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    1. "I get that in that club

    2. "Venna left," Jorma told him, looking down at his cup and remembering that he hadn't been to that sex club since

    3. Many evenings have been happily spent by most of us in sharing such jokes with other elders of the locality or club

    4. ‘My client … Liz Wynell … she used to be a member of the club

    5. A big enough stick to use as a club

    6. The magazine was like a club newsletter

    7. Lopez is also the founder of the ClubIG which he started in an effort to raise the consciousness of all those concerned with their environment The club publishes a newsletter every month on website or yearly via snail mail, which discusses new products new procedures, and a number of timely topics relating to planting and growing

    8. He also professes hopes of expanding his club internationally noting that

    9. "He was at his training club up in Dublin

    10. Poor sod! Although they moved into the village some three years ago, his wife has been working in Bristol so doesn’t know many people and the other week he was worrying at me that she was lonely, so I suggested that he tell her about the Granny & Grandpa Club

    11. Oh, I forgot: Mr Zarifis belongs to a political club

    12. I have a pretty eclectic taste in music, enjoying classical music as well as more modern stuff, though it is years since I bopped at a club … too long

    13. Why? Her new friends, the girls sharing her digs had elected to go on to a small club a few yards down the street, but not she

    14. She is the member of our Ladies club you see, kind

    15. A few bushes went by, but nothing with a stick big enough to use as a club

    16. "Smash the fangs, watch out for the tentacles, don't let it grab the club," were the last intelligible words he heard

    17. From behind it Alan brought the club down with a violent whoosh to the forward center of it's body just behind the eye

    18. He whirled the club around and wailed it down on one of those slashing scimitars

    19. Alan jammed the stump of the club into it's mouth just ahead of her backside

    20. It fastened on the club, even with it's jaw smashed, but was unable to let go

    21. Meanwhile Alan beat the rest of it to paste with the root end of the club

    22. She was a bit plush and her dark hair was straight, but she was pleasant enough and he would just as soon have her as a bedmate and skip the club scene

    23. We had three good sleeps together, then Valla was cast off by the bloatdick in the sex club and Knume took her back without a blink

    24. Ava took him to a club in Yondure where the fashions were straight out of a carnival samba troupe

    25. “He couldn’t have seen you go to a club in Yondure, if she didn’t violate your sentence,” Elmore said

    26. Within a month, and with late spring in full bud, the couple took possession of their brand new home, invested some of their newly acquired cash in a sporty little hatchback car, and paid for a family membership at a local country club and gymnasium

    27. In the meantime she spent a great deal of her time at the country club and gymnasium, toning her muscles, keeping her figure in trim and joining a number of other upwardly mobile wives for coffee mornings, hair appointments and tennis lessons

    28. I mean, if he buys this house from us and gives us a lovely new executive home, we’ll be able to put one over on those bitches at the club, won’t we

    29. His wife embellished her life considerably with good quality clothes and jewellery, buffing up her ego and fluffing her aura so much that she became a leading light in the social whirl at the country club

    30. Terry quickly became a regular in his school team, scoring one hundred goals the very next season, which brought him to the attention of the biggest football club in the land

    31. When he first signed junior terms with the club some of the older boys laughed at him, but Terry didn't care

    32. By the time that he was sixteen he was ready to play his first game for his club in the country's Super League

    33. He scored only one goal for his great club and that was only because he tripped over his own feet and accidentally kneed the ball into his own net

    34. "I've never used a cherub here," he said, they scared him since his first trip to a sex club in Kassidor Yakhan

    35. I went down to the club to convince him our problems could be solved if we allowed Kaliantikos to control the tourism

    36. One of the best things that you can do as a beginner fly fisher is to join a fly fishing club

    37. Think of this as a Kassidorian sex club and the guys as cherubs and she could even pretend she was having fun couldn’t she?

