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    1. Sporadically you might earn a little bit more but consistently you will not earn the type of money that you want to earn

    2. Can a fireman who wants to build a great cavern do that by blasting a solid rock with a fire hose for a week straight, staying up with every bit of energy that he has, holding the hose blasting it at full power

    3. Jorma didn't mean to appear that nervous, "It's just a bit lavish," he said

    4. "I had a boat so much like this when I was young, a bit smaller though

    5. "We had a bit of variety for old times sake," she said

    6. These are a few wonders of the world that I uncovered; the wonder bit is usual y meant as in “I wonder why?”

    7. bit poor at times but I was sure that I had been here before

    8. Kevin jerks the wheel and loses traction a bit before his car slides off the road

    9. I love you, therefore you should sleep around a bit until you’re quite, quite sure whilst I get on with all this work for you, regardless of the outcome

    10. There were rooms downstairs for his business, far below was quite a bit of warehouse space

    11. Remember every little bit of toxin adds up to a lot

    12. Henry was going to have to assert himself a bit more; he was going to have to open the door and go in boldly

    13. During the more than twenty Earth years they lived together, other than a bit of post-American and Brazilian slang that they taught each other, they lived their life together in the Kassidorian language because it was the language they had in common

    14. Instead she stood at the bit of rail on the port side of the companionway, leaning on the cabin roof

    15. Nancy looked away, studied the floor a bit

    16. He had been with Venna however and Jorma called them comparable, so that worried her a bit

    17. She curled forward, clutching her stomach and bit her tongue

    18. Vinnie pushed the glasses back firmly onto his nose and shifted his center of gravity back a bit

    19. “This is supposed to be a front for the United Order, so the technology will be quite a bit more advanced,” Johnny said

    20. "I was just thinking we may be too late, they couldn't have made all these improvements without quite a bit of money

    21. She changed the subject to his camp and gushed about that a bit, the whole point being to find out where he got the money

    22. Silence blocked the punch and skipped up the wall a bit higher before jumping off it and hurling herself through the air at him

    23. You can add a little bit of soap to the left over soda, etc

    24. It is something he does well, even with a bit of pride

    25. But if you are in this age group then you would be in a bit of a dilemma: trying to catch-up on retirement planning at the same time paying/saving for your children's higher education

    26. It looked a bit like someone had cut off Al Pacino's face and tanned it to make an Al Pacino mask

    27. He has a mobile but doesn’t tend to give the number out to all and sundry, preferring to keep a bit of freedom from the perpetual messages that so many of his colleagues have to field as a result of being more profligate with their own mobile telephone numbers

    28. But what of her sister's question? "I think it's a bit of diversion while we were working together

    29. Leaning heavily on the arm of the chair, I stand … whoooo, the room’s spinning a bit

    30. ‘Gave the doctor a bit of a surprise, I can tell you

    31. It was cramped but if he cinched up the laces, it was a little bit warmer at night

    32. John seems still a bit troubled from his

    33. Follow the Law of the little bit when spraying

    34. The kid was really a good boy, a bit of mischief now and then and horny since his gonads started up a few years ago

    35. of expected someone a bit more

    36. ‘She rang because she picked up a bit of information this afternoon from her daughter

    37. Estwig hadn't pestered too badly to come with them, he must still have a bit of yaag or a girl nearby

    38. he’s a bit "tetched

    39. Isn’t it a bit improper to have a

    40. It was Morningday two weeks later, sunny and dry, but a bit frosty

    41. ‘We could have a bit of a drive around the Glastonbury area perhaps

    42. A bit worrying that

    43. are interested in knowing a bit

    44. ‘Is that Liz?’ I asked, taking the bit between my teeth

    45. ‘A bit shaken but we had a reasonably friendly chat and she sounded a lot less anxious by the time we’d finished

    46. Where a bit of extra cash was concerned the old man always

    47. Manager and I had a bit of a set to

    48. dated, had the odd fumble, but a bit like Destiny, that Bond girl who reads the Tarot

    49. ‘Well, I know it probably seems a bit suspect, but I am trying to contact your mother and don’t have her address

    50. He was only a bit over two and a half decades even now

    1. Not a fancy one with all the dangly bits

    2. Now what about really short bits of time

    3. It was in a whole bundle of bits and pieces they had for that party

    4. A few bits of news for you that we didn't get to earlier

    5. This wallpaper will make a mess when we strip it and there is nothing like trying to get soggy bits of wallpaper out of a carpet! Jack was frightful when it came to preparation … brilliant at decorating, but I was always the one who had to think ahead and make contingency plans

    6. By the time I hear Stephen’s car on the gravel outside the house, I have covered the whole of the carpet and heaped up the bits of furniture in a pile in one corner

    7. ’ She told me, concentrating on drying up the fiddly bits of the caffetiere

    8. He had his back to me as I walked in and the tattoo on the back of his neck was right there to be seen, just as it was the night before when he was smashing our home to bits

    9. So in total I had exactly €16500 Euro plus the €475 I held back yesterday and we made up the odd €25 with bits and pieces of change around the house

    10. His kisses drive me wild and soon his hands are wandering all over the bits of me he can get at

    11. That he is pleased with his CD is very clear, and he immediately starts looking through the book, following me into the kitchen and reading out bits to me as I carry on with my turkey checking … Christmas is proving successful so far

    12. He had a long workbench along one wall and odd bits of wood stashed all over the place, under the bench, in racks on the ceiling

    13. All of the land that any of them had purchased with their bits of metal was well into the rural land, the only small holds were right along the brooks out here, the land they discussed was high on the plateaus between

