domination is that a bewitched person keeps their eyes open throughout the process of hypnotism, and perceives all that happens around them, but is able to answer no one save the magician, with the help of the devils who are his brothers.
  69. Did the magicians prosper and bewitch him as they bewitched the people’s eyes? Here is what happened with the magicians: When the magicians came, Moses said to them ‘cast down what you want to cast down’ and when they had thrown down (their cords and staffs), Moses said ‘magic is what you have done’, and Al’lah will surely confound it.
  70. It seems as if they are saying to themselves: Since the prophet himself was bewitched, or affected by magic, how would it be with us, when we are so weak compared to him?! It has slipped from their memories that their deeds that infringe on the noble statute of God brought Satan upon them, to increase their distance from the path of repentance and virtue.
  71. Climbing the great staircase, the great, becoming staircase, down which she had come a thousand times in the days of her loveliness, her progress watched from below by bewitched adorers, a horrid tale someone told her once came into her mind, a tale of young men who danced, for their own discreditable reasons, with elderly women, and while they danced winked at their friends over the poor old things' trustful shoulders.
  72. The glitter of his showy attire took her fancy, his ballads bewitched her (for he gave away twenty copies of every one he made), the tales of his exploits which he told about himself came to her ears; and in short, as the devil no doubt had arranged it, she fell in love with him before the presumption of making love to her had suggested itself to him; and as in love-affairs none are more easily brought to an issue than those which have the inclination of the lady for an ally, Leandra and Vicente came to an understanding without any difficulty; and before any of her numerous suitors had any suspicion of her design, she had already carried it into effect, having left the house of her dearly beloved father (for mother she had none), and disappeared from the village with the soldier, who came more triumphantly out of this enterprise than out of any of the large number he laid claim to.
  73. Thy beauties have bewitched Giray,.
  74. He has bewitched the fugitives from Moscow,.
  1. As to the woman who artificially remains childless, and bewitches man by her shoulders and curls, she is not a woman, mastering man, but a woman corrupted by him, reduced to the level of the corrupted man, who, as well as he, has deviated from her duty, who, as well as he, has lost every reasonable sense of life.

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