    38. great deal of her time at the country club and gymnasium, toning

    39. country club, I’ve had to put up with the airs and bloody graces of

    40. put one over on those bitches at the club, won’t we

    41. attention of the biggest football club in the land

    42. signed junior terms with the club some of the older boys laughed at

    43. his first game for his club in the country's Super League

    44. He scored only one goal for his great club and that

    45. In clubs where people we so equipped, the club of their choice was broadcast to their brain, each user could set their room as they wished, something Ava couldn’t provide in her universe as there was only one final scene generator per soul in the basic architecture

    46. ” She stood up, blinked a shimmering club jersey from the Yakhan onto herself

    47. It is tradition at the club that Wednesday night, the first show night of the week, is dedicated to local talent

    48. Billy knows how much Maggie hates Jock using the club as his office

    49. Shaun lives a twilight life, moving through the rock pools and shallows of the Atlantic coast line, selling directly sometimes, but usually preferring to move the merchandise on quietly through his own network of club and playground contacts

    50. Saturday afternoon finds Maggie at the club

    1. Deborah Klint's last day and what the staff bought her as a leaving present; Henry Baxter's marriage to a local girl called Vittoria - they clubbed together for a set of wine glasses for them

    2. unusual appearance – exceptionally red hair and clubbed

    3. of his clubbed foot

    4. Somebody’d clubbed him from behind

    5. Without a word, he clubbed her

    6. Longleaf jabbed at the lieutenant, who easily sidestepped the maneuver and clubbed his opponent in the face with the hilt

    7. He had already fallen down when Officer Salmon, a real life pig, subsequently convicted twice on federal kiddie porn charges and still in prison, caught up and clubbed him in the area of his ear with a huge, heavy 4D cell flashlight, strictly out of anger

    8. Clubbed with bats, boomerangs, punches and kicks

    9. saw the KDM had clubbed the bot-roids with their swords and

    10. The others beat and clubbed him, and the captain took my gun and shot William over and over

    11. If he survived injured, he would be clubbed to death

    12. couple of weeks of age when they're clubbed or shot to death

    13. Hundreds of thousands of seals are clubbed or shot to death

    14. were usually killed in the cheapest manner; they were clubbed to

    15. To address the biased/ incorrect reporting mechanism, Chrome set up 1+3 panel home strategy clubbed with technology to collect data

    16. from Stokes’s weakened grip then clubbed him on the head with the butt

    17. clubbed her on the head (his tribe had discovered better weapons than

    18. boarding house, but the officers and men on her husband’s ship had clubbed together to pay her

    19. The man clubbed one of them and took off with

    20. He was martyred around AD 62, beaten, stoned and clubbed

    21. Hal gave a shout and lashed out with clubbed hands that felt heavy, somehow weighted

    22. “If I knew it was you, I would have clubbed you immediately without a warning

    23. his sword through the man who had clubbed Parvateshwar

    24. long as we’re not clubbed to death

    25. “Good, we’re leaving now,” and Arthur turned and walked out of the hall, leaving Uthyr sitting where he was, stunned as if clubbed over his head

    26. The cry was answered by a loud shout from a little thicket, where the incautious party had piled their arms; and at the next moment, Hawkeye, too eager to load the rifle he had regained, was seen advancing upon them, brandishing the clubbed weapon, and cutting the air with wide and powerful sweeps

    27. They would have clubbed together to pay the heriot, then either divided up the land or farmed it together, and made some arrangement for their mother

    28. In one incident, a captive was clubbed so savagely that he was certain he was going to be killed

    29. During one beating, Louie was clubbed on his previously injured ankle, leaving it so painful that he could barely walk

    30. Thousands of other POWs were beaten, burned, stabbed, or clubbed to death, shot, beheaded, killed during medical experiments, or eaten alive in ritual acts of cannibalism

    31. He claimed that he’d used only his hands to punish POWs, an assertion that would have riled the men who’d been kicked, clubbed with his kendo stick and baseball bat, and whipped in the face with his belt

    32. “I had just found the handle to the Judy puppet—it had fallen off—I was holding it when I opened the door, and I tried to hit him, and we struggled, and he clubbed me with it