    14. It had taken them some time to pick all the bits of gravel out of her skin … thankfully, there was no damage to her skull, though that was probably more luck than anything else

    15. and other bits and pieces

    16. in used brown paper and bits of string,

    17. ‘Whereabouts on the island is the touching place, Lintze?’ Berndt asked, producing a map of the island and laying it out on the table, pushing odd bits of tableware out of the way as he does so

    18. making strange objects from the spare bits of metal in the

    19. We had decided yesterday that we don’t need to take very much with us – just a small amount of food and drink and a first aid kit – or what passes as one here on Errd – along with a few other bits and pieces

    20. The men opened fire cutting them to bits one by one, but still they came

    21. We'd cook up his island foods and he'd teach me bits of Greek

    22. I look round the cabin and slowly accumulate a pile of odd bits and pieces, heaping them up on the bunk so that Berndt can pack them

    23. At the water's edge I found tiny bits of waving, organic fluff clinging to the pebbles just where the bubbles melt away; curious purple pieces of seaweed no bigger than a crumb lying on the beach and spiky bits of crab shell attached to the occasional limb

    24. They were better than the calimari the restaurants in most universes served and richer than standard garden pest bits

    25. He checked that his tie was straight and that there were no bits of cabbage stuck to his perfectly white teeth

    26. The washing is dry … drowsy with sun, I fold it and put it into the basket, pile my poems and all the other bits on top ready to be carried and, having put away the sunbed, lug it all slowly into the house

    27. It was arid and gritty, mixed in with bits of flint and twigs; there was even a pistachio shell

    28. 'Crunchy black shiny bits? What crunchy black shiny bits?' He cleaned his empty plate in some sand, 'Crunchy black shiny bits

    29. Alexis was right, it was hard not to crunch bits of pottery or sea shells underfoot, and I was forced to step over a gang of red ants, dragging off a caterpillar and waving nasty-looking pincers at anything that threatened their mission

    30. Underfoot, bits of rock crumbled and splashed into the water, sinking past fishes in the swaying seaweed to the greenness down beyond

    31. ' And yes, she was charming and lush but all the lounge bits, like the three sofas on the afterdeck, looked as though they'd been added after the armaments

    32. There is one more thing I found that gives off large-radius fourth order bits of created quantum information

    33. The stuff in the shed, mainly garden implements, along with some car-related bits and pieces in the garage, can stay put – the tenants might find them useful

    34. Simon starts feeding Treacle with tiny bits of left-over beef

    35. She was fed gruel for breakfast, but at least it had some bits of dates and fig in it

    36. myriad bits of interconnected data and the connections

    37. there's always at least one kid who 'forgets' and you have a last minute frantic phoning session trying to get in touch with Mum or Dad so that little Johnny - who is in tears by this time because he doesn't want to be left out of the trip - can actually go while the rest of the class try to tear the coach to bits

    38. no bits of cabbage stuck to his perfectly white teeth

    39. 3Behold, we put bits in the horses' mouths that they may obey us; and we turn about

    40. She was thrilled to bits

    41. In the bedroom, Dave has created a dressing table area for me where I can sit to do the little bit of titivating which amounts to making up as far as I am concerned though I have to say that seeing my bits of toiletries looking so at home, feels extremely strange

    42. I carefully sort the Danvers House letters from the few other bits and survey the result

    43. "Oh, you know tins, a few bits in the freezer, the usual stuff

    44. of straw bits, ‘I will use to have a good time in

    45. People must have been living on this site for centuries … she visualised fur clad people with straggly hair wandering around the boggy bits with spears … no, that felt wrong … why would they need spears to collect plants? Baskets, perhaps … did they have baskets then? When exactly would it have been? Her daytime TV watching had given her a hazy smattering of terms – bronze age came before iron age, she knew that … but how much before? And when did they stop being savages and become civilised?

    46. She’d wrung its neck hastily, not wanting to hear any more, and had dropped the corpse on the mud, brushing the bits of feather off her hands almost frantically

    47. The hole spread over a large area, possibly three or four metres across in places; muddy throughout its entire extent: deep, claggy, black mud, sloppy with water and dotted with bits of green from the decimated plants which had been wrenched from the ground by its making

    48. Not wanting to go through Chas’s belongings, she had nagged Ozzie until he did something with the bits and pieces lying around in that room, then scrubbed it as though trying to obliterate every last memory of the man

    49. Bits of bush clung to his trousers, dirt grimed his hands and, no doubt, his face

    50. Andy’s memory went into fast rewind as he skimmed over the events of the last few weeks; he debated speedily which bits he could safely put in and which it would be best to leave out

    1. Zamlooping the head with the loop bitted through the mouth and brutally tight rendered the person incapable of speech

    2. allwisest Stagyrite was bitted, bridled and mounted by a light of love

    1. Again, a long bitting uncomfortable silence

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    Synonyms for "bit"

    bit act number routine turn snatch piece bite morsel chip flake fleck scrap spot minute mo moment second bridle check control curb rein fraction fragment grain crumb particle speck awl gimlet

    "bit" definitions

    a small piece or quantity of something

    a small fragment of something broken off from the whole

    an indefinitely short time

    an instance of some kind

    piece of metal held in horse's mouth by reins and used to control the horse while riding

    a unit of measurement of information (from binary + digit); the amount of information in a system having two equiprobable states

    a small amount of solid food; a mouthful

    a small fragment

    a short performance that is part of a longer program

    the part of a key that enters a lock and lifts the tumblers

    the cutting part of a drill; usually pointed and threaded and is replaceable in a brace or bitstock or drill press