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Clump in a sentence | clump example sentences

  1. There was a big clump of birches.
  2. We sat on a soft clump of greenery.
  3. There’s a clump of trees and.
  4. The inner parts of the clump form a.
  5. He was in a clump of brambles, in below.

  6. They camped in a clump of big arching trees.
  7. It pranced from brush clump to brush clump.
  8. They made camp in a clump of stunted trees.
  9. Good hello, with a clump of Tallow in my cup.
  10. A tall clump of perfect asters grew at her side.
  11. Rounding the grass clump, I saw that it was John.
  12. Then, hearing the clump, clump, clump caused by.
  13. I had a clump of her hair in my hand as I held Mrs.
  14. I pinched a clump of the glossy sheets and turned to.
  15. We rounded a clump of shrubs and there sat the chopper.

  16. She spit a clump of tobacco at him; it landed above his.
  17. When his blazing eyes came to my clump of fern, my heart.
  18. What was eerie though was the clump of walking plants about.
  19. From the clump of bushes where she hid, Caroline crouched and.
  20. The urge to talk to her became a big clump in Irena’s throat.
  21. He lay flat on the ground, hidden by a small clump of bushes and.
  22. It grabbed my legs and threw me into another clump of vegetation.
  23. Upriver, hidden in a clump of trees, sat Stacey with Sig at his side.
  24. The idea weighed on Travis's head like a clump of heavy, wet seaweed.
  25. A cloud of smoke drifted upwards from a clump of trees in the distance.

