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Club in a sentence

So, on to the club.
It was a book club.
See you at the club.
It was an older club.
This club is now mine.
The best club in town.
He stood near the club.
Club side on the Sunday.
Are you at the club?
I don't want your club.
I get that in that club.
The club is called Wags.
He owns a football club.
But you have the club.
Tennis pals at the club.
Club in the lower grades.
He reached for the club.
Be careful in the club.
Pierre drove to the Club.
The men in the club all.
Lunch at the Country Club.
Justin drops the golf club.
The pair entered the club.
It’s the new club rules.
He wrenched the club free.
His hand itched for a club.
He reached toward the club.
The boys at the yacht club.
A burlesque club, me? Oh no.
Obeast wished he had a club.
He was holding a golf club.
The Club was named Fantasy.
The murder club meets again.
For me the fetish club was.
He frequented the club here.
His sort use an ax or a club.
I could go to the club, the.
Join the club, said Liz.
The place is run like a club.

Not that sort of clubbing.
She basically looked like she was going out clubbing.
Then the wife will give him a good old fashioned clubbing.
Behind me there was a riot of feet clubbing the tomb entry.
Instead of clubbing this creature, he tried to put his right.
Linda told him about her impressive bar and clubbing work experience.
The automatic response wouldve been a clubbing or two with a night stick.
Toni, the girl who was here last week, is going clubbing in the city tonight.
For too long Faliraki, Rhodes, had been the clubbing Mecca of the Greek Islands.
She got drunk with strangers, went out clubbing long after she really wanted to.
Sometimes the beagle had to explain to the young and angelic ones what clubbing was.
With daily room inspections, discovery was likely, and would probably bring a clubbing.
The thing seemed to be biting, clawing, crushing and clubbing him all at the same time.
The first clubbing hit the stick that the leader had raised over his head for protection.
It was a bar created to totally revolutionise the clubbing experience for revellers to Crete.
It was this great clubbing and nightlife that was the inspiration for the creation of Medusa Bar.
All he had done was ask her not to wear revealing clothing when she went out clubbing with the girls.
I had always got in to a few other substances when clubbing and partying but weekdays were for business.
Out of the blue you are going out clubbing or, to cafes for quick bites with a �friend of a friend�.
At this point, some city kids our age would have gone clubbing and gotten seriously, unattractively drunk.
When a man didn’t punch hard enough, the Bird would begin shrieking and clubbing him, joined by the guards.
Medusa Bar would give them the chance to tap into the clubbing scene and hopefully be very profitable as well.
Annie’s mum and her boyfriend, Sean, had been out clubbing on Saturday evening, and they’d both had a lot to drink.
As the series resumed, it didn’t seem to faze the Bronx Bombers who forced a seventh game by clubbing the Pirates, 12-0.
Pon went over to the fallen Tighe who had started to regain consciousness, but a clubbing mauler off Spock sent him back to sleep.
And, a night of clubbing with her friend leaves her with unwanted attentions from, not only, a Fallen Angel but a psychotic murderer.
Crete, although did have a sizable clubbing and drinking culture for British tourists, it was still in its infancy compared to Faliraki.
Later that night, he picked up a kendo stick—a long, heavy training sword—and ran shrieking into a barracks, clubbing every man he saw.
This was her friend, with whom she had grown up, gone clubbing with, and on more than one occasion had been close to giving a sympathy shag.
She worked, sweated and toiled at that restaurant through the long evenings whilst Janice (Rick’s ex-girlfriend) was clubbing with her mates.
Just one month of arriving in Crete, Roger and Marc on impulse bought a huge plot of land that was not far from the main clubbing area of Rythymno.
Elise awoke inside the small shack unaware of having been carried from where she had witnessed the brutal clubbing of the Cajun boy, Jacques Foucharde.
The boys did not turn, but they heard the heavy clubbing blows of feet behind them, each one like a shotgun set off in the bed of a dry lake not far away.
Screeching and shrieking, the Quack attacked Harris, kicking him, punching him, and clubbing him with a wooden crutch that he took from an injured captive.
I had seriously thought of just wearing my jeans and t-shirt but decided I would try to fit in and most women don’t wear jeans and t-shirts when clubbing.
On November 6, apparently after Harris was caught speaking, the Quack had pounced on him again, joining several guards in clubbing him into unconsciousness.
The only people left now were the circus people packing away for the night and the young people who were making their way back into the village to go clubbing.
We struggled daily with her wardrobe, which was always sexually provocative, and with her makeup, which was always more appropriate for clubbing than for school.
With Tony back in town hed be at the flat all the time hanging out, we did business together and half the time the big fella was there when we went clubbing too.