    33. Fish made a break for an exit—and was clubbed across the back of the head

    34. “Yeah, I clubbed him with a rock before cutting his throat

    35. She had torn, shrieked, clubbed at the box-lid with fists, died of suffocation, in this attitude, hands flung over her gaping face, horror-eyed, hair wild

    36. As if wearing heavy military boots, Fritz Wong clubbed the carpet

    37. “I—I clubbed a guy

    38. Thundering with the butts of three clubbed handspikes on the forecastle deck, Daggoo roused the sleepers with such judgment claps that they seemed to exhale from the scuttle, so instantaneously did they appear with their clothes in their hands

    39. So, would you believe it, they actually clubbed together, somehow, and bought her shoes and stockings, and some linen, and even a dress! I can’t understand how they managed it, but they did it, all together

    1. All he had done was ask her not to wear revealing clothing when she went out clubbing with the girls

    2. sides resorted to using bayonets, knives, and just plain clubbing with rifle butts when their ammunition ran out to kill their

    3. The first clubbing hit the stick that the leader had raised over his head for protection

    4. wondered what he was doing, was gone for parties and clubbing

    5. knees, apparently clubbing each other to death, which was even

    6. were staying in and that Grace had abandoned her post as child-keeper to go clubbing with

    7. She worked, sweated and toiled at that restaurant through the long evenings whilst Janice (Rick’s ex-girlfriend) was clubbing with her mates

    8. Pon went over to the fallen Tighe who had started to regain consciousness, but a clubbing mauler off Spock sent him back to sleep

    9. The thing seemed to be biting, clawing, crushing and clubbing him all at the same time

    10. Elise awoke inside the small shack unaware of having been carried from where she had witnessed the brutal clubbing of the Cajun boy, Jacques Foucharde

    11. Me and a mate I had brought in for a start in the weed thing were renting a nice little apartment and basically clubbing nearly every bloody night and having a good time

    12. With Tony back in town he"d be at the flat all the time hanging out, we did business together and half the time the big fella was there when we went clubbing too

    13. So the clubbing and carrying on went in to the new millennium and during that time I moved in to a townhouse in Pearce and got rid of my mate who was helping me out with the weed business at the time

    14. As the year went on and I got busier we stopped catching up as much and we were only seeing each other for the business really plus I wasn"t going out clubbing too much with this new girlfriend I had hooked up with round mid year so that cut that out

    15. I had always got in to a few other substances when clubbing and partying but weekdays were for business

    16. clubbing fine? I'll go with you

    17. The automatic response would"ve been a clubbing or two with a night stick

    18. As the series resumed, it didn’t seem to faze the Bronx Bombers who forced a seventh game by clubbing the Pirates, 12-0

    19. Out of the blue you are going out clubbing or, to cafes for quick bites with a �friend of a friend�

    20. Instead of clubbing this creature, he tried to put his right

    21. Annie’s mum and her boyfriend, Sean, had been out clubbing on Saturday evening, and they’d both had a lot to drink

    22. And, a night of clubbing with her friend leaves her with unwanted attentions from, not only, a Fallen Angel but a psychotic murderer

    23. I had seriously thought of just wearing my jeans and t-shirt but decided I would try to fit in and most women don’t wear jeans and t-shirts when clubbing

    24. This was her friend, with whom she had grown up, gone clubbing with, and on more than one occasion had been close to giving a sympathy shag

    25. was his concession to clubbing

    26. ” the police paused in their spraying, cuffing, and clubbing of the protesting members of the Common Union

    27. Toni, the girl who was here last week, is going clubbing in the city tonight

    28. stairs, clubbing all who came in their path, including women

    29. It was a bar created to totally revolutionise the clubbing experience for revellers to Crete

    30. For too long Faliraki, Rhodes, had been the clubbing Mecca of the Greek Islands

    31. Crete, although did have a sizable clubbing and drinking culture for British tourists, it was still in its infancy compared to Faliraki

    32. It was this great clubbing and nightlife that was the inspiration for the creation of Medusa Bar

    33. Just one month of arriving in Crete, Roger and Marc on impulse bought a huge plot of land that was not far from the main clubbing area of Rythymno