  26. Break, Break, Slingshot, you got the bamboo clump on the north edge?
  27. They have no brains at all, just a clump of leaves to try to think with.
  28. With a quick nod, he made his way to another clump of bush ten strides.
  29. Of a sudden Wille shunted us out of the hole and into a clump of willows.
  30. He had a large clump of leaves that were stuck together and mostly rotted.
  31. They descended, and advanced towards the clump of trees, and Morrel soon.
  32. A hundred metres further on, in the shadow of a clump of trees, Caramarin.
  33. But he was not observed as he entered a shed behind a tall clump of bamboo.
  34. These houses are well grown, they were a clump by themselves a century ago.
  35. He pulled off and drove over to the edge of the lot, near a clump of bushes.
  36. He had presented me with a gentle kiss and a small clump of flowers during.
  37. The group were near to a bridge in what looked to be a large clump of bushes.
  38. She considered herself lucky, and headed to the clump of trees near the cliff.
  39. The flare dropped behind a clump of pines perched on a plateau high above them.
  40. He crouched behind a clump of thorny bushes and wiped the water from his brow.
  41. So, still in sight of the house, Stacey crouched by a clump of brush to watch.
  42. With a howl, the red-faced manticore erupted from a clump of bushes and pounced.
  43. Last time I was here, I found a clump of hair in my pancakes, I told Mikey.
  44. From the shelter of a clump of purple loosestrife they looked back at the river.
  45. Item two was a small clump of dark hair, about three inches long, roots attached.
  46. Falling to his knees he scooted to the nearest clump of bushes and flattened out.
  47. The logs helped them reach a clump of land, solid enough to support their weight.
  48. She blushed, then laughed out loud when she saw the tangled clump around his neck.
  49. He flattened out 10 feet above the saw grass headed north toward the bamboo clump.
  50. He rebounded like a rubber ball and ended up flat on his back in a clump of bushes.
  51. Colleen crouched behind a clump of gorse, its wiry branches forming a thick barricade.
  52. The Captain looked down at the coarse sand under his feet and kicked a big clump of it.
  53. My hand trembled as I parted the clump of fern where the pink limestone had been placed.
  54. Every mile or so we encountered a clump of trees surrounding a fine old plantation house.
  55. Soon we arrived at another clump of trees shading an intersection with another dirt lane.
  56. It hung down in a mattered clump, and her limp arm swung as it pointed towards the floor.
  57. Beyond it a rutted lane ran between low well-laid hedges towards a distant clump of trees.
  58. One evening I was in a garden; a clump of trees concealed me; no one suspected I was there.
  59. Doon glanced around at the nearby clump of trees to check that Rod was still out of earshot.
  60. And being too much for him, he ran to the nearest clump of trees and vomited several times.
  61. There was wheat and there were weeds, and one clump of the weeds had an intoxicating smell.
  62. I have already observed several more foraging in a clump of grass over in that direction.
  63. The first thing they saw was Kehaar, picking slugs out of a clump of hemlock near the bridge.
  64. Jordan lit up a cigarette, then shot a look at his buddies, who’d begun to clump around him.
  65. Rod was in a clump of bushes nearby, having inexplicably explained that he was going to see a.
  66. Monte Cristo, on the contrary, took the right hand; arrived near a clump of trees, he stopped.
  67. See, see; the knaves are getting in that clump of pines, like bees settling after their flight.
  68. A clump of copper beeches immediately in front of the hall door has given its name to the place.
  69. Maria parked him and walked on to a clump of flowering daylilies that were Chantry’s favorite.
  70. He started to strike again when he realized his foot had simply gotten caught in a clump of moss.
  71. When he saw the Land Rover hidden in a clump of bushes he felt that the gods had smiled upon him.
  72. After some miles they came in view of the clump of trees beyond which the village of Marlott stood.
  73. Now he came out of a nearby clump of mugwort and flowering thistle and joined Hazel under the thorn.
  74. He followed a short distance close under the wall, then crossed a path, hid entered a clump of trees.
  75. On the other side of the road and back towards the field, there was another very small clump of trees.
  76. Over millions of years, those particles clump together to form a certain asteroid, and that asteroid.
  77. Walter Blythe suddenly rose from a mossy cushion behind a little clump of firs where he had been reading.
  78. At such times we plunged into the nearest clump of bushes and lay still until the sound had passed away.
  79. But she had woken to find Thrayonlosa gone and, searching, had found her in a clump of reeds downstream.
  80. He noted what looked like a small clump of birch-bark held down under a rock, and a blackened coffee pot.
  81. There was some thick, bush-like clump which seemed to be a parasite upon a branch up which I was swarming.
  82. Desa was gentle with them and went into a clump of trellised vines and soon came back with a few tiny eggs.
  83. Elise noticed the painful tensing of his shoulders every time he negotiated a fallen tree or clump of reeds.
  84. She lay down in a clump of grasses facing the entrance to the shack, but a good distance away from its stink.
  85. Once again a sapling had been wrenched from the clump of small trees and hacked into length of about a meter.
  86. Rising, I made my way outside to where a little clump of men stood watching a speck in the serene, distant sky.
  87. I now had the clump of trees in my view and I could see the merest hint of smoke curling up and drifting away.
  88. Some were hanging on the brambles and a few flat, wet clots were lying well out in open ground beyond the clump.
  89. The actual summit, as I have mentioned, was a biggish clump of trees—firs mostly, with a few ashes and beeches.
  90. Alan's foot was definitely aching by then, and the deep bed of dried fronds around this clump was very comfortable.
  91. Their interest lay, literally, in a clump of trees twenty meters to the side of the tennis court and football pitch.
  92. Klowa and Luray found a place out in the back of a keda field on the far side of the clump of jungle beyond the brook.
  93. The half-breed‘s mouth was dry as he kneeled beside a clump of reeds and studied the area into which the trail led.
  94. Not fully understanding the conversation, Lauren was already heading over to a clump of bushes at the side of the road.
  95. In one clump of tents, there was half a dozen Anonymous campaigners, frequently clad in crumpled suits and shiny masks.
  96. As the dark approached once again they found a keltoid clump that was on an island in the brook, which was now a stream.
  97. Hugo jumped down, and as the meeting dispersed, the four of us walked out in a clump, surrounded by the rest of the tenants.
  98. When we had got some little distance away, we went into a clump of trees, and struck a match, and looked at the child's throat.
  99. The slaves felt lucky if they got a clump of maggots, because it was the only way their meager portions provided enough energy.
  100. Beyond the little road at the end of the graveyard stretched green and yellow fields, and on the horizon stood a clump of woods.