Newborn seals cannot swim and are easy to catch—thousands are massacred by hunters and in culls each year by simply walking among them on the ice and clubbing them.
I—I clubbed a guy.
Without a word, he clubbed her.
Somebody’d clubbed him from behind.
The man clubbed one of them and took off with.
Clubbed with bats, boomerangs, punches and kicks.
If he survived injured, he would be clubbed to death.
He was martyred around AD 62, beaten, stoned and clubbed.
Yeah, I clubbed him with a rock before cutting his throat.
Hundreds of thousands of seals are clubbed or shot to death.
As if wearing heavy military boots, Fritz Wong clubbed the carpet.
Fish made a break for an exit—and was clubbed across the back of the head.
If I knew it was you, I would have clubbed you immediately without a warning.
Hal gave a shout and lashed out with clubbed hands that felt heavy, somehow weighted.
The others beat and clubbed him, and the captain took my gun and shot William over and over.
In one incident, a captive was clubbed so savagely that he was certain he was going to be killed.
During one beating, Louie was clubbed on his previously injured ankle, leaving it so painful that he could barely walk.
Longleaf jabbed at the lieutenant, who easily sidestepped the maneuver and clubbed his opponent in the face with the hilt.
To address the biased/ incorrect reporting mechanism, Chrome set up 1+3 panel home strategy clubbed with technology to collect data.
Good, we’re leaving now, and Arthur turned and walked out of the hall, leaving Uthyr sitting where he was, stunned as if clubbed over his head.
They would have clubbed together to pay the heriot, then either divided up the land or farmed it together, and made some arrangement for their mother.
She had torn, shrieked, clubbed at the box-lid with fists, died of suffocation, in this attitude, hands flung over her gaping face, horror-eyed, hair wild.
Thousands of other POWs were beaten, burned, stabbed, or clubbed to death, shot, beheaded, killed during medical experiments, or eaten alive in ritual acts of cannibalism.
I had just found the handle to the Judy puppet—it had fallen off—I was holding it when I opened the door, and I tried to hit him, and we struggled, and he clubbed me with it.
Deborah Klint's last day and what the staff bought her as a leaving present; Henry Baxter's marriage to a local girl called Vittoria - they clubbed together for a set of wine glasses for them.
He claimed that he’d used only his hands to punish POWs, an assertion that would have riled the men who’d been kicked, clubbed with his kendo stick and baseball bat, and whipped in the face with his belt.
So, would you believe it, they actually clubbed together, somehow, and bought her shoes and stockings, and some linen, and even a dress! I can’t understand how they managed it, but they did it, all together.
Thundering with the butts of three clubbed handspikes on the forecastle deck, Daggoo roused the sleepers with such judgment claps that they seemed to exhale from the scuttle, so instantaneously did they appear with their clothes in their hands.
He had already fallen down when Officer Salmon, a real life pig, subsequently convicted twice on federal kiddie porn charges and still in prison, caught up and clubbed him in the area of his ear with a huge, heavy 4D cell flashlight, strictly out of anger.
The cry was answered by a loud shout from a little thicket, where the incautious party had piled their arms; and at the next moment, Hawkeye, too eager to load the rifle he had regained, was seen advancing upon them, brandishing the clubbed weapon, and cutting the air with wide and powerful sweeps.
They were clubs of people.
His clubs had to be the best.
The Queen of Clubs reversed.
Discount to Clubs and Agents.
Or there's a couple of clubs.
Shaun does the clubs and pubs.
He liked the look of his clubs.
Then a set of broken golf clubs.
We’re all familiar with Clubs.
Swinging golf clubs loosening up.
They don’t have any clubs here.
Here, the clubs are too expensive.
There are clubs all over the world.
Your clubs can't be that important.
Many of these clubs have their own.
Many of these clubs have a maximum.
These clubs also offered what were.
He starts to get his golf clubs out.
There were karate clubs here and there.
But not in cash, in drinks at the clubs.
I see the five of them swing their clubs.
He told her he frequented clubs in Vegas.
A couple had started swinging their clubs.
The aim and goal of these clubs is to help.
Clubs, the jungle had offered in abundance.
Additions to clubs may be made at any time.
Additions to Clubs may be made at any time.
There are clubs, too, you know, adds Al.
He advises me to join more clubs, find others.
Leofric was beaten with clubs, tied up, and.
The others carried swords, some of them clubs.
He could have played for one of the top clubs.
They even waved the same pitchforks and clubs.
Byelaws of the society, clubs, and association.
These clubs and balls, are their favorite toys!.
Often to those clubs, she wanted to take an axe!.
If not on the course, his clubs he had to be near.
All of them wield sticks, clubs, and baseball bats.
The sound systems of most clubs are basic and harsh.
The essentials of golf begin with the clubs you choose.

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