    34. Medusa Bar would give them the chance to tap into the clubbing scene and hopefully be very profitable as well

    35. Linda told him about her impressive bar and clubbing work experience

    36. (Rick’s ex-girlfriend) was clubbing with her mates

    37. drinking, no clubbing, no frittering away your time with the mates

    38. They stared in horror as the soldiers waded into the crowd, restraining thousands of people who submitted to them, clubbing those who attempted to resist, although the resistance rapidly faded away

    39. The only people left now were the circus people packing away for the night and the young people who were making their way back into the village to go clubbing

    40. Sometimes the beagle had to explain to the young and angelic ones what clubbing was

    41. “Not that sort of clubbing

    42. Then the wife will give him a good old fashioned clubbing

    43. She basically looked like she was going out clubbing

    44. We struggled daily with her wardrobe, which was always sexually provocative, and with her makeup, which was always more appropriate for clubbing than for school

    45. The Japanese had attempted, in vain, to torture information out of Fitzgerald, clubbing him, jamming penknives under his fingernails, tearing his fingernails off, and applying the “water cure”—tipping him backward, holding his mouth shut, and pouring water up his nose until he passed out

    46. With daily room inspections, discovery was likely, and would probably bring a clubbing

    47. Screeching and shrieking, the Quack attacked Harris, kicking him, punching him, and clubbing him with a wooden crutch that he took from an injured captive

    48. Later that night, he picked up a kendo stick—a long, heavy training sword—and ran shrieking into a barracks, clubbing every man he saw

    49. On November 6, apparently after Harris was caught speaking, the Quack had pounced on him again, joining several guards in clubbing him into unconsciousness

    50. When a man didn’t punch hard enough, the Bird would begin shrieking and clubbing him, joined by the guards

    1. He could see their ancient ash clubs clearly now, stained now with the blood and shattered remains of the brave men lost in the East Towers

    2. ‘The police had a call from a bouncer at one of the clubs in Taunton

    3. Especially this morning, she revealed to me many things about herself: She is 23 years old, very sociable and popular, with a large circle of friends! I talked to her about myself too, adding a fib or two, that I also have many friends and that I often go out to discos and clubs

    4. Well, other then the yellow weed and nick-names to sports clubs

    5. reluctant to approach women in bars or night clubs because of their connotations

    6. In the autumn of his years Tom still watched the girls in pubs and at clubs

    7. The DJ introduced a new song by an unknown singer, a song that was, he said, all set to take the clubs and the charts by storm

    8. They all visited Alan’s universe and Glenelle was nearly a regular at clubs in his city of Zhlindu

    9. I’ve never been one for joining clubs and the thought of joining a dating agency or something like that is not appealing

    10. The room was fresh and rather sumptuous and more spacious than the trysting suites in most Kassidorian sex clubs

    11. In clubs where people we so equipped, the club of their choice was broadcast to their brain, each user could set their room as they wished, something Ava couldn’t provide in her universe as there was only one final scene generator per soul in the basic architecture

    12. These were the trendiest clubs in the city that night, even though many channels were available that told them the truth

    13. Clubs, raves, wherever there's a market for E, there's a market for Bliss

    14. Probably best to hit a couple of clubs, Friday, Saturday

    15. Ted's hearing is not what it was and he missed the names of the clubs

    16. "Or there's a couple of clubs

    17. Looking through people and at the fatuous décor inside night clubs has become a tedious necessity

    18. Shaun does the clubs and pubs

    19. Liquidated, although he’s kept up a small franchise on the clubs

    20. Thoughts spin around inside his head; is Bex going to get better? Will she be a vegetable? Will she ever wake up? Of course he knew there was a drugs scene in the clubs, there had always been a drugs scene in the clubs, but he never believed that Bex would get involved

    21. I don't know what goes on in these clubs, it's not like when you and me were at it

    22. Well, don't know about you, but I was up in the smoke then and you could get a bit of dope and stuff, but I was doing the clubs up north by eighteen