  1. The plain cat tray clumping.
  2. When there are enough of them clumping.
  3. A clumping of clouds cluttered the sky, blocking out the stars and moon.
  4. The bacteria are purple in color and have been loosely clumping together.
  5. EDTA is an anticoagulant that causes platelet clumping in some patients and would result in pseudothrombocytopenia.
  6. Through the silence of the long flat road and the jingling of the harnesses, Mary found her attention hovering over a vague feeling of unease; as though something in the symmetry of the clumping hooves had been lost.
  1. This causes some deciles to be clumped together.
  2. Zorandi clumped towards a large section of diamond glass.
  3. Because witches and cats were often clumped together they.
  4. The rest of their classmates were clumped in groups around the room.
  5. All the time travelers clumped together and ran into whatever it was.
  6. His hair hung in clumped strands, and his face was streaked with dirt.
  7. And there they were all clumped together on the grass under the oak tree.
  8. I’d know where to find you for about a week, clumped here on the floor.
  9. The cave began to crumble slowly, pieces of clumped dirt fell, causing a major cave in.
  10. The other pair of boots clumped past her door and she heard the scratchings of a lock in that door.
  11. Leesa turned and saw it was one of the goth guys, clumped with his fellows in their usual place near the back.
  12. Every time the girl moved her head they sparkled more, a smattering of stars clumped together to adorn a naked ear.
  13. The judge waved her to the bench, and she and Mickey as well as Broyles and his second chair clumped up to the front.
  14. They sat at cubicles, typing in shirtsleeves, or clumped at windows trying to dig the action in the plaza through the gathering dark.
  15. I always end up virtually buried inside the cover trying to straighten out the duvet so that it isn’t all clumped up in one corner.
  16. My shredded, bloodied shirt had finally finished drying against the warm captain’s chair, and it stuck to my skin and clumped in my ponytail.
  17. It took her a beat to remember what he was talking about, and when she did fetch the test tubes from her bag, he seemed disappointed at how puny the polverone looked, clumped there at the bottom.
  18. Now it is of the principle understanding that these things can be placed, clumped, and classified in one, all-encompassing category: the negative, though the feeling here is that there is not just the negative but the semi-positive.
  19. Big trees, more popularly called ‘Beast Trees,’ because of the toral, grew at random, sometimes three or four clumped close together, sometimes far apart, and unlike the trees of a forest, they were sparsely situated over the fields.
  20. Riotous and disordered as the universal commotion now was, it soon resolved itself into what seemed a systematic movement; for having clumped together at last in one dense body, they then renewed their onward flight with augmented fleetness.
  21. As the third tribesman clumped his way past Conan to his death, the Cimmerian, his veins bulging in his temples with his efforts to break past the unseen barrier that held him, was suddenly aware of allied forces, unseen, but waking into life about him.
  22. She’d been waiting for about ten minutes when the door opened and Li’l Tony Willis clumped into the room in chains from wrists to ankles, all five foot nothing of him, wearing an orange jumpsuit and two full sleeves of tattoos, twists in his hair and ’tude on his face.
