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Idiot in a sentence

I am such an idiot.
I was a total idiot.
What an idiot I was.
No, it is the idiot.
Akbar was a fat idiot.
Christ, I was an idiot.
I am an emotional idiot.

Hailey Adams is an idiot.
He is a clueless idiot.
Idiot, what is he doing?
What an idiot he had been.
She thinks he’s an idiot.
This idiot would try the.
He must think I'm an idiot.
Had his hood up, the idiot.
I said you’re an idiot.
Albert Clough was an idiot.
What kind of idiot was he?
Two thousand year old idiot.
Man, I’m such an idiot.
Friend or not, what an idiot.
No wonder I'm such an idiot.
Idiot! There went his wallet.
He was an idiot to do so now.
I’m not an idiot, Devon.
The fat old idiot was landing.
Well, he’s not an idiot.
Only an idiot in these parts.
She really is an idiot?
You idiot, Jillian told herself.
He agreed with my idiot doctor.
I can handle this idiot myself.
You idiot! The taller spat.
Each was babbling like an idiot.
The big idiot snorted to himself.
Where was that idiot Chavigny?
He sounded like a complete idiot.
What idiot came up with that? I.
You look like a complete idiot.
The idiot keeps sending letters.

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changeling cretin idiot imbecile moron retard

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