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Moron in a sentence

That moron thought he was.
Brad, you’re not a moron.
Freddie shouted, Move you moron.
Mini: Ansh… That moron, he ra….
The mine, you fucking moron!.
That moron Donneville was the.
You see, the moron tried the same.

Moron, he thought, trying to fool Rosy.
You know that? She was really a moron.
Close them you moron, S’us said.
This moron was having a field day.
I'm Sam, the moron is my brother Zac.
You smashed his fucking head in you moron.
All Rick had done was call Sutter a moron.
Then there is the total bimbo blonde moron.
You’re a moron Wilson, Thompson said.
You’re a fucking moron, you know that?
Do I have moron tattooed on my forehead?
Deal with the moron who dropped a shoe on me.
You moron, Oleon said with clenched fists.
I knew that woman was a moron, Percival declared.
Can you stop it? Youŕe just wasting time you moron.
Kelly probably realized she was dealing with a moron.
The moron who hit us could’ve caused a real pile-up.
Damn Griffiths… that moron is going to get me killed.
I don’t want you shooting me up the ass, you moron.
Watch who you’re disrespecting, moron, Heliri said.
Do you know one moron refused to talk to me in English?’.
Well you're nothing but a bloody moron, do you know that?
You mean that, ‘hit’ the spot, don’t you? You moron!.
The plan worked until the fact that my ex is a moron came into play.
She kept talking to this moron, giggling and playing with her hair.
Your insane, stop being a moron, this is nothing to do with you.
Some brilliant exec, huh? You’re the lady in charge, not that moron.
Of course it's all steamed up, you bloody moron! That's the whole point.
Now you've touched her too, you moron, a voice said from the group.
Because we were going to hold it over his head, you moron, Rapp said.
Elliott a moron, as cited, no one but a moron overlooks the import of an.
So when the moron twins couldnt find me, you went and talked with Langdon.
To describe this Humpty Dumpty monstrosity as a moron is an insult to idiots.

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moron changeling cretin idiot imbecile retard

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