  1. Clumps of lawn grass should be.
  2. My eyelashes had frozen into clumps.
  3. It was patchy, and it came and went in clumps.
  4. In the near distance were some peculiar clumps.
  5. Clumps of her hair dangled from his closed fist.
  6. Bare plains gave way to clumps of oaks and alders.
  7. There were only a few clumps of grass and three palm.
  8. Spoon small clumps of blueberries onto the waxed paper.
  9. Those peculiar clumps of fog were more than clumps of fog.
  10. Non-virulent colonies grow in clumps that look like this.
  11. The brown-green grass was dappled with clumps of white snow.
  12. Plants grew in clumps both in and out of the muddy shallows.
  13. Nothing but desert with some clumps of grass here and there.
  14. The few clumps of your hair serve as some sort of safety net.
  15. This provides evidence of clumps or blobs of dark plasma that.
  16. Adler [2] claims that we have detected these clumps or blobs in.
  17. Clumps of snow and loose rock fell out revealing a small fissure.
  18. Cars passed in clumps of two and three with long breaks in between.
  19. In the court are orange-trees in pots, turf, and clumps of flowers.
  20. Large clumps of hair had been found in the priest‘s dressing room.
  21. Look at those big, isolated clumps of building rising up above the.
  22. Where there was no grid, large clusters of crystals emerged in clumps.
  23. The hologram provides the mould in which astral matter clumps and is.
  24. They peered over anthills and looked cautiously round clumps of teazle.
  25. Occasional clumps of cat grass, streaked up from the silvery grey sand.
  26. Beyond, a wider area held clumps of arching hairy sticks bearing fruit.
  27. What is it that animates these little clumps of clay? We don’t really.
  28. It was covered with large, thick bushes, set between clumps of high grass.
  29. Black trees-Grover told me they were poplars-grew in clumps here and there.
  30. SOB clearly stated in his website that bumps and clumps were a thing of the.
  31. Galimoto's claws were balled into fists, filled with clumps of Tetloan's hair.
  32. People had started to gather in clumps, teacups in hand, eyes glued to the sky.
  33. Her short blond hair hadn’t been brushed yet and was sticking out in clumps.
  34. He had been following the path from behind the clumps of trees along its side.
  35. There were strands and clumps of forest, where peasants once gathered firewood.
  36. Clumps of gray slush fell off, speckled with crystals of rapidly softening ice.
  37. His feet would then extend beyond the opposite side of this ring of reed clumps.
  38. It had yew-hedges and thick clumps and borders of yellow crocuses round the lawn.
  39. I was on some sort of a heathy common mottled over with dark clumps of furze-bushes.
  40. Elika cried out and hit the ground with her fists and pulled the grass out in clumps.
  41. This provides evidence of clumps or blobs of dark plasma that populate the atmosphere.
  42. Desert in all directions, occasional clumps of barren mountains plopped here and there.
  43. They grow in fungal clumps, central spore spreads its arms moving in and out of the earth.
  44. Into the desert he fled, passing clumps of his own riders, and hard-spurring desert horsemen.
  45. The data for this transmission was mostly 5's with some clumps of other numbers now and then.
  46. There’s tall crystal towers scattered all around, sometimes in clumps and often near locks.
  47. He fell to his knees, collecting the clumps with his hands, breaking it back into fine pieces.
  48. There were some other big apartment clumps now and then, a quarter mile away at the waterfront.
  49. There were tree branches, clumps of floating vegetation and animals in the water, to be avoided.
  50. Her skin was covered in layers of dirt, while clumps of mud and stray branches peppered her hair.
  51. Trees of mixed size and classification, in thick clumps, with little or no openings in the dense.
  52. He checked the rearview mirror, then turned off the roadside into a niche between clumps of trees.
  53. She touched the cuts and clumps of dried blood, pulling and prying them until she suddenly stopped.
  54. Was it only the wind blowing the roving clumps of weeds? He began to tremble—a fine, aching tremble.
  55. Many of them had run away from school to join the army, and here and there were clumps of them in the.
  56. The concussion wave and clumps of earth bombarded him through the window before he could close his eyes.
  57. Out from under there, regular polygons of ribbonleaves grew clumps of spaghetti strands out of their centers.
  58. They went slowly along the foot of the bank, pushing in and out of the clumps of red campion and ragged robin.
  59. What had been as white as snow was now stained with dirt and grit, clumps of sand had knotted in the damp fur.
  60. What about the Track-hoes? Thomas asked as he yanked out a huge weed, clumps of dirt swaying on the roots.
  61. Most clumps of trees were to the south, but they had a long time to go before they would think of camping again.
  62. Fanny, I— she began, ineffectually batting at clumps of mostly dried dung that clung to her coarse robe.
  63. Her eyes were adjusting somewhat, giving her the ability to see clumps of blackness that were probably furniture.
  64. The landscape would still contain a few clumps of grass to relieve the browns, tans, yellows and grey of the rocks.
  65. The thatch had come off in clumps, and a section of the wall had caved in a few feet from the battered wooden door.
  66. Hester kicked clumps of sand and debris around for about fifteen minutes and found nothing remarkable in the process.
  67. This patch of woods had all kinds of grassy clumps and rotted log piles in it, perfect hiding spots for a small girl.