    23. clubs that he got for a heck of deal

    24. But Tipene decided that he would be more trusting in this game when he saw what was offered as first prize; a set of brand-new golf clubs

    25. But he did not; so instead he silently gritted his teeth as the Man went up to the prize box, past the brand-new set of golf clubs, and grabbed a tatty-looking old teddy-bear

    26. Normally he would not have been so careless; he knew his mother Moana would want to have a word or two with him about his messy room, having very strict views on tidiness, but Tipene was so sad that he had missed his chance to win a set of new golf clubs for Tane that he paid no attention to the teddy-bear whatsoever

    27. The first term was challenging, not so much for the studies, but the school's culture, events, activities and clubs kept him so occupied and pulled this way and that, he was ready for the break of term

    28. and arrows, the war clubs and

    29. Businesses in the area began offering to sponsor clubs and sports, societies and endowments for school age children at first, then for the greater enrichment of the general population at large

    30. Some were holding shotguns, others swords, knives and clubs

    31. "No, but this is Ashcote, where you have strip clubs like the Godly Succubi

    32. First came ten soldiers carrying clubs; these were all shaped like the three gardeners, oblong and flat, with their hands and feet at the corners: next the ten courtiers; these were ornamented all over with diamonds, and walked two and two, as the soldiers did

    33. However, this is the same for all clubs, not just wedges

    34. Of all the clubs in your golf bad, you may have overlooked the potential for the seven-wood

    35. For chipping one hundred yards out or closer, the nine-iron is a good choice in clubs

    36. This has a negative affect on the balls once they hit the ground and damages the player’s golf clubs

    37. Apparently she’d got really friendly with them and taken them to a few clubs

    38. He was a Grand Master, known throughout the sado masochistic scene of London as the Godfather of the London and European clubs and party’s, private or otherwise

    39. The other shadows jumped Dumpus and Porge, and blunt clubs and fists began raining a tumult of fury on the poor Halflings

    40. Her agony was then speedily ended by the infuriated spectators rushing in, and beating the remaining life from the pulsating body with their clubs

    41. Not every cadet possessed golf clubs, but many could get hold of bicycles from their younger brothers or sisters, so hundreds decided on cycling as their sport

    42. I believed and still do that combat shooting courses offered the most value in practical terms, hence we all enlisted in shooting clubs, or we created our own courses where we could practice—usually at a Reservist’s farm and very unofficial it was too

    43. Rumour had it that the escort clubs (prostitutes) did roaring business with the married farmers

    44. I knew Warsaw like the palm of my hand and now I could not find where the kiosk was located, where the public park with the fountain at the entrance once stood, or where the theatres or dance clubs once were

    45. She’s been in the clubs for years and knows everybody’s dirty little secrets

    46. ) Long’s Share the Wealth Clubs had over 8 million members

    47. The poor slob could just sit there, tied to a chair under a bare bulb surrounded by goons with clubs

    48. I brought in VIP’s, including our local Member of Parliament; the Vicar of the nearby village, a couple of lady singers from London night clubs, anything I could think of to motivate them

    49. With work on the house dragging on, Caroline’s taste for the wild nightlife got the better of her and she began to slip away evenings to the downtown clubs

    50. �I even checked if she was a member of the local health clubs, but again, she had no locker assigned to her

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    Synonyms for "club"

    cabaret club night club nightclub nightspot clubhouse golf-club golf club golfclub ball club baseball club nine gild guild lodge order social club society bludgeon stick bat cudgel shillelagh billy association league circle clique coterie fraternity headquarters centre meeting house base bar lounge beat batter pommel whack hit thump

    "club" definitions

    a team of professional baseball players who play and travel together

    a formal association of people with similar interests

    stout stick that is larger at one end

    a building that is occupied by a social club

    golf equipment used by a golfer to hit a golf ball

    a playing card in the minor suit that has one or more black trefoils on it

    a spot that is open late at night and that provides entertainment (as singers or dancers) as well as dancing and food and drink

    unite with a common purpose

    gather and spend time together

    strike with a club or a bludgeon

    gather into a club-like mass