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Bit in a sentence

1. Not a bit of it.
2. A bit of a party.
3. I say! Wait a bit.
4. A bit is its form.
5. Just a bit of fun.
6. He bit his lip and.
7. This is a bit of a.

8. They were a bit big.
9. But he is a bit on.
10. He sat up a bit then.
11. This is a bit more.
12. I was a bit confused.
13. She was a bit crass.
14. This was the hard bit.
15. I am a bit hungry.
16. A last bit of effort.
17. He moans a bit harder.
18. That seemed a bit odd.
19. It mattered not a bit.
20. I bit back my tears.
21. This might be a bit.
22. Usually a bit of both.
23. Hey, I've done my bit.
24. I was AWOL quite a bit.
25. I switched gears a bit.
26. And he bit his lip -.
27. It might be a bit of.
28. Alan relaxed a bit now.
29. It was a bit confusing.
30. And perhaps a bit more.
31. His eye twitched a bit.
32. He looks a bit like me.
33. A Dragon bit it off.
34. She moved the leg a bit.
35. Could be a bit noisy.
36. This time a bit louder.
37. His heart jumped a bit.
38. We were lucky for a bit.
39. A little bit later the.
40. Ok, I cheated a bit here.
1. Again, a long bitting uncomfortable silence.
1. Zamlooping the head with the loop bitted through the mouth and brutally tight rendered the person incapable of speech.
1. But I love her to bits.
2. He kicked it into bits.
3. Buying up bits of land.
4. She was thrilled to bits.
5. Bits of flesh and blood.
6. Our army's smashed to bits.
7. The bits jiggle and bounce.
8. I touched the crumbled bits.
9. Because I had it to bits.
10. Not bits and pieces of him.
11. Bits of her wriggle in agony.
12. Now for the interesting bits.
13. The pain subsided, but bits.
14. He only eats the little bits.
15. Wash wel and remove bad bits.
16. Bits that really punched the.
17. But he caught bits and pieces.
18. His glasses shivered into bits.
19. Research and the bits in between.
20. All the bits and pieces that I.
21. We will not blast my son to bits.
22. Rum idea: eating bits of a corpse.
23. Calories are tiny bits of energy.
24. Bits of leaves, sheepskin, papyrus.
25. My mission is to share bits of.
26. Of course, we’ll skip a few bits.
27. The bits were scattered by the wind.
28. Bits of plaster fell all around them.
29. Surgery: face, trachea, naughty bits.
30. Shifts the bits of the 2 << 2 gives 8.
31. With only bits of the edges outlined.
32. That makes a good show of dirty bits.
33. The bits about the killer’s mind.
34. That you miss even the bad bits.
35. Bits and pieces of the wall began to.
36. The rest has been smashed to bits!.
37. They chewed on bits of food and waited.
38. They get killed, maimed, blown to bits.
39. Flaming bits of reptile flew everywhere.
40. He could turn out a meal from bits and.

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