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Changeling in a sentence

Easy there, changeling.
The Changeling, episode 37.
I then did ask of her her changeling child;.
Anger that Simon had outed me as a changeling.
As for the changeling, whose curious engine had been thus.
He hadn’t just heard about my coming out as a changeling.
Confess to harassing a changeling on the first day of school!.

We couldn’t have your changeling thoughts running around the school.
This changeling was there, and another boy, but I couldn’t help him.
That’s because I told them you were a changeling, he whispered back.
Kira, why didn’t you tell me you’re a changeling? Kira, why did you lie to me?
The orderly lifted one changeling over his shoulder, and the nurse and two changelings managed to pick up the other.
She was astonished by this new version of Lynnette Lagrande, who was not only a changeling but an ugly person through and through.
Like the rest of school, he would think I was a changeling now, right after telling him that I was different and would never change.
He continued to send for me punctually the moment the clock struck seven; though when I appeared before him now, he had no such honeyed terms as “love” and “darling” on his lips: the best words at my service were “provoking puppet,” “malicious elf,” “sprite,” “changeling,” &c.
As for the changeling, whose curious engine had been thus successfully played off, his shift of countenance and gesture had even something droll, or rather tragi-comic in it: there was now an air of sad repining foolishness, superadded to his natural one of no meaning and idiotism, as he stood with his label of.
As we went up, Louisa whispered me that she had conceived a strange longing to be satisfied, whether the general rule held good with regard to this changeling, and how far nature had made him amends, in her best bodily gifts, for her denial of the sublimer intellectual ones; begin, at the same time, my assistance in procuring her this satisfaction.

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changeling cretin idiot imbecile moron retard

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