  68. The going was rife with detours—bogs, quicksand, clumps of trees so thick that passage was impossible… and water.
  69. Clumps of primrose are already bursting through the early grass heads as cows lay down in fields under a changing sky.
  70. If your hair has been falling out in clumps and has you climbing walls in a totally paranoid state, this page is for you.
  71. Then you stop at the edge of the desert and gaze out at the endless expanse of sand broken only by small clumps of scrub.
  72. In the parking lot across from the Gates Building, some kids were clinging together in clumps, others dazed and wandering.
  73. There was a large charred circle on the flagstones, however, in which a few clumps of kelp and bladderwrack still smouldered.
  74. There were a few clumps of larger archwood trees in the distance, probably related to the species that people grew houses from.
  75. She lifted her head, the curls of her hair were clumps of knots, and turned to find the freckled face of Tetloan grinning at her.
  76. My hair was lank and hung in unhealthy, misshapen clumps below the line of my collar, which did nothing for my uneven complexion.
  77. She slammed against the grate, taking the bars in her talons and wrenching them loose, raining clumps of broken stone to the floor.
  78. Several times I had to stop walking to search for the trail, obstructed as it was by fallen branches and clumps of turned-up soil.
  79. Imagine my surprise when a large red-furred beast came tumbling over the edge, bringing with it clumps of bushes and clods of dirt.
  80. Clumps of undergrowth limited the vision that quested under the somber twilight of the lofty arches formed by intertwining branches.
  81. I saw blue uniforms at the edge of the throng, eyes not quite meeting mine, and then clumps of microphones were pushed up to my face.
  82. Arthropod nervous systems are composed of a series of ganglia (clumps of nerve tissue) that are connected to one another by a nerve cord.
  83. They were soon on a gravel walk which led chiefly between grassy borders and clumps of trees, this being the nearest way to the church, Mr.
  84. So I got up and walked over there -- He pointed down-hill at a spot where there were some clumps of mountain-grass, a pile of grey stones.
  85. Embraced, we walked a few meters further and spotted a trail with coconuts clumps and toucans hovering around them, the same I saw in my vision.
  86. He followed the dog-spoor, moving silently in a half crouch, sometimes parting dense reeds and grass clumps with the war club before proceeding.
  87. Quite sedately they walked down the path until a big hydrangea bush, studded thickly with great clumps of blossoms, screened them from the house.
  88. The huge trees of the alluvial Amazonian plain gave place to the Phoenix and coco palms, growing in scattered clumps, with thick brushwood between.
  89. She winced as she observed the sheared, swinging clumps of wiring: thick elevator cables dangling between the highest floors of the office building.
  90. They were long, intimate straggles of weeds and clumps of dirt, blades of grass and flowers that bent in the wind, trees that lumbered and screeched.
  91. The rest of the stool lay on the floor in pieces along with torn sheets, clumps of wool from a pillow, shards of a mirror and various other oddments.
  92. They had walked in a gentle arc, heading inward for a while, through clumps of wood and over fields, but now they were heading back out toward the sea.
  93. The path was more of a compact type of clay, but the surrounding soil was sandy with small clumps of green, leafy vegetation sparsely located throughout.
  94. Small maple trees - Chinese maple which seeded prolifically, and delicate Japanese maple – both with gorgeous Autumn colours, and clumps of white birches.
  95. Clumps of trees here and there stood out like black rocks, and the tall lines of the poplars that rose above the mist were like a beach stirred by the wind.
  96. He pondered; he examined the slopes, noted the declivities, scrutinized the clumps of trees, the square of rye, the path; he seemed to be counting each bush.
  97. When Dorothea was out on the gravel walks, she lingered among the nearer clumps of trees, hesitating, as she had done once before, though from a different cause.
  98. The place is a mess, covered in abandoned building material and rapidly shooting clumps of dock and nettle, which are spreading across the broken and barren ground.
  99. The clumps of blossoms had just been bathed; every sort of velvet, satin, gold and varnish, which springs from the earth in the form of flowers, was irreproachable.
  100. In front was an open plain, sloping slightly upwards and dotted with clumps of tree-ferns, the whole curving before us until it ended in a long, whale-backed ridge.

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