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Cretin in a sentence

Kill the cretin.
Not the AA, yer cretin.
You have ten seconds to untie me, cretin.
Kirke was completely irresponsible! A cretin!.
He loathed Jimmy Carter, whom he called a big-toothed cretin.
Don't just stand there yer cretin, give us a bleedin' n 'and.

Are you fucking insane? How the hell can I prove that, you cretin!.
Saznack realised it was not the warriors fault that he was an uneducated cretin, he would educated him.
Exactly the point I’ve been making to Maigwair and that sniveling cretin Duchairn! Clyntahn growled.
He tried to pretend otherwise when attempting to woo me to hire Helios, but I recognize a cretin when I see one.
What is it with me and the mob--Anthony in Brooklyn, Rocco here? But, how much of a cretin does Gary have to be to make friends with a mobster, who gets his moll to give Gary a job so he can get out of jail, and then Gary scams her out of $200K.
Two things: Does not the moral cretin that constitutes Obama realize that there is no such thing as „social justice, that there is only justice for the individual, not a group? And further, had it not been for this country of capitalism, he would not be where he is today, namely: the recipient of something he in no way created, and has done his best to date do destroy.
You cretin! How could you!? She loved you! she pulled on her chains,.

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changeling cretin idiot imbecile moron retard

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